Comment faire un bon podcast (5 CONSEILS À NE PAS RATER)

Comment faire un bon podcast (5 CONSEILS À NE PAS RATER)

Her podcast is heard in more than 150 countries around the world with more than 1,000 downloads per episode. In this video, you will learn what are the qualities to be a good podcaster, and the five tips for launching and growing your podcast. And all this with my special guest. I’ll talk to you about it after that. For the best tips and tutorials in oral communication, on-camera and in public, subscribe to my Youtube channel and click on the bell to be notified with each new video. Should we have a beautiful voice when we create a podcast? Should we be able to speak, express ourself very well? What should we know technically? And how can we make sure that our podcast will be listened to? When we start a new project like creating a podcast, we always have lots of questions. So I’m glad to have Cristina today who will answer all these questions. Cristina is the creator of the Expat Heroes podcast and the ‘Let’s podcast’ online training, to create, launch and grow your own podcast. Cristina, it’s your turn! Let’s start! Thank you Aurélie for this intro. I will give you the five tips I would have liked to know before launching my podcast. We will deduce together the qualities of a good podcaster. Tip number 1. Before thinking about the technique, it is essential to choose an interesting subject. This is the sinequanone condition for your podcast to be listened to. In order for your listeners to come back and listen to it, you must find a subject that touches them. So how? Put yourself in the place of your listener and bring him what he is missing. What are his needs? What does your podcast bring him, and I would say even more, what transformation it generates in him. After listening to your podcast, Does your listener feel more cultivated, happier or even more motivated? Tip number 2 For your podcast to be listened to, it must be enjoyable to listen to. It means first that there must be a good sound. Who says good sound, says good microphone. And yes, imagine your listener listening to your podcast and the sound is rotten, he will not come back! Invest in a good microphone: for example, the blue Yeti or the h1n1 if you are traveling. (links in the description) The ears of your listeners will thank you. Second ingredient for a nice listening podcast is the voice. Maybe you do not like your voice. It should not be a drag to launch your podcast project. It is sure that having a beautiful voice is an asset. But what counts and what will make your listeners come back is the content. And it is also what you will share as emotions and that you will arouse emotions with your voice. The voice is a vector of emotions whatever it is. Third ingredient, so that your podcast is pleasant to listen to is the speed of speech. If you speak too fast, you will stress your listener. Conversely, if you speak too slowly, they will fall asleep. So how to find the right rate? Again, put yourself in the place of your listener and imagine him in front of you. Act as if you were talking to him. Talk to him naturally with a smile. He will feel it and come back to listen to your podcast. Tip number 3 For your podcast to be listened to, transmit emotion. The podcast is the medium of emotion. The listener will project in his listening his imagination. You have to pay attention to the tone of your voice and your speaking rate. We talked about it, the voice is a vector of emotions. Then, do not hesitate to use images, when you express yourself. For example, I could say: Our guest opens the doors of the TV world. It will feed the imagination of your listener. Finally, do not hesitate to use sound effects to spice up this trip to the imagination. Tip number 4 Be regular in broadcasting your episodes of podcasts. Every episode you broadcast is an appointment with your listener. Have you already been stood up? It’s not very nice! First, announce the frequency of your episodes in the introduction of your podcast. And, be faithful to this appointment. Then, if you ever miss an episode, do not panic ! Inform, however, beforehand your listeners on social media. And finally, little trick, record and schedule the broadcast of your episodes in advance. It will save you from missing an appointment. Tip number 5 To create a podcast which is listened to and where the listeners come back regularly, it’s about creating a community. Your podcast talks about a passion or topic that is important to you and your listeners listen to it so they have this concern in common. Why not go beyond the scope of this podcast listening to meet your listeners, create events around the issue you mention in your podcast. And finally, give voice to this and make things happen for good. Second reason to create a community, it’s to evolve your podcast. It’s improving its content. Your listeners may have other needs. You just have to ask them the question, either in the conclusion of your podcast or on social media. Finally, creating a community can also be a way to finance your podcast. You can ask the listeners to help you pay the hosting costs. For that, you could open an account on a crowdfunding platform like Tipeee or Patreon. In conclusion, what is a good podcaster? He is someone who knows how to put himself in the place of his listener, regarding the voice or the tone. He must always visualize his listener and put himself in his place to create quality content with a great sound. Then a good podcaster is someone who talks with the heart. I told you, the voice is a vector of emotions. Finally, a good podcaster is someone who is not afraid to be in contact with his listeners. The listeners have the podcast in common, even share the subject of the podcast. So it’s a real community. The podcast is about giving voice to a topic and the community is going to change things in relation to this issue. I give the floor back to Aurélie! A big thank you to Cristina. If her advice made you want to create and launch your podcast, give me a ” let’s podcast ” in comments, and do not forget to like, share, comment if you liked this video. And of course, subscribe to my channel if it’s not done yet. See you soon!

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  1. Qu'as-tu pensé de ces conseils? Si ils t'ont donné envie de lancer ton podcast, mets moi un Let's podcast en commentaire !!
    What did you think of those tips? If they made you want to launch your podcast, give me a ''Let's podcast'' below!

  2. I really want to start my podcast! This video really inspired me! I need to just start!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Aurélie I've been wanting to get back into podcasting and you definitely provided me some tips that have inspired me to get back into it. You are correct, good audio is super important. 🙂

  4. Merci pour ces retours! Alors, quand est-ce que vous vous lancez? C'est VOUS qui décidez 😉 et rien de tel qu'une formation en ligne pour apprendre quand on veut et où on veut! Je lance la formation Let's podcast pour vous apprendre à créer votre podcast, pas à pas, à votre rythme depuis chez vous. Jetez-y un oeil:

  5. I agree that the microphone is even more important with a podcast since it is literally the only thing that the audience is interacting with. I think a good topic would be what is the benefit of doing a podcast vs a YouTube channel, benefits and challenges of each.

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