Your greatest contribution to humanity is your own self-realization as you uplift yourself You have to lift everyone else around you Nobody spends time with themselves We depend completely on machines we plug us all so the whole bunch of things to measure data to see this to see that When these get rid of all that stuff and get to know your body get to know your mind If you don’t spend any time doing that, how would you know what you want in life? We all want to be happy Happiness should never be pursued but rather pursue a lifestyle where the byproduct of that lifestyle results in happiness I do that by being concentrated Concentration is at the very core of all human endeavors and success so that you can truly enjoy Every experience in your life and be present Young kids these days can only concentrate for a length of 7 seconds How do you expect to solve problems in the world if your attention span is only 7 seconds? Why are we ignoring the environment because people are selfish We have the most beautiful planet in the known galaxy And yet we don’t take care of it how we dumb or are we dumb? The way to stop is to uplift human consciousness When you wake up in the morning ask yourself, how can I make a difference in the world today? We all need to help each other because we can’t get through it alone The world is changing inspiration is everywhere It has never been so easy to connect share and bring people together We’re learning from others and finding the best in ourselves Challenging our beliefs Sharing our vulnerability overcoming our fears Transforming ourselves so we can transform the world How far can we go this is London real I am Brian Rose my guest today’s Imagine giving up all of your possessions Saying goodbye to all of your friends and family and traveling to a far off place to dedicate the rest of your life to being a monk Well, that’s what my guest this week is done Dandapani and he spent 10 years in a monastery in Hawaii with very few possessions doing whatever his guru told him to do and by doing so he learned a lot about life about what’s important about how to think about how to sleep about how to be a human and He’s back to teach us how we can be human in this crazy plugged-in world that we now live in where everything is on-demand whether its food or entertainment or Fun or friends and he’s here to show us that we need to simplify our life. We need to learn how to focus and concentrate We need to worry about people pulling our energy away And we also need to learn about Money and how to use it and spend it and consider it and I had a fascinating second conversation with Dan depandi This one does not disappoint and at the very end We really start getting into some personal things about him how he sees the future of the world his retreat He’s building in Costa Rica and how he feels about money so I know you’re gonna really enjoy this episode with Dan Tapani as did I This is London real I am Brian Rose My guest today is Dandapani the Hindu priest speaker and entrepreneur after graduating University with a degree in electrical engineering You left it all behind to become a monk under the guidance of one of Hinduism’s foremost spiritual leaders for 10 years You lived a life of serious personal discipline and daily training at your guru’s cloistered monastery in hawaii When your vow expired you opted to travel the world and teach Ordinary people the spiritual tools you learned and how they can be applied in everyday life Dandapani. Welcome back to London real Thank you Brian. It’s an honor to be back here. Thank you for having me. My pleasure You know, we were here just under three years ago and we had this incredible Conversation and it seems that a lot of people listen to it hey, you know Brian I I travel all around the world and I speak and the one thing I consistently hear all the time people come up to me and go I Watched it on I heard about you in London real. What’s the London real interview changed my life. Love it So thank you for that dude. My pleasure You know, yeah, I was I was just so glad you know It was two guys having a curious conversation about life and each other. It was a very she’s not it, right Yeah, and when we met in Knepper, exactly. Yeah, we had dinner together and we had a long conversation Yeah, it was the same kind of thing. Just continue right this continued in London Yeah, and we’ve already been having conversations about all different aspects for your life. And so I love today to just kind of continue Where you’re left off and catch up a little bit. I might rant a little bit you do it I was like, hey, I love the rants. I might write a little bit too I think we need to and I want to cover a bunch of things. Yes. Sure tell me about what your worlds been like the last couple years and how You know, what do you do now with most of your time because you do travel the world really and teach, right? yep, I do and you know the rest of the time I’m home in New York and Focusing in a couple of things really trying to build up my online presence I really do want to cut down a little bit on the traveling. I have a daughter now a six-month-old daughter actually. Thank you Yeah, so you definitely want to spend more time with her and less time traveling. So I’ve been building up the my online presence building an app and we’re gonna launch that hopefully in a month or so and the app will deliver content on there but one of the big features about the app is Creating rituals there’s a whole ritual section because when I lived as a monk, it was all about rituals throughout the day Right and a lot of times I think people have this misconception that you know If you practice something in the morning people say to me, you know dhandapani if I practice Meditation for 10 minutes every morning. Is that gonna affect my life? And we’re like, yes, but what are you doing the remaining 23 hours and 50 minutes? you know, if you’re doing things that counteract what you’re doing in the morning, then it doesn’t help if You exercise for 10 minutes and morning the rest of the evening, you know fish and chips and drinking beer and pizza What laying in the couch it’s not going to help So the whole app is about how do helping people create rituals throughout the day? The same way that I have rituals in my life and as a monk, I was trained to have rituals So they’re really focusing on that and creating proper content Written my first book. I have a draft just finished it last Thursday. So congrats Yeah, so we’re gonna get that published. Hopefully some time to see it Okay, and and then our project in Costa Rica where we’re building a retreat center And who is your typical client? Is it kind of that the CEO of the up-and-coming tech startup is it sports people is it no? Everyday people. Yeah, my typical client that I work with impersonalists entrepreneurs, so they’re entrepreneurs from small to large businesses small meaning 1015 million Ohia and then people that own billion-dollar companies So those are the people that I work with and I also work with a couple of athletes as well in a couple of sports Very successful athletes, so but what do they struggle with mostly? What’s their biggest challenge usually when they come to see you? I think you know it’s it’s interesting that because the you know The people I work with have kind of changed over the years and I would say in the last two three years the people I worked with what they really want to know is I think they’ve come To the realization that they know very little about the mind they’re experts in their areas But they know very little about the mind and they really want to understand the mind better so that they can leverage their mind to be even better what they so they either people that run finance companies investors or Entrepreneurs of tech entrepreneurs or whatever they are businesses a whole range of them including some couple of athletes that I work with as well all of them want to leverage themselves better and they they feel like they have a lack of understanding of how their mind works and And they that’s one thing they approach me for and the other thing is how do they develop? concentration even more that’s something that I always talk about is Developing focus now, how could those people not understand the mind? I mean, you know in this day and age we’ve got access to all sorts of great. YouTube videos are including mine and yours Yeah, you know we’ve got all this research. I mean so many people live in Silicon Valley how come they can’t figure out the mind and then they come to you and to help them because you don’t know what you don’t know and And the thing is, you know, you can go and troll the web or YouTube and you get bits and pieces here But unless you have a structured approach to learning and someone guiding you and training you you never really learn right you have an academy where you take people through a Process and that’s so important right to have a teacher that walks you through it when I joined the monastery my girl took me step By step he was able to look at me and see what I needed an egg’s pushed me in that area challenged me here But when you go on YouTube or you go online you read a few things you don’t get the same effect, you know and and I think a lot of these people want that they want me to work with them and Push them and highlight little things about their mind So they can have that conversation and then really refine it and that’s really what they’re looking for Hmm, which is hard to get from 20 different YouTube videos, right? Yeah. We were talking earlier about how You know Maybe these days people have a propensity when they go to learn something to kind of want to get the thing as quick as possible And some people you were even telling me they want to learn it so they can teach it as soon as possible Which I mean in your opinion is kind of a flawed way to become a master Yeah, right and it you almost miss The whole concept of learning process you missed the point. Yeah of doing that. Can you talk about what you’re not? Yeah, so two things here. Ryan one is wanting to Quick fix to learning, you know, I spoke yesterday in Munich to a group of entrepreneurs and we had a private fireside chat I’ve been working on them for about seven years. And so we had you know, those about 15 of them in the room We’ll have a little fireplace We were chatting diving deep into some of the content they’d been learning with me and one guy asked me soon This is their quick fix to having more energy in life I’m like, there’s no quick fix in life is that’s the first thing you have to understand and I think technology trains us to think They’re quick fixes, so I can go on my phone. I live in New York City. I can order something on Amazon Actually last week I went on Amazon Ordered something at 10:30 at night and the next morning at 8 o’clock in the morning FedEx busted my door and it was there it’s crazy right so I can get things instantaneously Through technology and then because we’re so trained to getting things as soon as we want them that we apply that to our life and We think that yeah, we can change overnight and then people out there selling hacks There’s this hack That’s that hack how we’re gonna hack this how we’re gonna hang business how we’re gonna hack the mind how we’re gonna hack the body But it doesn’t work. That way you have a child and your child is growing slowly and learning slowly There’s no way to hack your child. Can you make your three-year-old boy, right? You know three-year-old boy learn walk faster Todd well in triple integrals by tomorrow, why don’t you hack him? It doesn’t work. Right and then why is adults do we think we can hack everything? It’s not sustainable Right, and then the other thing about being a teacher is that you know, that’s another thing that’s being sold out there besides hacking It’s like, you know, let me certify you to be a yoga teacher. Let me certify you to be a life coach I know you’re 19 years old and you’ve never had any experiences in life nor have you done? Achieved anything that pushed you beyond the limits of your imagination But let me certify you as a life coach after a three-day weekend program and I think when you go with the idea that I’m going to learn something and then take that content and teach it you never Really learn when I went to the monastery and to learn from my girl. I went purely to be a student First of all, I went there with the knowledge that I knew nothing. I Wanted to learn from him and then once I learned from him my goal was to strive to implement everything as best as possible I have zero intent to teach. All right, and that and I feel when you take that approach you Learn the best and some of the people that I work with Purely have that approach they have zero intention to teach they just really want to learn and so when you go that with that intention then you learn really well because then you’re not thinking because if you go Thinking I want to take this knowledge and teach it then when you listen to the person speaking to you The first thing you’re gonna like that’s really good. That’s interesting. I think I’m gonna share it that way I should really include that in Chapter five of my course. Yes And I think I’ll add that little bit to this and then I can teach it that way So then you’re not processing you’re taking it you repackaging it and you’re thinking how to sell it or give it out again And that very much contrasts your experience in the monastery which first of all the only reason you went is because you were massively inspired and moved by your guru and You were ready to pretty much Give your life over for ten years And I did and you did you know and even for two years he made you wait until you could come right and so first of all you had a teacher that you chose as someone who Pretty much lived the whole life and walked the walk. He completely bent right Yeah And then he made me wait and he gave me so many Challenges and tests along the way to see how serious I was a student. I did everything. He told me did it What did he tell you to do so he told me to? Find my way from Perth Western Australia to Hawaii and I was a student and college had no money So when I got a job washing dishes and an airport literally plane loads of dishes You know after I’d finished engineering classes that go to the airport and work for five six hours for washing dishes saving up money He’d teach me how to concentrate teach me how the mind works We communicate over email give me homework to do give me tasks that were really painful like coloring I’m like, why am I coloring? You know, I want to color pictures and But I just did everything I trusted him. I trusted the process. I did the work and I fulfilled it a night Nice to work and I went back to him and I said Gurudeva, it’s done. What’s next? You know, and he wanted you to do these kind of seemingly mundane things Yeah, and I never complained about them, right it seemed mundane But I trusted him he was my teacher and if he told me to scrub the floor, I’d scrub the floor, you know and I’d scrub it really well better than he could imagine I could scrub it and then I go and say it’s done and I might do a little bit more than I think I can but nowadays people like we were chatting earlier, you know If someone wants to learn martial arts, they want to learn that quick swirl 360 kungfu kick in the air or something you know one wants to go and do the hard work and That’s all about the quick fix. You know, how can I get from A to B as quickly as possible? It doesn’t work that way Yeah I mean these days people watch the UFC and they want to go to jujitsu class and learn like the special gogo pot a choke or a check hook in boxing, but if you go to an old-school boxing coach He’ll literally make you do footwork for like a year right or throw a jab in the air for a year And then where you go, you know to China no hats you, you know stick your hands in sand for a year they’re waiting to see if if you’re willing to Put in the time and if you can maybe get to a quiet mental space as well Yes and it’s not only about training about it’s about training the mind to right the mind needs to adjust and the mind is like a muscle it needs to reshape itself to be able to take on a new way of thinking in a new way of behaving and you know progressively hold that new shape and that only comes through repetition and patience and slow Hard work of doing the same thing over and over again, you know one of my good friends is a Olympic gold medalist She won the gold medal and beach volleyball and she told me and she had amazing teacher a coach She said and she said at one time the coach made her Work on the volleyball court. Do you foot work for six months with no ball? so they trained for six months on the sand with no ball and it was a beach volleyball and You know she did whatever her coach told her to do she said she grumbled But she did it but that’s the training that most people just don’t want to go through you know And and I think so many teachers out There are selling quick fixes and because they have never been trained themselves properly So they just they’ve got a quick fix learning to get from A to B. So then they go and teach a quick way to get from A to B you know they don’t understand this whole traditional path of slowly learning and Developing yourself over a period of time. This is what really creates mastery in a certain level in the monastery Living a celibate life in a cloistered monastery Away from your family friends your relatives, you know waking up early in the morning Strict discipline and training eating three meals a day it takes 36 years before you’re qualified as a teacher 36 years So if I lived only 10 years, I’m not even anywhere close to that and I’m still a student. Yeah, yeah Tell me about this process of Going to the monastery and being the monk and you know What what you learned kind of in retrospect by doing that whole process? You know by separating from the world and then those first few years because you know in our previous conversation You know you were talking about how it was It was very difficult stripping yourself away from all of these kind of Worldly comforts and routines you had gotten used to but then by doing so it got your brain into a different space and I think that’s why people seek you out because You come at things. St. From a different angle and from a different perspective and you’re the first one to say I’m not the Guru, but you see things differently that that we don’t because we didn’t have to kind of sacrifice I guess in that way and you know I think the biggest thing for me is that I I had such an amazing teacher and you know, my guru Trained me remotely before I joined a monastery and then when the first three years I lived with him. He trained me intensely and Unfortunately, he died three years after I joined so I stayed for seven more years but in the three years that I was with him he Personally worked with me and really broke me so to speak broke all the patterns and I’m not saying all the patterns but Definitely a great deal of them Then help me to recreate new patterns in my mind really taught me about my mind and how it works and He showed and gave me tools right, he gave me enough homework that I could reincarnate for the next five like five more lives and I still Would struggle to accomplish all the work. It’s given me what kind of tools was he doing? And what was he? How was he breaking you? By challenging me. So for example You’re 23 at the time. You have 23 9 just came from Perth Yeah, and now you’re given the next ten years of your life. Well, I went in there for life I never thought I would leave my intention was to be a monk my whole life. I had no plans to to leave Not be a monk never so after he died Three years later, you know, it was a really difficult time for the monastery There was only 27 months and everybody two generations amongst and everybody came that because of him They were seeking Self-realization or they wanted to serve but because of him they joined that particular monastery to be his student so in the 52 years of teaching it just 27 months with him that he knew intimately that he trained and when he died it was a great loss and a great a real difficult period And I think within two years we lost about eight or nine months left You know I stayed seven more years and I felt that you know apart suin has aligned as it was before so my vows expired and I chose to leave and but I Had no intention ever wanting to leave the monastery. I would be If he was alive, I’d still be there as a monk for sure Wow So it wasn’t that I went in there. I was gonna do ten years and then leave and go travel and teach That was never my intention. Okay Yeah, when I left I was like, you know I had to do something now right now And so those first few years he kind of goes to break you Yeah, and you know It’s really about He’s able to because he only had a few students and he always wanted a few students so that he could Understand you right if you have 20,000 students, you can’t get to know them But if you have 27, you can know it each one intimately so he got to know me got to understand me He got to see my habits my my weaknesses You know one thing, you know that he worked with me so really teach me to be non-attached so one way in all the monks lived in a hut that was ten feet by ten feet by ten feet tall so four walls two windows the door Just a futon mattress a pillow a blanket and an oil lamp no toilet and electricity. No plumbing Nothing in there, and that was the big Hut right well so three minutes by three minutes that was considered the big Hut and I I lived in one for a few months and then he would move me to another place he’d moved me to get to an office and he says I want you to sleep here in the meeting room, and I’m like Okay, so I wrapped up my little rolled up my futon mattress And I went and slept in the meeting room and I remember a giant centipede like about eight inches Falling from the a condition. I’d sleep under that conditioning vent because it was Hawaii was woman I wanted to be a little bit cooler. I remember one fell on my chest and ran across my body You know and so I’m just laying the sleeping in the meeting room and then I’d be there for a month with nowhere to put My stuff I’d tuck it under a table somewhere. You know, what are the clothes? I had robes I had and then he’d move me into another little closet somewhere and a little storeroom and make me sleep in the storeroom and then he would move me to a hut in the forest which was only three feet wide and Maybe seven feet deep and it was a metal sheet. That was Nailed on one side and fold it across and nailed on the other side. So imagine a cylinder that’s cut in half lengthwise so if I sat in there on my butt I’d have maybe about three inches before my head between my head and the top of the Roof, and I could crawl in and lay in it. I couldn’t sit up in it I could sit cross-legged in it and I stayed in laughs a few months and he just kept moving me every few weeks like well that one I stayed six months and then he moved me somewhere else and moved me, and then eventually I just realized You know, I had a few of his books I had some beads, you know even in the monastery ended up collecting little things and after moving a few times it was like I don’t want any of this stuff and sent my robes to brush. I’m good to go and then he’s talking to me He was teaching you yes, as soon as I realize like I don’t need any of this stuff in my life and You know, and I didn’t complain about moving again Then he stopped moving me It was really interesting because I was to remember us being in my office one day and I loved the room I worked in He called me up one evening He had gone to the to the beach to edit because he was writing a book He was driving back with a couple of months. He called me I was about six something at night and says ten the punny. I want you to move to the window for us And that’s where that little hot was on stilts But you know that was three feet high and I said, oh, okay, Dave I’ll move there Tomorrow morning, I think and he for him there was no tomorrow Everything is now no you can move that now And it was really getting dark outside and there’s no freaking lights and in the forest and I said it’s it’s getting dark outside you guys but you have a flashlight, don’t you and I said Yes, I do. I just hung up the phone on him and you know grab my flashlight I ran into my current hot grabbed all my staff and I went into this forest and you know, there was this little tiny cylindrical hut in the forest that you know, I cleaned it out and had you know had called dusty and cobwebby because no one had lived in that for months Oh, yes, and I just pushed my things in there and crawled in there, you know That night is sleeping and geckos would fall get in that run across your body and you know you’d scream But if a monk screams in the forest and there’s no one that I hated the monk scream That’s a good question it’s a good question, right So yeah I was teaching you to also kind of disassociate from your body and your own Comforts and your comforts ride you get used to being comfortable and that’s the problem, right? You know you stay in an apartment for long enough you stay in the city for long enough You’re comfortable, you know where to go buy your milk your bread you know your surroundings to get comfortable you get used to it and You know, one of the biggest teachings he taught me is about awareness and the mind you’re not the mind rather You’re pure awareness traveling through different areas of the mind and your goal is take your awareness from your conscious mind Move it through the conscious mind through the subconscious into the superconscious areas of the mind which is the most refined areas of your mind to experience deeper in this dates and ultimately self-realization guard realization but awareness travels in the mind But when you get stuck physically in a certain place and you get used to your surroundings and your comforts Your external environment is it’s a reflection of how your awareness is working in your mind That means your awareness is stuck in a particular layer of the mind because there’s really no separation between your inner state and your outer state and What he was teaching me Is that by moving me around making sure I never got comfortable long enough one place to to stay attached He was teaching me that To not allow my awareness to get stuck in a particular area of mine and in the particular area of the mind and stay in a rut and that I could actually prime a Break my awareness free from particular than Mike Really grab hold of it and take it deep within myself and experience in deeper states of mine on the superconscious and ultimately Self-realization which is what we’re all looking for, right? I don’t know if it’s everyone is looking for it. You know because I think people are aware what it is They haven’t defined it for themselves but I think ultimately people are looking to have a better life and a better experience and I Doubt, there are people out there that just want to be miserable People want to be comfortable. They want to be happy. They want to be joyous, but Are they looking for self-realization? I don’t know one thing that probably most people do suffer with is being Having their awareness associated with that outer self. Yes. Okay. Yeah and you know social media Encourages that all right. I mean if you go on most people’s timelines a lot of people’s times line, it’s amazing you can scroll through and it’s just a thousand that’s a thousand posts and it’s 999 nine pictures of themselves selfies and And I think social media has made people extremely selfish and all people think about is themselves You know, here’s what I’m doing. Look at me here. Look at me that Which is the kind of the opposite of what being in a monastery is he totally it’s all about serving, right? You know and you look at also public figures and celebrities and influences They constantly post pictures in themselves and the amazing life traveling all around the world and you know I see and I know some of these people and they never post pictures of their students. So, you know who’s following them? It’s always about them Heads it’s about and it’s really about serving but it’s easy to lose that in this kind of Hyper social media where we’re all on our mobile phones. We have all that instant gratification Yeah, and yet without serving you’ll end up kind of having this Really weird miserable life you really it is all ultimately about serving and serving humanity and serving the environment You know, you can’t serve if you’re always thinking about yourself You know, I I get tons of messages on social media and email People always saying, you know, I need help. Can you help me with this? Can you help me with that? And I have a problem. I need your help. Can you advise on this? I never get emails of anybody sending me and say, you know down Tapani I listen to your content. It really helped me Thank you so much. How can I be of service to you? What can I do for you? Wow, that’s like I’ll follow them. I get any of those messages When I went to my groom was always Gurudev. Oh, what can I do for you? How can I help you? how can I be of service and sometimes I didn’t have an ask because I Intuited what needed to be done next and that’s the state of responsiveness, right? There were as a monk three qualities were really important to cultivate humility obedience and responsiveness right humility obedience in response inner humility is the state of Knowing that I don’t know anything. I’m you take that you adopt the attitude that I am the beginning of the path I know nothing. I’m super enthusiastic and I want to learn and grow obedience is a meetings to your teacher because you trust him or her and Also obedience to you super conscious mind, which is your intuitive mind the great annoying of your mind that that knows everything That’s the area of your mind a super conscious that knows that’s all knowing part of your mind be obedient to that super conscious and when you get an intuitive flash that tells you Do this which quite often people refer to as a gut feeling I? Call it an intuition because the gut kind of more is more related to your instinctive mind So your intuitive be obedient to that. What is that conflicts with what your masters telling you it doesn’t okay I mean if you have a good teacher right if you have a good teacher then the teachers also working from an intuitive state of mind and that Shouldn’t count how conflict and I never found a conflict with my teacher, right? And did you all go sleep with the bugs but you knew that there was no intuitive issue with that Yeah there was no it was my Intellect that was pushing back and my instinctive so if you broke the mind down to three parts He would say there’s the instinctive the intellect and the intuitive so my intuitive mind knew that that was the right thing to do The intellect was saying oh it’s getting dark outside You know, I have to walk through the forest. Can we do it in the morning? That’s the intellect It’s reasoning and the instinctive mind just said no I’m afraid to go live in the forest because some animal is gonna come eat me at night, right? You know, it’ll be a missing monk and who cares, right? Right and usually usually your instinctive mind will be in disagreement with what your master teaches you Totally their job is to force you into the fears, right? Because the instinctive mind likes the same thing It’s a nature of the animal mind Right, it it loves repetition the intellectual mind likes and new things That’s why the intellectual mind can be fascinated with the Internet and gets caught in the internet because it’s always serving you something new online Whereas the instinctive mind loves repetition That’s why a cow for example. It’s an instinctive animal it can wake up every day and eat grass It wakes up and goes like a grass amazing. It never gets up and goes like Goddammit, I want granola Give me bacon and eggs today. No eat grass every day for 20 years and be totally happy with it Imagine if we ate the same thing for breakfast every day for 20 years We’re probably going like put something different on it right that the instinct of mine loves the same thing and the instinctive mind staying in this Hut and the ten by ten foot Hut Gets comfortable it knows its surrounding and that’s what the instinctive mind wants, right. It wants familiarity It wants everything to repeat itself in the right way. And when when it does that it feels safe and secure And that’s why you know just to go slightly off topic a little bit In the monastery and in the military, they have rituals and routines because if you look at the instinctive intellectual intuitive one of the things you want to do is to Make the instinctive mind be totally safe and secure and by that you create routines Monks have routines soldiers have routines you feed them at the right time every day Right when that happens the instinctive mind of a soldier and of a monk becomes safe and comfortable they don’t have a fear in flight feeling so now they can move out of the instinctive mind and function in the intellectual mind or the intuitive mind so soldier can go into battle and Not live in the fear of what you know the fight-or-flight Area of the mind and it can be in the intellectual air than mine So you see I see the enemy coming this way. Maybe I’ll go around this way and shoot him from the back. Okay? Right because if not, he’s an instinctive mind. He’ll go. I’m gonna fight or I’m gonna run and and by creating routines and rituals you take you you you make the Instinctive mind feel secure and calm. Okay. Yeah So those are the three parts of the mind you want to talk about and responsiveness, you know, so after you are, you know You’ve got humility obedience When you hear your intuition speaking to you, the next step is be responsive Respond to do something. If you tell your teacher tells you to do something go and do it Respond be responsiveness. And if you don’t have to sometimes wait for instructions If you see something on the floor that shouldn’t be on the floor pick it up Don’t wait for somebody to tell you to pick it up go do it. All right, and and that’s the state We were amongst we trained to have the state of responsiveness. You see a dirty dish in the sink go wash it Yeah, it’s not you also, you know But wash it learn to serve are these the three good traits that are good human as well. I think so. Yeah humility obedience And responsiveness people hate them second one obedience. Don’t tell me what to do. All right Is that the ego coming out? Yes, right It’s like don’t tell me what to do, right and people get so defensive like you can tell me what to do Okay, I’m no big problem being told what to do. I’m happy to take instructions, right and humility is hard for people Oh I’m very hot guys and you know along with the selfie generation is also this everyone’s an expert And the loudest voice wins and yeah my opinion Now you can make make a career off of an opinion You can and and all you have to do is post great pictures And you know you you see this beautiful timeline of you know A highlight reel of somebody’s life and it’s so easy to convince tens of thousands of people that you an expert at something you know with what the right photos and some cute quotes and people believe that Your next bit and then people look at me and I get messages and go like, you know done the punny. You’re an amazing sage Well, when did I become a sage I? Don’t feel like a sage. No, I’m not even a guru or TJ. I like to thank myself only as a student SH what what does Webster’s dictionary define the sages? Probably an enlightened human being I’m feeling like an enlightened human being you’re just ten years ahead of us. I Wouldn’t even say so maybe in A particular era because I’ve had training in it right in the same way that I could say You know you twenty years ahead of me and interviewing people and knowing how to put a good show together You know Conversation but that’s your area that you worked hard and training yourself you spend decades And yes working on this and refining it every day talking to people listening Seeing how we can do this better Look at this a beautiful space you’ve created, you know, three years ago you and a completely different Space in a smaller office and now I walk into this place and it looks so amazing You need a bright Souls working for you that Enthusiastic and happy with what they’re doing. You have such an uplifting Office space and I mean look what you’ve created in three years You know what an accomplishment? Congratulations brain. Thank you, man. Yeah, I think what people find fascinating about you Is that you and did this thing for ten years that most people would never do? because it looks so difficult and Committing and giving their life away and then you came one of the few people to come out and then talk about it And so I think you give us this perspective that in a weird way seems so obvious And yet we can’t figure out on our own because we’re so busy with the distractions and serving the intellect with Google search and posting our instagrams and ordering our food on Delivery and going to the coffee shop. You know that for somehow we can’t see the forest for the trees Is that a decent assessment of yeah, but sure people don’t take time out for themselves right and it’s something you know, I’ve been saying lately to a lot of people is that Nobody spends time with themselves and when I say to people the state is two people they go like oh I have alone time Every evening when i’ma walk my dog for half an hour. That’s my alone time and they’re like no that’s walking a dog When I’m at the gym working out, that’s my alone time. I can’t like no that’s Being at the gym Alone time is used sitting down in the chair at home or on the floor Cross-legged, you know no music. No journal No podcasts your eyes closed and spending time in contemplation in a reflection. Not meditation but an actual reflection and really having a conversation with yourself the same way we’re having a conversation getting to know each other and Each other’s opinions and thoughts. You have a conversation with yourself and people don’t do that, right? They don’t spend any time doing that if you don’t spend any time doing that How would you know what’s important in your life? Where are you struggling and what you need to focus on next and what you need to work on? You’re so busy from the moment you from the moment the alarm rings They reach over to the side table grab their phone turn off the alarm look at all the notifications and then start stroking that phone This is how people get pleasure in the morning stroking their phone Yeah And then every 10 years someone has a quote/unquote midlife crisis when they realized that They’re living the life that they’ve never contemplated. They’ve never plan They’re not connected with right and then that’s kind of life. And then you’re on your deathbed looking back saying What did I do? Why did I value these things and they’re wondering why it’s because they never spent the time in solitude with themself Do the work now so you can spend the rest of your life leaving a living a life that’s in alignment with your purpose once you figure out what you want and what your purpose and life is then you can spend the rest of your life living a Life in alignment with that purpose and you know talking about deathbed, you know When my group was dying one of the last things he said on his deathbed was what an amazing life I would not have traded it for anything in the world What an amazing life I would not have traded it for anything in the world now what words to hear from a dying man, you know to be able to look back on your life and Say that was freaking spectacular Wow Isn’t that great? Yeah, I’ve never actually heard of anyone saying yeah, I believe he said that don’t you know? And how many people could say that and for me, you know, I you know you’re why could he say that because he he lived in a Life that was in alignment with his purpose He knew clearly what he wanted, you know, he was often when he was 10 years old. He grew up in Lake Tahoe I mean in Northern, California, his mother died I think when I was 8 9 and then his father died and that 10 he was adopted by a close friend of the family At 10 years old. She asked him when she adopted him. What do you want to do? With your life. I don’t want a question to answer 10 you all right, and you know what? His answer was I want to dance and the people that trained him in dancing his early teen years were mystics from Europe They not only taught him how to dance but they taught him how to mind works. The body works the nervous system He had such strict discipline and he shared with me his cherry ones That he was in a class with a few teachers with the teacher you know with a few students learning and there was a knock on the door and The teacher opened the door and there was a student at the Dome and the student was five minutes late And the teacher looked at the boy Clement Ravi old boy I think and said obviously you’re not serious about learning and he closed the door and they never saw that student again Old school huh? But by the time my girls about 16 or 17 years old. He was the premier downs of a San Francisco Ballet Company One of the best if not the best ballet dance in America And then he left he jumped on the first ship to sail from America to to India To pursue his enlightenment, but he was so clear what he wanted. He wanted self-realization and then he he spent some time in Sri Lanka a few months and then he finally felt that he could attain the Self-realization he wanted he gave away his belongings he went into these caves called the caves of Jelani in southern Sri Lanka and the jungles and he promised himself he would fast and Meditate till he was till he attained enlightenment Is this nineteen year old American boy in the late 1940s in a cave in southern Sri Lanka? So when you so determine it’s when you’re so clear What you want in life and you’re so determined to get to get it and you’re willing to give up everything and everyone for it Then you’re living a life in alignment with your purpose and then you can spend the rest of your life In sync with who you are as opposed to chasing so many different things around you that that sparkle whether it’s you know, I want to be like that person and I want to do this and that sounds fascinating Maybe I’ll try that for a few years, you know You meet kids nowadays that are 18 19 20 years old and you ask them. What do you want to do? What are you studying in university? Oh, I think I’ll do science and for you and you know And then I might major in this but I was also thinking am I taking you off? You know travel a little bit and then come back and I’m not sure maybe I’ll do arts I’m kind of interested in this topic. I Not know what you want to do. It’s your we have one life. You don’t get a second shot at this Get clear what you want, you know, and how do you do that? If you don’t have the benefit of being able to go to a monastery where after a couple years of these routines and this lack of any type of Comforts you kind of have to figure it out right or you kind of go crazy Will you leave I would say, you know for the monks. It came to the monastery They already knew what they wanted before they came because my guru wasn’t accepting pupil that didn’t know what they want So he went to the monastery for the purpose of wanting to realize wanting to get self-realization now attain self-realization So everyone that came in was already clear about the purpose in life is okay monastery is about training them also So for me, I was clear what my purpose in life on us about eight. Nine years old. I knew exactly what I wanted

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