Coffee Break Conversations Episode 7 – At the British Podcast Awards

Coffee Break Conversations Episode 7 – At the British Podcast Awards

Buongiorno a tutti, e benvenuti
a Coffee Break Conversations io sono Mark Ciao a tutti, sono Francesca. This is a bit of an Italian episode
of Coffee Break Conversations because tonight we’re heading
off to a theatre in central London to find out
whether or not Coffee Break Italian has won
the Smartest Podcast award at the British Podcast Awards. Come se dice in italiano … ? Oh! Incrociamo le dita! Let’s cross our fingers! Allora, andiamo? Venite con noi?
You can come with us! [Walking uphill…!] So here we are, we’re walking
along to the venue now, it’s a beautiful evening here
in London, and I’d like to introduce you to a friend of
ours, a friend of Coffee Break, this is Olly Richards from and Olly is joining us tonight
for the Podcast Awards and also he is helping us
make this video too. We are just heading to the
theatre now where the event is taking place, and one of the
nice things about tonight is that we’ll get the
opportunity to meet some other podcasters from around the UK. It’s the British Podcast Awards and there’s a Listener Choice
Award as well, who knows whether one of our
Coffee Break shows will win the Listener Choice Award, but we’ll find out in a matter
of hours from now. Allora, Francesca, pensi che
vinceremo? Spero proprio di sì!
Incrociamo le dita, Mark! Anch’io, anch’io! I’m Matt Deegan, I’m Matt Hill,
and this is the British Podcast Awards 2017! I don’t know about you, Matt,
but I think we could do better than that… This is the
British Podcast Awards 2017 … to announce the winners
please welcome to the stage podcast producer extraordinaire
Cassandra Denton! The nominees for the Smartest
Podcast, supported by Whistledown Studios are: Chips with Everything Coffee Break Italian The National Trust
Gardens Podcast Sciencish and Sound Matters The Bronze goes to
Sound Matters. The Silver goes to
Sciencish, and the gold… The Gold goes to a completely
new and novel use of the medium with an approach that was light,
funny and enjoyable, and truly making listeners more
smart and informed, beyond their next dinner party! Congratulations – I wish I knew
how to say “congratulations” in Italian… the winner of
Smartest Podcast goes to Coffee Break Italian by
the Radio Lingua Network. How do you say, “we just won a
gold British Podcast Award”? Abbiamo appena vinto il
premio per i podcast! Allora, abbiamo vinto!
Sì! We have won the British Podcast
Award for the Smartest Podcast and we’re absolutely delighted!
It’s been a really good evening hearing about lots of other
podcasts, but but we are really,
really chuffed! Siamo molto contenti!
Felicissimi! Come si dice “we have won”
in italiano? Abbiamo vinto! It’s an irregular past
participle! Vincere – “to win” and vinto,
the irregular past participle, there is always a way you can
learn, there’s always an opportunity to learn! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this
special episode of Coffee Break Conversations
and we’ll be back again soon with more Coffee Break Italian
and of course all our other Coffee Break content, but grazie
molte, e ciao! Arrivederci!

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  1. I'm so late to the party but YEEEEEEEEEEY CONGRATULAZIONI MOLTISSIMI woooohoooo and I'm super happy for RadioLingua and CB team, io adoro CBI molto !!!! and having your friend Olly in the video is cool too !!!

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