Carl Jung and the Psychology of the Man-Child

Carl Jung and the Psychology of the Man-Child

man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore maria luiza von Franz a Swiss psychologist noticed a disturbing trend in the mid 20th century many men and women who were well into their adult years remained psychologically stunted in their maturation they occupied the bodies of adults but their mental development failed to keep pace von Franz saw this as such a pressing issue that in 1959 she gave a series of lectures on the psychology of the Pury Ternes which is Latin for eternal child while originally this term was used in mythology to refer to a child God who remains forever young her teacher Carl Jung had adopted the term for psychological purposes to describe the individual who like Peter Pan fails to grow up in one of her lectures von Franz describes the Puri turnus as the individual who remains too long in adolescent psychology that is all those characteristics that are normal in a youth of seventeen or eighteen are continued into later life coupled in most cases with two greater dependence on the mother von Franz predicted that in the coming decades what she called the problem of the pure eat Ernests which spread across the world and affect more and more individuals her predictions have proven remarkably accurate especially among the male population of the Western world many young men are struggling academically socially spiritually financially and sexually they are living at home into their late 20s and 30s choosing to remain in the comforting confines of their parents care rather than testing the unknown waters of independence instead of striving to create something of themselves many prefer the familiar and comfortable virtual worlds of Internet pornography and video games they are passive Wanderers in life with no path or purpose save the pursuit of momentary pleasure to ease their suffering based on the scope of this problem it would not be far-fetched to claim that the problem of the pure eet Ernests is the primary neurosis of the modern age the purpose of this course is to provide an antidote to those who suffer from this problem to do this we are going to provide an in-depth psychological analysis of the pure heat Ernests and building on insights from Carl Jung søren kierkegaard von Franz and others provide practical advice on how to commence on a more responsible enriching successful and independent life path before we examine the psychology of the pure eat earnest it is necessary to take note of the conditions which have given rise to the social problem and toward this end we must discuss how a strong mother complex stunts the maturation of many today for his von Franz notes a man who has a mother complex will always have to contend with his tendencies toward becoming a pure heat Ernest throughout our evolutionary history the mother and father have assumed different parental roles mother’s have always interacted with their children more than fathers they maintained more physical contact and are more nurturing comforting and empathetic to the physical and emotional pains and needs of the child this extremely intimate and close relationship with the mother figure creates in the child a lasting emotional mark or a highly resistant psychological bond psychologists call a mother complex the child’s experience of the mother writes James Hollis is internalized as a complex an emotionally charged cluster of energy beyond the control of the ego fathers do not create the same bond of dependency with a child instead their role has traditionally been to provide the developing child with resources and protection but just as importantly with guidance more specifically the role of the father has been to help the child break free from their bond of dependency with the mother and so helped him emerge into the world as an independent and functional adult in most cultures throughout history individuals transitioned from adolescence to adulthood with the help of initiatory rites of passage the primary goal of all initiatory rites of passage cross-culturally was to separate the youth from his mother first physically and then psychologically these rites were performed shortly after the onset of puberty and were instituted solely by the elder males of the tribe the cultural father’s women were generally banned from observing or participating in these rituals a typical rite of passage as explained by mucha a leotta in his book right sans symbols of initiation proceeded as follows in the middle of the night the cultural fathers of the tribe dressed as gods or demons which snatched the youth from his bed this was the last time the youth would see his mother sometimes for months the youth would be taken to a deep cave buried alive or else plunged into some other sort of literal or symbolic darkness the stage represented the symbolic death of the youths childhood the loss of paradise and the joys of irresponsibility it was meant to convey to the youth the message you can’t go home again following the symbolic death of childhood a ceremony of rebirth would be performed marking the young adults transformation to a more mature state of being he was subsequently taught by the elders the wisdom and knowledge of the tribe and then sent off into the wilderness where he would spend many months alone struggling for his survival upon his successful return he was welcomed back into the tribe as an adult member the youth from that point on was expected to have overcome his mother complex immaturity and dependency were no longer acceptable given the intensity and sometimes violent nature of these initiation processes it appears as if our ancestors understood that separating a young boy from his mother was a monumental task requiring deliberate measures in the West today there is no equivalent for these rites of passage it has often been said notes mere chat le ADA that one of the characteristics of the modern world is the disappearance of any meaningful rites of initiation lacking cultural father’s and rites of initiation the youth today must turn to their personal father to provide them with initiation into adulthood but unfortunately not all fathers can supply their children with this guidance for to do so the father must be strong and independent himself and emotionally present in the child’s life he must be able to show by example that there is something worth seeking and struggling for in this world for to successfully encourage a young man to break from the comforts of childhood he needs to be convinced there is somewhere worth going sons also need to watch their father in the world writes James Hollis they need him to show them how to be in the world how to work how to bounce back from adversity they need the activation of their inherent masculinity both by modeling and by direct affirmation in his book finding our fathers Sam Osher incites an expansive study in which only 17% of American men reported having a positive relationship with their father during their youth in most cases the father was physically or emotionally absent reflecting on this statistic the psychotherapist James Hollis writes if this amazing statistic is even close to the truth something large and tragic has happened to one of the critical balances of nature a disruption and a critical balance of human nature is exactly what has happened we live in the epoch of the absent father and many suffer greatly as a result young men are expected to leave the comforts of home to overcome their mother complex and to sculpt a life worth living all without the psychological support of a father is it any wonder that the problem of the pure eat ernest is so prominent in our time but the effects of an absent father are worsened by the impact this situation has on the mother for it produces a situation where firstly the mother tends to become more authoritative in her parenting to compensate for the lack of a masculine figure in the child’s life and secondly a failure on the part of the father to provide the mother with a love and support creates in her an emotional hunger which he attempts to satiate through her relationship with her child this situation creates the perfect storm whereby the mother becomes what unions call a devouring mother she over protects and smothers her child and becomes involved in every aspect of his life it is often the case that such a mother despite having the best intentions unconsciously manipulates her child into remaining dependent on her well into adulthood and it is often the case that the child willingly complies behold the secret conspiracy between mother and son Wright’s young and how each helps the other to betray life a child brought up in this manner and thus never granted the opportunity to venture out on his own to stand up for himself to fail and fix his own mistakes or to make decisions for himself will develop into an adult crippled in his capacity to endure and overcome the inevitable challenges and struggles of life the healthy desire to adapt himself to reality in to individuate both of which entail fear pain and conflict will be replaced by his need remain bounded to his mother whether it be his personal mother or a symbolic substitute in the world if he does not remain dependent on his biological mother he may desperately seek to find in other women in nurturing replacement or else lose himself in the comforting embrace of an addiction in other words when a child emerges into adulthood with a strong mother complex he will not seek to develop his independence and evolve his consciousness but rather will be possessed by what Jung called the spirit of regression which threatens us with bondage to the mother and with the dissolution and extinction in the unconscious he will find himself in the service of sleep and not the battle of life he hopes to be caught sucked in enveloped and devoured Wright’s young he seeks as it were the protecting nourishing charmed circle of the mother the condition of the infant released from every care no wonder that the real world vanishes from sight in the next video we’ll provide an in-depth analysis of the psychology of the Puri turnus following this we’ll explore how the pure can overcome his problems in order to lead a more independent and fulfilling life you

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  2. I tend to throw much of the blame on churches teaching the Flavian doctrine of the new testament like " turn the other cheek, and love your enemies " and the placing women over men and thus devaluing the male as we should be the protecter and provider as well as the main guide for the children to get through life. I have witnessed so many men young and old men and boys suffering from these and many more doctrines, and causing them to fall into a state of constant confusion as to what their role is as a man. One of the main causes for this is the female so called pastors that totally emasculate men at every turn to control them and teach other women to do the same using the tool of religion. It sickens me to be around them, and the term watch my back doesn't play into their realm of reality as mine. I was abandoned by my mother at the age of 11, and forced to live with an abusive alcoholic father who would beat me routinely until I moved out at 18. I spent most of my childhood on the streets of NYC from the age of 13 by using the train to get there from New Jersey just a half hour ride. I was diagnosed with a mild form of Aspergers and ADD and never did well in the government schools that said I was retarded and unable to focus on their indoctrination attempts. I would play hooky and either spend the day in the library getting the education I needed that the schools weren't giving ma and also roamed the streets to get the social aspect of real life I would need and benefit from later on. Being a super firstborn without mom to shape me into a mangina, white knight, soy boy, pussy cry baby etc….instead I learned the tough realities I needed to survive and dance on the problems that my peers would be burdened by and in some cases over whelmed because of a lack of common sense and logic, but look back to mommy's guidance instead. I have made plenty of bad choices to be honest, but I have had so many adventures that people after hearing of them have told me I should write a book about them. I believe everyone is a living book to be read by others and the young as a guide to life in what to do and what not to do. At 68 now I'm so lazy, the book probably won't happen but my mentoring any young folks I find much delight in doing so. Your videos are my new addiction and I will try to support your work, but I am on SSI disability $ and don't have that much, but what I can hope won't be an insult to you. Thanx once again for your work.

  3. I'll start by saying that Psychology is not a science, it's paved by using morals("healthy law abiding human behavior") as a sort of measuring tool for different behaviors that are observed.
    Basically something coming from opinions is STILL an opinion.
    I'll explain, good and bad are based off of what we believe not by what actually is; an example being good and evil which come from a duality brought by morals.
    Now that that's out of the way.
    This video seems to be bashing on gamers, otakus and geeks.

    What if we are in college/uni?
    What if we have fun(outside) while still being gamers and otakus?
    You do know it's hard for a graduate to even get a job don't you?

    My description of a man-child is far different from yours.
    A man-child is a man who constantly puts temper tantrums whenever he doesn't get his way or is too blind to accept the truth that others try to share.
    Another one is that they think that they are always right even when they are not.

    There is no need to belittle anyone just because your perception of life is different from another's.

    All the other people here cracking jokes are not off the hook either, it may be harmless banter to you but others will likely find it insulting.

    It's like saying, I'm not trying to be offensive but I'll be saying something offensive jokingly.

  4. Initiation was easier when family farms were common. Young men would work all day with the elders. If there is a father at home, and he 'goes off to work', there is no lesson learned.

  5. That’s how the elite want it. Not as smart as I thought these philosophers. First the father was taken and now the mother is being lost to the workplace. The family is becoming no more. They want children in the school systems sooner so they can be indoctrinated sooner. Don’t get me started on same sex parents

  6. Rights of initiation rituals are still performed but under outside groups. I know certain gangs and the proud boys perform this

  7. I bet this guy sucks at Call of Duty. LOOOOSEEER YOU'RE A LOOOSER, LOOOOSER, loser…loser..lo… *cries maniacally*

  8. Like black Adam would say: "l did not spent 5,000 years traveling into infinite void of space to be thwarted by some man-child"

  9. i have been aware, to a certain degree, of this parent attatchment thing being talked about here, for X amount of time, AND from time to time, that awareness will fluctuate, amplify, necessitate and monetize, certain OTHER ideas and impulses, but, the fact that i have self control, makes a behavioral screen through which my self, my ego and all the rest of me, can act, or, NOT act.

  10. Well, that was pretty open ended. We will always be bound to our parents, whether we like it or not, but we shall never be afraid to express our own wishes to them or anyone else in the world. Really what these complexes come down to is just a lack of courage to show individuality and a tendency to follow the herd or our supposed role models.

  11. Someone (JBP?) must be promoting this video for it to have so many hits.

    Not that it's not well worth it!

  12. Wow. Suddenly I don’t regret the way I grew up. I would probably be a man child because this society is screwed up

  13. This is pretty much me(though I’m a female). The part that makes me extra mad is that I feel it wasn’t entirely my choosing. My family likes to keep me juvenile and I’m not the only case of that and it terrifies me and I want nothing more than freedom from this bondage!

  14. This is almost my experience exactly, except my mother did not have a chance to become a devouring mother. I moved out at 17 because my stepfather was a tyrant and not a good man. This actually caused a psychological schism between my mother and I that has lasted to this day. Meaning, that I am still waiting (at age 46) for my mother to FINISH raising me to adulthood, and she (through her lack of communication and emotional bond) shows me that she wants nothing to do with me because I think she feels I betrayed her by leaving when I was 17. I feel stuck and regressed and have NO father influencers in my life to help me or hold me accountable. And rightly so, for who wants to deal with a non-maturing man-child?

  15. This is the best channel on the Internet. This is pure mental gold. I want to cry at the amount of views, needs more, if I had the money I would invest, only channel I felt this way about.

  16. You need to get a new narrator. Your current narrator's voice is annoying and childish. Get fucking James Earl Jones to narrate your shit.

  17. Put an ad in the end of the video, ill fucking watch it, let yt pay you for part 2, not me 🙂 (I make -200$/mnth)

  18. funny this brought to mind how many childrens movies, perhaps the older movies? start with the seperation of the child character with its parent: Bambi, Dumbo, Simba Pinocchio, cinderella, the list goes on….

  19. The mothers main role is to nurture and teach their children morals, one ot those morals is how to treat the opposite sex in a loving relationship and up to a certain age the father should start taking his son to work with him not every day at first but gradually creating a father son bond spending as much time as possible. Our society has become anti family and making it hard on kids to find their way in life when they grow up.

  20. Firstly, great video. Tough to watch if you're honest with yourself and willing to accept some realities. I'm 24 and struggling to come to terms with what I''ll do after graduation – which has been affecting my mental health and performance.

    I kind of fall into this category, but I left home at 18 as an international student in a foreign country. I've worked park-time and volunteered (not allowed to work full time because of study permit) but still mostly need financial support from my parents for education. When I was growing up, I was a 3rd culture kid: A foreigner living in another country with my parents because of their work so I couldn't work there either, although did extracurriculars to keep myself busy and had a social life. I became dependant through circumstance and getting towards the end of my education I fear for myself not being able to deal with the stress. I have worked and earned somewhat of an income and living in another country having to cook, clean and look after myself is already a lot of the work done.

    I'd say living abroad through some sort of program is definitely a good way to learn some skills for being independent for anyone who feels like they're stuck at home – maybe go volunteer somewhere at some kind of relief or I've heard of these youth camps for like team and personality building – looking inside yourself all that spiritual psychological jazz.

    Won't go into interpersonal relationships, but come from a background with strong emphasis on family values – have problems, but of course who doesn't? Although, nothing extreme as in the Jungian case.

  21. This can also apply to the masculine energy within women too, can't it? On that note, it would be wonderful to see a post on the bond between Girls and their Mum's (and father's), the dynamics are surely different. First of all, there is the intuitive bond of motherhood and secondly, preparing us for independance is different, because women have been expected to be groomed into carers on the man, their children and homes. They also have to contend with the dangers of assault and degradation under the domination of man. Not that it's always this way, but in certain cultures, it's certainly still a deeply ingrained way of life. I am curious to see what your perspective is, from what you've learnt from the great minds of the past and present.

  22. As much as I am pro capitalism, I realize that this tendency has been capitalized on since at least the 50's to the extreme where it has shaped our entire culture. From Hollywood to bubblegum commercials, everything revolves around avoiding responsibility at all cost. As if even the thought of a duty or obligation was antithetic to the meaning of life, portrayed as seeking personal happiness (hedonist pleasure) only. Every youth cultural movement, from the "sexual revolution" of the 60s, pro choice movements, praising suicidal musicians (and every variarion of Carpe Diem), etc. Have this tendency as their basic credo. Doing the bidding of multinational industries while believing themselves to be revolutionaries changing the world. Many of us tosay are finally waking up to the "MTV brainwashing" they've been subjected to since childhood.

  23. Actually the LDS church does have a right of passage. Every young man of the church, typically around 15 or 16 years old is expected to leave home and serve a mission preaching the gospel. They go out of state and abroad. The mission is about two years long. I don't believe in the religion anymore but i still think they're based.

  24. Unfortunate the video assumes fathers aren’t present. Mother was probably smothering but also very traumatizing. Anyway, I did find the tidbit “there must be somewhere worth going” very interesting though

  25. I think mandatory military service is probably the closest thing you can get to a modern day rite of passage. You're forced to leave home, enter a strange environment and you have to cope with other strangers put into the same situation as yourself.

  26. Psychologists say children emulate their same-sex parent. In single-parent families, which is the norm now, there is no father figure, but rather a revolving door of different men coming and going and no stability at all, the future looks dim.

  27. 29, shared house with my father in one of the most poverty ridden, dangerous cities in the country, and just now feel like I'm achieving things in the past few years of my life. I never had much of a mother. She was too busy smoking meth and forgetting she had kids to raise them. Or busy getting beat by men I couldn't fight, so I had to resort to bigger means. What's to be said about the "man-child" in me that was raised by my party friendly father instead of ever having any kind of viable parenting? He's not taught me shit in life. I've learned everything, done everything, and pursued everything I ever have on my own that actually took me anywhere, no thanks to him ever pushing towards the fact. But when I look back on it all, I don't feel like I know shit. Or have any skills of value. I've spent my whole life consuming cannabis to escape SSRIs, and the damage they do, meanwhile it's about my only passion I care about, growing cannabis… It brings me peace, its a job of opportunity for me in the near future in my state, as I just became one of the first 1000 patients… I'm honestly not sure now when looking at all these other skilled individuals that probably deserve a job over me, growing cannabis, and what I should do with myself next… I don't feel like I'm even worthy anymore.

  28. This outta be great I figured it wasn't man I thought was all you people and your dumbass ego dumbass screw over others wonder why your ass hurts .like I just gotta done screwing myself why my ass hurt ? Or hey you think I am smart I real smart I cool to don't care what yoj think I cool you think I cool arrogant idiots unbelievable . I wonder if know you know if you will notice this or how you all lie and then believe it even WTF . How is your trick butt fyi head . When you guessyoi Kno much in life you wrong many times as guesses are the you defend guess you knew like you actually knew stuff many things in life fucking unbelievable defend your guess guess like it's right or truth . Bullshit you guess never even bothered to look let alone all it a double check like I would before defended. At least you lie defend lie refuse to listen look see explain how you all Injust dishonest lying pricks and don't ever know it is disgusting

  29. Is the tribe before me, or I before the tribe?
    Aren't they one in the same? How can one denounce their origin in order to build a new world?
    Circles within circles a curiosity no doubt…

  30. The idea a boy would be pubescent by the time he was weened from his mother's care is patently absurd.
    We all know the relationship Jung had with his mother. Like Freud, a mediocre intellect and damaged goods.

  31. I guess Islam has a better answer for that, transitioning to adulthood by caring for your parents instead of them caring for you, if that's not adulthood i don't what is, time to pay back what your parents have given to you, they owe you nothing if your balls have dropped.

  32. Well of course men are going to display it more because women are just essentially children.

    Whether it’s their father or husband, they’re expected to be dependent on a man.

    The 1:1 application of this concept from men to women falls short because it doesn’t deal with reality.

  33. I turn 27 two months from now as I post this comment. I know I'm still young (although not THAT young) but I feel I wasted several years and lost time that I will never get back. Is it too late for me?

  34. When society tells men we are evil simply for existing and is gynocentric, you end up with males who prefer to stay inside looking at porn. It's an issue with society… not men.

  35. Ah yes, good old fashioned, 1920s styled psychoanalysis. Opinionated, science lacking nonsense riddled with hot debate and misguided thoughts.

  36. In communist east germany, the gouvernment created a transition ritual called "Jugendweihe"
    After this ritual, the children were addressed like adults

  37. Imagine having a father who can only be physically OR emotionally present AND has no mother around to help him with the child in any way. Yeah i know why my dad drinks so much now lol.

  38. Really I was an adult child for a long time even as a woman, it took recovery from severe drug addiction cancer and major surgery to grow up an I am still adjusting. My fiancée though is a man child, his mom scapegoats me for the reason he does this or that. Yet he has had many issues prior to me being part of his life. He is a pure narcissist, and I do believe it starts from being a brat who never grew up.

  39. A female child also feels this neglect from an absentee father or mother, even if they are around but don’t play a pivotal role. Works both ways. I guess that’s why they have promoted single parents and making life hard so both parents work and the child is raised by the state.
    Sadly, this generation are so screwed up from all differences factors and not just an absent father, it’s both

  40. Is there a video on like parents and daughters? Bc i would like to know to what degree women have been fucked up by their own parents throughout the centuries.

  41. My father is 53 but has the brain of a 16 yo. Example. He purchased a new mustang he cannot afford at all, and he is selling his house to move somewhere else with his partner. When the real estate agent came over, he lead her to the garage, opened the door and got in the car with her. He then proceeded to rev the car to show off.

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