Convert Your Live Stream Videos Into Your Audio Podcast

Convert Your Live Stream Videos Into Your Audio Podcast

Hello my name is Ileane and welcome to today’s edition of Learn to Live Stream with Ms. Ileane, and today I want to talk to you about turning your live stream broadcast converting it into an episode for your podcast yes yes podcasting oh my god podcasting is so much fun I started podcasting back in 2009 and one of the things that I’m doing now is taking some of the live streams that I do and stripping out that audio from the video and using it for a podcast now the podcast that I have currently is only for my Patrons over on Patreon so if you want to join the community come over there and check it out but right now I want to show you what I do when I have a live stream and actually this was one that I done on Facebook – Facebook live I’d done this in a small group and I’m going to show you the process doesn’t take that long so stay right there that’s coming right up so first we’re going to do a screen share and a site that I use once I’ve downloaded my Facebook live replay and I have a video to show you how to do that in case you’re not sure how to grab that file. I use a site called audio converter and it’s actually online-audio-converter so it’s online-audio-converter so I’ll go in here and I’ll open this file now this particular episode was one where I was talking about bitly links and comparing them to Pretty links and so I want my patrons to have this content the group that i went into was my Work And Focus group which is a pretty small group and my group of friends there on facebook but this for my patrons I think they can also benefit from this content so what I want to do first is convert that file you see I uploaded it already it’s sitting there bitly links compared to pretty links and I want to make an mp3 so now i’m just going to like to use a hundred and twenty-eight but I could use 64 if I want I could move that slider down but i’ll stick with 128 and then just convert and it just takes no time at all then i will download that file on to my uh my computer now let me come back on cam so we’re halfway there now hopefully you’ve already set up your podcasting host i say hopefully but if you haven’t i highly recommend Libsyn that’s Liberated syndication so I’ll spell it L I B S Y N Libsyn is really one of the first podcasting host so they’ve been in the business for a long time but there’s also Blubrry and that’s blueberry without the E’s B L U rry I’m sorry B L U B R R Y blubrry without the E’s and but i know that a lot of you guys like to use soundcloud so you can use soundcloud for this as well you need to have a piece of art that square will be 1200 or maybe I’m sorry 1400 pixels by 1400 it needs to be square you don’t want it to be too big of a file but you need to have that as your show art if you don’t already have an established podcast ok so once you get those things going you’re in the money now next thing that you need to do is actually turn that file into the episode of your podcast so we have to meat have all the meat of the episode ok you have everything that you said when you were doing your live stream and sometimes some of that stuff you want to edit out of there you want to every time you said hello to someone who joined you on the live stream or maybe just some other flubs when you flub things up we talk about editing things your YouTube but if you were doing it on facebook then you would need to edit that stuff out and I use an online I’m sorry a free editor that’s called audacity but there’s just so many different ways that you can edit the file so get your editor of choice i also recommend that for podcast you’re going to want to have an intro some intro music or maybe to even give people an idea of what you’re going to be talking about introduce yourself you can also have that outro where you add your call to action you may even have a sponsor for your podcast so you want to talk about your sponsor you want to add those on to the file and then you’re going to upload that file along with the artwork to your podcasting host of choice and as I said Libsyn is the one I recommend oh and you can get one free month with Libsyn by using my friend Dave Jackson’s code and that SOPFREE, so you get your first month for free the plan that i use cost about 20 bucks a month and you’ll love that plan because it gives you the ability to also have your podcast on soundcloud and also on YouTube because you can take that audio file and also host it on YouTube as well so so you’re going from facebook to the podcast over to youtube can’t beat that can you said that’s you get more mileage out of your content. If you have any questions As always, you can either leave comments on this video you can Tweet me over on Twitter, that’s I L E A N E or you can leave me a message a voicemail, on SpeakPipe and that’s And with that guys I hope that you’re able to maximize that content You’re providing all this valuable content for your audience you’re doing it via your live streams and your live videos, please take advantage of that by also converting that over into a podcast maybe you even want to make a blog post maybe you even want to make a SlideShare presentation out of it. You wanna extend the life of your live video and I’m here to help you and teach you how to do these things because I learned them the hard way believe me. So I want to make it easy for you So with that said, this is Ileane from and I hope you have a wonderful day Happy streaming!

12 thoughts on “Convert Your Live Stream Videos Into Your Audio Podcast

  1. Just watched, a friendly amendment, I use for my podcast episodes as MP3 audio, and have the 1400×1400 image as it shares that audio to In my opinion, is a have to have 'channel' for audio to be on. Thanks for taking the time, and little of it too, like that your episode is under 10 minutes. is the URL for that converter, I use Screencast O Matic, edit there, then export the audio as a WAV format file and then convert that with Audacity to be an MP3 that I upload to, so that will then be shared into

  2. aww dang I missed it. I was sleeping when this was being live streamed, lol. but I'm gonna watch the replay

  3. Love this idea. I'll have to implement it asap… once I start using livestreams or even videos where I talk LOL! Have you shared libsyn with the Patreon crowd directly with code from your friend? I'm sure several would love it. (hope it earns them referal rewards!)

  4. Thank you Ileane for sharing! I always learn something new I can use in my business when I listen to you.

  5. Ileane: I am thinking of using future live streams as extra material on my standalone podcast / podcatcher aggregator app (powered by Libsyn).

  6. Really enjoyed this! We are looking to use Youtube Live and then convert it to a podcast. Would this method work for that as well??

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