Curious about Wheelchairs? ASK ME ANYTHING!

Curious about Wheelchairs? ASK ME ANYTHING!

I’m not gonna lie this is probably the
weirdest thing I’ve ever done in my life we’re out here in world-famous Venice
Beach in sunny Los Angeles California finally sunny we’re gonna let complete
strangers ask me anything I don’t know why I’m nervous about this what’s going on dude. have any questions? now i’m thinking of a question. nothing’s off the table I haven’t nine years ago today I fell 50
feet and it broke my spine and paralyzed me yeah 50 ft pretty crazy. i was out for a jog, i was running. where I’m from they have underground parking decks and I
fell into the underground parking deck I was pretty much like blacked out I mean I was in and out of consciousness it was pretty wild that’s for sure yeah yeah I definitely remember being able to that that feeling it’s
it’s like a faint memory it’s like a dream I’ve definitely gotten skilled enough in
the chair that it’s an extension of me now
like I’m really used to it like I’m fully independent I can cook I can clean
I can drive like this is my new normal right in the same way that like your
legs are your normal you don’t think about it you just do it it’s kind of the
same thing with me I don’t really like think about it too much I just do it
whatever what were you gonna ask nothing off limits man nothing off limits so yes I know
right so I do have like I do have this like a human desire to like go back
right but the truth is my quality of life now I think is better than what it
would have been if I hadn’t got hurt because this like forced me to grow up
it forced me to like look in myself it like forced me to become a better person
it like forced me to to become something I couldn’t have been before and it’s
given me a lot a lot of opportunities like a really like interesting and
unique opportunities that have never gotten before yeah it sucks like yeah I
wish I could like walk again but also like I wouldn’t give up this life for
anything yeah yes and no right so I don’t mind help as long as I ask for it yeah right
so a lot a lot of the times like for me personally I have my own methods like
something as simple as opening up a door right
like if I’m already opening it and someone like runs in front of me to like
open it for me that’s like okay I mean I was already doing it but if like my
hands are full when I got stuff on my lap and I’m like heading towards the
door and someone sees me and then they grab it no big deal or if I’m literally
like with someone I’m like hey excuse me like could you grab the door for me it’s
no big deal but it’s mainly the unsolicited stuff yeah
it’s mainly unsolicited help that usually like gets in the way of my flow
and ends up making more work for me in the end no no we’re just here like
answering questions no that’s okay I
really appreciate it thank you I promise I promise to find someone else they
need some more than I do I think a lot of times people in general have a lot of
questions but there’s no opportunity for them to ask it I think even for myself
like if I would see someone else who has got a disability that’s different than
mine I might also be curious but also not know when’s appropriate to ask you
know so this is kind of one of those opportunities that I don’t want to
insult you no it’s not insulting you know it lost
everything back in Miami I’m from Perico okay so I watched this
place on the hurricane Maria okay so that experience I can share with you is after
you have to truly appreciate what you have now yeah that’s definitely a
perspective it’s like not only appreciate what you have but anything
you have can always go away immediately you never you never know when that that
moment can happen that completely changes everything so one thing I’m just
curious about your situation initially it’s really hard
because I think a lot of girls don’t see you as like a like a sexual being they
just see you as just as a guy in a chair I know like for now like I’ve got a
gorgeous girlfriend she’s absolutely beautiful in for you and she met me in a
place I was at the gym and I was working out so she didn’t see me as someone who
was like weak or like unable or like sick she saw me as like someone who was strong it was independent it was
fierce and and but I was I was single for a very long time because I think
there’s a lot of unknowns as well I think I think a lot of girls don’t they
don’t know when they’re afraid of what they don’t know and and they might also
believe that there’s certain limits that they have if they decided to be with you
they’ll say oh okay well what if I want to go hiking what if I want to go on a
vacation what if I want to go climb Machu Picchu what if I want to go ride
four wheelers yeah a little bit I like
my comfortable space and I like my routine but I also like to push the
boundaries and the limits of of life and and what I like to nice talking to you too hello how are you so anything anything
nothing nothing’s off topic it’s quite the opposite
you just have to find how to do things your way so there’s plenty of things
that that I do that I did before that I do now like for example I work out of a
gym I go to concerts I go grocery shopping on my own I Drive on my own now
there’s nothing that’s really off-limits it’s just a matter of being different
because what happens is your life completely changes in a matter of an
instant my legs were how I lived my life I was I
ran I worked out I hung out with friends I went hiking I went backpacking you
know even the job I did was really physical labor
so literally my whole future was taken away from me at that time and I thought
to myself oh the only way I can get my future back is if I get my legs back
that didn’t happen so I decided to say you know okay I’m gonna accept my reality
and I’m gonna do the best that I can and be the best that I can in in the chair
the second part of your question I’d say something a friend can do is just be
there like hang out with them invite them to do stuff definitely acknowledge
this the needs the special interests and needs and challenges and difficulties
that they have but don’t stop to stop you from inviting them out to do stuff of course it’s pleasure
see ya this James Bay music has got me just
f***in’ lit right now y’all come on come on guys ask me anything. hi how are you yes I’m very well okay
the coolest thing would probably be a lot of the little extra hitting perks
that a lot of people don’t know about good seats at concerts good parking no
lines usually skip lines little things like that
I’d say the more the most difficult mmm that’s hard because there’s a lot of
difficulties yeah I think there’s there’s typical daily challenges and
daily struggles but I think the biggest issue is like preconceived notions of
the general public like strangers like and the reason I said it as by close
friends and family treat me a certain way that’s that’s very specific they I’m
a friend like I’m a buddy the public I say that in air quotes by the way they
look the way they point the way they behave the way they act you can tell
that they’re very misinformed they’re uneducated on what it’s like to live
with a disability or what a person in a wheelchair is or does and I think that
might have to do with just typical like lack of information or representation or
just simply what they’ve seen in movies and TV is what they automatically think
is what’s what’s right I think that might be a difficult challenging thing
also health care is a b***h that’s for sure
it’s just way expensive and just like a complete pain but that’s something that
it’s like that’s more of a secondary issue that I think a lot of people deal
with we just didn’t tend to deal with it a little bit more I know when I first
got hurt I I was so lost and confused and I like didn’t know what to do how to
live what people thought and a big downfall of me for a real long time was
projecting what I would have thought about a person
in a wheelchair onto everybody else which initially would have been like
kind of negative and kind of rude and cuz I had stereotypes in my head you
know dirty stinky messy people have to take care of them you know they’re sick
all the time and they’re old you know I had these like perceived notions so
initially for and for a long time whenever people would look at me
I would think automatically bad thoughts I would think oh they are thinking I’m
worthless or I’m a piece of s**t or I’m broken or I’m ugly or whatever that’s
that’s automatically what I would assume and and it took a really long time for
me to realize that I was putting that on people yeah and not people putting that
on me I can definitely tell when I’m I’m someone’s very first interaction with a
person in a wheelchair it’s obvious it’s it’s a deer in the headlights look it’s
it’s a frozen body language it’s even if I’m just walking like if I’m just
rolling up but I’m talking to someone here my language did you hear me slip
even if I’m just walking along or I’m talking to someone and or I’ll just say
hi or a smile or or someone will see me you know at the grocery store like
pushing my cart and grabbing things like there’s just this like zoo animal type
look and you know like or if I’m walking their direction they’ll freeze and not
know where to go and it’s like oh you’ve probably never in your whole life
interacted with someone in a chair before you know we’re pretty rare and I
think even more rare because a lot of us tend to get like depression and chronic
pain and and stay inside a lot we don’t want to be seen yeah yeah it’s it’s
terrible but through a lot of meditation to exercise to gratitude to being happy
to being distracted to working out like there’s just like a lot of things you
can do other than just like popping a pill for it and that seems to work out
and the only reason I know that is because I definitely went down a path
where drugs were my option and they completely destroyed me like they put me
in a really terrible awful place and I managed to like dig myself out of that
which was challenging and difficult I think even more challenging and
difficult than dealing with the disability originally yeah so so now I
don’t have the option anymore so I’ve got to find other ways to manage to
overcome any challenges and especially the inner life hardest regardless if you
have a disability or not most most challenges come from within in my
situation it’s like I didn’t know how strong I was until being strong was my
only option yeah you know I had a lot of a lot of things built up and it ended
badly it ended with me being institutionalized in a psychiatric ward
due to a combination of depression addiction and attempted suicide and it
just like put me in a place where I finally it was like forced to like detox
and then not once I got like once I stepped back from myself a little bit I
was like wow like I can’t live like this anymore
what I’m experiencing now is terrible but what’s even more terrible is what I
was doing and I’ve just like been going ever since awesome very cool
Richard yeah I appreciate your kind words thank you so much those nice
talking to you that was amazing dude she totally
she was just like what question should I ask him should I ask him to call me I
thought that was absolutely hilarious she was really sweet though I did yeah
so the type of injury that I have is is called an incomplete injury so what that
means is the spinal cord itself wasn’t severed it was damaged so if you look
closely you see I got a big leg over here and I got a little leg over here so
the nerves some of them don’t work and some of them do luckily I’ve got the
right pieces of the puzzle together where I can stand and walk a little bit
with some crutches okay but it’s not great I’m way faster and more effective
and better in a chair than I am out of the chair so it happened nine years ago today actually so therapy is way in the past
however I do exercise regularly I work out I eat like a bodybuilder I train
like a bodybuilder I just only do the upper half yeah I’m the only guy who’s
allowed to skip leg day in the gym but no one gives me any any troubles yeah
believe it or not I’ve got a beautiful wonderful amazing girlfriend I was
single for a very long time but I she wasn’t my first girlfriend that I’ve had
in a wheelchair I’ve definitely had other girlfriends before I think it just
takes cultivating a relationship just like any relationship it takes time I
had to like be friends with them first so they got to know me as someone who just
uses a chair who’s like on a wheelchair not in a wheelchair and they got to see
all the things I was capable of and what I could do and my personality and my
attitude at first glance people swipe left every time and I can’t blame them
because if I was on a dating app as an able-bodied person and I saw someone in
a wheelchair I’d hit no too you know because it’s a first impression and the
first impression is usually oh are they sick oh I’m gonna have to take care of
them oh what’s wrong with them Oh can they have kids oh can they have a family
Oh Oh can I can I go hiking with them but what about vacation but what about
what will my family think my friends think there’s too many questions
and I think it’s one of those things that once you get to know me you realize
oh it’s just a regular dude he just like sits in a chair Thanks meeting you! pleasure to meet you too take care we’ll see ya oh that’s a
tough one I would say yes and no I know I don’t necessarily believe in the gods of
religion but I believe in a higher power a higher power yeah you pray every night
I do not but I do speak out loud to myself so maybe someone hears it? I wouldn’t say atheists maybe more agnostic
maybe not not sure just believing your own higher power ringing apart
oh it’s more of just something greater than me like I’m not God right I I’m not
my own higher power but something is I don’t think I have a name for it you
know it’s just like a thing. pleasure dude the types of questions I’m getting
and you can tell they’ve been more an ask for a really long time well I got I
think this is definitely something I want to keep doing I like it generally
nice people genuine curiosity and thanks for coming along with us leave a comment
down below about what type of questions you would like to ask someone in a
wheelchair let us know if you like these because we’re probably gonna get a lot
of them I really like the conversations that we had today and this evening and
it’s been a good time. fine me on Instagram Facebook like comment subscribe and we’ll see you there

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