Gus: Hey Eddy Eddy: Yeah Gus: We need to bring the c100 downtown ’cause we’re shooting with Dom at 2 okay? Eddy: Ok. Gus: Oh hey, real quick. Do you want to grab the, uh, the little binder clips? Eddy: Yeah sure
Gus: Okay. Sounds good. Hey one more thing, I need you to– Urgh! Eddy: What? *shakes cup* *clinking of crayons hitting tabletop* There’s a bunch of crayons in here Eddy: What? Gus: Yeah, there’s just… Like I was just drinking water I thought and there’s just a bunch of crayons. Eddy: There’s crayons in your cup? Gus: That’s weird. Well, let’s grab another one. Yeah, and we need to finish those scripts by next Tuesday too otherwise Bill said he’s not gonna help us with the lighting in- Oh my God ?? Well, there’s crans in this cup too! Eddy: more crans??? Gus: Do you think there’s crans in the other cups? Eddy: Yeah, you’ve gotta check if we have crayons in our house Gus: Yeah?!! Eddy: what?? Gus: I don’t know?? Oh my goodness they’re in the bowls too! Eddy: There’s crans in the bowls?? Gus: There’s crans in the bowls!! Eddy: Why ??
Gus: I just don’t know the source of all these crayons! Eddy: Do you think there’s crans in the cabinets or? Gus: Well, frankly I’m almost afraid to check! Eddy: Well, you have to Gus: well here we go OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH There are crans in the cupboards too! Eddy: Why are there crans in the cupboard dude??? Gus: there’s more and more!! Eddy: Check the other cupboard then!! Gus: I’ll do it, I’ll do that Should I check this cupboard too? Eddy: Yeah! Check that cupboard!! Gus: I’ll do it! AHHHHHHHHHHH LOOK AT ALL THE CRAYONS IN THE CUPBOAARRRDD *screaming and yelling from both parties* There’s more and m o r e I don’t know if you saw but this goes WAY back oh my god they’re coming out there’s so many crans in here dude Eddy: Why’re there so many?? Gus: I don’t know there’s so many crayons, hundreds or thousands of them There’s just crayons everywhere!! Eddy: wait, is it… Is it crans or crayons? Gus: Well I’ve been saying crans like c r a n s — crans Eddy: Yeah, we’ve been– I was saying that, you just said crayons Gus: Crayon?
Eddy: Crayon? Gus: Crayon
Eddy: Crayan Gus: Cran. I don’t know, Google it? Eddy: Ugh! Dude! Google is crayons now!! Gus: *exasperated scream* OH NOOOO Eddy: What am I gonna look up stuff with now?? Gus: You can’t, it’s just crayyoonnss Eddy: Do you think Bing is crayons?? Gus: Well I don’t use it, but I hope not Eddy: I still won’t, obviously Gus: I still wouldn’t, even it was the only available search engine I won’t use it Eddy: What else is crans??
Gus: I don’t know I don’t know, this might be crans– this might be Eddy: *horrified screaming* oh it’s crans
Gus: look it’s so many crans Eddy: check the drawers *on verge of tears* check the drawers Gus: look at the drawers over here The oven!! [unintelligible screaming about crayons in oven] *horrified gasp* Eddy: it’s c r a n s Gus: *crying* I need a tissue C L E A R L Y ITS CRANS
Eddy: *horrified scream* I don’t know what we were expecting at this point but it’s s t i l l c r a n s Eddy: *crying* it’s all crans Dude I can’t sweep fast enough, there’s too many crans!! Gus: I know, there’s too many– What– oh my god Eddy: it’s in the faBRIC Gus: I can’t–
Eddy: It’s in the FABRIC Gus: tHiS iS POlYEstER
Eddy: ᶦᵗ’ˢ ᶦⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵃᵇʳᶦᶜ Gus: Well that was gross! Eddy: Check your room, dude Gus: I will check my room
Eddy: Check your room Gus: I’m afraid to look, almost Oh man– *unintelligible screaming from crayon attack* *rugged breathing and gasping* Oh I don’t know what I– *crying* EDDY *dramatic sound effect* Wow Guess Eddie’s crayons now Do I… still call him Eddie? Or does he… Do I… does I… could I call him Crans now? Who’s gonna pay rent, too? I don’t think it’s fair if I have to foot the whole bill But… I’ll figure that out I suppose Eddy: Hey dude I’m not… the crayons, I was just… standing off to the side a little bit Gus: *clears throat* oh, it’s… Good *sniff* should probably– should– should probably clean up these crayons Eddy: Yeah, I was gonna say we should… …clean up these… these crayons Gus: … justgonnacleanupthesecrayons
Eddy: yeah lets just clean these crans up real quick

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  1. this is the most important video i will ever make
    these are the most important tweets i will ever tweet: @Gusbuckets


  3. Oh my god this might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in years!!! I started crying 🙂 and I don’t know why 🙂

  4. My stepmom pronounces crayons as "crihns" and it drives me nuts. Love everything about her except the way she pronounces that one word.

  5. I was at a carnival and I saw a guy operating a ride that looked like his and a pedofile mixed together and now when ever I look at Gus it makes me scared and uncomfortable

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