Comedy Podcast – Keith and The Girl

Comedy Podcast – Keith and The Girl

Hi. I’m Keith.
And I’m the girl.
And we’re Keith and the Girl. Hello everybody and welcome to Keith and the Girl. I am Keith. I know this because I’ve practiced it on a video 10 times today. We started a comedy talk show out of a spare bedroom in our house in 2005. We used to date. We don’t anymore. Well, believe me. Live with this. You don’t have to do that.
Well, kind of passive-aggressive with you in the first place.
No, you started that. You know what, [email protected]#$er? Right the [email protected]#$ now! An hour after we broke up, we recorded another show.
And quite frankly, it was hilarious. It was hilarious. Now he dates Catherine. Yes, and she dates Lauren. Now of course we have our separate places. We have a separate studio. A studio that we converted from an old apartment. We do this show five days a week, at least an hour a day. Guests such as Marc Maron.
Christian Finnegan. Doug Stanhope. Victor Varnado.
The Hulk. Not — what? Spiderman, the Avengers. We also have some great interns that work with us. Danny, Gerald. Thor, Wolverine, the Hulk. What are you doing? What did you say? Superheros? You said interns.
Gerald. One of us drinks a lot.
Gerald! you’re here to show up and be like, “Hey! Blowjob!” She’s wearing a nice outfit.
Oh, she just flashed us. Just make them [email protected]# them. Who gave me this beard? Why am I a pedophile? People love us.
They love us.
They love us.
We have over 30,000 forum members and we have tattoos. Over 100 people with Keith and the Girl tattoos and brandings. You know what? Just let the announcer guy do this part. Yeah, we paid him. Keith and the Girl is a daily comedy talk show hosted by Keith Malley and his partner Chemda. Dedicated fans contribute to a forum and even brand themselves for life with the Keith and the Girl logo.

Keith and the Girl are constantly recognized by major media outlets such as The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek. Their achievements are consistently cited in every major podcasting book. Because of the success of the Keith and the Girl talk show, Keith and Chemda have branched out into video with Keith and the Girl TV. Fans, forums, tattoos, live shows, Keith and the Girl is the single funniest show you will ever experience. Keith and Chemda at

40 thoughts on “Comedy Podcast – Keith and The Girl

  1. I loved Spiderman comics with Wolverine in them. It's great to see they found work as interns on the show!

  2. Keith and the Girl changes lives. Fact. It has stayed relevant and consistently hilarious for over seven years. Recommend 100%. Five Gold Stars.

  3. I've been a fan of KaTG since episode 10 way back in the beginning. Aside from the raucous comedy that is a given each episide, Keith and Chemda deliver a contemporary conversation that is honest, fearless and quite often life saving. They are modern day heroes.

    Dean from Australia.

  4. Id rather snort fat lines of fermented cat shit than listen to this hacky morning zoo shit show. Keith has a micropenis that he hardly washes, Chemda is a walking yeast infection.

  5. Might be time to update your intro vid guys… Some of your circumstances have changed :-/ – that said, I'm loving the use of the Karnivool music in the second part. My favorite band AND my favorite podcasters! 😊

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