Como PUBLICAR un EBOOK en AMAZON KINDLE primera parte 2019

Como PUBLICAR un EBOOK en AMAZON KINDLE primera parte 2019

You have a book and want to publish your book in the largest online bookstore in the amazon world in this video tutorial I will show you how we can publish a book In amazon step by step in this video tutorial we will do it in a way simple as we like the raincoats once you sign up for the platform to upload kindle books as I explained earlier in the first videotutorial the link in the description or in this video tutorial if you already have written your book and accounts with a cover and a description of your book you can upload your book in five minutes and in less than 24 hours it will be available for sale in amazon if you don’t know how to create a book cover i will leave you a link to upload your debut to amazon you have to create an account in kindle direct publishing o de amazon cadet type kdp amazon com and you register more details in my other video tutorial choose Spanish language in a tab in the top left if you don’t have an account in amazon the platform will ask you to register as a user or create a new one When you register for the cadet, you will be asked for a series of data that I explain in my another video tutorial on tax issues the discharge is sometimes immediate and in others you have to wait hours or even days to have compliance for part of amazon when you have it you can upload your books two tips fill in all the data it is important that you give the fiscal data that the platform asks if you want to avoid the retention of 30% of the royalties in usa of america you will not get rid of 5% withholding but it is better this second option is also the time to give the data of your bank account for amazon to enter the royalties in this one instead to send you a check that always takes longer to collect The first thing you have to do when you’re inside the cadet is to do click on the box to create a new title where it says English ebook where We will add the electronic book first and the second video tutorial will explain how to add the softcover book is to say the book of a lifetime if do you want to buy books of other themes link in the description I may ask you for the password again, so we write it in new and type intro Now we will fill in all the epigraphs within each of the three parts that includes the process of uploading our book we have these three parts details of the ebook of quin the content of the kindle ebook and english ebook price and we chose the language of the book I will leave Spanish because my book is written in Spanish write the title of your book and if you have it also the subtitle the subtitle although it is optional it is recommended that you have one this subtitle will increase our earnings I have already prepared the necessary files to upload to quin reads my book in these formats in work open office I have some tutorial videos of encouragement that you see after watching this tutorial video also in pdf format images for the book and a description of this book Now minimize this folder that I will later need so raincoats before filling in these steps that ask us I recommend that you already have these files ready I will copy and paste the different sections that these forms ask us for first write the name of our book and now we will write the subtitle the subtitle although it is optional but it is recommended as I explained above that you have a suitable to the theme of your book this will help position your book here I leave an example now in series in this section the name of the series is to say if your book it belongs to a series that includes several books if it is not the case it is not necessary fill in this section so next step raincoats here you would have to write the edition number of your book if it is the 2nd or 3rd The fourth edition, as is not my case, went to the next section here we will write the author of this book I will put a fictitious name you should write your first and last name or a fictitious one or a pseudonym if you don’t want show yours here in collaborators with your pseudonym name and then select the box of author you can also add translators with illustrators and so that they collaborate in your book if you do everything you leave it without filling yes my treasure as you see I have written this fictitious name and surname now we will write a description of our book you can write the description with text or in html now you will see an example of this description as you see this description is in html format i recommend you do it so and you will wonder why and the answer is because in the html format it is better to see it in the browser once it is complemented this book tab with italics or bold or paragraph space if you want know how to do this enter my blog and learn html and css the links in the video tutorial or description I will select all this text and copy it in the description of the book as we see here it explains the importance of a good attractive description that describes the content of our book well so we pay attention to raincoats so that amazon loves us more Now we must choose the publication rights, indicate the option both the necessary copyright and publishing rights we must declare the type of publishing rights we have regarding the book sold for our treasure if within our book you will find licensed content that does not allow its commercial use we must select the option of this domain work public seeing our income reduced in this way by not being able to select another option more than the 30% royalty per unit we must check this option if our book has different resource information that we have obtained from reviews of other publications so raincoats if we are the author of this book we will mark this option if my treasure now type the seven keywords each keyword or group of words key in a box do not leave this section blank is very important for the positioning of your book use a good seo for words key and here is an example of these keywords use google our best friend to search for these keywords in another video tutorial I will show you how to do it This is the section where you must choose the two categories or subcategories more appropriate to the category of your book is to say the genre that your book belongs to we click confirm categories and we look for the two categories that best suits our book I will click on health and fitness you choose your category and in diet and nutrition I will choose food content guide and nutrition Once the two subcategories are chosen, we click on save in the age group and educational level as there are two sub optional sections one called age range of books in the category child and other by age classification which is for books aimed at child or youth audience to indicate the most appropriate age range for the European Union ‘and another so-called more appropriate American educational level for us in the ranking by grades of the US education system this section you can leave blank publication options once completed this first part to move on to the second contracting party of the first part you have to click on save and continue I mark these cities for the theme of this book once this first part is completed we will move on to the second part contractor of the first part now we only have to click on save and continue now we click on save and continue well choux that we have achieved it we already have our treasure it is possible that I ask you again the password to enter so we can write our password again and we type intro manuscript in this section you have to upload your manuscript to upload it you must have the file prepared with the inside of your book in the format suitable as I showed you before you can do it yourself with the formats own platform like html zip plain text txt or rich rtf word doc docx or pdf documents and then convert them by kindle publisher although it seems simple if you get out of the norm it is simple of how they should be formatted texts will give you problems you will avoid complications and in unnecessary forums if you want to have a design for your cover you can use fiber to design these covers I will add the links to make This file cannot exceed 50 megabytes unless you have many images won’t get over it It is important that you indicate salt mocker that the index of contents of your book have the links to the corresponding chapters this then facilitates a lot of browsing your book to the reader if you want to learn how to make a index for your book watch this tutorial video but first keep watching this There is also an option that I do not recommend that you activate which is that of enable rm digital rights management the books that rm incorporated are sold less or much less and give many problems for sell them so we mark no and eye if you already enabled the rm option then it doesn’t allow you to change it so be careful Now comes our time which is to upload our manuscript in the formats that we have seen before we click upload manuscript of kindle We search where we have the file we need In this first option we choose the word format that belongs to the digital option we click open this process may take a few minutes depends on the content of your book as well what patience Well, we have got it, we have our treasure Now we have to upload our cover, that is, our e-book cover of kindle in jpg format as I said before if you want a cover for your book use fever or create it yourself in this section is where you upload the cover of your book amazon gives you the option to create a cover from here from a series of templates but the result is poor, I don’t I recommend you know how important is the cover of your book that comes first what will they see from your book I will choose this option and upload a cover that I created we click on search select the cover and click open we wait for a little patience well we already have our cover Now who is preparing our design of our book and now we can see how our book will look in amazon kindle English e-book preview online preview allows you to view what your book will look like on most mobile devices english english ftr ipad iphone et cetera there is another option called preview see downloadable which is to visualize the books in the new devices of English kim ple or kindle dx we click open 3 bieber this process takes a few minutes so patience well here we see how our book will look in amazon quin we click here to see how our book looked here in this part you can see your book on different mobile devices although it seems weird there are also many people who read it on their mobile phone in tablet now we go back to the book edition isbn del but the king I put here the isbn number if you have it if it’s not necessary do not put anything and amazon was assigned a number to identify each book named so and amazon being of lomba densification is say an identification number for your books if you have yours write it we click on save and continue finally the money the knob of our treasure in this option in cadet select what is this your expensive in this option does not come by default but it is optional if you want to activate you have to selecting is usually an interesting option that has the disadvantage of that you give the exclusivity to amazon for the sale of tui book for 90 days but to change you can use the option that allows you to have your book for free during a maximum of five days in that period of 90 days and your book can also download the readers who have hired the flat rate to read books available in amazon the kindle in limited on this platform the more people read it you have more profits and the less less profits you will have I recommend you do it because many people still don’t know us and there are to take advantage of the benefits that amazon amazon gives us or not Now we will choose the territories where we want our book to be published The normal thing is that you have the rights for all the territories that is world rights you will have to select the territory box individual and choose if you have limited sales rights to some markets as we do not choose global raincoats good raincoats now comes the royalties and prices we want for our book well I recommend that you choose 33% in this section is where you should put the price of your book before selecting the option 33% or 70% of royalties if you put the price of your book is between 70 percent indicates the 70 percent option which is the royalty to be paid to amazon if the price is below $ 299 or above $ 999 royalty that correspond to you are 70 percent that is to say with 33% your book will be 0.98 euros and 200 euros and 70 percent between 299 euros and 999 euros which is the maximum price that lets bully put in his books you see that the price you have to set it in usb american dollars then the price in the Amazon stores outside the US of America are shown in the currency corresponding based on the change of day I mark 33% and mark the price of my book as we see here, it makes us the conversion of the royalties or earnings that loved will give us for our book now choose the country from where I sell this book here in other markets we can change the price of the profits that we will have I will leave it by default macbook the kindle macbook program is an option that you can use for your Book in paper format if you activate it to offer customers who buy your Digital book also buy your book in paper format printed through amazon the option to purchase the ebook version of kindia by $ 299 or even if you want the digital format for free if you have a print version enter the title and select a list price promotional at least 50 percent lower than the kindle list price prices greater than 50 percent of the list price cannot be selected kindle is to say you give the opportunity and your client to have it in these two formats for having bought in paper format I will choose it so that users who like the printed format also can have the digital format and now we choose a price for our book, as I said I will choose for free buy the book printed on paper with this we can increase our sales of our books This is an interesting option where you leave for a period of 15 days that your customers can read your book with this option allows anyone who I have bought your book I can lend it for 14 days for free Amazon will mark this option automatically if your royalties are 35% you can disable it but if they are 70% it is mandatory and last but not least the terms and conditions as we see informs us that once reviewed our book is not copyrighted by other books or syntactic failures like quotes and other rare characters Amazon will approve our book in a period greater than 72 hours some times in less time Now you just need to click on publish but I will save it as draft to later modify some data for this book Okay, now we go to the library to see our book ok raincoats here we have our book now we just need to add the book in paper format but we will see this in the next video tutorial yes

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