Carmilla S3 | Final Podcast | Transmission from the Pit

Carmilla S3 | Final Podcast | Transmission from the Pit

Phew! Feels kind of weird to broadcast in the open air! But, uh, I dunno. After spending weeks making these podcasts, I felt… …it was only fitting to put a cap on our summer. I mean, these recordings helped me get through the hell I was in. and I guess also, I wanted to say thank you to the Summer Society chapters who sent medical aid, and came to help transport the injured students from the pit I’m…sorry I hurled invective at you. […] Repeatedly. I guess you could think of this as a recap, for anyone who’s still stuck in the airport on account of being unable to land or leave due to the pitch blackness or the mob of harpies on the tarmac sorry about that [laughs] probably our fault for digging a literal gateway to hell within 50 kilometers of the Graz airport! Seriously… thank you for coming. Thank you for hearing my calls for help…eventually. [sound of footsteps getting closer] I do appreciate it. [Semirah walks in] Mel! Finally! We’re out! Oh! Semirah! [with Sarah Manning accent] So good to see you. [they hug] Mmmm. You smell so good. Well, you don’t. [laughs] [laughs] You’re an asshole! [blows a kiss] Oh – are you…broadcasting? Uh – yeah. I felt like this all just needed a coda. I wanted to inform the world about all the craziness we just witnessed. Alright. See you later, Mel! [Semirah walks off, birds are chirping. Can you believe they’re outside!] I dunno. In coming to Silas University, I guess I thought I was fulfilling my dream of ascending into the ranks of the Summer Society But – Now I know… It’s not so much about having power, so much as it is about what you DO with power. Kirsch and I witnessed nothing less than a miracle today, sisters. I saw Laura Hollis stand up and allow herself to be killed – all to save our oppressor. Without hesitation. Without doubt – it was… …It was incredible. But this is university! We’re here to learn to be functioning adults, not how to sacrifice ourselves to save the world! …we’re not here to die! So now, Laura’s out there. With her friends…with her father, with her…saber-toothed girlfriend She saved a god’s life today by ending her own. [chuckle] What’d you do with your Friday? I can’t get that image out of my head! Laura, just… …lying there. dead. To borrow a metaphor that she’d appreciate, it’s like Lois Lane died instead of Superman and they still did that iconic moment at the end of the comics. I mean – not that I read them, mind you. Kirsch was actually the one who was like, [In Kirsch voice] Dude! It’s like the Death of Superman, but like backwards! I googled it when I got out of the Pit And, yes! Wifi persisted through an Almost Apocalypse! I gotta hand it to modern technology. Oh. And it turns out it was Lawrence who saved Kirsch’s life! She couldn’t go through with the murder thing even as a blood sucker.. [someone running towards Mel] [it’s our tiny gay!] MEL! There you are! We’ve been looking everywhere for you! Hey! Oh. Hey! So… You died, huh? Yeah. Funny how these things don’t take sometimes. [Carmilla mumbles away from recorder.] [chuckle] Yeah. I wanted to come and say thank you for everything you did down there. Kirsch told me you even tried to save him. That can’t have been easy for you! …We left you down there. Yeah, you did. That wasn’t right. I’m sorry. it’s okay. …but I won’t be doing any saving again. I got beaten to noble gesture punch by a ginger giant with no pulse and a crippling conscience Story of my life, really. [helicopter whirring coming closer] Habits are permanent. Even after death, I guess. [helicopter whirring] Tell me about it! [IT’S SHERMAN!] Hey sweetie! Dad! Hey Sweetie! I convinced the
Österreichisches Bundesheer to lend me a helicopter! And Emergency Response Teams! Since the world isn’t ending, we can go for Ice Cream! And Tetanus Shots! [running towards helicopter] See you guys later! Off they go… you know… Laura Hollis is the sort of idiot I can see myself getting along with if the circumstances had been different. I dunno… Under all that Lois Lane zeal, there’s… something there. Potential Summer Material, maybe? Hmmmm….maybe not. Mel out. [Elsie walks towards Mel. In a seductive voice] Hey, Mel. Do you wanna go get dinner? *wink* Oh! Hello. [giggle] Yeah…I could eat. 😉 [birds. Still chirping.] [dun dun dun dun]

16 thoughts on “Carmilla S3 | Final Podcast | Transmission from the Pit

  1. I love how Nicole Stamp's diction is so neat that even the automatic subtitles are nearly perfect.
    Thanks for those podcasts !

    Edit : We really need Mel's sass on shirts.

  2. heeeeeeeeeey sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat! i actually missed these transmissions when i watched season 3. guys, next time don't put them in a different playlist. dummies like me usually think the entire content is in one section only. xD

  3. can i just say, thank you to whoever did the subtitling on this series and all the Carmilla seasons and everything in general. they are so, so good and add such a new depth of humor and relatableness

    "[it's our tiny gay!]" when laura appears is just so good
    "Yeah….I could eat. ;)" i bet it's not food she'll be eating ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) my tiny gay heart cant help but love the characters and how utterly believable and real they feel <3 thank you guys for making this series

  4. What did you do with your Friday? – absolutely nothing, but I spent my Sunday binge listening to these podcasts

  5. Is there any chance? to have Carmilla Finale were Laura will become vampire coz Carmilla need laura to stay alive and she leave her no choice but to bite laura and become like her. And now they are in the survival mode coz Carm mother wanted to kill laura coz carm break the rules. Something like that., but the end of the story, people accept them specially carm Family to accept laura. Love wins you know #Kinda stories like that 😉 but that's impossible to have finale hhmm 😏

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