Can You Hear What I’m Chewing? (CHALLENGE)

Can You Hear What I’m Chewing? (CHALLENGE)

– Without viewing, can we
tell what we’re chewing? – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – For many, many years you and
everyone else who hangs out with me while eating has given
me a really hard time about my over aggressive chewing. And you know what? I’ll own up to it. I am a really aggressive chewer. I chew all types of things. I even chew pudding. And it makes noise of all types. – Ugh.
– And I’m told it could be a little annoying to people that I’m dining with.
– It is. It is. – But maybe today it could
come in handy for you, Rhett. – It’s all gonna pay off today
because loud chewing is gonna be an asset because we’re
going to be listening to each other eat foods and then
guessing what it is we’re eating just by the sound. – This is important. It’s time to play Can You Hear
The Foods That Are Chewing Inside Of My Mouth? – Okay, so this isn’t a competition. This is a team thing. We’re going to.
– Yeah. – Give lots of five–
(laughs) (crew laughs) Betrayed from the beginning.
– Sorry, keep going. Alright, alright. Okay.
– Gotcha. Okay, and so there are no points involved. So I want you to guess what I’m
eating, you want me to guess what you’re eating.
– Yes. – But we wanna make it happen
with as few hints as possible. Just by the sound but we are
willing to give some hints until we
– Yeah. – Arrive at the final answer.
– And you can close your eyes and play along if you
wanna be apart of the team, mythical beasts. – Let’s do this. Round one.
– Round one. Alright, Rhett, you’re listening
using some noise canceling headphones and you’ve
got your smell canceling nose plugs in. – Yep. – I’m ’bouta grab this item and chew it. (crunching) – Oh. Crunchy. But now there’s a pop that’s
happening as well, is that within the food or is that within the jaw? – That’s just my anatomy. My jaw anatomy. – Chew just as aggressively
as you normally do. Just like I’m not even here. (laughing) Oh, gosh. Okay, did you bring a horse in? – Nope, it’s me. – This is cereal, man. (buzzing) – Nope. – This has the crunch of cereal. – Mm-mm. – Okay, it has the crunch of chips. (buzzing)
– Mm-mm, mm-mm. – It’s the crunch of… – I was gonna say it’s good for
you but I don’t think it has that much nutritional value. (crunching) – Is it a rice cake? (buzzing) – Nope. – Hold on, chew slower. Take a bite more slowly. – The category is veggie. – Oh, really? – I forgot to tell you the category. – Well you’re not supposed
to tell me the category until I start guessing. Oh. Oh now, okay, I heard the surface. The cauliflower. (buzzing) – Mm-mm.
(crew laughs) – It was like a ripping
through the trees of a… Is it broccoli? (buzzing) You don’t like broccoli
that much, you wouldn’t eat this much. – Nope, here’s a hint. Titanic. – Oh, it’s iceberg lettuce. – Mm-hm. (bell dings) Check it out. – That was not easy at all. – Take your things off. Look at that. – Oh. (crew laughs) – You want some?
– I thought that was cereal. (laughs) This is gonna be difficult. – I thought that was gonna be easy. Round two.
– Round two. Okay, that was very difficult. – Uh-huh. – I’m talking very quietly
because I realize how loud those headphones are ’cause I
was just in your position. I’m going to try to give
you as much information as I possibly can. So I’m not gonna eat normally,
I’m gonna eat deliberately. – Yes, do it. – Take it all in. (whistling)
(crunching) – What? (smacking) Okay, so. You just like shoved a
whole bunch of paper. It’s like seaweed paper in your mouth. – No. (buzzing)
– Like seaweed? – Here’s step two. (cracking) – Wow! I keep picturing like an arm breaking. That’s a carrot. (buzzing) – Here’s step three. (blowing) – Do you spit something out? – Yeah. – So you cracked something open
with your teeth and then you spit out the inside but
you slurped the outside. – Yeah.
(crew laughs) Uh-huh. – It’s like a cheese covered pretzel. (cracking) Oh. What’s the category? (coughs)
(crew laughs) – Healthy food. – Healthy food? Oh, it has a stalk but it’s
got something liquid on it? Is there some liquid around it? You slurp. – What could you be thinking of right now? Okay, I’ll give you a better hint. Baseball. – Face ball. (crew laughs) What? – Yeah. – I can hear you, you’re talking too loud. – Yeah, I said face ball. – What is face ball? – Baseball, man. – Base– Okay. Baseball. Okay. Baseball. So that’s not a hotdog. Nachos. (buzzing) Is it nachos? You slurped off the cheese and
then you crunched the nacho? – Why would I spit it out? – Peanuts. – I’m a baseball player. – Peanuts. (cracking) What is that? – I’m a baseball player. – You’re a baseball player? – I used to chew tobacco but now I chew. – Sunflower seeds. – Yes, wow.
(bell dings) Yeah, that’s what the chew… – It sounds nothing like what I think it would. – The suck and the (cracking)
– That’s crazy, man. It was gross.
– It’s good, I loved this one. Round three.
– Round three. – Alright Rhett, you ready? – Yeah. – Here we go. – What? (slurping) (chewing) – Ugh. – That’s gotta be pleasant. – What was the slurping? – The slurping is a hint. (slurping) – Ugh. (squishing) – The chewing is not a hint. – Jello. (buzzing)
(slurping) Pudding. (buzzing) (slurping) You’re something that doesn’t
need to be chewed, right? – Mm, the chewing part… You don’t need a lot of chewing. – So it’s something that is… – Here’s a hint, it’s a meal in and of itself. (slurping) – Oatmeal? (buzzing) (crew laughs) – What do you here me doing? I’m trying to get some. – It sounds like something
gelatinous is being sucked through your face hole. And it feels like it has some
pieces in it that are making it difficult to get it in really good. – Mm-hm. – Like bumpy oatmeal. – Yes, bumpy long oatmeal. Bumpy long oatmeal. – Long oatmeal? – Except for the oatmeal part. Here’s another hint. Tiny fat chef. – Oh. (slurping) It’s spaghetti. (bell dings) – Take your blindfold off. It is spaghetti. – Oh. (laughs) – I was trying to get the
length of the slurpage. – I could hear the lumps. This is so difficult. I’m glad I – But we’re building as a team. – Don’t have to do this everyday. – No, we are. Round four.
– Round four. Link, you ready? – I’m ready. (gurgling) – Mm, man. – Ew. – I’m distracted ’cause
I’m so happy right now. (slurping) – Ew. Gosh. (smacking) Ugh. I mean, you tell me that I’m
annoying but that’s gross, man. (slurping) I believe that this is pudding. (buzzing) (crew laughs) Pudding. – It has a pudding like consistency. – No, no, no, chocolate,
vanilla, chocolate pudding. It’s got the three layers. – No, listen closely to this. (slurping) – It’s a little slurp. – (slurps) Ooo. (crew laughs) – A little choke. – You should just know I’m
having more fun than I’ve had all day.
– Jello. Jello.
(buzzing) – Nope, I’m having more fun. – I know, you always have fun with Jello. (crew laughs) You’re having more fun? – I’m stirring it. – Don’t hit the mic, that’s kills me. (squishing)
– I’m stirring it. – Oh, goodness. All I can picture is, it
doesn’t need to be chewed, huh? – You should probably chew
it and it comes in a can. Or should I say, they come in a can. – Oh, Viener sausages. (laughs)
(buzzing) Vienna sausage. – Think about the noise. – Those things are gelatinous, man. – No, but I’m sucking. – They come in a can? – And it makes me so happy. They’re magical. – Magical in a can? One of those worms? One of those worms that
pops out and scares you. I don’t know, man. You gotta give me another hint. – You’re not gonna wanna
carpool home with me. – Beans. Beans and franks in a can. Just beans in a can. – Yep, there you go. (bell dings) Yeah. – “I’m so happy right now.” – I was trying to give you one
bean at a time and you were like, “Viener sausage.” Round five.
– Round five. Okay, Rhett. Get ready.
– Yes. (crunches) Apple. (buzzing) (crunching) Whoa. Are you just holding something
in your mouth and just chewing on it repeatedly. – Mm-mm. – Celery? (buzzing) – It’s better than that. – What was that initial thing? Do that again. (crunching) Is this how you would typically eat this? – Mm-hm. (crunching) – Is the piece separating from the whole – Mm-mm.
– In that initial thing? – Mm-mm. – Do it again. (crunching) Is it sweet? – Mm-hm. I’m not giving you any hints
’cause you almost got this. The pieces are separating from the whole. (crew laughs) It’s sweet. It’s long. – This is also long, huh? Could you get it from an ice cream truck? – No. Let’s get poppin’. You want another one? I got another one. (crunching) – Pop Rocks? (buzzing) – Nope. But that was a hint. – Poppin’? Popcorn? – Close. (crunching) – Oh. Corn corn. (crew laughs) – Mm-mm. – It’s a corn on the cob. – Yeah. – That is so crazy. You ate so much of it. (crew laughs) – Because once you get started
it’s like a typewriter. Like ticka, ticka, ticka, tick. Round six.
– Round six. Link, are you ready? – Yeah. What could would we do with
this skill we’re developing? Can we open a business of
listening to people chew? – You think we’ve demonstrated skill? (crew laughs) Apparently you haven’t been
with me the whole time. – Well, it’s difficult. I think we may be better than most. – Ready. (scrapes)
(crunching) – Potato chips, man. (buzzing)
Killed it. – Nope. – Seaweed chips. I’ve guessed that before. – Just listen, listen, listen. (crunching) – It’s like that paper that
you wrap a shirt in before you put it in a box. – Here we go. (clanging) – It’s metal. (crunching) Nachos. (crew laughs) It’s crunchy. Are you spitting something out? – Yes. – You’re crunching
something up but then you’re not eating it? – Yes. – Are you eating any part of it? – Listen. (clanging)
(scrapes) (crunching) – Oh, gosh. – Mm. – I don’t know what the metal part is. (crew laughs) – Well if you did you’d be in business. (crew laughs) There is a metal part. – Tin foil. – Yes.
(bell dings) (laughs) – Aluminum foil? – Yeah. – That’s not good for you, stop. – Well I spit it all out. – Well it’s the chewing part
that’s not good for you. – I think the thing that really
helped you is when I rubbed it together before I started chewing it. – I pictured you scraping a metal bowl – Yeah. – With like a an egg beater. – Yeah, an egg beater. – ‘Cause everything’s
so loud in your ears. Man.
– This is not easy. – This is tough. I’d like to see you be better. (laughs) It’s a challenge. (crew laughs) Thank you for liking,
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  1. I played along and the only ones that I didn't get on the first try are the beans (3rd try) and lettuce (2nd try)

  2. I literally watched a vid saying they were gonna do this idea and next vid is the idea. They did it a year later

  3. I love Rhett's shirt. Is an intentional serene cloud formations or the product of a accidental bleach spillage? We will never know and that is okay cause it works

  4. I was oddly good at this, i couldn't get sunflower seeds, corn, or tin foil though. I was just stumped on those.

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