Carl Jung – What are the Archetypes?

Carl Jung – What are the Archetypes?

Is the mind of a newborn a blank slate? Awaiting stimuli and input from the world to obtain structure and form or does it have a preformed structure which influences how we experience the world? This question has long interested psychologists and philosophers alike Carl Jung ,the 20th century psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, believed the latter to be the case. There exists, according to Jung, identical psychic structures common to all which are heritable and influenced the way all humans experience the world Jung called these structures archetypes and in this video we will provide a detailed introduction to archetypes explaining what they are how they influence our lives their relationship to symbols and Jung’s ideas on the connection between religious experiences and the archetypes Carl Jung, in addition to being a practicing psychiatrist, was one of the foremost experts on the study of religious and mythological Symbology. It was work in both these fields that led him to the discovery of the archetypes in Studying the myths and religions of cultures past and present Jung noticed that many of them shared similar patterns themes and symbols this was interesting in its own right but what further piqued Jung’s curiosity was that some of these same themes and symbols arose in the dreams and fantasies of patients who suffered from schizophrenia What could account for such similarities? Jung proposed that the human mind, or psyche, is not exclusively the product of personal experience But rather contains elements which are pre-personal or trans-personal and common to all? These elements he called the archetypes and, he proposed, that it is their influence on human thought and behavior that gives rise to the similarities between the various myths and religions To properly understand the role of the archetypes we must first explain Jung’s conception of the psyche. Jung described the psyche as one’s total personality Encompassing all one’s thoughts behaviors feelings and emotions Jung divided the psyche into three major realms consciousness the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious These three realms are not closed off from one another but constantly interact in a compensatory manner The conscious realm is simply one field of awareness consisting of those psychic contents that one has knowledge of in other words any experience that enters one’s field of awareness takes on the quality of consciousness The conscious realm of the psyche while extremely important in its own right is according to Jung dwarfed in scope by the unconscious realm the unconscious consists of those psychic contents which one is unaware of and Jung divided it into two main parts, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious the personal unconscious as the name suggests is particular to each individual it consists of events of one’s life that are deemed insignificant are forgotten or are repressed due to their distressing nature. In addition to the personal unconscious there is a deeper and more fundamental realm of the unconscious which Jung called the collective unconscious The collective unconscious consists of psychic structures or cognitive categories which are not unique to the individual but rather shared by all Influencing our thoughts behaviors and the way we look at the world in other words the collective unconscious is home to the archetypes, as Jung put it. From the unconscious there emanate determining influences which independently of tradition guarantee in every single individual a similarity and even a sameness of experience and also of the way it is represented imaginatively Jung’s student Eric Newman used the analogy of physical organs to help illuminate the concept of the archetypes Just as a body is structured by organs which are largely formed prior to birth so the mind possesses psychic organs which structure it i.e. the archetypes Furthermore just add the physical organs in most cases operate without one conscious awareness so do the archetypes and most importantly just as adequately functioning physical organs are essential for a healthy body, a healthy mind is reliant on the proper functioning of the archetypes as Newman explains The Archetypal structural elements of the site we are psychic organs upon who’s functioning the well-being of the individual depends and whose injury has disastrous consequences an important difference between the physical organs and the archetypes is That while physical organs can be directly observed with the senses the archetypes cannot The existence of archetypes is revealed by the arrangements they produce in consciousness namely through the manifestation of symbolic imagery it is only through the Interpretation of the symbols manifested by the archetypes that one can gain an understanding of the archetypal pattern of the human mind Edward Ettinger in his work ego and archetype provides an explanation of what a symbol is with respect to Jungian psychology By contrasting it to a sign. A sign is a token of meaning that stands for a known entity by this definition Language is a system of signs not symbols a symbol on the other hand is an image or representation which points to something essentially unknown — a mystery. A sign communicates abstract objective meaning whereas a symbol conveys living a subjective meaning While signs by this definition point to definite things which exist in the world symbols do not stand for things which exist in the physical world but rather point to the existence of unknown elements of the psyche or patterns of the unconscious as Jung put it Whenever we speak of symbolic contents we move in a world of images that point to something ineffable We do not know how clear or unclear these images, metaphors and concepts are in respect of their transcendental object however there is no doubt that there is something behind these images that Transcends consciousness and operates in such a way that the statements do not vary limitlessly and chaotically but clearly all relate to a few basic principles or archetypes It is important to point out that the archetypes do not manifest the exact same set of symbolic images for each person. Rather the Archetypes provide the structure not the specific form of the symbolic image the specific form the images take differ from culture to culture and even individually. However as Jung stated in the past just quoted the symbolic nanifestation of the Archetypes do not vary limitlessly and chaotically Therefore as one takes note of and reflects on the symbols as they are manifested in consciousness Knowledge of the Archetypal structure of the mind can be obtained Eric Newman describes the role of the symbol and producing knowledge of the archetypes in the following way The form of representation peculiar to the unconscious is not that of the conscious mind It neither attempts nor is able to seize hold of and Define its objects in a series of discursive explanations and reduce them to clarity by logical analysis The way of the unconscious is different Symbols gather round the thing to be explained understood interpreted the act of becoming conscious consists in the concentric groupings of symbols around the object, all circumscribing and describing the unknown from many sides Each symbol lays there another essential side of the object to be grasped points to another facet of meaning only the canon of these symbols congregating about the center in question the Coherent symbol group can lead to an understanding of what the symbols point to and of what they are trying to express. To provide an example of the types of symbols which are manifested by the archetypes. We will look at the archetype Jung called of the self The self is the central archetype and its role is in unifying the other archetypal structures of the psyche according to jung the importance of the self archetype coincides with the fact that it is the source of many of the symbols found in religions and myths Edward Edinger in ego and archetype reveals the wide array of symbols manifested by the self the self is expressed by certain typical symbolic images called Mandalas All images that emphasize a circle with a center and usually with the additional feature of a square cross Or some other representation of quod charity fall into this category There are also a number of other associated themes and images that refer to the self Such themes as wholeness totality the Union of opposites the Central Generative point, the world Navel. the axis of the universe, the elixir of life all refer to the self the Central source of life energy the fountain of our being which is most simply described as God Indeed the richest sources of the phenomenological study of the self are in the innumerable representations that man has made of the deity What is interesting to realize is that Jung believe the various? representations of deities and myths and religions both past and present were at root symbolic manifestations of the self Archetype however Jung did not in any way mean this as a reduction of god to a product of man’s mind rather as he wrote This is certainly not to say that what we call the unconscious is identical with God or a setup in his place it is simply the medium from which religious experience seems to flow as To what the further cause of such experience may be the answer to this question lies Beyond the range of human knowledge Knowledge of God is a transcendental problem Throughout Jung’s life he struggled with the question as to what the ultimate source of the archetypes was. At times he suggested there arose in an evolutionary manner and were subject to change over long periods of time The following passage reflects this view: Man possesses many things which he has never acquired, but has inherited from his ancestors He is not born as a tabula Rasa He is merely born unconscious but he brings with him systems that are organized and ready to function in a specifically human way. In these he owes to millions of years of human development However, Jung also had sympathy with the idea that the archetypes may be similar to the platonic forms Existing as a type of immutable transcendental entity as a Jung wrote at one point whether this psychic structure and its elements the archetypes ever originated at all is a metaphysical question and therefore unanswerable Whatever their ultimate source jung believed that the archetypes play an immense role in the lives of all individuals by becoming increasingly aware of the archetypal patterns through the symbols they manifest in the psyche the individual experiences an expansion of consciousness Such an expansion Jung believed was of paramount importance for as he put it Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious Neither should he persist in his unconsciousness nor remain identical with the unconscious elements of his being Thus evading his destiny. Which is to create more and more consciousness as Far as we can discern the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being

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  2. NOTE HOW this and most videos never go into the specific archetypes themselves. That's because the knowledge of the hidden is contained within their mandala.

  3. The Book is very symbolic, 11:38 The darkness of ignorance is faster than the kindled light of knowledge

  4. I should be easy to prove (or disprove) the existence of the archetypes-just show them to random groups of people, and record their reactions (thoughts, expressions, words). Has this been done? otherwise, we are just speculating and not performing science.

  5. There are 12 main archetypes. This can be observed within many religious structures like the 12 tribes of Judah or the 12 disciples of Jesus. Or the 12 main Greek gods. Also, one version we are all most likely familiar with is astrology and the 12 zodiac signs. These are the basic and most universally understood version of what the 12 archetypes of reality would be. Except people take them literally when they are only a metaphor, or an example, they are not concrete, but they are our best representation if you want to understand the archetypes and understand your personal experience a little better. It's not white girly mumbo jumbo but pop culture has made it seem that way because people take it a little too seriously or they blame their behavior on their zodiac. The zodiacs are a great tool for understanding our collective unconscious if one goes into their study understanding the implications are a point in the right direction.

  6. I love this channel, the ideas from your videos have influenced my mindset in a positive way. Thanks for all your work

  7. This is so strange for I remember when I used to draw mandalas, despite me not being Christian, that I would always have images of Jesus at the focal point of the mandala and the rest of the patterns surrounding it being the universe

  8. By "all" he only understood the white race or those that have link to them through genetics, so the "all" for him isn't any other race, so he is speaking of whites, not other races.

    The archetypes for other races are probably different, thus will not be the same, nor have anything close to the same meanings.

    And it's not the same as the meaning of the symbols, but the very grounds of their understandings.

  9. Possibly the worst explanation of the archetypes I have yet heard. The passages and exerpts are correct but do very little to explain the obvious. Yung wanted our experiences to be sensational. This was not.

  10. They're not a blank slate. That's an inappropriate assumption. I have memories relating to early childhood about, "Why can't I hold my head up?" Further still, we're capable of breaking out of these archetypes through direct intention and inner work.

  11. What a bunch of bullshit, what happens when one has to much free time to think about thinking while not thinking.

  12. I wonder how many generations of academics can be convinced that the vague blatherings of this one guy's overactive and unchecked imagination are actually profound, and that the reason they sound vague and make little sense isn't because they're vague and make little sense, it's that they are just really really deep. Seriously, how many more decades of wasting time on this? Everything it purports to explain is either an invented problem or explained better by actual empirically-justified, well-defined ideas.

  13. Jung, an atheist, negated the soul.  He states that the psyche is a personal and collective consciousness and unconsciousness of the mind.  The ancient Greek word for psyche is the soul.  That's why people like Jung were an introduction to the destruction of the Living Word.

  14. I apologize for being coarse but the narrator’s voice is irritating, his voice is quite nasal. It makes the video unwatchable. I know I’m rude for saying this, pls forgive me.

  15. Archetypes are part of our anchestors survival ja reproducing mechanism. Just watch JRE clip called the science of hotness vs beauty. Then think about female archetypes.

  16. I learn; you learn. I come into Truth, so do you. As above, so below. God (source) is IN US. If someone “gets it” God is in them. (Italicized)

    If they reject you; it’s not “you” they reject; however it is God they reject. The darkness doesn’t want the light which is Truth in and of itself: sovereign; outside of “time”. Time is “Babylon” (an archetype) think about it people

  17. Complete far fetched bullcrap. Looking for metaphysical answers keeps a whole fleet of people in a job. Self fulfilling prophecy.

  18. This narrator certainly said a mouthful!Jung was ahead of his time in his observations and his wisdom is eternal,folks would do well by paying attention to this man…

  19. This little video just explained my struggles to believe in God and yet I actually hunger for that very belief that eludes me

  20. As always loved your videos as it introduces the viewer to new and different ideas from famous and unknown people. Keep it up.

  21. Hey I’m trying to deeply study psychology and expand on different theories but in order to do this I need to therapy different people in different difficult situations or bounce ideas with someone who has a lot of understanding on how people think and themselves have cognitive thinking 🤔

  22. What is a psychic structure? Defining terms is critical. Can’t go forward without understanding the basic premise of the argument.

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    intelligence and love have been intertwined here perfectly

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  25. If you watsch Advertising it gos in your unconscious,and they Know it!The Reader is very Boring!He is a Reader not a Thinker!

  26. Archetypes include perceiving accurately the WTC Mega Ritual.
    Some signs can be symbols depending on context. A cow. A snake. Thimk

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  28. “The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being” -Jung. We as humans have a call as explorers of the unconscious for it is as vast as the universe itself, we contain within ourselves the symbols and representations of the whole universe, archetypes are a language that convey the meaning of the unfathomable. The universe, the source or "God", call it whatever you want is not governed by the same logical structures as our conscious mind is, neither our unconscious mind; things such as time, space, morals, good or bad. Let's use our logic and concepts not to mutilate our understanding of the whole but as Neumann said to try to "connect the dots", the symbols that surround the things that are too big for our mind and language to convey, but are still so fundamental for our development as individuals and as a collective.

  29. Great content but i got bored and scrolled through facebook on my phone halfway through. A for effort though

  30. in the bible the spirits from my understanding are these archetypes or personas. so the holy spirit is the good loving pure persona archetype and mindset. the shadow self are things that lay waste to creation. but there are many spirits personalities people can adhere themselves into. from my perception its like the self is the king and the personalities are like members of the court all taking turns talking. the spirits you let in or imagine character study and attempt to emulate slowly become part if ones nature. some spirits people dont study. but some personalities they keep. so if you go to a party who you let yourself be, the jokester, the party animal, the educated, the silent shy type, edgy cool type. the exploratory type. the tired looking for beer to wind down type, and many many more types and mixtures of types. its best to study these spirits find out what is bad and what is good. take the good incorporate them and remove the bad or recognize the bad destructive behaviors and avoid them, or recognize that certain spirits lead to bad reactions that you fall into and adapt these because you are aware of the shadow self realize this behavior might only have a small purpose for a very small circumstance. but other wise should be avoided and another spirit practiced to avoid doing something stupid. its an adaptation that can save lots of trouble.

  31. It is the genetic make up of the "white" brains matter, called Asterium producing the sensual (Photon/Phonon) Reality
    for the Neurons as a superposition of an electron to "switch". We share this white sonoluminescent Matter from the very beginning, even with all animals . The Universal Mind at quantum state – What Jung found out was far more important
    than widespread known and aknowledged. …….OM

  32. A wise man once said that we exist in 3 levels: conscious, sub conscious and super conscious. The spirit is life, the mind is the builder and the physical is the result – Edgar cayce

  33. This is the most clear and concise explanation of Jung I’ve heard. Well done! This explanation is definitely going to help me in this mythology project. Thank you.

  34. Who I think is amazing in my opinion as a compassionate human and spiritual genius is Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

    Worth looking into.

  35. If so many people are willing to believe in a deity or deities (which one is completely unimportant) …then the concept of God or God's are as close as we can have, a proof of archetypes and the collective unconscious.

  36. I am reminded of the "Fire Sign Theatre" comic dialogue between a missionary and a Native American.
    Missionary: "On your knees now, lads. Do you know what I'm holding in my hand?"
    N.A: "It's a cross, the symbol of the division of the Earth into active and passive forces."
    Missionary: "Ah, God have mercy on your heathen souls!"

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  38. At 9:46 you added the word "question" to a quote where that word wasn't writeen. Just saying 🙂 Nice video btw!

  39. If you came here because you wanted to know "what are the archetypes" don't bother, during the entire nearly 12 minutes of talking he only lists one; the self.

  40. the symbols orbiting the archetype remind me of an electron cloud surrounding the nucleus of an atom.. the idea that our psychological processes operate by the same laws and functions of the physical universe that enabled the coalescing of star dust and the formation of celestial bodies to revolve around stars to ultimately create solar systems and galaxies…..the similarities our own biological processes share to the natural processes of the universe is uncanny. shits really crazy out here bruh

  41. I don't believe we are born as a blank slate. There are some that believe that we all inherit certain traits from our parents. Not just the physical but mental as well. However, Its not until we start to interact with the world around us that we start to develop some of our own individual characteristics that distinguish us from everyone else.

  42. This is wrong people who have spent years in isolation and had nothing of the human conditioning and have not had any touch with civilizations such as wolf children had also had dreams and they were full of fantastical figures just like described here however they did not depend on a previous knowledge of a previous history of the human race or even the antique time's, let's call it memes, such as represented here from Jung

  43. We all have similar brains, it’s obvious we come to similar conclusions or dream formats, it doesn’t mean we’re not blank slates

  44. Carl Jung mixes, and confuses Psychology, with 19th Century Philosophical ranting. Philosophers rattle on and on in their attempts to explain human behavior, and human happiness, and suffering. This reached it's peak in the 19th Century, only to be replaced by the new sciences of Psychology, and Behaviorism. Only SCIENCE can clearly describe the Human Condition. Most philosophical rants are gibberish, and actually offer up little or no meaningful understanding of what it means to be human.

  45. We know a lot about consciousness, we know nothing about how the unconscious connects with the self. Nor what it exactly is. That's why we cannot fix the damage that is done to a sick brain.
    Our science is obsessed with studying what can be seen and totally ignores studying forces structures and the unseen.
    We must learn that everything is connected with everything else. That all is relative perspective experienced through duality

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