Celebrity Lovechild Quiz 1 | Barshens

Celebrity Lovechild Quiz 1 | Barshens

Barry, huh? Celebrity love child quiz, oh
yes. Oh yes, I am excited, this is a remake of something I did on the Internet over ten
years ago probably, I did not check basically by using technology I worked out what would
happen if two celebrities had their dna merged and has grown into a baby or effectively they
made love, possibly although it could be 2 men or 2 women who knows, such is the World
of genetics they are all properly famous people that is good I was going to see what sort
of grade of celebrity you are going chuckle brother famous or nobody is as famous as the
chuckle brothers we may have just seen the chuckle brothers, picture on the screen right
now sorry about that it had to be done no quiz just talk about the chuckle brothers
ok quiz starts now. Which two people have formed this beauty that
is the Oscar worthy Leonardo dicaprio correct known as leonard the goat in Italy I do not
know this is the thing with Stuart he is a very intelligent man I do not know if that
is true it is pretty much what it translates to to be honest I think that is two Leonardo
dicaprio�s merged together, would you like another clue, he is only ever seen with another
person postman pat, I don�t know that is such a weird answer I was thinking jess that
cat are they from a movie background I am stumped by this, Dec, it is indeed Declan
Donnelly the cheeky Geordie we are like a poor mans version of ant and dec the poundland
ant and dec, next, oh my goodness that is pat sharp, it is, but who is the other one,
pat sharp in case you did not know was the presenter of a 90�s television quiz called
fun house, whole lot of fun prizes to be won, a real crazy show where anything can go, the
other one is hard see pat sharps legendary hair has helped us are they british would
you say or more international, no it is an international one I am going to go for Ian
McKellen who is British, but he does American accents in some films right it is
Kelsey Grammar I am not doing very well at
this mate, you have time to redeem yourself, he will not. Right next up, that looks like
quite a pretty woman to me that is a pretty lady but this is not helping I am going for
Sharon stone and kate winslett nope, just no, when producer paul said earlier �I think
I see someone in that� he was right, I should have been listening I was too busy in chuckle
brother heaven what did you say Paul who was it, I presumed it was Bruce Lee really, I
do like kung fu films but I do not find bruce lee attractive just putting that out there,
not yet, give it time, that is Sharon stone I am convinced that is Sharon stone I will
show you who that is, that is Kate Winslett, nope that is Gillian Anderson how could you
look at it and still not know I hope you guys are doing better than I am right now, that
is pretty sorry Gillian but that merged with Bruce Lee is pretty now we know barrys type
next. Oh my is this really hard or is it just me, this is tricky, judy dench, no there is
no judy dench in this picture joan Collins Jackie Collins someone with black hair like
that, someone with black hair I will give you that here is one more hint, one of them
reads the news, Moira stewart, correct but the other one is very hard to spot to be honest
Siggourney Weaver it is kate winslett, ok I am going to say now there is no Kate winslett
this is quite hard sometimes you get barack Obama mixed with me or something what a beauty
we would be. Next, Kanye west and judy dench you can see it that is astonishing did you
see the laptop mrs barry makes me watch the kardashians religiously and he has been in
it recently because of his relationship with kim. And Judy dench who was a guest on the
last one yes this was a tactic Judy dench all the way eventually it will be alright
is that it done, is that five or four I hope it is five, this is one for the audience there
is no answer we will give in this video but can you guess the two beautiful people merged
in this photo and any suggestions you have for the I nearly said love making quiz then
which is another content idea, told you Barry we cannot do that, um.
Come on mate nobody is watching you better give me a hint, Kate Winslett and Judy Dench.
When does the quiz start then, I am ready hello, hello, I am good at quizzes.

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  1. 5:30 why would you make me look at this with my own four eyes that I grew myself

    also its quite obviously biebs and barry

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