I don’t know if you noticed but on Snapchat every time that… Oh this? Yeah! Yeah I moved! That’s not true. It’s actually just decoration. There’s nothing around. Lights don’t even work… Ok this one does work. For the adults that are watching this video: Snapchat, what is it? It’s an application that allows you to send messages, pictures and videos that last for a few seconds. Even if you are old you can download it. You just gotta type “Snapchat” “F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K” and then you’re good! The anti-elder technique. Snapchat is kinda surprising when you start using it. I mean… Why send a picture that’s gonna be deleted right after you saw it? Photography is an art! It’s the 8th art. It tells a story. It’s noble! And there! I’m proud to show you my masterpiece. Did you like it ? Do you want to talk about it? What’s funny about Snapchat is that there is often a difference between the snaps you send to someone of the same sex, your bro for example, and the snaps you send to someone of the opposite sex. Like a girl you wanna date. It’s awkward this behavior on snapchat We don’t behave this way in the real life… We all love to receive a cute snapchat, or even one that’s a little bit naughty. Even just naughty that’s enough. When one of your friends next to you gets one, you want to see it! Wow she is so hot! Oh, too late. Sorry. Alright bye! Oh! That girl! I’m gonna do like a “5 tweets to avoid on Twitter” I’m gonna present to you the 5 things I hate to see on Snapchat: 5. The Artist/Painter’s Snap I sometimes receive snapchats with some crazy drawings! The dude spent hours drawing it and when I compare it to mine, I feel totally lame. Like if it was normal the guy has more talent with his finger than you with all the paper on the planet. So when I receive this… I don’t answer. So the guy just get like crazy like: “I SPENT 3 HOURS DRAWING THIS SNAPCHAT COULD YOU JUST ANSWER!” Yes, I’m a jerk. 4. You can choose how many seconds your snap will last. I don’t understand why some people just put the maximum length of time for a boring Snapchat. WHY? Why does your cat deserve 10 seconds. A lot of thing may happen in 10 seconds! You’re under arrest. You’re mistaken! I just saved your life. Thank you so much! Look ! Meanwhile… There’s too many! We’re gonna die! Hello mom? Hello What? I’m your mother. I had a sex change. Dad?! I mean, mom?! 3. You can know who has taken a screenshot of your snap. This is a super interesting feature… and there are people who take screenshots of every snap you send them. Why would you do that? I’m making a collection of pictures of people and I print them and put them in my mouth – like this! (I only see this explanation) 2. There are people who make useless ten-second snaps. And the reverse, there are those that make one-second snap. How much, exactly, can you see in a second? You think you’re playing a memory game, is that it? Luckily, the snaps that last a second are usually…dick pics. That’s why I take screenshots..! 1. Maybe the most annoying thing about Snapchat is when I receive a short video… but it’s entirely silent. (inaudible snap video) I hope that that wasn’t interesting. I’m criticizing Snapchat a lot, but it’s still amazing. Sometimes, I receive memorable snaps of my friends. We laugh a lot at them. Also, you can add me on Snapchat. It’s CyprienVideo Simple as that. On the other hand, how can we talk about Snapchat without mentioning the biggest fear of the app’s users. We all fear that one day… Yea, in fact, since the start, we’ve kept all the photos. And, starting now, they’re all available on the internet. Ok, bye! Subscribe! Well, only if you want to…do as you wish. That’s just how it is. I want to say just a little thing concerning the video I made before this I was very insensitive when I said that Romans were thieves I regret having said that. That was very stupid on my part. I never wanted to stir up hate. You can even say that it’s exactly the opposite. I don’t want to stigmatize a certain group of people. I just want everyone to laugh normally. I made a mistake. And I hope that you don’t do it. I’m counting on you!

81 thoughts on “CYPRIEN – SNAPCHAT

  1. Team 2019 vous ête… EuuurF EuRfFFfff….

    Je veux dire Oh regardez une vidéo. Comme j'ai envie de la regarder sans rien dire !

  2. Pour la fin, bah oui snapchat garde les photos et video sur leurs serveurs pour toujours, c'est pas une peur vu que c'est vrai

  3. Je mit sur mes lèvre et norman dit : kqoskdnaooajsjskslwlwmlszoizudufbslqjkjhkuhjklhejladgfykeyfqgsilfjsjdluaepitroiuslkrgkqlgdbqfdkjahs

  4. Bah tien en v'là un autre de vieux lol Mdr. Je viens pour découvrir ce truc en plus, enfin, j'en ai entendu parler, faut pas déconner non plus..
    Donc t'as raison. Pour les vieux… :))
    Punaise, ça date de 2014 ta vidéo et là on est en août 2019, il est temps pour moi de m'en inquiéter, enfin j'en suis pas mort de ne pas l'avoir utilisé. Il y a assez d'autres saloperies où je suis abonné.
    Merci pour l'info ;))

  5. Mdr
    Même si vous êtes vieux vous pouvez télécharger l application instagram ca s écrit F A C E B O O K
    La technique antie vieux 👵🏻👴🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  6. A nn moi quand je fait des screen je leur demande si il veulent être sur Tik tok et si il veulent va vu que c mes potes et ba je les met sur Tik tok ave. Des était spéciaux sinon continu comme ça tes trop marrant💗💗

  7. Les gars imaginer que le bug est fait exprès pour faire une vidéo qui parle de toutes ses vidéos comme norman

  8. Ma grand mère regardé avec moi déjà que je lui ésepliqué comment YouTube marché la Elle etait perdu encore

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