Cancel On Your House Cleaner?  Evelyn’s Story

Cancel On Your House Cleaner? Evelyn’s Story

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown in this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today’s question comes from a house
cleaner who’s had several cancellations this week. And her question is “How do my customers
know what I’m going through when you cancel on me?” This is her question. And so, today’s answer is for all the homeowners
out there who have house cleaners and you may cancel from time to time. Here is what’s actually going on. Now this is a very specific story, but it
represents a bunches of house cleaners that I deal with and talk to on a day-to-day basis. This is Evelyn’s story. Evelyn is a single mom she’s got four kids
that are ages 4 to 11. And her ex-husband doesn’t provide any alimony
whatsoever, she is the sole breadwinner for her family. And so, when she comes to your house to clean
houses the money she gets from you, is the money she takes to pay the babysitter, that’s
babysitting her kids right now while she’s coming to your house to clean. So, she’s living paycheck-to-paycheck. Money is really tight. And she’s paying for
someone to watch her four children so she can come clean houses and earn money to put
food on the table. So, when you as the customer cancel on Evelyn
or any of the other house cleaners, what happens then is this you’re sending
her home from work for the day with no pay. So, if you went to your job and your boss
said “Oh hey, we don’t need you today. Go ahead and take the day off with no pay.” Okay, there may be random days where you’re
like “Booyah! I got the day off. There are so many things I could do with my
day.” But usually that’s not the case. Because you still have all your electric bills
to pay. Your power bill, your mortgage, your car insurance,
your car payment, gas for your car, food for the table, your cell phone bill, all of the
different bills that you have. Those did not go away because your boss gave
you the day off. And it’s the same for house cleaners. Their bills did not go away. Now the frustration Evelyn has is, “I’m
going to have to call my babysitter and cancel on my babysitter. Because I don’t have this job for today, to get the money to pay the babysitter.” But what she’s doing to the babysitter is
exactly what just happened to her. She got sent home for the day with no pay. And now the babysitter is going to get sent
home for the day with no pay. Do you see how that works? So, by canceling on your house cleaner it’s
got a domino effect that affects a bunch of different people’s lives and their ability
to support their families. So unless there’s an incredibly good reason
why you’re canceling on your house cleaner please don’t. Now you might ask me “what is a really good
reason for canceling on my house cleaner?” The very first and the best reason I can think
of is that you’re sick. Because if you’re sick, please, cancel on
your house cleaner. Because although they may lose the money for
that day for your house, if they get sick at your house that takes them out of work
for a couple of days or a couple of weeks or however long it takes them to get better. Because if they get sick at your house they
cannot go to the next customer’s house. Because they’re transferring those germs and
they’re going to make those customers sick which will then have another domino effect. And so, if your house cleaner gets sick at
your house it’s not a good thing. Okay. So, if you are sick please cancel. That’s a great reason. Another great reason to cancel on your house
cleaner is if you lose your job. If you lose your job and you have to cut back
on some of your expenses, you might have to do your own house cleaning. Because guess what? You don’t have a job. So now you’re going to be at home you can
clean your own house. But that would be like a very good reason
why and one of the only other very good reasons why. Now, often times people will cancel because
there’s a death in the family. Unless it is an immediate family member and
you’re going to have 35 people at your house during the time that your house cleaner would
be coming, of course, I understand that’s a good reason
you may want to cancel. But if the person lives in another city, and
you’re going to go to a funeral in another city, don’t cancel on your house cleaner. Your house is still needs to be clean even
if you’re not there. And if you go on vacation for a couple of
weeks your house still needs to be clean. That doesn’t eliminate dust from your house. It doesn’t eliminate cobwebs. It doesn’t eliminate rings from the inside
of your toilet or any of those things. Now if there’s not going to be as much use
in your house during the time that you’re going to be a way, you can ask your house
cleaner “Listen, my house is really clean, because nobody’s been in it since the last
time you were there. If you’re coming today, could you do a couple
of different projects? Maybe defrost the freezer or clean out the
refrigerator?” And they can spend that same amount of time
doing other tasks or even deep cleaning, that normally would not get done. But now they have the time to do that because
your house is cleaner, okay? So, maybe, you can twist around some of those
responsibilities but still give the income to your house cleaner. So, that’s what’s happening when you cancel
on house cleaner. Now, how much time do you need to give…
how much notice do you need to give your house cleaner if you are going to cancel? As much as possible. The answer is as much as possible. If you have 3 days or 5 days’ notice, there
is a possibility they can fill that time slot with a person on a waiting list. And that they can in fact to go to someone
else’s house and still get that income for the day. But house cleaners everywhere are asking me,
and asked this daily; “Can I charge a cancellation fee for someone who cancels on me randomly
for no good reason?” And I think that it’s fair to say yes. Yes, if you’re expecting that incoming you’re
expecting to go to work for the day, and you have an agreement with a customer that they’re
going to pay you for coming to their house. Then there are no very good reasons for just
randomly cancelling the night before. And sometimes there will be things out of
your control. But usually the house cleaner can still come. If it’s just because you won’t be there to
open the door by all means, leave her a key. If you’re having someone come to your house
that you don’t trust unless you’re there you’ve hired the wrong house cleaner. Because the house cleaners should be bonded
and they should be insured. And so, if anything goes missing for whatever
reason, you’re covered. If they break or damage anything that is going
to happen while you’re not there, it’s covered. All those questions should already be answered. So should you cancel on your house cleaner? Really, no. And if it’s because of money at the last minute
you just decided that you didn’t have the money you should not have hired them in the
first place. Don’t enter into an agreement with a house
cleaner saying that you would like to hire them for a service, and then for whatever
reason have no intention of having them come to clean. If you’re having second thoughts for whatever
reason, pick up the phone and cancel as soon as possible so that they can in fact replace
your service. And don’t string them along. If you think you’re done with your house cleaner,
and you would like to experiment with other house cleaners,
please let the one that you have go. Don’t keep her on a random waiting list and
keep rescheduling week after week. Because here’s what happens when you keep
rescheduling what you’re doing and Evelyn’s situation, is you are not just asking her to
change her schedule for the day. But you’re asking her to change all her four
children’s schedules for the day. And the different places they have to go,
and the arrangements that she’s made with either babysitting or someone else. It could be someone else, Evelyn doesn’t have
a husband in this scenario, but some people do have other spouses that
are rearranging their work schedules. So, they can be home with the kids during
the time the house cleaner will be out cleaning houses. So, you’re talking about multiple people’s
lives involved when you just decide “I don’t want my house cleaner to come today.” That’s not a very good excuse so please don’t
do that. Alright, so now you have a little bit of insight
into what’s actually going on when you pick up the phone to call and cancel on your house
cleaner. So now you know. And for the house cleaners that are out there. I told them how it goes. So, there you go. Alright so that’s my two cents for today. And until we meet again, leave the world a
cleaner place than when you found it.

2 thoughts on “Cancel On Your House Cleaner? Evelyn’s Story

  1. If you are the homeowner and you have to cancel a house cleaning on your maid should you:
    A: Pay a cancellation fee
    B: Expect the cancellation fee to be waived because you are a good customer
    C: Refuse to pay the cancellation fee and remind the house cleaner that once she canceled on you
    D: Other

  2. The one other scenario I've encountered is when a customer is having overnight guests (I have two customers who have large homes and large families who visit either during the holidays or other times) and the house will be full of people. I always know about these situations in advance, and am fine with them, and use the time as a "mini vacation" as you mentioned in another video. It would be impossible to clean with all the guest, and awkward. But it doesn't happen often. ­čÖé

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