Competing with SpaceX: America Was Built on Competition – Lockheed Martin CTO | AI Podcast Clips

Competing with SpaceX: America Was Built on Competition – Lockheed Martin CTO | AI Podcast Clips

– What are your thoughts on the efforts of the new folks, SpaceX and Elon Musk? What are your thoughts
about what Elon is doing? Do you see him as competition? Do you enjoy competition? What are your thoughts? – Yeah, first of all, certainly Elon, I would say SpaceX, and some of those other ventures are definitely a competitive force in the space industry. And, do we like competition? Yeah, we do. And, we think we’re
very strong competitors. I think it’s, competition is what the U.S. is founded on in a lot of ways, and always coming up with a better way. And I think it’s really
important to continue to have fresh eyes coming
in, new innovation. I do think it’s important to
have level playing fields, and so you want to make sure that, that you’re not giving
different requirements to different players. But, you know, I tell people, and, you know, I spend a lot of time at places like MIT. I’m gonna be at the MIT
Beaver Works Summer Institute over the weekend here. And I tell people this
is the most exciting time to be in the space
business in my entire life. And, it is this explosion
of new capabilities that have been driven by things like the massive increase in computing power, things like the massive
increase in comms capabilities, advanced and additive manufacturing, are really bringing down
the barriers to entry in this field, and it’s driving
just incredible innovation. And, it’s happening at start-ups, but it’s also happening
at Lockheed Martin. I talked about some of
these, like, you know, Maya and Orion, but we’re in the middle of what we call SmartSats and software defined satellites that can essentially restructure and remap their purpose, their mission on orbit to give you almost unlimited flexibility for these satellites over their lifetimes. So, those are just a couple of examples, but, yeah, this is a
great time to be in space.

19 thoughts on “Competing with SpaceX: America Was Built on Competition – Lockheed Martin CTO | AI Podcast Clips

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  2. Just a heads up, Lex. Got a notice via gmail that YouTube was killing followers user commentary 0n Sept. 18th. If and when that happens color me gone.

  3. Funny how he tried hard to not mention reusability.
    They have zero competitiveness when it comes to cost.
    Lockheed's is Dead in space they just don't know it yet.

  4. How much do you think this guy, the CTO of Lockheed, would know about what they're doing in their Skunkworks division?
    (definitely not a chinese spy don't worry!)

  5. And yet we havent been to the moon since. NASA stated we cant to this day land someone there. Love the space cover up that's going on.

  6. Shame shame on Lockheed Martin and Boeing they bribed FAA to delete spacex's launch. Only when SpaceX threatened to move to China did the FAA relent. these big companies including Amazon are crooks

  7. "America was built on competition" says the CEO of a company that has been a monopoly for decades. "We take on very strong competitors", sure, you guys didn't try to stop SpaceX rising at all… you were telling congress that they'll be welcome and that you will happily start competing for contracts…

    How stupid does this guy think we are?

  8. bring out the 50 year old electrogravitics and zero point reactors or shut the fuck up. stop ripping of the us tax payer.

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