Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ The Show’s Creator Justin Roiland

Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ The Show’s Creator Justin Roiland

ETHAN: Welcome everybody to reviewing Rick and Morty memes With Justin Roiland. This is Justin Roiland, he does the… He’s also the co-creator and the voice of both characters at the same time. JUSTIN: Yeah, yep. “You want to live? Then open the blast shield doors!” “Shut up Morty, you brainwashed little turd!” ETHAN: When you do the Rick and the Morty, do you record them separately or do you switch between them? JUSTIN: I can do them at the exact same moment. ETHAN: Really? JUSTIN: And then they have to separate them. ETHAN: Like on different channels? JUSTIN: We have a special proprietary… ETHAN: Really? JUSTIN: I don’t know, it’s stupid. No, I’ll… Lately I’ve been doing Morty first… then I’ll do Rick/Morty together. Then I’d go to Rick, because Rick fucks my voice up. So let me ask you this before we jump into the memes… What is the minimum IQ required to watch Rick and Morty? JUSTIN: Um… Zero. ETHAN: Alright, here we go! Let’s get into the memes. “That moment, when you hear someone say Wubba lubba dub dub IRL” The minds connect… “And you silently make contact with a fellow intellectual.” JUSTIN: Oh… my god. ETHAN: Was “Wubba lubba dub dub” written into the script or is it something you improvised? JUSTIN: No. It was Ridley wrote uh… “Rick spins around on the ground like Curly from The Three Stooges.” “Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub.” and then I was in the booth and I was like… I didn’t… I obviously… Like, I think I just was like going quick and I didn’t read the stage directions, so I just saw the line “Wub wub…” and then I just made it up. And then we were laughing at how dumb that would be as a catchphrase because of stupid… like… catchphrases like bazinga and shit like that. It’s like… How dumb would it be to like, you know, ironically and hatefully come up with a catchphrase? That’s the stupidest thing ever. But this is the most cringiest… ETHAN: Well, do you know what really gets me? JUSTIN: …thing I’ve seen in a while. ETHAN: This is the Facebook page “The Real Ricks” On, so… JUSTIN: Invest now… Oh jesus… ETHAN (As Morty): Oh, geez! JUSTIN (As Morty): Oh, geez, Rick! (Normal): See how bad- (As Morty): Oh, geez, Rick! This is what I sound like right now. Oh, geez! ETHAN: It just sounds like you. JUSTIN (As Rick): Morty, you have gonorrhea or something? In your throat? (Normal): It’s all gonna be like “Rick and Morty so intelligent…” Ethan: No no no… No, they’re not all like that. JUSTIN: I find that to be such a weird thing because you don’t see that meme with a show like Black Mirror, and that show’s like… The brainpower behind that show has to be so much more significant than what we have on Rick and Morty. ETHAN: Well, I think it’s interesting you say that because I think this author really nails down… Why the high IQ is required. JUSTIN: Okay, go for it, let’s hear it. ETHAN: “You know, it takes some actual brain power to really appreciate Rick and Morty. I’m not even talking about conventional intelligence, I mean like actual cunning and wit. You need the street starts, and you need the book smarts. Just fuckin, you have to be an exceptional fucking human being.” I love that he had the “just fucking” like… JUSTIN: Comma. ETHAN: Yeah. “You think Einstein would appreciate Rick and Morty? It certainly channels a lot of his genius, But would he get it? Dude was a fucking nerd, alright? He wouldn’t understand this blend of- JUSTIN: Fuck Einstein! ETHAN: “He wouldn’t understand this blend of intellectual discourse and crude, filthy, straight up human humor. That’s the genius of it. Humans have such incredible potential for greatness, but we also spend copious hours tugging on our dicks like the primates before us, because that’s what we are. You wanna watch Carl Sagan for two hours? I know you don’t. You might pretend you do…” JUSTIN: I would! ETHAN: “Because you’re insecure and shallow and you want people to think you’re a real smart cookie. That’s fine. Really, it is. We’re all human and humans are flawed. Ironically, Recognizing these flaws makes one less flawed. You wanna learn, but you wanna laugh too, so you watch Rick and Morty. There’s the kicker. You fucking figured it out. You watch Rick and Morty because you’re real. You’re nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor.” Zero points! JUSTIN: My god, dude- Zero! Ha ha ha ha! Zero! ETHAN: I love that he put all that effort in- JUSTIN: Okay, listen, I don’t want to shit on this human being who wrote this… but part of the thing that makes this funny to me is… The author’s… IQ level… Just… articulation, the way that they’re forming their thoughts and sentences are sort of… Maybe a little bit at odds with the messaging here? ETHAN: But the thing about posts like this is that I can’t- It’s so hard to tell if it’s a parody or not. JUSTIN: A bit? Yeah, well that’s the world we live in. ETHAN: With the razor edge. JUSTIN: You don’t know anymore. I think what really gave it away… that it’s probably a bit, is the… JUSTIN: “Just fucking?” ETHAN: Yeah, “Just fucking.” JUSTIN: “Just fucking… ETHAN: Yeah, he wrote that in there. JUSTIN: You have to be an exceptional fucking human being…” “You’ve been visited by the one true Morty. Upvote in 3.14159 seconds and you will be blessed with plentiful Szechuan Sauce.” (Visual disappointment) JUSTIN: I liked it until the very end. I wish it was like “Upvote… or your mom will die of… ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: Cancer or something. ETHAN: Wow… JUSTIN: That’s horrible, that’s horrible… ETHAN: Woah! Okay, “Describe your sex life with a Rick and Morty Quote.” “Morty, just you and me. And sometimes your sister and sometimes your mom. But never your dad.” JUSTIN: Yeah, that’s a good- that’s funny, that’s- ETHAN: JUSTIN: Dude, that’s good, I love that watermark. ETHAN: Yeah, y’all need to get over to JUSTIN: puts out some great content. Oh, woah. What is this? ETHAN: So Morty uses the- JUSTIN: “Morty!?” ETHAN: The gun on Summer’s ass. JUSTIN: This whole incest shit is getting out of hand. ETHAN: What do you think of the Morty/Summer incest, because that’s a twist that I never expected. JUSTIN: I didn’t know it was a thing. ETHAN: Dude it’s a huge thing in the Rule 34 community. JUSTIN: But you know what? We have a weird… We’re going through a weird era right now where just incest in general… ETHAN: That’s true. JUSTIN: Like you go to look for porn and it’s like… ETHAN: PornHub homepage – Incest. JUSTIN: Yeah, you’re just scrolling and it’s like “Oh this girl’s really cute” and it’s like oh “big brother…” But you’re like “God, really?” They all have to be fucking- Can’t we just… other fucking kinks too, please? Like… ETHAN: “I watch Rick and Morty for the plot.” because there’s a bunch of ass. JUSTIN: Because our show is just sexually charged. ETHAN: “Follow @rickandmortymemes (me) for more!” Peach. So, you looking for more writers or no? JUSTIN: Always. ETHAN: “@rickandmortymemes.” “Anger is a gift.” JUSTIN: w-What the fuck? Hold on. ETHAN: No Gods. No masters. JUSTIN: Oh, wow, this guy is a fan… Or girl. We don’t know. It’s always a trip to see something that you made committed permanently to someone’s body. It’s always surreal to see that. ETHAN: This is like a really versatile meme format. “How it feels when I mention Flat Earth.” But I feel like this has a lot of versatility in the meme world. JUSTIN: Yeah, yeah. Uh… I don’t even recall this moment in the episode. This is clearly like a photoshop thing, right? But also it’s like “when I mentioned Flat Earth.” Yeah, a bunch of normal people who are sane… surround you. ETHAN: No, the government. G-Men. JUSTIN: Oh, they’re trying to say… ETHAN: They’re censoring him. but, like, is there a better caption for this? Like “How it feels when I” uh… JUSTIN: “Mention space is fake?” ETHAN: “How it feels when I say I don’t like incest porn.” JUSTIN: The problem is all the hottest girls are in… fucking… incest porn videos. ETHAN: So you end up watching them. JUSTIN: Yeah! So if you’re scrolling through like “Oh she’s cute” and then… “Ah it’s a fucking brother-sister thing. All right, whatever, turn the volume down. I don’t want to hear the dialogue.” ETHAN: Well, you know the great line. Here, let me show you the greatest line ever. “The best way to experience this movie would be… If you have to watch it… Turn it on… the TV at home when it comes out on a DVD and turn the sound completely off. And then, as you’re cleaning the house or you’ve got a party going on and you need the kids to say occupied… That’ll make this a lot more interesting.” “That’s how I had to watch… Uh… Incest porn.” (oopsie) “What?” “You had to turn the sound down. Then it’s just porn.” “I’m so confused, okay. Or if you’re on an airplane-” JUSTIN: They threw him under the bus! ETHAN: Yeah! Because it makes sense. JUSTIN: I mean… ETHAN: But I think he came… He came with the incest porn… Like… Too out of left field. JUSTIN: I mean I totally… ETHAN: She’s just like “woah!” JUSTIN: He’s so right, though! “Listen to it in” “Allow me to-” “I love that we’re talking about the kid’s movie and you bring up incest porn!” “I’m just saying everybody- every guy gets that moment when a friend hands them the box of old porn, right? And one of the tapes was incest porn.” ETHAN: “You know what I’m saying?” JUSTIN: He should’ve just stopped. ETHAN: Yeah, you were fine! This isn’t better! “Has that ever happened to you?” “No, Christy. Just to be clear. Just to be clear. These are all grown-ups, it was like the 22 year-old daughter, right? But then you’re like ‘ah, jesus it’s her dad!” And then I’m like “well, I’ll just mute it. (confusion) JUSTIN: Oh no, dude, stop! Clearly, read the room! ETHAN: Oh this, so this is Rick and Morty’s fanbase about itself. “You make us ashamed to be ourselves!” JUSTIN: I mean, that’s every fanbase, right? like that’s the thing is like every fanbase… because we’re all humans… It’s like… every group, I don’t care what, is gonna have good bad and ugly and everything in-between. ETHAN: It’s true, it’s funny. I mean… JUSTIN: But this is a this is a great meme. ETHAN: It’s a great meme. JUSTIN: It’s a great meme for not just… the Rick and Morty fanbase. But like… ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: The fucking Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fanbase. Remember those guys? ETHAN: Of course, they… absolutely. They were the worst and the best. JUSTIN: There were some fucking amazing and some horrible people in that fanbase. ETHAN: Maybe you can decode this one. “Something is wrong. Father, son, mother, neighbour. Hit like if you got it!” JUSTIN: I have no fucking idea. Is it supposed to be like the holy spirit? Like “Father, son…” ETHAN: “Mother.” JUSTIN: God, the holy spirit? Hila: The mother had to cheat because the son looks like the neighbor. ETHAN: Oh. Because. Oh wow! Hila, you entered the Matrix, bro! You lowered your IQ to like 25 points to get that joke! JUSTIN: Wow. I feel dumb now that you’ve explained it. Cuz it’s like “Oh, it’s pretty obvious.” ETHAN: Is this from No it’s not. JUSTIN: No… That’s why. ETHAN: Yeah. “I did it, Morty. I turned myself into James. I’m Rick James, bitch!” JUSTIN: Is he in a Pokemon Team Rocket design? ETHAN: Yeah, why is that? Here rate my Rick. (As Rick): “I did it, Morty. I turned myself into James. I’m Rick James, bitch!” JUSTIN: Pretty good. ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: Yeah, no. I mean I would give it at least a five… ETHAN: Five’s average. JUSTIN: Out of… A thousand. “When you see one of your normie Facebook friends post about Rick and Morty but you know they don’t understand it’s a fricking lifestyle.” JUSTIN: No, it isn’t. It’s just a TV show. ETHAN: Are you sure? Cuz they say it’s a lifestyle. JUSTIN: You know, buy merch though, buy all the- buy all that merch. ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: And fucking make it a lifestyle. Fuck it. ETHAN: “His palms are sweaty. Kees weak. Arms are heavy. ……Mom’s spaghetti.” Thoughts? JUSTIN: They found an image for… For all of it. They did it. Somebody sat down and took an hour out of their day. ETHAN: “Rick and Morty’s Mom… She’s a badass.” Well, it’s not Rick’s mom, but… “You’re invited! If you receive this meme, you are invited to Tyler’s 8th birthday party. This year will be Fortnite and Rick themed. Don’t bring anything with gluten!” JUSTIN: There’s no way that’s real. ETHAN:, baby! JUSTIN: There’s no way that’s fucking real. ETHAN: That is a real invitation! “Wubba Lubba Dab Dab!!” JUSTIN: Okay… ETHAN: “She’s beautiful. Who? The girl who’s reading this.” JUSTIN: Aw… (As Rick): She’s beautiful. (As Morty): Who? (As Rick): The girl reading this… *Disturbing Growling Noise* ETHAN: So here you have it. JUSTIN: Oh, Jesus Christ. ETHAN: “Mr. Meeseeks Teaches Summer New Tricks!” JUSTIN: I have actually watched this. ETHAN: Oh, you’ve seen it! JUSTIN: Not the whole thing, I mean I can’t… I can’t legitimately get off to this cuz it’s just so… You know, it’s like you’re not… You’re distracted. You’re really distracted… And me especially. This is like the first porn thing. I remember Harmon and I were just like… “This is fucking insane, dude! What the fuck?” ETHAN: Well, hold on, let me step it up from here because there’s… JUSTIN: Okay. Oh boy. ETHAN: It gets better. You know, I have to say, like… I would be lying if I didn’t… ETHAN: Jerk off to this at least once. JUSTIN: No I didn’t do that. I would tell you if I did. I don’t jerk off to cartoons, you know? Not since I was a little kid drawing them myself. ETHAN: You would jerk off to your own cartoons? JUSTIN: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah yeah… ETHAN: Woah! JUSTIN: Yeah, yeah… totally. ETHAN: Huh. You’d draw like big-ass titties and be like- JUSTIN: Yeah, I would try my best to draw something hot and then- I didn’t have a lot to fucking work with but… ETHAN: That’s how you know you’re a good artist. When you jerk off- JUSTIN: No I wasn’t even that- ETHAN: -to your own cartoons. JUSTIN: I was not even that good of an artist, that’s the sad part. If Meeseeks boxes were real… They would totally be like.. Used in this way, right? ETHAN: I think… yes. JUSTIN: I mean we’re humans, we’re gonna fucking- ETHAN: Yes, Meeseeks gonna run train. JUSTIN: And they’re not necessarily attractive, but like… ETHAN: No, they’ll run train on you. JUSTIN: They could get a job done. ETHAN: Check this out. JUSTIN: That’s a real tattoo- That’s a good, that’s a fucking… ETHAN: That’s Rick throwing up the vape naysh! That’s like… JUSTIN: That’s a good tattoo. ETHAN: That’s us, dude. JUSTIN: That’s pretty badass. ETHAN: Right there! JUSTIN: It’s colored well, it’s great! That’s a good tattoo. Good on you. ETHAN: If you are considering… JUSTIN: H-What the fuck… ETHAN: To use me as an extra… JUSTIN: Oh-oh my god. That’s so… ETHAN: Then you have… If you want to do a special episode in Season 4… JUSTIN: Yeah, yeah, no. Absolutely. ETHAN: Or- I know Season 4 is probably done but Season 5. JUSTIN: Let’s hear your Morty, we heard your Rick. ETHAN (As Morty): Ah geez! Uh… JUSTIN: Can you talk… Do a scene with them? ETHAN: Yeah, yeah. ETHAN (As Morty): Ah geez, Rick! Man, I don’t… I don’t know about this one! (As Rick): Oh, come on, Morty. We’re… We’re gonna get some Szechuan sauce. JUSTIN: I mean, let’s do it. ETHAN (As Morty): Oh, geez… (Normal): Phew! Is it hot in here? That’s hard to pull off. It’s hard to do that and not feel like a total ass. JUSTIN: I just like the content… Even more than the voices. ETHAN (As Morty): Oh-oh geez, Rick. Let’s- let’s… Ah! JUSTIN: I want to do your version of Morty, my voice is fucked up. ETHAN: Let’s hear it. JUSTIN (Imitating Ethan’s Morty): Ah-ah geez Rick! Ah, geez, I want to get szechuan sauce. ETHAN (As Rick): Morty, come on. JUSTIN (Imitating Ethan’s Rick): Morty, come on. Morty, we gotta get szechuan sauce. ETHAN: This, of course, is powerful. JUSTIN: Oh dude, that’s real too. ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: Isn’t that amazing? ETHAN: It’s amazing. The Rickmobile that was going around the country selling merch… JUSTIN: We got… ETHAN: …Ran a toll booth. JUSTIN: It’s amazing, they sent… ETHAN: So good. JUSTIN: That was internal before it went out. It was like “That is fucking amazing, that’s so funny.” ETHAN: Only four bucks, man. That’s like good-ass PR for four dollars. You can’t even go to like a CVS- JUSTIN: That’s crazy. ETHAN: and get a photo for four dollars. and you guys do it for free. JUSTIN: And it’s Rick’s fucking face. ETHAN: Dude it’s so good. JUSTIN: Like, so great. ETHAN: This is my favorite one. JUSTIN: Go ahead. ETHAN: “Rick and coffee.” “Rick and more coffee.” “Rick and tea.” “Rick and more tea.” JUSTIN: Oh-oh, man. ETHAN: Yeah, that’s- Miley Cyrus… Who did it first? JUSTIN: I think she maybe did. I love Miley Cyrus, though. She’s a fucking badass. ETHAN: Fantastic, what a great girl. JUSTIN: But yeah, she does look like Doofus Rick, there. ETHAN: So in China, they were calling Szechuan sauce “Internet famous dipping sauce.” JUSTIN: Wait, officially? Like this is the actual McDonald’s- ETHAN: Yeah, this the actual ad from China. JUSTIN: That is fucking… I’ve never seen this. ETHAN: “Five-piece nugget.” JUSTIN: That’s amazing. ETHAN: “Internet famous dipping sauce.” JUSTIN: “Internet famous dipping sauce.” ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: What a fucking weird time we live in. ETHAN: And then of course. “Hey mom dad, I don’t need to go to college. I watch Rick and Morty.” JUSTIN: Nice. It’ll teach you everything you need to know. That’s one of those deep-fried memes, huh. Look at it. ETHAN: Yeah, it’s a little deep fried- Lightly fried. JUSTIN: Somebody dipped it the old frier for a minute. I literally have this as a t-shirt. Somebody sent me an ad for… like… I don’t know if it’s on Facebook or something but… There was this on a t-shirt. Like a full fucking t-shirt. ETHAN: Right. JUSTIN: And I started- I’m not on Facebook anymore, so I started reaching out to everybody. I’m like “Can you please get me this, I’ll pay you back. Anyone who can get me this…” And so I have like three of them. It’s the fucking funniest… most schizo thing. ETHAN: There’s just so much going on here. JUSTIN: It’s fucking Garfield, Sonic. ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: Uh. Family Guy, Simpsons, Rick and Morty. It’s just the fucking dumbest thing ever. ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: It’s so great. ETHAN: “Regular people: what’s so funny about Rick and Morty? Me:” JUSTIN: Yeah. ETHAN: Pickle. JUSTIN: It’s true. ETHAN: By the way, when I saw the Pickle Rick… I saw that episode before it aired. JUSTIN: Yeah, I remember showing it to you. ETHAN: I mean, I think we all knew that it was going to be a major ep. JUSTIN: Yeah, I mean I… we… It was the episode of Season 3 that had the smoothest… from writing, into… ETHAN: Oh, really? JUSTIN: Yeah, it was like we… yeah like… Harmon was… super fucking exited about it. I was exited about- like, we were all exited about it. And then it didn’t get any re- It didn’t, like, have to be rebroken or reworked. It was just like… *whistles* all the way through. And uh. Like, a lot of other Season 3 episodes had major rewrites every step of the way, crazy changes. Yeah, that one was just smooth. So… ETHAN: Did you have a premonition that that was gonna be as big as it was, though? Cuz it’s gotten… JUSTIN: No. I mean, we knew it would be like a good… We knew it was a good episode. Like, we knew “Oh yeah, this turned out really great.” ETHAN: Strong, yeah. JUSTIN: So yeah, we were super satisfied and happy with it. But did not… expect it to win us a fucking Emmy, and like- ETHAN: Oh, I didn’t know that! JUSTIN: Yeah, we won an Emmy for that episode. ETHAN: Holy shit. JUSTIN: You know, but you also have to wonder… Like at what point are we gonna… If we haven’t already, tip into like… You know, the cultural backlash. ETHAN: The thing is, even if you hate Rick and Morty Fandom… And you hate like the Pickle Rick shit, that whole thing… Like the meme has become… you still gotta love the episode! JUSTIN: Well, that’s the thing that I worry about is people like “Oh is that the pickle show?” And it’s like “Oh man, no. just watch the episode, it’s not-” ETHAN: So tell me what you think about this. JUSTIN: “Life, anti-vax parents, their kids.” Oh man… ETHAN: Pretty good. JUSTIN: How the fuck is this anti-vaccination thing- ETHAN: It’s scary… JUSTIN: -like so big? ETHAN: It’s scary… Facebook. “Wait, you guys have no szechuan sauce?” JUSTIN: Is this the guy that jumps on the counter? Because I can’t watch- ETHAN: Yes. JUSTIN: I can’t. I can’t. ETHAN: I have to get your reaction to this. JUSTIN: I can’t dude. Ugh, it’s so fucking bad. Ugh… “I want szechuan sauce! WHERE’S?! MY?! SZECHUAN SAUCE?!” JUSTIN: Ugh… I fucking hate it. Ugh! “I’M PICKLE RICK! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! I’M PICKLE RICK!” JUSTIN: Ugh, god… No… (Screeching): “REEE! REEE! REE- I’m Pickle- REEE! REEE!” “REE!” “What the heck?” JUSTIN: Here’s what I think. ETHAN: Yeah. JUSTIN: I think the guy’s doing the dozens on us. ETHAN: Yes. JUSTIN: I think the guy’s making fun of… us. ETHAN: Yes. JUSTIN: You know what I mean? ETHAN: But, see, at first it’s just like… Ugh, dude. ETHAN: Does that help, though? I… Well, it’s like “All right, I get it…” Do you know what’s funny dude? I’ve never watched it long enough to see him fall on the ground and do the “Reee” shit. ETHAN: That’s what got you. JUSTIN: That made me laugh. That made me laugh and that actually made me reassess what this was. ETHAN: So I’m glad we watched this together. JUSTIN: Throw these on, bad boy. ETHAN: We are here to celebrate Justin’s new game. Trover Saves the Universe. Which is a… intellect- I- Intergalactic JUSTIN: It’s an intellectual, galactic adventure. ETHAN: 420 IQ required. JUSTIN: Yeah, you need at least 420. So it’s a comedy… action-adventure across the cosmos with you and Trover. It’s just a fun… It’s… I don’t know. I’m really proud of it, like I was really worried it was gonna suck because when you work on something that long, and you’re that close to it… ETHAN: Sure. JUSTIN: But I started sending codes out to people and everybody was like getting back to me going… “This is… you made in an actually good game.” ETHAN: You can get it on PS4, you can get it on PC. You can play it in VR on the PC, you can play it on the… ETHAN: Go! Go! JUSTIN: PC monitor. ETHAN: Go! Go! JUSTIN: It’s not for everybody, but if you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, you’ll like it. ETHAN: No, no, no. It’s for everybody. JUSTIN: It’s for everybody. ETHAN: It’s a lifestyle. JUSTIN: Especially for your grandma and your mom. ETHAN: We’re trying to sell a game, here! What are you… you like- It’s for everybody, it’s a lifestyle… Justin Roiland… JUSTIN: Yes. ETHAN: Creative genius… JUSTIN: No. ETHAN: Mastermind. JUSTIN: Just a human being who got lucky and… ETHAN: He’s done it all… JUSTIN: Has a great talented team. ETHAN: New game that’s for everybody. JUSTIN: Hey, by the way, link down below in the description for where you can buy this little guy. Also, link to… a really funny commercial that I made. ETHAN: Oh, did I put those links? JUSTIN: They’re in the description. ETHAN: I didn’t know I put those links. JUSTIN: They’re in the description, you’ll see. ETHAN: Okay. JUSTIN: Just scroll down in the description. ETHAN: The links are there, yeah. They’re there. JUSTIN: *clicks tongue* ETHAN: Uh guys, Trover Saves the Universe. Get that fricking game, and give it 10 stars, even if you hate it. JUSTIN: And then we can make more weird games… Creative- with complete creative freedom. ETHAN: Alright, guys. JUSTIN: That’s the goal. ETHAN: Thanks for watching. JUSTIN: Thank you guys. ETHAN: We appreciate ya. And… JUSTIN: Appreciate ya, sorry I was so stiff! ETHAN: We’ll be seeing you next- (Outro Music)

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