CONSISTENCY IN BUSINESS – Why My Podcast Is A Success And My FB Group A Failure

CONSISTENCY IN BUSINESS – Why My Podcast Is A Success And My FB Group A Failure

On today’s video, I’m gonna share about a
really personal story about the power of consistency and why consistency matters
so much when you’re an entrepreneur. Coming up. Hey guys, Chrys from Chrys media. If
you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. And if you
like today’s video, don’t forget to hit the like button as well. Now I want to
talk about the importance of consistency. Over the past year, I’ve interview a lot
of successful entrepreneurs and I always ask them: what do you think is the most
important thing about being an entrepreneur, about growing your business?
And one thing that always pop up is the word – consistency. When it comes to
building your business, showing up consistently no matter if it’s
a if it’s a tough day, if things are going bad for you, or if things are going
extremely well for you, you have to show up consistently right? Because success
doesn’t come in just one day or one month or one year or sometimes even for
a couple of years. The people whom I’ve interviewed and our successful
entrepreneurs, they are the ones who have consistently showed up when things are
going well, when things are going bad, when they’re starting out with a new project – they are consistently showing up. Whether it’s in terms of with their content. They commit themselves to one thing and then they
consistently show up for it. And so here’s the personal story that I want to
share that highlights the power of consistency so well. So as some of you
guys know I have a podcast called Hack Your Online Business podcast. Once a week,
I interview a successful online entrepreneur. I ask them about their
stories, I ask them about their strategies. And this podcast have been
going on for about, I’ll say, about a year now. It’s like as of this episode, about 65
podcast episodes. So 65 weeks I’ve been putting in a consistent effort,
hard work. I’ve not stopped for a single week. Now on the other hand, I have a
Facebook group that I created this was about two years ago. I created a Facebook
group called digital marketing for women online entrepreneurs. And this is where
the power of consistency comes into play in this story. So with my Facebook group,
unfortunately I am not consistent at all. I would post once and then I’ll wait for a couple of weeks, and when I’ve got
something to say I’ll post again. And so over time, over this past year and a
half, two years, what I’ve noticed is that this Facebook group is not growing, it’s
not growing at all. And it’s frustrating because I know the power and the
importance of having a Facebook group. It’s a great channel, a great little community and you can tap into as an entrepreneur, as a business. But
the problem is I am not showing up consistently. So how can I
expect the people in my Facebook group to show up consistently as well? How can I expect growth? On the other hand for my podcast I have been showing up
consistently for the past year. Consistently showing up, putting
out an episode even on days that I just don’t wanna do any editing of podcast, I
just don’t do it at all. Because what I normally do is I wait till
Sunday to edit for the Monday episode. I would rather be out running in a
park, I would rather be out doing stuff than editing my podcast.
But it is so important and because of this consistency of showing up
consistently every single week, every single Monday I’m there for my audience,
even if I don’t have a huge audience, it doesn’t matter. I am showing up
consistently and guess what, through this podcast, it has grown. I am
seeing a growth in numbers of listeners, I am getting new clients from the
podcast. So when you put in the effort to show up consistently for your business, for a marketing channel, for whatever project you’ve got going on,
even if you don’t see the result at the beginning like I didn’t see any results
of my podcast in the beginning, I still showed up regularly as I said I would.
And over time, showing up consistently has helped me to grow on my podcast
whereas my Facebook group is dying. So guys I hope you’ve found this video useful. I hope you realize the importance of consistency, of showing up
consistently for your business, and whether that means just focusing on one
marketing channel if you need to instead of focusing on different marketing
channels, because there are a lot of strategies and tactics that you can do
for your business. But if you’re not able to show up
consistently for all of them, it is better to just focus on the one that you
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