Clockwork podcast 50th DW anniversary special

Clockwork podcast 50th DW anniversary special

Some time ago we visited the 50th anniversary of the longest running Sci-Fi show in the world. Three massive panels, dozens of merch shops, real TARDIS console used while filming, production department stands, costumes. 5 Doctors, 26 crew members, 21 companions and 19 episode actors have participated in the convention. In three days over 20 thousand people visited the celebration. Could Sydney Newman imagine that in 50 years the anniversary of his project will be celebrated so broadly? In 1963 the start of the show coincided with assassination of the US President John Kennedy. Due to low ratings the future of the show was at risk. If you were concerned about main characters of the “Five(ish) Doctors” as we were, you will be interested in the panel “Regeneration” with leading actors of the classical Doctor Who. All three days there were Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. They impersonated nice grandpas, told funny stories and signed autographs. Tom Baker – the Fourth Doctor – was present only on the anniversary day. As opposed to the rest of the Doctors he managed to actually participate in the anniversary episode. On the event you couldn’t help but run into some of the crew members. The sound effects stand was one of the most memorable where anyone could say the sacred “EXTERMINATE!” Near the stand with rare equipment from BBC archives we met Dick Mills who has been creating sound effects for the show from the very beginning. Together with sound effects SFX plays essential role in creation of the series. We asked Danny Hargreaves if the rules of making special effects had changed since the beginning of the show. And now our TARDIS will take you to London Excel and give you a tour of the convention. Welcome to the nerd paradise! As you can see here are costumes of the Tenth and other Doctors. Also you can get greasepainted like these excited children. Now we are standing near a queue for autographs. If you take a closer look you can see Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davison, Tom Baker and Colin Baker. If you stand long enough you can get an autograph. Fans bought autographs on the Internet in advance and now can get them. There are Big Finish disks, audioplays, T-shirts, I can see various staff, keyholders, pendants and so on. If you have ever been to London and searched anything connected with Doctor Who, then you probably know about the Forbidden Planet. It is the biggest shop in London related to sci-fi, Harry Potter and other films or tv shows. And here on the convention there is a small part of the Forbidden Planet, you can buy anything here. We can see long queues everywhere but we’ll try to go inside Queues are everywhere. For example this one behind us is a queue for photos. Fans are photographed against a chromakey and get a nice photo with the characters from the show. Look! It is a plush dalek! A real big plush dalek! Of course Doctor Who is also remembered for its marvelous costumes Any whovian can describe costumes of all 11 Doctors And on the event we had a chance to take a look at the original costumes of many characters. We were excited to see so many fine cosplayers creating unforgettable atmosphere. Fans of all over the world came to London to see the anniversary. We took a chat with the biggest fan of the show who runs the fansite – Blogtor Who. His name is Cameron and we fell in love with him. We would not be here without two marvelous scriptwriters Steven Moffat and Russell T Davis who have brought the show to life again The Doctor will regenerate on Christmas. Peter Capaldi will take stand in the TARDIS. We’re looking forward to it. The anniversary episode of the show entered the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest TV-drama broadcast in the world. Thank you very much for watching us, for following us on twitter, for staying with us, for being concerned about us. We really appreciate it. Geronimo!

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  1. Ребята, вы МОЛОДЦЫ!!! Люблю вас!
    Один вопрос:
    Музыка в самом начале видео, где идёт перечисление фактов о сериале "Доктор Кто" – как называется?

  2. Великолепный спешел! Особо понравилось, как Стивен Моффат всё время похлопывал по далеку %) А Сильвестр МакКой так чётко по-русски говорил, почти без акцента О

  3. Изумительно,смотрю с удовольствием. Вы,ребята,настоящие профессионалы!

  4.  Ах-ах-ах,как же здорово.Ну просто слов нет.А  атмосфера какая……огромное Вам спасибо за возможность хоть чуть -чуть погрузиться в ее.   

  5. ЛЮДИ! Я ВАС ОБОЖАЮ! Простите за капс, но меня просто аж трясет от эмоций)) СТОлько Моффата, столько Хуниверса… Я ТАК счастлив, как будто сам побывал там)) А БЛогтор) А Моффат постоянно теребящий Далека)) И я тоже хочу поцеловать Далека))

  6. Спасибо вам большое, что поделились можно сказать "маленьким миром празднования 50-летия сериала" ) Все очень понравилось, жду с нетерпением следующего выпуска )

  7. Спасибо за репортаж, девушки! Спасибо за то, что и мы с вашей помощью окунулись в эту атмосферу! Творческих успехов вам!!

  8. ребят, вы ОГРОМНЫЕ МОЛОДЦЫ! была проделана такая большая работа :о спасибо вам  за такой интересный репортаж. 

  9. Хочу ещё! Вы можете потом выложить "не вошедшее"?
    А вы, девчат, просто красавки ^_^

  10. Прекрасный репортаж! Столько отличного материала, вы огромные молодцы)
    Очень порадовал МакКой с приветом для фанатов, это безумно мило ^^ А Моффат-то, Моффат!

  11. Fantastic video!  Glad you had a great time; it shows. I was there too, at the ExCel, from the US. I'll never forget it!   Nice you have Cameron in there…. hey Blogtor!

  12. Ребята, вы просто восхитительные! Спасибо за то, что позволили окунуться в ту волшебную атмосферу __ вы большие молодцы, продолжайте в том же духе О

    Зы: Моффат крут!

  13. Всё очень круто и интересно! Только один вопрос, а что за музыка в начале видео?

  14. Thanks for this peek into the big event, I wish I could have been there.  But I was one of the one thousand who saw the special in 3D at The Vue Cinema, Cheshire Oaks.  One of many cinemas dotted around the UK packed with Doctor Who fans.  A night to remember. : )

  15. "Автографы, как правило, покупали заранее, их оплачивали по Интернету"… говорит Краснер на 07:30. Нет, я, конечно, слышал про платные автографы, но артисту должно быть стыдно такие раздавать, даже ради собственного пропитания и то, что нельзя получить автограф сразу без предварительной оплаты – это ужасно!

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