Canon 90d vs 80d: Pros and Cons

Canon 90d vs 80d: Pros and Cons

The Canon 90d is a camera that deserves attention
so in this video I’m gonna talk about some pros and cons regarding this APS- C camera and
I’m gonna compare some of its features with the older Canon 80d. Number 1:  The canon 90d has the new DIGIC
8 processor that is much faster than the older DIGIC 6 that can be found on the 80d. This is a major selling point for the 90d
because it has 32.5 megapixels, making it the highest resolution crop camera at this
moment. Your printed photos will look much better
now.. and you can crop more in post production. This is a pro, comparing it to the older 80d that
has only 24 megapixels. Number 2:
No major differences outside the camera in terms of buttons, except for the back of the
camera where a new joystick was added. Very useful for switching between the 45 cross
type focus points, but also very handy when you navigate in the menu. I consider this a big PRO, but we shouldn’t
skip the fact that the play button was moved to the bottom, near the delete function. So is this a pro or a con? Leave me a comment. For me.. it’s a fifty fifty. Number 3: The canon 90d is actually at 701
grams in weight, making it lighter than the 80d with.. 29 grams. Every gram counts when you attach a bigger
lens like the 18-135mm kit lens and a microphone so..of course the weight is so important. A pro again! Number 4: Compairing it to the 80d, at the
time of the release, the Canon 90d was lacking 24 frames per second and it was a bad joke
and a really big CON for the creative people out there who sometimes want a more cinematic
look. Everyone was yelling at Canon regarding this
downside.. aaand they listened. A new firmware update was released at the
end of october 2019 and now we can all enjoy the 24 fps in both 1080p and 4k resolutions. A big con just transformed in a big pro! Number 5: Speaking about 4k this camera has
no crop when shooting at this resolution. I’m actually recording this video right now
in 4k and I think it’s nice and sharp. Just drop a like if you agree with this feature
on the Canon 90d.. cause I consider it a big PRO due to the fact that the 80d’s highest
resolution was 1080p only. Number 6: Canon 90d can now shoot at 120 frames
per second. This is a PRO because you can slow the footage
down up to 5 times in post production and you can also make your shaky footage much
smoother if your lens doesn’t have image stabilization. The 80d was limited to 60 fps, so thumbs up
for the Canon 90d! The con however, is that the 90d cannot auto-focus
while recording in 120 frames per second. You have 2 options.. try the manual focus
which is a bit tricky because you don’t have focus peaking or focus before starting to
record. Number 7:  The high speed continuous shooting
offers you 11 frames per second on the 90d, while the older 80d can shoot at 7 fps. This is obvisously a PRO and it’s great for
capturing the best moment especially at a sport event. Number 8:  Two great features that were added
on the 90d and I consider them pros: the bluetooth and the nfc functions, making it easier for
you to connect with other compatible devices. Number 9: Canon 80d has face tracking, soa big box around your face… but
the 90d has an additional eye tracking feature and improved object tracking auto focus. This is a huge PRO, especially when shooting
portraits with a very shallow depth of field at f1.4 for example. Number 10: The ISO range for the 90d on the photo
mode was extended to 51200, while the 80d’s maximum ISO can go up to 25600. Here’s a photo at 51200 ISO on the Canon 90d. Ok, I get it.. it’s better to have a shot..
than nothing, but still… plenty of noise there. So.. do I consider it a con or a pro? Hard to tell… but for me it’s a CON. On the video side.. I made an ISO test with both 90d and 80d cameras
so you can see the differences for yourself but in my oppinion the canon 90d created slightly
better results at higher iso values than the 80d. Now.. if you have a 60d, a 70d or an 80d..
the 90d will be a step up no matter what, especially for no crop in 4k and 120 frames
per second. I also have an 80d as a backup camera.. so
I’m thinking…should I do the upgrade? What do YOU think?

13 thoughts on “Canon 90d vs 80d: Pros and Cons

  1. Eu folosesc un 80D. Nu cred că merită acest upgrade dacă mă bazez să îmi cumpăr un EOS R. Dar apreciez review-ul! Felicitări! Keep up the incredible work!

  2. depinde ce faci? pt mine ar merita: 32mpx si 11 fps e un mare plus. sunt curios de parerea ta despre autofocus pe sport/wildlife.

  3. I love my 90D. It shoots amazing video for my YouTube channel and it takes more than stellar images for my photography business. I love it so much. Huge upgrade from my older T6i camera.

  4. I have a question. I just bought one 90D. Not even 24hrs .. when I Mount my 100mm f2.8 macro lens. I dont get to see all the 45 focus points. The entire vertical points on both the sides of the focus point cluster looks missing. The lens is non IS lens. Can u please guide ?

  5. I own a d7500 Nikon ..
    As much as I am happy with it, I also have few complaints ,,, However, 90d seems to me as a best bet if I am to replace d7500..
    what's your take on that??
    It would be great if you make a dedicated video on that topic..

  6. Rightnow I am using Canon 60D since 2013 … Actually I am waiting for 7D update … But now as on date 7D series may be merged with XXD for APS-C … What should I Do ??? Go with newly launch 90D or EOS-R …. (I am wildlife/bird shooter) … I rarely use video shoot … I think 90D should have 65 AF system as 7Dm2 or higher ….

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