Chris watts documentary (FULL MOVIE)

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  1. How could a human being who just killed his children and wife hours before, go to a convivence store to get a bite to eat afterwards, be so cordial and concerned to her friend and the police… How could anyone act that normal (MIND BLOWING)?? It was her wedding ring he picked up out of the car so police would not find it, yet the still denies… He is Such a Liar, and then he played it to his advantage (Oh Look What I Found)… What a SCARY M' F'krrrr……. His parents (Mother) must be so Proud of what they molded into Society..!! His Mother had a big part in why he killed his wife and family… His Mother should be in Jail along side her son…. How SAD..!

  2. I would die for my kids!!! I can't even imagine doing something like this omg……. R.I.P. beautiful Shannan, Bella, Celeste & Niko. ♥

  3. What broke me was when the attorney mentioned the scratches on his daughter's butt, which mean he pushed her in through the door of the oil tank like a sack of potatoes. No remorse or compassion at all. At this point, his family meant nothing to him but a bunch of obstacles to be dealt with. I hope he enjoys being the condom of his jailmate Bubba.

  4. The dead, blank stare of this motherfucker in the beginning, when police initially talk with him inside his home and he asks about what he 'ought to do now' – whether he should drive around looking for them etc… coupled with the grandiose hand gestures – reminds me SO MUCH of the Stephen McDaniel case… the law student who found out during a televised interview that the remains of the classmate he had just murdered, were found the dumpster near his apartment. Watts appears to believe that he is behaving more calmly than McDaniel did, granted. But thanks to hindsight and already having all the information, the guilt becomes much more apparent in this particular clip, than it likely was for the officer at the time.

    Piece of shit looks like he should be a much more responsible adult… really he just looks like a coward.

  5. I have no purpose. I'm always depressed. My world is upside-down. I was recently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder.

  6. Grandfather finds out he’s grandchildren are dead (chris’ father) no shock reaction , no emotion.
    If my son revealed to me he’s two children were dead , you’d have to pick me up off the floor.
    And as for Chris watts, burn in hell.

  7. Fucking monster how could he do something like this he should of been given the death penalty he can’t kill his own children and get away with it black people in America get sentenced to death in America why can’t more white people I know white people get sentenced to death in America but not enough of them the sad ☹️ sad 😞 world we live in that poor pregnant woman and her children makes me 🤮🤮🤢

  8. at 11:00' – when he realizes that he is definitely in trouble (because the cameras are filming that he loads stuff into his car at 5am) – at 12:00' – even the neighbor is suspicious

  9. Chris had no excuse ready and then the polygraph tester literally fed him the line that his wife hurt the kids and suddenly he's ready to "tell the truth" okay….

  10. To see those baby girls calling him daddy breaks my heart. They were so innocent and they had no choice but to live with a monster. It's beyond evil. I hope he gets his soon.

  11. I still cry about this case.. why chris took away the lives of the mother of his child and the unborn one? May you find peace every night closing your eyes to asleep. Killing these people without any defense at all means you were a men without balls.. you were a coward and i really mean it.

  12. You can tell he lied on that polygraph test the way the lady looks at him right after the first question which was.. "Are you going to answer the questions truthfully?", or something like that and he says yes and then she looks right at him… Like dude your a fucking liar!

  13. Watching this already knowing what happened is horrible. In the very beginning of the police at his house and knowing he killed them all and shows up like he has no idea what's going on. What a monster.

  14. It's a parent job to protect their kids from monsters and its terrie to know cece and bella dad was the monster.. truly heartbreaking. So glad hell rot in jail for the rest of his useless life!

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