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100 thoughts on “CHEATBREAKER DOWNLOAD (Safe) + COMBO’S ft. Tryhard

  1. What CB Does?
    – Dosen't use supplement CPU/Memory/Connection like "AAL" on Lunar

    – Improuve Gameplay

    – Full moded

    – Improuve FPS

    – Improuve Render Settings (due to higher FPS)

    – Easy to Use

    – One 3 Clicks Install (not like forge)

    – you take less kb comparate to Lunar and you got smoother connection (cause Lunar uses your connection for constant anti-cheat checks)

    -Proof that not virus ( i scanned with many different softwares and 100% clean)

    no strange connection use or cpu use finded on my PC you can trust that leaked version.

    Total Virus Scan :

    – 𝐂𝐁 𝐃𝐨𝐰𝐧𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝 :

  2. Notice how he never uses lunar client because it has a good anti-cheat, instead he uses clients with no or bad anti-cheats. Cringe.

  3. Зиблакинг я скачал этот CheatBreaker и у меня комп сломался спасибо блин!

  4. The file scanned has a size of 0B in the screenshot and is published by Microsoft Corporation. Yeah, not downloading your file.

  5. Real VirusTotal Analyze (.jar file):

  6. cheatbreaker showcase in the beginning of the video
    gets off the cheatbreaker and starts autoclicking in every single fights till the end of the video

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