Como publicar podcast para o iTunes

Want to know how to publish an audio podcast on iTunes? There are several ways, but i’ll explain how i did this. First you need to host it on the internet. You can put it in your own hosting service or in several sites that do this, like Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Internet Archive, Podomatic, Libsyn… There are many out there, just search it. I chose Internet Archive. The next step is to create an RSS Feed, which is a file that will link your podcasts to iTunes. There are sites that do this automatically, but i preferred to do it manually by creating an xml file. Apple even has file models for you to use. Then you need to create an image that will be the cover for your podcast. It must be minimum 1400 by 1400 pixels and maximum 3000 by 3000. Now, put it all online. I put the image and feed in a hosting service i have. You can try to see if everything is okay. You have to see how the feed is and here i also used a website that sees if the feed is without errors. Now go to iTunes and choose the “Submit podcast” option. Log in. Enter feed address. See if everything is ok. And send. And it’s done. Now, wait for approval by Apple and, if approved, the podcast goes online on iTunes. This is the way i did it. There are several ways. By the way, i’d like to know what way you did this. And tell me here in the comments. And, of course, subscribe to my channel.

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