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hey hey hey and welcome to the San
Francisco real estate podcast with your host Matt Morgus how are you it’s
4:06 p.m. on Wednesday December 5th 2018 welcome to San Francisco everybody as I
look out my view ever as I do every week when I do my podcast today it’s like
overcast overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge
amazing amazing thank you guys for listening to the podcast the stats are
in the numbers are up and Wow we’ve done very very well this year surprisingly
I’ve done zero marketing and posted it on my website northern SF comm and
that’s about it somehow you have spread the word so thank you for listening I
really do appreciate it and if you haven’t spread the word yet please go
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binge listen to all the past episodes I promise you there are some golden
nuggets there great thank you for listening today I want to talk about two
things that my brokerage and my company has to offer that’s brand spankin new
that to my knowledge at least no other brokerage in the country is doing
prove me wrong go ahead and send me a link somewhere that someone else is
doing it and it’s possible but two things here we go number one this one’s
called compass concierge and number two bridge loans so number one compass cos
concierge what is that so it’s very simple when I go and I’m a real estate
agent here in San Francisco in case you don’t already know but when I sit down
with people who own property and they come and call me to sit down and do a
listing appointment and presentation for them they’re like Matt we want to
interview real estate agents and we want to potentially hire you what makes your
brokerage stand out and differentiate against any other brokerage out there
well here’s two things number one compass concierge so a lot of home
sellers and you can go back and listen to a lot of past episodes I speak about
this I’ve spoken about it a few times but in order to maximize the value of
your house you and I both know it needs to look a plus it needs to look spic and
span and needs to look perfect you know the floors need to be sparkling
and shining the paint on the walls needs to look fresh
the staging the couch in the living room the the artwork on the walls the windows
need to be cleaned the landscaping needs to be touched up plant a new tree plant
a cacti something like that but a lot of times you meet people or I meet people
and homeowners either don’t have the energy to do it or maybe they don’t have
the money to do it you know we live in San Francisco it’s a very expensive
place and let’s just say that maybe you and you inherited a house you’re you
live out of state maybe you live you live in Las Vegas or you live in Phoenix
and you just your folks passed away and you just inherited their property and
you have an estate sale everything’s gone and the house really hasn’t been
updated or touched in the last 15 years so it feels a little dated on the inside
you know wouldn’t it be nice to hire a brokerage that can go in with your
approval and with any vendor that you like to go in you know polish the floors
paint the entire house let’s wash the windows and let’s stage it and you don’t
have to spend a dime of of your money up front for that cost now you will have to
pay for it eventually that you know you have to pay commission fees of course
and then you have to pay those vendors back but compass will cover the cost of
that upfront and I’ll go a step further and say I mean I do this anyway for all
my clients but I’ll coordinate all that stuff for you you know we can we can go
online you can use the vendors that I’ve been using for a long time or if you
have let’s say for example your uncle Eddie is a painter
and he owns a painting company of course we can go ahead and hire Uncle Eddie him
he can paint the walls for us and get it done in a week or so and and be done
with that and he’ll send us an invoice and we’ll take care of that for you and
we’ll charge at the at the very end so it’s kind of interesting to me that no
one else has been doing this I know a lot of real estate agents myself
included have been paying for these these upgrades out of pocket out of my
own pocket but compass is now offering that for theirs their services called
compass concierge how cool is that I think that’s a game changer I think a
lot of a lot more people are going to be you know they’re going to be doing this
and taking advantage of this because why not you’re gonna be doing it anyway now
let’s get into the numbers here this the nitty-gritty when you stage your home
according to the 2017 profile of Home Staging by the National Association of
Realtors of course they say when staging a home twenty-nine percent of sellers
agents reported an increase of one to five percent of the dollar value offered
by buyers in comparison to similar homes that’s 29 percent of agents say you’re
gonna get a one to five percent increase in your offer price pretty good now
twenty one percent of the same group said that by staging a home increase the
dollar value of the home between six and ten percent so that’s on average you
know 50% of all real estate agents who do this for a living say you’re gonna
get on average probably about a five percent increase by staging your home
hmm do the math so let’s say it cost you fifteen or twenty thousand dollars to
stage your home and your property is worth three million dollars I mean do do
the math on that it’s it’s a no-brainer here especially here in San Francisco
with very high prices so number two let’s look at number two here what’s the
next thing compass is doing to make itself
different from every other real estate brokerage here in San Francisco and also
in the country number two so compass announced last week at
they’re all team meeting in Los Angeles which I attended I flew down and
attended and it ended up being a a great team meeting and then also a very very
special Christmas party one that kind of goes down in the record books as being
one of the all-time best corporate Christmas parties I’ve ever attended at
least you know when you think Christmas parties you think that’s gonna be lame
and boring but oh I should say holiday parties by the way right am i being
politically correct or am I saying Christmas parties whatever you know what
I’m saying anyway this party was pretty epic pretty out of control such a good
time and you get a bunch of real estate agents in a room together and you know
all sorts of weird shenanigans tend to happen and this was no no exception so
number two what are we doing differently compass is offering a bridge loan
program so we’ve done our own surveys and found that the main reason a lot of
home sellers are not willing to sell their home is because they have no place
to move into right they’re fearful of not being able to either qualify for a
mortgage to buy a new house because they have to sell their house or they’re just
it’s it’s a very difficult situation you know so we’re gonna ease this up for you
we’re gonna make it very very easy for you starting next year and 2019 compass
is rolling out a bridge loan program what is that well what it does is it
gives you the money and the confidence to go out and to buy a new home and get
a bridge loan on your new home a bridge loan is just a very short-term loan and
the benefit of that is you move into your new house you close on your new
property you move in which means you move out of your old house and
statistics have shown that once you go ahead and move out of your house and you
go ahead and stage it and clean it up I just told you the stats a few minutes
ago how you’re going to be in greasing your your price of the value of
your property and we’re gonna help you take care of that as well so we are
really changing the game we’re changing the game here for real estate in
California and throughout the country with a bridge loan program now if you’re
a real estate agent you’re listening to this podcast I want you to stop and
think for a few minutes about how many times you’ve met sellers who are fearful
of to sell their home because they have nowhere to go
they’ll say well we don’t want to move off our stuff out and move into a
short-term rental if you’re a younger seller of a home and you have a family
you don’t want to move back in with your parents for a couple months while you
find another home you want to jump right in and live in your in your new property
I get it selling a home is a complete pain in the
ass let’s beat let’s be frank about it it is a terrible it can be a terrible
process for people if it’s not planned out correctly you know and I think you
know from what I’m experiencing for what from what I’m running into I think a lot
of people are are starting to look at the DIY do-it-yourself ways and seeing
how much their homes are worth by going on Zillow and Trulia and red fin and
here we’re experiencing here in San Francisco and the stats are also showing
us that the brokerage model for low-cost discounted commission rates here in in
San Francisco and the higher-end markets in Los Angeles we’re finding that people
are really not using them right now they’re really pushed towards and
looking towards experience matters more than saving money on potential
commissions because you and I both know that it can be a complete a complete
headache if you hire the wrong person I’ve been called plenty of times to come
in and clean up another agents mess that they left behind because they couldn’t
sell a house in a timely manner been there done that but I think with these
two new programs that compass is rolling out in at the beginning of 2019 and I
actually think compass concierge now is happening here
in San Francisco today so if your house is uh needs a little TLC you don’t have
the cash to do it or you maybe you do have the cash to do it you just don’t
want to you know take the time to do it give me a call happy to help you out
fall into the right direction we can get a plan set up and we can get this going
and go from there so that’s all I got for today have a happy happy happy
holiday season I know it’s getting crazy out there with all the holiday parties
myself included and I want to thank you once again you’ve been telling your
friends you’ve been telling your family members you’ve been telling your
colleagues at work whoever needs to buy or sell a place in here in San Francisco
in the Bay Area you’ve been telling them about the San Francisco real estate
podcast so I really do appreciate that have a happy holiday and we’ll see you
next week thanks and bye bye

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