Dark Secrets of the Music Industry – Steven Tyler | JRE #1116

Dark Secrets of the Music Industry – Steven Tyler | JRE #1116

Oh what An old-fashioned fucking man, who does it? Today he got Rihanna how much you think she makes a night? And this and the dancers? compared to well This is a big difference Rihanna the dancers and the dancers and you Mary what would the band it’s all we all get paid the same, right? when I took Idol ka-ching Start making some paper get that paper. Fuck. Yeah, so what you’ve already made fun of me and believe me Did you do it just for the money? No, but but No, I you know what? I did. Why because I thought nobody knew who I was everybody knows this guy Singing nobody knew he was this guy. Oh, I Wanted you as a human my mom’s passed away. And she said she said, you know you they need to see that side of you You as a person well you discussed that American Idol was the best way to show that I thought it was the first thing was what else was I had no managers back then that had the good sense to Offer me anything. I Got the offer from Marty Fredrickson. I got how long ago was this how long this one two thousand? two thousand Ten and eleven eleven or twelve I get to sit next to JLo and Randy Jackson and motherfucker mmm, a beautiful guy and J. Lo, whew she’s beautiful You know, what us men need I think what everyone needs it’s a word called incentive, right? Is it her ass? It was her ass look at all the time, but she said you’re harassing me and I’d say who’s asked her ass. Yeah the funniest fucking thing is we would do all three of us, and I think that’s missing now, but all three of us You know to do American Idol, you got to go to Des Moines, Iowa And in a gym and you’re all set up with a whole crew and you know, three people with these with microphones you know 12-foot mics hanging down over your head like this and 12 cameras and high def up here up wazoo and But in 50 40 people a day would come through all these fifty sixteen year old 70 year old little trollop swith, you know red lipstick on and push-up bras and going to Get out of here, you know after that after the 30th 40th one you’re sitting there doing this right, you know so he just got her you got to do you need that incentive from each other and sometimes it will get so it was just Shit burned out after the 40th person 50th person, but that’s what people like though. There’s something about American Idol We like really talented people. But we also like people who are delusional. Yeah, and we trust me it took me about Two weeks to get into it because I told myself I am never gonna tell some young girl I can’t sing but she can’t saying get the fuck out of here right like that other day You know what? I don’t I’m a guy. Yeah, so I mean I don’t like your music Besides which it’s country and I don’t like country. I heard him say yeah That seems not that’s great. But that’s also foolish. He’s a weird case isn’t name because he’s not a singer. Well, you know what? He’s whatever he is. I said I’m saying her. How can I say that to a girl? It’s gonna be there Maybe some days breastfeeding or baby wants to sing Maybe she wants to her baby’s sick and she’s sitting at the on a bit on the bed and wants to sing but JLo told her she can’t Write I didn’t have it in me. I brother though you shouldn’t have it in you I mean that’s his schtick. Right his dick is to be a mean guy. Yeah, and people like that they like that mean guy they would say to me you kind of Come on, man. Take it up and not say that that the producer To uh, they got me a couple times ago did they? Oh, yeah, they got you to turn it up. Mm-hmm And then you feel bad about it Disingenuous. Well, you know I mean like There would be there would be moments where I mean we were Bert we’re like I said why you are some, Texas Look over that The boom started going like this, right and it started getting it and they would say number one Because it was in the shot, you know You know and then so I would whip out my Limerick He knows I go time for a limerick and stop everybody everyone. We stop I say something like You know I once met a whore from Dallas She’s a dynamite stick for a phallus They found a vagina in North Carolina and her asshole in Buckingham Palace and the fucking you see the boom go like this The place where it was just enough to bring it up and we finished to mourn we’d leave But it was fun like that and it was a good payday. So when you’re asking me to have a house in Maui Yeah, and I was made fun of for doing that although made fun of you for doing that Uh, Joe Perry didn’t think it was a smart thing. He said that’s one step under ninja turtles Joe keep in mind when I’m alone by myself, I went Is he right? When do I thought to myself? Would Bob Dylan do this? Yeah, I had those thoughts right? Kind of fucked me up for a minute, but then I went So Dylan doesn’t have a house on now. It doesn’t know I didn’t have one in but I wanted one How much money that guy’s got I’m sure It’s probably the house in them So I took Idol and I you know I never I am so you bought a house on Maui with the money from Idol This is what we started you have kids right youngest is what? She just turned eight eight. Okay, I have I have My two last kids Chelsea and Taj We lived in Marshfield Massachusetts and when I could I would take them to either Disneyland or world Or Maui go to the four seasons and discover if all right with you kids Yeah But every morning I’d wake up and it would run to the right and go all the way down to LA Peru’s And I run back like five miles down and fire was back. I Always saw this house. I thought is that where I Didn’t know who lived there, but I thought somebody What’s the lead singer in The Grateful daddy? Jerry Garcia? So I had rumor was he lived there? I kept looking at it and I just used this beautiful house But it was ridiculous amount of millions, you know, I don’t have that You know You don’t have that when you’re in a band you share all the money Plus management publishing and then that contributes a song when you’re stoned. I mean, come on, right? So you’re into MMA What a segue right beautiful So I’m looking at real fucking my notes Help me Charlotte. I Want to talk to you about aliens? Oh, really? Yeah, let’s go with that hurt you where the fuck is a Lot of notes in front of you man, yeah the most I never even finished that week that’s okay Okay, that’s we could do whatever you want man. No, no, we’re good, man This this radio is really important she’s getting so When did you compile these this morning? They just decided that you yeah, I finished a vocal last night 11 up at noodle Bettencourt’s house Got to bed at like that couldn’t sleep until 4:00. I’m going With fuck what the fuck come in? You’re sweet, man. You’re sweet, too. It’s I mean one for Matt To talk truth. Not only that when people watch your show They know who’s too full of shit and who’s not I’m for sure after a while. Yeah Yeah. Yeah, what is he telling the truth? They know that too. Yeah Shitload of notches well This is what you were saying about American Idol like then before they knew you was just the guy behind the microphone when you sang songs that touch people and move people For you just put it right over there. Oh She wants a stack Okay um but even that like this having a conversation like this, yeah, it’s uh, This is not enough of these out there. Well, there is now, you know now there’s more of it Yeah But for the longest time you would never be able to have this kind of conversation because of the same people that would tell you To turn it up a notch on American Idol did be producers around and be people trying to fuck with things adding fixation And this is my the studio notes we have notes is what we want you to do Steven, you know We want you to talk about this and stop doing that thing where you keep singing people don’t want to hear that anymore what we want you to do is this and for you to speak your mind like you do your truth and have someone across from you to speak your truth in their words in any language they want and not be edited or audited is Unreal isn’t that weird though, that that’s unusual. Just think about it 40 years ago. You couldn’t you couldn’t say ass on the radio. I Don’t know if you can now I think you can now but I hear a shit hole. I’m on CNN I want you can say that you know, Don Lemon Donald lemon. Yeah. Yeah one of my favorite guys Like three weeks Quoting problems and shithole countries, right? I was great at what? Yeah Well, it is a new freedom in terms of that. But I think it’s because the internet people get used to swears They’re gonna use two people. Just speaking Unedited they’re getting used to uncensored video. They’re getting used to things. Well, it’s just words There’s no Sun sensor behavior Right is beyond he’s way past the word fuck sure the words are just representative of thoughts and intent, right? They’re just noises. Mm-hmm It’s like the best way to describe what’s going on in your head is use all the words you use them all use the ones that are really coming out of your Head don’t hold them back and give me some watered-down version of what your real thoughts are So I have to decipher it and put it through a filter and try to figure out what did Stephen mean by that? That’s so I got so angry at the way things were going about that. I want to say Six years ago that I quit management. I got my lawyer Dean will uphold you clear managed to manage me well, I collect the management that was managing the band right and They’re also going now god bless One of them passed away rest his soul. He’s a good man and the other one Didn’t have a lot of good things to tell the man wrong direction all the time. And now my band is with my management We’re together a fucking game So six years ago, I would talk to people I go You know what? Fuck you I’m going on Rogan next week and I’m gonna fucking say your name I mean, I just built a house up in Laurel Canyon. He’s fucking guys. I come home in the I had a water wall and You know, it’s Kylie and people would come and go and go don’t tell fucking Tyler I wanted to lean back So the water wall wouldn’t rolls down rolls down and wouldn’t spray on the bridge that goes across right not a chance So after a year I get there and they go you know what? I heard that I heard him say fuck Tyler You know, I’m just you know, I’m just saying so that’s the kind of stuff. I went. I’m on Rogan your fucking toast pal That manager story is a story that you hear. I just heard it from a friend of mine She was telling me about her managers giving a shit advice and she has dropped them Why are there so many people in management that give shit advice like well because because out of ten out of ten of them – two of them know the answers and they may be they may be right Yeah, the rest of them know how to play the game if you read the book. It’s easy. Yeah management You just gotta tell them what they want to hear ya sweet-talk them well It’s a hard thing to be a managers. It’s To manage a man. It’s even harder. The hardest thing is to know direction to look at people’s feelings, right? Know what they’re about why they’re about what? What what guy in the band should do this interview what interviews to do? Which ones to do which ones not to do which ones not to do? Well, don’t do anyone where they’re gonna stop it in four minutes. You know those Tonight Show ones Sometimes you have to that’s all they give you gotta talk It just seems so fucking forced and fake this weird your book this stands for me. I wrote a book man I was so fucking pissed I wrote does the noise in my head bother you write To people I would say that I go what the fuck is wrong with you are you talking about? What do you mean? Did I write lyrics what did you do last night the guys would give me shit for not Writing lyrics are finishing a song. They’re upset that you’re writing a book No, no, no no back when you’re writing a song and being round, right? Yeah we’re in a studio we Put the song don’t you lay the track down? And then Stephens gotta go and write the lyrics, right? well if I don’t Then XA they go what the fuck man and I say well, I’m trying to get my wife pregnant Okay, I have life. I get it. What were you doing that say? You know, but those are kind of that’s kind of shit that happens you get a lot of pressure on you and then because they did that I Went and walked this way the lyrics had him in my bag finished the whole record Got in. The fucking cab went to 351 was 3:21 was 40 the record play in New York right got out of the cab went upstairs went I got it and I fucking went white. I left the lyrics in the cab a whole album and My producer goes we’re doing walk this way tonight So went upstairs took a pencil listen to the track Like I did the night before that wrote the lyrics and wrote them on the wall. And and that’s what happened But whoa, but you know No one in the band thought a little foxes got those lyrics in that cab somebody But the words buddy thinks you fucked off the worst part yet. Oh the band went. Yeah, right You left the lyrics in the cabin. You know what? Maybe when you’re stoned on coconut when you’re still no Coke, nothing’s funny. It’s really a suck-ass drug. Mmm That’s why I avoided it good for you. Thank you Speed could get you. Well, you know what? I’m a little bit stick to me victim with a yeah, but she does a little speed but but well caught this coffee right now I can feel it Downers for me and how I look at you you’re shaking I had stem cell shots put my shoulder today Come on, that’s what it is. Did you really take him out of here? No, there’s some new process they do I’m in serious pain right now. Oh man. That’s why I’m shaking like watch I could barely practice your song I thought fuck is coffee. I’m doing it. So no, it’s not look You just caught me five hours ago Like perfect something like something smooth I’ll be okay in a day. Yeah, what do I take? Yeah, yeah gabapentin Gabapentin gabapentin. It’s a great job. It’s not you don’t get high from it, but it kills pain. This is to Alleviate some shoulder tears. I have some tears ease Workout. Yeah, you can see yeah, so she’s a great. So by the way, let’s go quickly back to your bar. Yeah There’s a noise in my head bother you I wrote this and I wrote you a little Thank-you verse we reproduce a man breather. Just remember the less hair. I got the more head you get okay Mourn the less hair you got the more head you get that makes sense. You think love Steven Tyler? Steve yes what I say. You said Steve? I think I said Steven Tyler. Let’s go back David I’m pretty sure I’ve never said Steve Tyler ever so I don’t care but Thank you, man, I really appreciate that if you put me down in the worst way I still love you I didn’t do that, but you’re saying because because of the show and because of the trails you’ve left in life. I love you I love you, too. I’m just telling you I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a kid. You’re fucking monumental. I love you I just fucking love your truth. So you’re going to tell me about this fucking shoulder shit. Why are you so big? It’s move I switch it up mostly right? Yeah. Yeah for that no You do yeah Jujitsu, mostly but my shoulders are they’ve got some issues from some years of abuse and tears and some minor arthritis and this one’s been apparently I had some sort of a Separation on this one sometime in the past and I didn’t know yeah There’s a lot of Tears. So I’ve had some great success with stem cells. Mmm Musical mosaic. Um, oh, how do you say it Masai Kamal? Whatever anyway stem cells. Yeah. I said I had it sucked out of my hip bone hip bone Yeah, and they put it my knee. I had a knee replacement Oh you had a replace whole thing? You walk very well, though Well it what’s wrong with your name. It had a 99 degree valgus. It was like this Ooh from because you had an ACL reconstruction, right? I had both of those done. Don’t try don’t believe the doctors Don’t nine years nine years. That’s it for someone like you nine years. No. No, I’ve won that in my left knee. That’s 24 years old and it’s so work. Awesome Wow Everybody it’s it’s all about meniscus. It’s about the amount of cushioning and whether or not they do a good job replacing the ligament But mhm, I had very good doctors on my left and right knee shout-out to dr. Gettleman Wow good for you, man Yeah, you know I’ve mine it didn’t work. So started going inwards. Did you get it? Don’t forget what? 98. Mm. Yeah, mine was 94. I have a buddy on 93 actually I have a buddy of mine who had one done though And his knees really fucked up to the point where he is about to get a replacement and he actually got a hip replacement On one of his hips because of the damage in his knee. Yeah, because if the knees going in then this is pushing that way Yeah, and I didn’t know any of this shit I just I knew I couldn’t take vicodin and percocet or any that’s how long ago to get your knee replaced Six years ago mmm Yeah, yes five six. Yeah Now I got to get the right one done. So now I’m going to Europe with my loved it loving merry band I got a country album. So you need to get your right one done. Yeah, cuz what’s going on with it? Okay The left knee never hurt Brian but never never pinching. No nerves no where? No, how mmm right knee It’s fine except that’s the right side if it pinches on the nerve it goes out like that, right? I can’t be doing that on stage Roxy. No Rolling Stones gonna be going he’s fuckin stoned again Look at do you think they would say that? I don’t know. We’re only stones a bunch of different people though You can’t really attribute it. Yeah. No, I’m not worried about that I’m just worried about it doesn’t do you sure that that’s the only way to do it though if you talked to other doctors Because what they’re doing now with rajendra generative Regenerative what can I say that regenerative? Why did that one stumble? With regenerative men, they’re able to replace meniscus and cartilage and regrow shit You might want to hang on. Mm-hmm. There’s they’re able to do some shit now where they can they can fix things They’ve never been able to fix before and every year gets better and I’m pretty close to the cutting edge of this stuff Yeah, I’ve had a bunch of doctors on my podcast talk to me about it particularly. Dr Neil Riordan who Does a lot of work down in Panama that they can’t do in the United States and he did Mel Gibson and Mel Gibson’s dad It was 92 at the time and on death’s door in a wheelchair now, he’s a hundred and he’s walking around Yeah, I know about those people down there and I have people up and go go to Panama But Penenberg is one name. That did my knee. My knee is so fun You wouldn’t believe it. If you saw so it’s fine. It moves good. The left knee is good But the right so pinches right ahead check just goes out so I can’t go tour with Aerosmith Jumping around like a like I do You know and there’s other I’m just saying this. I don’t know how your knee is. I don’t know what’s going on with it But there’s other options now and there’s It’s one of those things where according to the doctors that I’ve spoken to the longer You can hold out the more likely you are to never need surgery then there especially when it comes to replacements and they’re able to do a lot with hip replacements now with Regina keen and Sometimes yeah the longer you can wait because what they’re able to do now is different than what’s gonna be able to do in five years and in ten years and the Longer you can wait the more likely it is they can regenerate tissue Yeah, they’re doing all kinds of crazy shit now with stem cells. Well now that they’re in a lot. They’re allowing this There’s a guy alive That is into telomeres telomeres. Yeah, that’s your longevity Cheney. Sure and he said That people that are like phone the Lord Horrocks people that you know conduct pansies silly guys and shit, silly musicians right Oh silly fucks silly Silly comedians right people that are able to let let a childish side of them out Those little taller one tails stay longer. Mmm old people they grow shorter and he’s close to finding that out So I love I love today. I love what’s going on. I’m gonna look into this. Yeah, please do we’ll talk afterwards I’ll give you some names new years and shit to to look up but so so MMA, you know, I’m looking at it and one of the girls that works for me Said well, that’s the same thing as what you’re into right now MMA for me. I’m at mm-hmm only use it something no No, it’s something I got into in the last Year with my lawyer Dean olap old and it’s called I’m sick and fucking tired of getting beat and ripped off for the songs. I wrote in the 70s and where’s the money? Where’s the money so I got a joke, right? It’s not even a joke, and now that there’s a format that’s digital It’s even less of a joke. You want to fucking go break into these buildings and take a gun and shoot people because They’re a pain. You mean things like Spotify and they’re not right there. They’re taking the money for plays of your song They’re giving you whatever first of all publishers. You know what it’s all about 100 years ago 50 years ago 20 years ago publishers take for money. We make on Toys in the Attic millions, right? They keep that money for a year They put it in the bank they keep the Interest right then they pay after they keep the interest, of course So that’s one of those members before is it the Sony dirty things like to tell you. How about us? how about finding out managers by the first three rows of your shows and Get the money from the fucking promoter In their pocket brought to them in a paper bag. You want to fucking go there that what it does. Is that what happens? That’s the kind of shit that no. It’s cuz shit that happens in the business So they buy the first three rows and see how simple that is They how simple they go up to the guy This is the guy’s assuming that the show right if you have a 90/10 deal fucking great The manager goes and goes to the first three rows See you later or you don’t get Aerosmith Wow Or you don’t get Bob Dylan or you don’t get you and they’re just depending upon those people did not tell you Yeah, I mean who’s gonna tell you the only fight cuz here’s what happens You only find that shit out afterwards If you’re going out with a girl that says I’m the one that brought the money back to him. Oh Is that how you found out I said how I found out somebody found out that way that’s the story I heard let’s keep it like that and it’s a story this woman’s willing to talk about Oh,

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