Childbirth, Growth and Beer – Podcast #57

Childbirth, Growth and Beer – Podcast #57

blame it all on my roots I showed up in
Boots ruined your black-tie affair I was the last one then no think I just
do the whole song you won’t be like what are you doing he does not I don’t know
what’s gonna happen now we’ll see we might just get a knockdown
hi I’m Mike and this is beyond the ranch hey Aaron what do you call a detective
alligator what do you call a detective alligator
an investigator cue the music Aaron and Mike bring you into their world it’s not
just chickens and the Angus herd so take off your boots relax and go beyond the
ranch no it’s gonna be us hanging out why
isn’t why not thanks tiny I don’t know if you watch these but no it’s like it’s
like number the old news programs when they would be like you know the news at
5:00 and you’d see the the guy you know the dead news desk typing on his
typewriter because it’s important what he’s doing I was opening a beer the
podcast by the way isn’t it though the the live stream which is also videoed
and put on the Internet we drink I drink whiskey I’ve decided that during the
podcast I will have a beer then I will have a root beer they still make those
I’m sure they do I guess they do I guess why wouldn’t they anyway
O’Doul’s you guy probably know the difference this is our very first video
not our very first tube we tried this once before but this is our first
successful video podcast if you’re listening to this in your car you’re
listening to it on iTunes or Google Play or Spotify or anchor or any of those
type of things you’re missing all the fun because we’re actually recording for
the first time ever for release to the general public the second well the first
time didn’t work we’re gonna get to that but this this time we are going to do it
we’re gonna we’re gonna push it out there we’re gonna make it happen we’re
gonna push him up push him out shove him out lay out what I’ll day enough which
is the same thing that that was the chant that I had in the delivery room
push him out shove him out way out nobody appreciates me what would you get
your channel you son of a get Lincoln was a horrible horrible horrible
experience Oh I was telling somebody like like we had
he was talking to hunters about it when we brought McKenzie home it was a
blizzard right likely to turn into weed like almost slid past our approach I
remember we were like do we just go our new kid is gonna die because we’re gonna
get t-boned on the highway I just go and then of course grace when grace was born
while she was in the hospital we had a tornado so everybody had to come inside
in the hospital get away from windows but they wouldn’t let me walk right in
the hallway with my two girls Kenzie it happened to be the time that I
brought Kenzie up to meet her new baby sister and then they have a tornado and
like everybody freaked out it was crazy it was somewhat embarrassing you know
just how much like our kid was screaming because you guys got caught in the rain
yes I did she freaked out yeah it was a mess and then Lincoln born
in the middle of the night your epidural didn’t take and that was just a
nightmare in itself I think that it was late I was sleepy I wanted to take a nap
that’s like four o’clock in the morning I was like really come on I got I got a
sleep I got a feed here like a couple hours actually I didn’t have to face it
was middle of summer but like I think that you know McKenzie and then and then
the gray situation at McKenzie we had Blizzard grace we had Toretto
Lincoln was like just just just Hellfire like it was just it was like building
you up to that point like okay these are two horrible weather events what could
be worse Oh we’ll just have Lincoln
yeah yeah that would they do why they would want to I do not know I know I
remember our doctors told me that you know he had there maybe was one of the
nurses said well this lady in the room next door she doesn’t want to have an
epidural at all the nurses are like why yeah why wouldn’t you want to do that
you can avoid anything horrible you just do it but we didn’t know what we were
having with Lincoln like we wanted that baby or an elephant or what it was and I
just remember like you know with the girls and like the epidural it’s a much
more calm situation right and so like that moment of like that exciting moment
of like it’s a boy or it’s a girl I feel like it was taken
away from me because I was like somebody give me a drink you told me that he was
a boy and I can keep you just for like I don’t give a crap what it is as long as
it’s coming it’s out it’s God it’s it’s over with I’m good let’s just call this
one quick are we good yeah you know that moment I waited for for nine months was
really like kind of you were you were you I remember I said it’s a boy because
I said it before the doctor did nobody yeah I said I I think I leaned over T
and I said it’s a boy and you were like happy yeah you were like oh good Oh
whoopee freaking dude can we just get some drinks in here and like knock my
ass out cuz I’m done it was pretty funny so anyway this is this is a great story
to start things off with but this is our new video podcast if you are watching it
on YouTube on our new channel which is the beyond the rat channel which we
blatantly stole from this guy right up here beyond the beyond there we own the
Haley there’s something back here hey come on
there’s something back here I need like an echo oh okay
so anyway this is the hub beyond the red channel I’m embarrassing yeah really
how can I be embarrassing I would say it’s almost more embarrassing that you
don’t want to stick your face behind the sign and see what’s back there there’s
all kind you know what I should do I should have this rigged so I can reach
up here and grab stuff and pull it out when they’ll be cool you’d be like a
magic trick I can reach back here flowers you know would that be cool I’m
gonna try hurry that’s that’s that goes right up there with the catapult that
I’ve been working on for the premiere call I should work on it they only the
only the only concepts that we came up with to actually make work would
probably decapitate me with mailbag we were thinking some sort of explosive and
what a nice kid I just launched it in through the window I don’t know well it gets here no you I did it I did
it perfectly fine everybody was like that was so cool
and that Aaron was like lame you threw that yourself so you gave up you you
pooped on my party with that one no I don’t remember that way I remember it as
it looks so realistic everybody was like oh my gosh how did he do that and then
you were like he flipped it up with his foot really like dropped it in my face
but like he he was holding it above out of screen right so he cuz he’s like nine
feet tall so he’s holding it above me out off off screen and I think he was
waiting for like a signal or something to drop it and I was like we’re ready
for me alcohol and I’m like no but I was like where’s that you know and it’s
supposed to like surprise me it did yeah I mean it basically gave me a vasectomy
when it came back down but like that works I guess no more I don’t know
what we would get after Lincoln if you have a tornado or a blizzard tornado
Hellspawn it’s easy to throw it a little bit too hard I have no idea oh they were
here for the marshmallow deaths they were it didn’t help me wasn’t that funny
I don’t know why you guys thought it was so funny why we had a bag of
marshmallows that was sent to us I opened it up yeah and I open it up and a
head marshmallow dust at it in it it like choked me because I could see and I
was like don’t do it like I was like don’t open that like that way cuz I
envisioned you were like had to like really aggressively you know like when
you open a bag of cereal and that’s rare chips and it’s really difficult like I
think we’ve all done it where we’ve pulled too hard stuff gone everywhere
like I was envisioning I did it at the movies one day with Grace’s fruit snacks
you threw fruit snacks everywhere at the movies your first of all you’re not
supposed to sneak fruit stacks into the movie they were sneaking in food like
doing the mom purse thing where it’s like you’re watching a movie and all the
sudden you’ve heard of you ever been in a movie and you’re watching a movie and
you hear really Oh somebody sneaky yeah you know it’s just the Lucky Charms
marshmallows not without the cereal you can get them
on Amazon so I was envisioning them flying everywhere and then we were gonna
have a room full of stupid marshmallows instead the cloud of dust it was like it
was like it like a nuclear bomb there was like a mushroom cloud marshmallow
dusting came in your face dude I did choke me it made me cough a lot and you
guys wouldn’t stop laughing about it it apparently was I I really I didn’t think
it was that I was I was more like you know could
somebody like get me a drink all that was hilarious nobody thought
that was funny we were just like this is gonna be horrible
like the whole time like I so remember they the gal came and gave you the
epidural and then it didn’t take so then we we called you we had the nurse like
payment right and then the nurse paged her and said okay we’re gonna get her
back up here well then it took her like an hour or two to get back up there it
was a while and then by the time she finally showed up
cuz everybody you were getting pissed and you were like by the time she gets
here it’s gonna be too late I know it I know it and then she showed up and she
was like oh sorry too late and you’re just like yeah somebody just hit me in
the head with a frying pan I don’t know was a long time like
McKenzie and Grey’s like seemed like they were like quick and in and out okay
I just I just what you had to wake up he had like you know do your whole thing
and go back to sleep you didn’t have to do anything though well I was writhing
in pain I had to stand there I had to see you in pain I don’t think you know
and guys will probably agree with me on this that had been in that situation
where they’ve been on the room it’s not easy to see your wife like in in a
massive amount of pain that’s inflicted by your own offspring right like it’s
kind of like oh I kind of did this like you know it’s like my fault so now you
just feel incredibly guilty where you were really bad at her because you were
so mad at her so I just like when she came in and like started to do my
epidural like first she put it in and like it’s not supposed to hurt right and
I felt it like like I felt it scraped down in my back okay and they’re like
you’ll just feel a pinch but it shouldn’t burn no it burned and then I
have a cake for like a week okay so like she
step on the first approach and that’s why it didn’t work okay so then she had
to do it again and like I just knew I was just like this isn’t gonna work like
I should just tell her to go away because then I wouldn’t have had all the
side effects of the epidural without the benefit of the epidural
why are we talking about this if we have really nothing else to talk about that
we have to talk about you’re wrong all right so what we have here is
failure to communicate it’s it’s our new day for podcast if you
if you notice today is unless you’re listening this later date this was
released on a Wednesday now we used to do podcasts on Fridays now we decided
that we’re gonna replace someone Wednesday’s we’re still recording
whenever but we’ll figure it out and the reason we’re doing that is to kind of
spread things out on the new channel which is to be on the rise channel yeah
and make things not so you know like if we released a podcast on Friday and then
we have a live stream on Sunday they’re pretty dang close to each other
and then you have a lot of days where nothing is really going on unless we
have content to put out and the plan the whole point of the beyond the ranch
channel is that content you know those two things like live stream podcast are
set but the rest of the time we can just kind of do whatever we want we can have
a life stream or you know post an arm-chair ranch or do whatever we want
to do and that’s kind of the whole point behind that channel right so what does
that leave for our wildlife and that’s where we’re running in like where we’re
gonna power yeah how are we gonna schedule the main channel and how we’re
gonna make that work right yeah so I mean like when we’re recording this like
I mean part of the reason like really okay Sunday’s rushing we know that but
then podcast late Friday well we were this is actually Friday when we’re
recording we were late today like we had other stuff come up that needed to be
taken care of and now it’s you know we missed the time when we were gonna put
this out right well it’s now Friday evening with a Friday night yeah this is
our Friday night but we needed to change in anyhow
we had talked about it we just hadn’t like set a date but we were like we’re
all set up we we had you know in our head that we were gonna podcast today so
like let’s do it let’s figure out yeah how do we space out livestream podcast
you know before we talked about podcasting every other week like we’re
still not completely finalized on like how this is all gonna happen right I’m
worried that we’re putting out too much content you guys are all gonna get tired
of us it could happen but I mean you think just talking about childbirth so
we started out on the Arlen our living life with one video a week right was
that all we did yeah so I had a Sunday video I think really quickly like you
did a Sunday video and then we did the next Sunday but I think really quickly
we’re like pulled through two videos then we started Tuesday or did we do
Thursday was a Thursday and Sunday or was it Sunday and Tuesday
yeah I’m son and then eventually like we said okay now we’re gonna do three a
week so we did Sunday Tuesday and Thursday we start in January 2017 it was
like September of 2017 when we went to three videos was it that late yeah okay
yeah yeah right here a so then then we did the live then we started live
streaming so it became every other Thursday then we stayed okay let’s do
live streams every Thursday so that knocked me down like to videos that I
had added per week now that we did this whole change now I’m back to three
videos a week with Tuesday Thursday and Sunday people like the Thursday thing I
think but it’s weird it is weird because it’s like how much how much is too much
right and that’s where when you’re and we’ve seen this with our channels when
you’re growing when you’re always growing but when you when you’re just
starting when you’re just starting out you know you flood with content right
and then as you build up a library then you can kind of slow it down a little
bit with the content is that kind of what you’re thinking I just think
essentially if we have no days off like built into the calendar right now where
there’s like like like today like things didn’t go with my hands because we had
other issues that had to be dealt with and then and
the schedule so tight for filming and editing and recording and stuff that
like there’s not much like oh shit room I mean there’s not much like real life
and like we have other responsibilities like we’ve got the farm store I’ve got
you know the the gardens I’ve got a non-profit to run it is weird like as
you know and honestly we’re not at the point where we can hire somebody to help
so you know we’re kind of hoping maybe after the beginning of the year maybe if
things work out beer is a bad choice for pot yes I know all right no I can’t
so we have you know so if we can get somebody hired after they get in here
but like it is it’s it’s it’s more I forgot where I was goin my burp threw me
all off especially we’re hiring a part-time ranch and that will help you
out a little bit with the day-to-day yeah like it feeding and yeah yeah the
tedious work cleaning the chicken house I don’t really know it’s hard to find
like a ranch hand slash market farmer whatever I am yeah I mean if we find
somebody can do half yeah half ranching house gardening hang out in the farm
store I don’t know what to do with my hands during podcast I don’t like this I
don’t know what to do with my hands do i I don’t have a problem during
livestream but during podcast I’m like we usually I’ll usually set up my hands
you usually fiddle with something doing really during livestream I am kind of
fiddly early I also usually I’m in pajamas right there’s no way it’s to be
able to me it does you have to get made up twice a
week now lots of times we would get the kids to
school and then we’d podcast right so anyway back to the main topic here yeah
too much how much content is too much how much of our faces can you tolerate
all right all right this is an experiment we’re just gonna keep on
throwing it at you we’re almost at 3,000 subscribers I’m
gonna be on the ranch Channel it’s cool because it’s like it’s almost like
starting fresh and and and going it is very much it’s very cheating but it’s
it’s kind of cool to see that like what we went through in the very beginning
like how you know growth slows down and it’s like okay now we’re kind of I don’t
finally it was hard it was a real struggle it’s not like it’s a real
struggle though it’s not like giving birth you’re just gonna hold that over
our heads for the rest of our lives aren’t you it’s like you know it’s not
like we expect anything beyond the ranch is not a channel that we expect like
growth from it it is a secondary place for our audience right it’s almost like
you know what I think it is it’s like a fan page it’s like for those people that
are really into what we’re doing and what we’re saying and being able to have
a place where they can go and hang out it’s kind of what it is that’s the way I
look I’m not even really worried if it ever makes money but super Chester V
days but I mean you know it doesn’t matter because what what’s what I see
happening with the channel and is that we were running into a situation where
it’s like other other the channel is creating other opportunities away from
the channel that’s the weird stuff that’s happening I’m sorry it’s beer I
can’t help my beer a bad idea just put it in the beer can you put a gas X what
would happen if you put a gas exit a beer like it’s this channels or stupid
stuff so I just put it up on there it’s not nothing’s gonna happen will it
break the gel cavern I don’t know figure it out anyway so the
as the channel grows other opportunities are coming around and like one of the
big ones that I see coming in and is like speaking events and stuff for me so
I have a chance to travel away from one right you have one with you yeah but I
have a chance to leave the ranch and go and teach lessons that not so much teach
but like motivational speaking type things so I can talk about lessons that
I learned on the ranch and how and I don’t think anybody could see that maybe
they could and take you know lessons that I’ve learned on the ranch and be
able to put them towards you know your job in corporate America or you know
agriculture or whatever else you’re doing so that obviously to be able to do
that which which I want to be able to do because I do enjoy going out and meeting
people and and teaching and that kind of thing right but the problem is if I’m
not here I’m not filming what’s happening here right so right which is
okay it’s not I’m not upset that you are potentially taking speaking
opportunities and stuff like that’s not my issue but like that within a you know
we kind of have some guidelines of how much you can be gone there’s obviously
times in the year like you’re not gonna be you know I said a hard note on you
being gone during calving I don’t care how great of hired help we have like you
cannot be gone during calving put way too much faith in me we could get a
hired hand I knows way more wine but you know for year one like you have to be
here and so it’s okay that you’re leaving but it is gonna be like what and
you am very it’s not like it’s not like you’re gone every every other week or
something yeah yes but this is an opportunity that you’ve been afforded
luckily because of the channel I’m like why not pursue it right the other
opportunity that’s been coming up around and and this is this is lit lens into
our morals that a little bit more than anything I don’t know if we only call it
morals but are the way that we see how the channel works is when you had a
hundred thousand subscribers holy crap do people started sending you there it’s got to be like a trigger like then
you hit a hard thousand subscribers and like all the sudden it’s like pulling
the plug on junk ville city that crap just starts flowing through the pipes so
and it’s not only not only they sent it to us but I mean they usually send us an
email first and say hey would you like our junk no but they sent us emails
wanting to send us their junk so then that’s almost worse because then I have
to sort through this and go okay well what will this work and how will this
work and is it worth our time and then also like they come through with like
almost demands on like here’s a here’s an item that’s worth a hundred dollars
and you need to make a fifteen minute video about it and talk about it for 15
minutes straight function and you need to do an unboxing and and that’s if we
automatically say no – no yeah I mean I’m pretty I’m pretty pretty strict on
like this is how you know the first of all I give a lot of credit to the
subscribers and if I came out and said here we’re doing an unboxing video on
this people would be like what’s going on obviously yeah I did unbox the mood
call and that was like first very first year and but I mean if I was doing an
unboxing video people would be like oh my god you know like he’s just getting
paid to do this and and like I and I tell almost every one of them I’m like
you know if I’m gonna use something on the wrench I want to use it the way that
I would use it on the ranch first of all no I kind of forgot to email them but so
you know I just they’re not sponsorships they’re like here’s my stuff put it in a
video I wanna you know I want on the background and there are people to do
that though you double your like here’s like the hose real thing like here’s a
hose reel we don’t really want a video about it we just want you to put it in
the background so when somebody sees it they see it’s like product placement and
when somebody asks because we get asked about all kinds you get asked yeah what
kind of broom is that yeah you could it’s smart so we get there’s
like three types of things okay so just put stuff in the background like this
hose real company that contacted you that you’d never emailed them back
that’s that’s product placement that’s bad that you see everywhere in every
single movie TV show yeah every second warrant
and all over YouTube too by the way always have another one and then so yeah
just put our stuff in talk about it if it if it’s relevant right Stetson is a
product placement yeah basically I mean and for a long time like I didn’t get
any love from Stetson and finally I sent Stetson an email and I was like I have
your hat on in three hundred videos with five million views or whatever it was
they’re not paying us anymore no they just sent me yeah that’s why I
can afford to give away hats to by the way not very often but I mean yeah I
mean they send me an extra hat I can give it away like you ever have that you
were only up here in the studio yeah right Thank You Stefan and then we have
we have products that you know they’ll send us would you like to put this in
your you know would you like this and and we just send back yeah if you if you
send it and we find it relevant to what we’re doing we’ll put it in and we’ll
talk about it and we’ll put a link in the description okay that’s fine and
then we get stuff that’s um very inexpensive not very I mean it can range
we’re going to be very expedited $25.00 to a couple hundred dollars and it comes
with a list of requirements and a time requirement there was some wireless
microphones oh yeah I remember those you know they had to have something within
the first three minutes of the video I don’t know the first three minutes of a
video to be about wireless microphones we would never talk about wireless
microphones we do get asked what kind of camera is this and what are you guys
using and separately never made a video about that and that’s it automatically
get said no like you can send it but I’m not gonna do we’re not gonna do all your
stuff right now if you want to send all that and about five thousand dollars
we’ll do all that stuff I mean no obviously it still has to
fit within the right content you know if it’s a product that we if it’s a print
that you already use on the ranch it’s really easy to to incorporate like
referred for instance if Dewalt called and said hey we want to work with you
which they never have but I have a ton of DeWalt tools the only reason I have
do all tools actually is because Gilbert had Milwaukee tools and I didn’t want
him stealing my crap he had some green ones too
the Milwaukee was red yeah what we’re like the teal was I have no idea maybe
there was but anyway I just I just chose to buy DeWalt tools because I didn’t
want him walking away with my tools like hey we bought something then she was
like hey let’s get you a few more things cuz like Gilbert
he’d walk away with stuff oh yeah yeah yeah you never find it again or you find
it later you know and hey you know I found Gilbert’s Milwaukee drill you know
three three months later laying out in the pasture somewhere the hammers
hammers everywhere actually that that’s that’s actually turned out to be handy a
couple times where I’ve been like a hammer and I’m like oh there’s a hammer
like just because he would leave him like sitting on fence posts and stuff
cuz he go out and fix a fence and that leave the hammer there for some weird
reason and then three years later it’s like well I need a hammer oh there’s a
rusted thing that kind of looks like a hammer a lot of a lot of box wrenches to
buy buy hydrants cuz he would use those as levers to open the the hydrants and
stuff like that but I mean for anything to be even to even like to sponsor what
we’re doing like we want it to be – first of all fall in lines of what our
mission is and then how we feel you know it’s not I’m not a Salesman I feel I’ve
said that a hundred times so I’m not I don’t want to be like hey this is a
whatever you know buy this shirt because I’m wearing this shirt you know yeah and
occasionally like you’ll see in our description box like an Amazon affiliate
link like we do get a small portion of money out of that but not like a lot you
know our last check from Amazon is $27 yeah I’m super channel we have to be
experiment about like what there’s very clear rules and regulations about like
what we have to do and if someone’s like giving us money like you have to declare
that the Federal Trade Commission yeah access stuff pretty hard it’s what’s
really hard it’s like the stuff that’s like like you had one this week that was
it’s a two hundred dollar product and like I appreciate somebody wanting to
send us a two hundred dollar product but they had a very long list of demands
well you’ve built up an audience that’s a hundred and ten thousand people like
that’s that’s valuable we value your guys’s time as audience members and so
we’re not gonna waste your time with stuff that is not like you wouldn’t use
this product but not in the way that they wanted it reused and so it was it
was a security system cameras and so it’s hard it’s this sounds weird but
like two hundred dollars like we could just buy it if we wanted it and then we
can do whatever we want to it and if we find that it’s a value will see you guys
as an audience member and something that’s helpful for you on the ranch like
we just talked about it right and so it’s like they want all this crazy list
of demands they want to send their their $200 product and they want something
that like a shadow or a five-minute dedicated portion of our videos those
were thousands of dollars I mean there are people that tell us how much our
videos are worth like that is the reality of it like you can look it’s
funny though they’re so they come you know like there’s a thing called day if
you like Kelly Blue Book you’ve heard of Kelly Blue Book it’s it’s called social
Bluebook and you can go there and you can I don’t know if anybody can go there
but you can’t yeah you can make an account and they don’t tell you like how
much a minute worth of airtime on your channel is worth or however they figured
and it’s it’s crazy because it’s like it’s almost like an astronomical amount
cuz it sure as hell isn’t what we make off of a video No so what what do they
base it on audio and they based on engagement how many people are watching
how many people are commenting one percent of our viewership goes to that
website and then you know depending on what their conversion rate of visitors
to a website to purchase is because those companies like Dewalt knows that
you know if I get off we send people to my website to dEWALT’s website one
person buys on average sick $7.00 like they know there’s a whole
song I don’t know the science behind it but there is yeah there’s gotta be
it’s insane so being able to you know not take those see there’s time I’m torn
sometimes I’m torn I’m not really that torn but like I I give more credit to
the subscriber to the viewer then I think some other youtubers do and I’m
not here to sell you crap so I every time I get one of those things I usually
I show up they are in ER and I’m like what do you think of this and it’s like
you know well it’s not first of all well will we use this right is this a product
that we’re already using to us and to the viewer
most the time is it not thank you it’s like it’s like Christmas right when
you’re an adult and you want something or you need something you just go buy it
you don’t wait for Santa to bring it to you that’s how I love a new fence
stretcher that you that you bought right then I’m gonna test that you were gonna
test right and so like if they had sent it to us like that would have one of
those things like yeah I just send it we don’t need any cash from but like we’re
still just gonna go test it real world test it and so like there’s a difference
between just like trying yeah send your product I’ll use it if it works if it
makes sense and then like send your product but this isn’t gonna fit
something like I feel like we also have to be compensated but then it’s like
we’re still not gonna be you’re still not gonna do it if it’s like a weird
left roundabout that doesn’t fit on the channel you know so it it very much has
to mean something to me like the Stetson hat like my dad wore Stetsons his entire
life I’ve always wore a Stetson so when it when it came time for Stetson to step
up it made sense if the Walt ever says hey you’re using Dewalt crap here’s a
new drill I’ll be like thank you for the new drill yeah because I needed a new
one anyway right don’t really talk about my DeWalt tools too much but I mean you
can see I’ve had hundreds of comments for people like how much is Dewalt
paying you to use that nothing you wanna be nice if they were paying
and providing the waltz yes of course and like the reality is the bigger we
growling that stuff is coming like that is you get it if you watch YouTube you
know that there is brand sponsorships that that happened mm-hmm we’re not
gonna take every sponsorship that comes no I think it still has to fall with him
that weird you know our weird sense of values I don’t say moral sense of values
and how how we how we perceive ourselves and how we want other people to perceive
us like working with aircraft like it’s a partnership
it’s a program it’s equipment that and we have no experience with it we still
have not used it but like you’ve done a lot of research you’ve watched a lot of
videos you’ve talked to you I move some cows through and I pull it around a lot
so but it’s a it’s something that we feel is useful to the ranch and useful
to our audience yeah so and it’s obviously not a $200
thing no and the funny thing is like that companies like that that come to us
and say hey your value is aligned with our values here’s an $18,000 shoot
system that I’ve never even spoken to these people except for on the phone I’m
marrying shake shake in their hand there’s no contract there’s nothing like
I could be like I could go sell that thing right now not that I would but I
could go sell it and then like when they call me they’re like hey what you gonna
do your next video yeah I can make like a cardboard cutout and try to pass it
off I don’t know but like yeah but that’s the amazing part that’s what
that’s that’s what that was the people that I like to work with yeah and it
doesn’t have to mean $18,000 thing for us to be like yes let’s partner but it’s
hard it’s you know it’s a the security camera had been like here’s our turn
yours kitty camera in five thousand dollars I mean really I’m not gonna lie
like it would be tempted by the five thousand dollars like I mean that would
be nice but I can’t I still can’t make that video that’s what’s gonna happen
though and then you’re gonna be like hey there’s there’s money lying on the table
I want to be like that my my I’m an artiste man like we have security a
security system expanding our current security system like that’s not a bad
thing but like the list of things they wanted you to talk about like I
would still have to with stuff to negotiate those terms yes they were and
I get some weird stuff like yeah but it is interesting you show the night vision
and if it’s raining out can you make it rain so we can show that it how
weatherproof it is now one kind of blew me away I was like it’s it’s winter here
like it’s not gonna rain yeah I guess I can go pee on it the ultimate test in
case somebody pees on your security system I’m pretty sure well I know that
our friends camera has a cock week Lincoln Payne off the porch awesome on
the camera but yeah it is what it is so that’s you know that’s the the situation
that we raised watching the channel change and grow as we go and these kind
of situations come up and and the speaking or it’s hardly I don’t really
get excited like I said it’s not Christmas you’ve got excited with the
air equip I did that’s exciting that that was Christmas that was a Christmas
type of thing that phone call was like that was crazy and not just because the
value the monetary value but just because like how much easier don’t make
our lives – I mean just to be able to work our own cattle and being able to
Prague Czech and that kind of thing without having to get a shoot necessary
a piece of equipment on the ranch that we need it right yeah I got a potato to
hear today you did Aaron get a pin okay yeah it’s gonna be that’s actually from
our friends at BCS who honestly those guys they they came to us when we had
3,000 subscribers yeah I mean we did approach them but they they were they
were all for it they we had 3,000 described we had nothing to offer them
any nothing and all they said was we have faith in what you guys are doing
we’re fans just like anybody else and here’s some stuff to play with and but
you know I mean it’s just it’s amazing to me that you know then they’re like
hey you know we have this potato digger that’s
sitting in Iowa that nobody wants do you guys want it you know give it a try see
what happens demoing it we’re trying it BCS can it’s not our pcs break it and so
and that’s fine I’ve got a lot of potatoes in the ground it’s a piece of
equipment that like I’m gonna use once a year and like I’ve dug potatoes by hand
for years but like we’re gonna try and dig some other stuff and see how it
works in our soil and and so they’re gonna we’re gonna share that information
with BCS and they’re gonna learn something too really so I kind of like
these companies that kind of not that I have a big head or anything but like I
want somebody to listen to my ideas too so what I’m like you know this thing
doesn’t work they’re not just mad at me do some carrots can they say well why
doesn’t it work and you can say because my potatoes my
character this long and the potato digger only digs this deep and it’s
cutting my carrots in half which might happen potatoes so is that company is
that coming up in a video we’re gonna have a video from Aaron we haven’t had
that in a while this is Aaron by the way she’s on the channel as well you need to
make some videos I know that you’re always like nobody wants to watch my
videos if you make a potato and Digger video people will watch it’s really hard
there’s lots of ranch content that’s being produced to like squeeze me in
like it is and like I’ve got a lot of stuff going on what we used to do here
remember now he used to be ranch was Sunday and Tuesday and then you would do
the Thursday video Thursday that was every Thursday that was every other
Thursday okay you’re right and I think for a while yeah it was like every
Thursday I was supposed to do a video but I didn’t always mean I know you’ve
always been much better about fitting videos into your real life than I have
been you just don’t want to film no I don’t mind the filming like I feel like
I’m really out of practice now I need some help
how does this camera thing what are you what the end or appointed what
you’re much better at it you’re much better at the content creation numerator
at the storytelling I’m like I would set a lot of times and just be like I I know
like the work that I need to go do but like I can’t craft this and she liked us
entertaining story and that’s where we’re like well I have to go move a cow
from Pei to me yeah well it’s it’s a but in the same man it’s kind of the same
thing as going and pulling weeds I mean it’s just one of those things you have
to do well there’s weeds might be fun to watch you pull weeds I don’t know a lot
of my work is very monotonous and very tedious yeah it’s tough too I mean I can
see where the gardening thing is tough because but I have had a lot of people
ask like what’s going on in the garden where are the girls Aaron still there
did she split and go to off a poco what’s going on she only just she only
there on the weekends like you know I mean that could be true but no it’s it’s
great it’s going but I can’t I can’t keep making a video about the farm story
relating up the farm store and then like some customers and then like step back
in the fridge like it’s boring I appreciate that everyone’s like you know
cares about how the farmers doing I don’t know how to turn that into an
entertaining eight to twelve minute video you know what I’m saying right
like I get it oh you know it’s hard to do even like gardening videos because
there’s not like there’s no instant gratification yeah and that’s the thing
too is like if I come in lbs I’m like we’re gonna come in at the very very end
of the season season we’ve had a hard Frost Gardens dead everyone’s gonna be
like what happened it’s over now we’re gonna harvest some stuff but it’s hard
like I’m not we’re not a gardening channel so I’m not making consistent
like weekly content I thought what’s happening in the garden so it’s it’s
very like very jarring I really to the audience except where we get to play
with the BCS and dig some potatoes so yeah we have two easiest videos always
do well like when we do when we do any gardening work with tractors and
equipment when you drive tractors I don’t know that’s so
finish thing or something but you watch videos where Aaron’s driving tractors
around and we can look at analytics and we can see like which parts of the video
thank you for giving me something to tinker with by the way when when you’re
we can see what parts the video are being watched and like people like
fast-forward and like you know if you’re in the thumbnail and you’re like sitting
in a tractor and then like people will fast-forward to that point and like
watch you drive a tractor and a circle a couple times girls on tractors I guess I
don’t know what that is somewhere talent around there writing to me made I mean
even when you spend a lot of time with tractors like those videos do well hain
does really well people love characters like alright farming harvest videos it’s
like driving circles and the content that’s like so crazy and so hard to make
something interesting about driving in circles but like that’s the stuff people
love like don’t make a left hand I guess is why people like NASCAR go make
left-hand turns okay you can make right turns well yeah
but in NASCAR you can only make left-hand turns
I mean you can make right-hand turns in NASCAR if you want to but it’s not gonna
end well for you I mean sometimes you do some fields you go up to you always kept
the same to the fields in the same direction usually yeah I mean but you
don’t can every feel the same yeah because like when you’re when you’re
mowing you have to have your mower SP on the left hand side so it’s they’re all
the same yeah they’re always going the same direction
yeah you ready Bailey but actually there is kind of a weird plate sometimes like
depending on how the grass lays down I have noticed like raking one direction
actually it works a little bit better than another I can’t remember which one
it is yeah something so it picks it up a
little bit better Bailey you can kind of go wherever you
want driving in circles and now driving the other direction and seeing which way
picks up better I could go diagonal a corner to corner make it look all pretty a crazy we’re
gonna make designs and do all kinds of cool stuff I don’t know yeah I mean I along with finding you know just the
balance of the new schedule and the new channel and like how much content is too
much contents like yeah trying to find my place within and the gardens because
it’s not that we don’t want that to be there but it’s just trying to squeeze it
and we’re only two people and in all reality like starting the nonprofit like
I got rid of farmers market which freed up some time and like made things a lot
less stressful this summer like it was a different like summer felt different
this year with not farmers market like in a good way but the nonprofit is also
taking it’s taking my time yeah I mean that’s just and we knew that it would
but I kind of just traded like one job for another job so it wasn’t like I have
all this free time but like without farmers market it’s way less stressful
don’t you think I think it’s less stressful I think that you you’re one of
those people though they don’t find things to fill up your time no matter
what you’re doing right and EPP I mean it does as it should like it’s a startup
brand new thing like I have to spend time on it right
Meghan spending way more time than me though she’s working harder not like
office work but she’s just a lot more like detail-oriented and planning and
I’m like that’s part no I don’t know like we just we have different strengths
which is why like I think we’re doing really well hmm it is going well I mean
I’m happy with both the farm store and the nonprofit I have big changes in my
life this year I know right missed some videos okay
where’s her and Ben she’s been out shaking the tree man that’s what she’s
been I did some big changes like have changed we always talk about like we
don’t like things to get stagnant so even though even on the channel like you
see things change occasionally just cuz it’s like okay well you know I’m sick
and tired of the project let’s do something else for a while what are we getting tired of what what
makes us excited yeah very much so yeah we have those conversation
things change it’s like okay now we’re doing live podcasts which I really hope
that you guys are able to jump down in the comments leave comments on this
video let us know what you think about the live podcast if you hate it if you
love it yes you’re right it’s a video podcast I’m excited to like read more
comments because they know like on the different podcast apps and stuff it’s
somewhat difficult to leave I never I can never figure out how to get to like
the reviews like still feel free to do that but it’s it’s hard for us to like
find the new reviews and it’s not like we get an email and they’re like hey you
got a new but now we can now now we get now we have comments which good or bad
I’m sure there’s gonna be down votes I’m sure there’s your thumbs down or
whatever I’m sure there’s gonna be nasty comments there always is but it’s a
different a different Avenue to attack I care the OL luck no but you are told
that you suck every day so it’s not weird and like it I have been told that
I’m bald a lot lately I was in spurts like next time it’ll be your earrings
and then somebody will notice your tattoo yeah but like the Hat thing
because we blew up the Hat and there was like a lot of comments I don’t mean to
be rude but don’t ever take off your hat again cuz you’re bald and it’s like I
rely I’ve had my head my entire life and like I know exactly what’s going on up
there so if you should should get a get a wig one day and just be like fine I
mean if you got some hair transplant company or plug company wanted to
sponsor us and you would do that you’d be a you’d be a sellout oh my gosh could
you imagine that yeah then you get why do you wear at
inside the house yeah right now I do yeah and I don’t unless we’re doing
something like this so and the first and first live string we ever did without my
hat people told me to go put my out so did we do
very first one we did and we were sitting down in the living room and I
didn’t have a hat on at first and people were like Oh put your hat on it is but
they also don’t want to see my head apparently not having hair I know right
it’s weird I don’t I don’t care that doesn’t bother me except for what I have
to read it over and over you know I had to put on my sunglasses oh my gosh the
glare out mister I can’t steal with it I’m not trying to be mean but you suck
you know no no offense but you can go to hell I think I think that like I think a
lot of times what happens is like people don’t think that I read them either cuz
I did reply to water and I was like you don’t I read these I think I was like oh
I’m sorry I was just having fun you know and actually when I get like nasty
comments a lot of times I’ll reply and people will be like oh my god well I you
know I’m all for you and I support you fully you know and all other stuff but
I’m doing just had a bad day I’m sorry I had one guy apologize for being drunk
when he wrote it he told me he was drunk when he wrote his comment because it was
just a horrible comment and then I replied to it and I was like huh you
know I’m sorry you feel that way or something along those lines and then I
got an email from him this and I’m sorry when I would I wrote that email I was
drunk or when I wrote that comment I was drunk and you know I apologize that I’ve
since quit and removed it now it’s just like okay but still oh you’re an asshole if you’re who you are drunk or sober you
know that’s who you is that’s who you be that’s all there is to it alright guys
find what be kind please rewind all right that’s it for VHS from the movie
store and being excited to watch it Friday night and you put it in five
minutes my life got it didn’t take forever
it took so long to rewind movies that they made a separate machine that was
just to rewind the movie remember those remember the rewind errs
yeah at the video store they’d have the rewinder x’ and I remember just being
like yeah we didn’t have one like we weren’t that rich world alright guys
thanks for hanging out with us on our first venture into the video podcast
world if you are listening to this on Ray or old podcast without the you know
podcast vision that’s cool too but via podcast and sometimes on the YouTube I’m
done you too well wherever you’d like to listen to us feel free to leave us a
comment if you’re listening on the anchor app you can leave us a voicemail
which is pretty cool and as we get those we’ll be able to play them right here
and and reply to them and and all that good stuff that’ll be cool don’t you
think Wow act a little bit more excited
where’s your pom-poms man alright you have anything to add before we split all
right I had a tol stripped I had a toaster strudel for dinner thanks guys
have a great we’ll see you next Wednesday on our next podcast we decided
to do it once a week if not then we’ll wait a week and we’ll see you then until
then have a great week and thanks for joining us on beyond the ranch I don’t
know musics not playing either come on music you go off your boots relax and go
beyond the ranch yeah

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