DatingDoc Podcast | Dating & Masturbation – Anxiety Killer or Creator Podcast #1

good morning ladies and gentlemen it’s
Chris the dating doc here with my inaugural first ever podcast actually
right now we’re even trying to come up with names you know with the dating doc
gimmick I thought about such things as the waiting room right before you go on
a date you’re you’re in the waiting room right go ahead and see the date doc
other things that we thought about was just simply calling calling it the
dating doc podcast not getting too snazzy with that just keeping it simple
so we are up for suggestions or names ideas that you have but what I want to
do is the intent with this podcast is to bring up different types of subjects and
eventually do this in a live forum for those that don’t know you know when I
was deployed in Kuwait I would wake up 6 a.m. in the morning on Sundays so it
would be 10 p.m. Central time with the aim of my market in Texas being able to
get on live on Facebook I think with the podcast we’ll be able to get folks on
there and you can watch replay you can comment and we want to build a community
that’s really the biggest thing is that we want to be able to have like an a hub
of ideas an ecosystem is it caught in the entrepreneurial world I’m gonna
start off maybe with about 10 minutes of a podcast and then from there we can we
can grow it depending on you know how many comments we get so the biggest aim
of this is that we do treat it like a virtual happy hour you’re able to just
get on here and any any subject that bring up I would love to hear your
stories I would love to hear your opinions and it’s a great way for me to
meet clients and what I mean by clients you know
folks that are interested in my services as well as just a fans you know those
that maybe they’re they’re not ready to take that first step but they want to
know what the dating doc is all about they they want to talk dating and dating
is a is a fun topic at hand so what is going on people we are back and
we’re gonna dive into this subject you know we’re just like you got the Prairie
hands and you’re diving into the pool like the cartoons do we’re gonna dive
into the subject which is masturbation and dating now masturbation it is
something that is often not spoken about as much right you hear about sex and
dating alright that’s such a holistic topic it’s like of a huge net and for a
lot of folks they think well that’s juicy enough that’s that’s taboo enough
of the subject but no let’s get specific about how masterbating masterbation
affects dating so I’m gonna I’m gonna start off with a quick story on my
experience with sex ed or lack thereof so let’s take it back 22 years ago Wow
to 96 when my dad was stationed in Hawaii and at that time we had a waiver that we
had to send back to our house and it was a waiver to say are you gonna take sex
ed or not and a parents had to endorse it or sign it he know what I mean and
I’m the only kid believe it or not they got circled no I will not take sex ed so
for an hour I’m back at school while everyone else was taking sex ed they’re
in the classroom doing it more you know taking the class not doing it that’d be
a whole different type of class and Here I am in a cubicle just hanging out
staring at the walls bored as can be and I remembered the you know the most I got
out of sex ed was when I came back and I hear like the last five minutes the
class maybe I wasn’t even allowed to but I you know I made it back and uh the
only tidbit I got was back on days holidays to use you know animal skins
condoms and and how they would back in the days they would they would use a hot
rod to try to get rid of STDs and Wow you know that’s that was my five minutes
of sex ed that’s a damn that’s pretty gruesome but needless to say I think
there was a curiosity there since I didn’t get to class and this is this is
coming from a guy who was a late bloomer I’m telling you guys I was pretty pretty
late bloomer when it comes to to sex and and that and masturbation
so I start off with that story because you know it is something that before
that had no idea what masturbation was never did it I still found woman
attractive was still wanting to pursue them and then as I’m going through the
years and I discovered myself discover my body start masturbating then I became
more aware of how this affected me and I want to be able to set the stage there
so I can also explain a little bit about masturbation and more a little bit of a
scientific term that way not so you feel guilty about doing it but I can at least
explain what’s going on a little bit before after masturbation during and
right after so with masturbation you know you got to understand that this is
an activity that for some folks they think that it is a it is an anxiety
killer it calms you down for others it actually creates more anxiety afterwards
so first question I have for y’all is you know looking back on it does it
create more anxiety for you or is it something that helps you fall asleep I
actually like to learn about you know what you guys are thinking because this
is this is interesting you know we hear both we hear that well you know I can’t
sleep or I’m stressed I’m gonna use it to chill out and for others are gonna
say you know I thought that then looking back on it it actually creates a lot
more anxiety for me maybe regret things you know withdrawal symptoms so first
off with the masturbation part understand that your brain is has a lot
of plasticity and what I mean by that not plastic like pollution or any of
that sort it’s very malleable it can be changed and it could evolve on its own
and what you’re doing when you’re when you’re masturbating is you’re you’re
activating your synapse and receptors right and think of your brain as having
a lot of wires which is it actually it does and the synapse
receptors are like two wires that keep curling and hugging up on each other and
they get tighter and tighter when you activate the same scent at synapses and
receptors so the way it works is you have drug addicts you have those that
are addicted alcohol gambling and so on and so on and what they’re really doing
is they’re activating their prefrontal cortex is where I mean literally right
in front of your head up to three brains that you’re activating the dopamine
you’re getting the dopamine hit and again the dopamine is the same hit you
get from you know doing crack and also from masturbating too much and I wanted
to explain that just because so you just made aware you know I don’t want you to
think you know next time you’re watching porn or masturbating you’re thinking
well here I am I am activating the prefrontal cortex as
for the dating doc and google no I just want you to know that that’s actually
what’s happening that’s why you do it that’s why we want to do it and for
those that don’t understand balance this is when it can become an addiction and
you may be listening right now and you may become close to an addict or you’ve
dated an addict or you know have had a friend who then answered calls you it
was hard to reach him because of this and I’ve worked with clients who their
former spouse they were addicted to porn addicted masturbation and there was a
lot of confusion they’re always wondering okay what did i do or what did
I not do what the heck’s going on here and a lot of that is because you know
many of these couples you have the oxytocin the oxytocin is the brain come
look it’s like you know and again you know someone’s gonna quote me out there
and say you’re wrong but it is a warm cuddly feeling brain chemical and vs.
dopamine which is more the exciting like man I needed now type of type of hit I
almost had the adrenaline junkie even though the journal is another brain
chemical it’s the excitement part of it and for a lot of those married couples
were formally married couples or long-term relationships they’ve said you
know is that my husband or wife would become
a you know a porn or masturbation addict and it’s because again you know with
work with kids with a relationship that was maybe very warm and loving but no
longer had the dopamine here which you normally get from you know the the
initial infatuation stuff like that they turned to porn that was their way to
keep it wild instead of communicating with her partner and it became dangerous
and obviously became the end of the relationship not sure if you can hear
that there’s rain in the background here in San Antonio so I apologize but we’re
gonna keep rolling we’re gonna keep rolling just like when they say the
military if it ain’t raining we aint training right so something like
that I totally probably botched that right now so uh you know I do want to
know if you’ve had any any issues you know if you ever feel like hey you know
what yeah I’m it publicly or privately if you
do tell me in private I am discreet about all this I respect that because I
would expect the same if I was getting advice from someone so yeah I do want to
know if you’ve ever felt that it was too dangerous or if it is something that
instead of calming you down before a date or because you’re getting excited
over someone it’s actually done a lot more harm so feel free to share your
story I I’m gonna go ahead and end the podcast now we’re gonna try to keep it
at ten minutes this is more of a pilot episode of a podcast or the dating doc
so feel free to leave any comments and any subject ideas that would be fun
also a quick little update so Batman and Catwoman are getting married and that’s
interesting we’ve had a couple other you know I think Superman and Lois Lane got
married back in the days spider-man or Peter Parker should say and Gwen Stacy
so you know for all my all my comic book fans you know there there’s a another
marriage you know I didn’t think Batman was a subtle down type I could see
Catwoman you know Catwoman seemed like one of those
rebels just needed to calm down but Batman’s such a brooding character you
know Bruce Wayne and just the fact that I mean he’s got some issues you know
he’s he’s he both of his parents died you know he just can’t kill his nemesis
but yeah anyways all these non comic-book geeks are like what the hell
is he talking about bottom line Bruce Wayne in a Catwoman
are looking at getting married but based on comic book history not sure if
they’ll stick around anyway so next subject that we’re looking at talking
about is online dating services digital dating app swiping apps and we’re gonna
talk specifically about match group Matt Troop is the company that owns a lot of
these different websites such as match POF and huge taken tinder and we’re
gonna talk about the drama they’re having with bumble so stay tuned
hope you enjoyed again please leave me the feedback you are you’re just a
witness to the first ever dating doc podcast take care

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