Cottage Coach | Episode 3

[Adam] After a long, hot,
grueling day of hard work up at the cottage, there’s
only one beer cold enough, crisp enough, crushable
enough to quench a cottage coach size thirst. Kottage Kolsch, the official beer of
Cottage Coach. Kottage Kolsch is
not actually a beer… yet. ♪ Adam Holman’s
at the cottage, ♪ ♪ Adam Holman loves
the cottage the most, ♪ ♪ He will fetch you a beer,
He can teach you to steer, ♪ ♪ He can dock any boat,
He will teach you to float, ♪ ♪ Knows his way around the
queue, And the bonfire too, ♪ ♪ Adam Holman is
the Cottage Coach. ♪ [Chris on voicemail]
Yo, dude, it’s Chris. I talked to my folks. They’re totally cool with us
shooting up that their place. I promised my mom we’d leave
it cleaner than we found it, and I promised my dad that
we’d leave any leftover beer for him in the fridge. Although, you and I
both know there will be
zero beer left over. Looking forward to
getting up there, building some cool stuff. I’ll see you soon. Later. [Voicemail beeping] [Chris] We like to have a
kind of a rustic vibe here, but at some point the
rustic’s gotta go and it’s time to replace it
with something that’s maybe a little bit
more functional. [Adam] Yeah. This is the firebox. This is it. Oh my goodness
it’s– The old wood bin. Yeah, it looks pretty– How long
has this been standing here? Uh, 35 years probably. 35,000 years. It’s not even
flushed to the wall, so snow comes down
here in the winter, gets on the wood. Yeah, up in here
there’s a gap too. Lookit, the shingles
are starting to come up. Dude, you know what
your hat reminds me of? You know the hats
with the hair built in? People pay good money for those. It’s a wig visor. Yeah. So what do you think,
just get rid of it, start from scratch? Yeah, why don’t we just
clear everything out and we’ll start from
the bottom up. We’ll level it. We’ll build a nice new firebox. Okay. [Adam] So Chris’
family wants, well, needs, a new firebox. We’re gonna build them
something functional that will keep their wood
dry for years to come. But first, we gotta
tear down the old one, and that’s where
the crew comes in. [♪♪♪] [Adam] We cleared away
Chris’ old wood bin. We got a blank
slate to work with. I got this really cool idea to
build this dual-pyramid design that I think will look
really cool back there. Oh yeah. And we’re using
western red cedar. So we did a test cut
at 60 degrees and it looks like it’s
gonna work perfectly. I’m gonna grab two more boards
that are gonna be the other side of the frame and then we’re
gonna beef up the middle with some support. I’m using asphalt
corrugated sheets for the roof. It’s just a lot
easier than shingling. Our pathway down the
side is a little narrow, so I’m gonna take a
little bit off the side with my circular saw. [Adam] These sheets
are 36 x 79 inches, and you can easily cut them
to whatever size you need. I’m laying out 2 x 6 and 2 x
4s to frame the underside of the corrugated sheets, then
we’ll fasten everything together with 3-inch deck screws. For larger structures,
like ours, be sure to add extra 2 x 4
supports to beef it up. Can you help me
with the other side? Thanks. Can I get a hand
with this, please? Can I get some more hands here? [Adam] I’m adding cross braces
to the top and the bottom of both the front and the
back of the structure to hold everything together. This way, your structure can be
completely open front to back, making loading wood much easier. When roofing, start from
the bottom and work up. I’m using the coated nails and
washers that match the roofing. They’d make the roof
watertight and leak free. [Cynthia] Adam! Ah! [Adam] I repurposed a few
of the leftover boards from the old wood bin. We also levelled
out new structure with some bricks underneath
each corner. [♪♪♪] [Adam] What a day, and
what a fun build that was. Everyone in the crew worked
so hard to bring that project together, and now it’s time
to enjoy some steaks over an open fire. Ah, cheers. What a day. Yeah, buddy. That was great. Cheers. Cheers. Fake bite. Well, now he has to cut. Yeah, you can’t fake a
bite, that doesn’t work. [Adam] Wait, why
can’t I fake a bite? [Chris] Cause it’s on camera! You can’t fake a bite
and then not eat it and like stay on the shot. It doesn’t make any sense. [Adam] Oh yeah. Guess we have to
do another take. [Chris] All right,
let’s do it again. Yeah, see how it is. [♪♪♪]

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