100 thoughts on “Colorado Pizza Taste Test

  1. The season 6-8 is my mom's ringtone and ive just had an out of body experience hearing it with my mom not calling me

  2. It’s always amusing when people who “work” from home, sitting on their asses on computers talk about “working” 18 – 23 hour days. It makes me wonder if they’ve ever actually worked a real job? True hard work or manual labor. You know, something that would be physically impossible to do for 23 hours straight, let alone 46 hours. But I’m sure he “worked” very “hard” in between sitting on the couch, watching TV, and eating hot pockets. Essentially doing a school project..

  3. Each intro brings me back to what I was doing at that time in my life. The toast and eggs remind me of killing time in graphic design class (when I first discovered Rhett and Link) and the rest also tie to other “phases” of my life. I agree with them when they say they’re all special. Interesting that videos that aren’t even “old” bring me nostalgic joy. Mythical Beast for life!

  4. I started watching GMM anywhere between S9-S11. So that "perspective-from-the-cockatrice" intro was the best for me. But the S6-S8 was the most melodic intro for GMM. (and maybe where the best type of episodes were started)

  5. Little Caesars' is NOT Detroit Style. LOL. We do call it DeepDish, though. Buddy's Pizza and Cloverleaf are the early makers of Detroit DeepDish pizza, and Jet's made the DeepDish readily available. While Little Caesars' sells a DeepDish pizza, it is NOT that good of a version. I'm taking Rhett's apology, as it was definitely an insult to Detroiters. 😉

  6. The intro from Season 6-8 features the melodic line that GMM would carry through the current season (Season 15 when this comment was written).

  7. California and Texas Pizza are similar if not the same Colorado pizza looks really good I wouldn't mind having a piece of that myself but I've had New York Pizza and it blows since when is Burning the pizza making it good I don't understand those people sometimes.

  8. Hi, it's me, from the future. Josh's bro-stache is disgusting and now, in the future, he looks like Robert Irvine.

  9. Born and raised in Colorado. Original Beau Jo's is still in Idaho Springs. I've done The Challenge. Completed it. Never again.

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