Chris Reinacher from the “Wine and Weed” Podcast Talks About… Wine and Weed | Ridiculousness

Chris Reinacher from the “Wine and Weed” Podcast Talks About… Wine and Weed | Ridiculousness

– Welcome back to a very special
episode of Ridiculousness with the host of Wine
and Read, Steelo Brim it’s Chris Reinacher! (crowd cheers) – Cheers. – Hey, cheers. – [Steelo] Cheers, cheers, cheers. – Mm, I don’t know what
type of wine this is but it’s magnifique! – Okay let’s talk about some
of the subjects that you’ve sort of wondered in on the show. – Yeah. – One was specifically, you
talkin’ about havin’ kids all over the world. – You know me, yeah yeah,
I want a lot of kids. – Yeah, but this was specifically, like “Hey I’m gonna have families
in different countries I’m gonna show up..” – Yeah why would I not? Why would I not be able
to go to Japan and have a full ass Japanese family? I want that. I want kids in every (beep)
continent so I can visit ’em and be like “Yo, dad’s here.” And like, you know, you
just live a great life with at least 50 kids. (laughs) – And why would you refer
to wanting to do dad (beep)? What is dad (beep)? – Dad (beep) is just when
you arrive and you’re like “Yo, I haven’t seen you in a year.” (laughs) “What’s up?” – Let’s toss the ball! – If you had 50 kids around
the world and you’re trying to play catch with all of them? – Understand this. If I have 50 kids, at least 10 of them are professional athletes. (laughs) I’m investing in myself ya’ll. (laughs) How could ya’ll not realize that. – Okay, well a category dedicated
to doing what you dream of – Dad (beep)? – Dad (beep). Take a look.
– That’s what I wanna do. (crowd cheers) – [Rob] “I wanna get over here and toss my little fella, oh!” – [Steelo] He could’ve walked her across. – He could’ve. He could’ve just sat her over there. – But you know what, a real
dad like me and this man right here, we sacrifice
ourselves for our kids. Okay? I will sacrifice my all for
little Dora the Explorer. (laughs) – [Rob] Here we go. Out in Ireland with my
babies doin’ a race. – Again, again, this is me as a dad. I will not (beep) lose,
and you will not lose. – [Chris] She’s a girl, you know? – [Rob] Okay, nope, I’ma help you. – Oh! – [Steelo] Oh man! – Okay, stand back Joey. Let me show you how
karate dad does things. (laughs) – Kiai! – [Steelo] Oh! – I mean, I respect it. – He can take a hit now though. – [Rob] Kiai! Oh. – [Rob] Settin’ dad up, settin’ dad up. – [Steelo] Okay, later! – [Chris] See ya later loser! – [Rob] Later loser! (laughs) – What?! – [Crowd] Oooohh! – (beep) get it! That’s my guy! (crowd cheers) – There you have it for dad (beep).

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  1. Have 1 kid and see how much work it is and I guarantee you will not want 50 kids. Truely a statement from someone without children yet hahaha😂😂

  2. Do you have any talents chanel? Oh of course i laugh like a hyena in a show and they pay me for that. And so im better then everybody else

  3. yoo if u got time an u 2 am surfing videos check my new shit out , iss alright for my 3rd song i jus need some feedback 💯✊🏽

  4. I'm a lil different.i want 12 kid' for every month of the year for two reasons.every month they have to think about each other and were partying all year long.

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