CMC NFL MVP! DexView Podcast (NFL/NBA)

while we talking about Patrick Mahomes
I want to talk about my my MVP frontrunner so far I still got Patrick
Mahomes number one man he did I see that even though they lost Joss either
the past is he was making in that Coast game hurt this do is I don’t I honestly
don’t know what to say about patching home I mean he’s he’s he’s crazy we’ve
seen Brett Farr he was a gunslinger we’ve seen that we’ve seen Brady we’ve
seen all type of quarterbacks do it different ways but we’ve never seen I
have it anyway we I have never seen a quarterback do it how Patrick my Holmes
has been doing it this is only his second year starting he’s still my
frontrunner for the MVP second I got Russell Wilson before I actually before
I dive into that patching my home’s numbers on the season he’s completed 65
percent of his passes eighteen hundred yards this guy almost has 2,000 yards
and they played what five games played five games galmans got 2,000 yards he’s
thrown 11 touchdowns no interceptions just playing out his mind already
patching mahomes is he’s first and my MVP
race so far Russell Wilson is second by the way Russell Wilson was
outstanding against the Rams did y’all see I was watching the game and after
the game me and my homie Hughes right man excuse me my bro ish
he was like Russell Wilson is cold I was like bro he dominated tonight all off
bullshit all off scramble drill I love improvising almost oh I cannot
talk today all off escaping the pocket and making throws downfield this guy is
a magician I hope I said that right man I’m I’m cutting off right now and
drinking all this coffee Russell Wilson is magic
he was fine and DK Metcalf hitting Tyler Lockett pounding the ball with Carson
Russell Wilson put on a show against the Rams
and he’s definitely a top three quarterback right now Russell Wilson is
a beast and on the other side of that game the the the Rams I’m gonna just
keep you short and sweet of Todd Gurley can’t be the tiger Lee of last year that
offense cannot hit that next level which they are very capable of hitting they
can’t hit that next level without Tiger Lee he can’t run the ball well I think
he can they’re not pounding him no I don’t think Greta has had a game this
year where he’s taught the ball over at 17 times and they’re not throwing it to
him either like wait what’s the deal I get you trying to save them but the NFC
is tough you don’t want to fall too far behind bro cuz you might not make it man
Russell Wilson is second in my MVP race he’s thrown for 1,400 yards he’s
completed 73 percent of his passes he’s thrown for 12 touchdowns zero
interceptions and he the guy’s just playing outstanding he’s the best one of
the best leaders he’s uh he’s one of the best
quarterbacks and him and Pete Carroll they wanted the best tandems in the NFL
third in my MVP race is Christian McCaffrey this guy is the real deal man
for a long time where I stand for I knew he was a great a great player I thought
he’s gonna be a Reggie Bush type player when he got in the league I didn’t think
he’s gonna be a dominant runner I thought he’d be a gadget player that you
can you know he can he can run the ball but he can be just as dominant in the
receiving game but I never thought this type of runner never I’m keepin it a
Buckeye I never thought he would be this type of runner it’s nothing to do with
him being white either I noticed what y’all gonna say he’s nothing to do with
him being white well it just a little bit probably but this guy is the real
deal he’s ran for 587 yards already 279 yards receiving there’s a legit chance
this guy can go a thousand and a thousand well over a thousand in Russian
he’s already almost 600 yards rushing but there’s a
good chance this guy can go a thousand and a thousand but the reason why I say
he’s an MVP candidate and he’s arguably the best back in the NBA NFL he’s strong
he can get low to the ground when I say strong this guy is strong he can get low
to the ground he has crazy vision his feet are great and he has breakaway
speed got breakaway speed of something else this is 30 unit League and he still
got the breakaway speed him and Dalvin cook those two right now like I said it
is update your resume time Christian McCaffrey and Alvin cook might be one a
and 1b and my top running backs right now actually sake wine has been out
where human beings were prison we’re prisoners of the moment say quantum
Berkeley is definitely in there but its sake wine McCaffrey and Dalvin cook I’m
not gonna say 1 in 3 whoo 2 & 1 & 3 but yeah that day in the top 3
McCaffrey started in my MVP race they’ve won three games in a row with Kyle Allen
the rookie quarterback I think he’s a rookie with the young quarterback they
won three games in a row since Cam Newton that’s taking the bench McAfee
has been playing out of his mind he just had three touchdowns against the
Jacksonville Jaguars he’s taken over man he is the team he they don’t have many
great skill positions Olsen he he’s old he’s heard every all the time but he’s
doing his thing they got Samuels they got more but this
team they don’t have the best skilled players but they got Christian McCaffrey
and right now he’s putting a team on his back they’ve won three games in a row
he’s in my MVP race and like I said he is one of the best running backs in the
NFL right now no cap I was one of those guys his first season in the league he
can’t run between the tackles in his first season he didn’t show what he’s
showing now he it was he grabbed for 400 yards and it wasn’t you know like he was
now but he showed potential he showed he had a hot
chillin and I was sleep man I admit that I was sleep Christian McCaffrey guy is
for real man I hope you guys subscribe today

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