Can We Spot The Identical Twin? (GAME)

Can We Spot The Identical Twin? (GAME)

– Who’s gonna put the win in twin? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer. – And please give a warm Mythical welcome to our new friend Dylan Sprouse. – Woo hoo hoo.
– Give us one of these. Double shake, double shake.
– Uh-oh, boom. I should be more used
to that as a twin but– – Yeah there it is.
– Feels good. – Yeah speaking of being a twin, I know you’ve got a
connection to your twin but do you think you have
a connection to all twins? – We do have a cult, yes. – Okay. – It’s a lot of dark
cloaks and eye shadow. – That’s what we thought but it seems that we don’t have a chance
if what he said was true. – That’s right.
– Because today we’re gonna test all of our twintellects. It’s time for ♪ I love games on GMM ♪ ♪ Hanging with Dylan ♪ ♪ And twins ♪ – Welcome to the twin zone
where everybody’s a twinner. Except the losers.
– Mm-hmm, now here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re about to meet four strangers and our task is to pick
which one of them has an identical twin who is
waiting in the GMM Twin Cubator. We each get to ask one probing question or give an assignment to
one person in order to learn something about their potential twinness. – Yes and then we’ll put on our blindfolds and the identical twin will
emerge from the Twin Cubator and swap places with their twin and then we’ll remove the blindfolds and we get to ask one
person another question. The only rule is we can’t
ask any of the same questions that we asked before the switch. Whoever guesses the most
identical twins correctly will win a pair of conjoined Twinkies. (rock music) Okay our strangers are in place
and one of them has a twin in the Twin Cubator. – Mm-hmm.
– Let’s start with learning your names. – What’s up I’m Jeremy. – My name is Filipp. – I’m Rachel.
– Ariana. – I can’t smell any separation anxiety which is usually how you smell a twin. – All right we each get a question. Who wants to go first, Rhett? – Filipp, how do you
pronounce the following word: G-I-F. – It’s gonna be G-I-F, which is Jeff. – Jeff.
– Jeff. – He’s a Jeff man.
– I didn’t see that coming. – Yeah that was a third
option I didn’t anticipate. I was thinking either gif or jif. – Now this is a man who twins.
– Not Jeff. – You’re original.
– Touche, Filipp. (chuckles) – Filipp, okay so now
I wanna ask a question. – Yeah go for it. Ask anyone a question. – Okay I wanna ask–
– I would recommend asking Filipp another question. – All right Filipp. – Dude, what if–
– All right Jeff. Air-ee-ana or Are-ee-ana? – Are-ee-ana.
– Are-ee-ana. What is your favorite
gluten-free breakfast? – I don’t eat gluten-free
things so I don’t know. – Good answer. – Jeremy, can you give
me your best impression of a talking dolphin. – Ba-kaa! – Whoa. – That was spot on.
– Thanks. Appreciate it.
– Wow he didn’t even need to think about it.
– Nope, wow. – [Jeremy] I prepared it. – The chicken of the sea. – Yeah, thought that was tuna. We’re getting lots of left turns here. This is crazy. Okay we’ve all asked our questions. – [Stevie] Okay this is
the twin swapping part so I need you guys to
put on your blindfolds. – Whoo, I’m nervous. – I didn’t even really look at their faces and I realize that now. – [Stevie] And trusting that
none of you are looking, can I have–
– Go put your blindfolds on. – [Stevie] The twin
swap happen now please. – I wanna try to make
some noises so that Dylan doesn’t listen to footsteps. – Oh, you got me already. (Link grunts) – [Stevie] All right. – When my blindfold is on,
I have enhanced hearing. – [Stevie] The swap has happened. You may remove your blindfolds and ask your next series of questions. – Oh my gosh.
– What? (Rhett laughs excitedly) Ain’t nobody any different! (laughs) – This is freaky.
– Yes. – Okay Filipp, how would you pronounce the following word: G-Y-R-O. – It’s easy. Gee-ro, G-I-R-O. – (laughs) What am I supposed
to take from that, Filipp? – It’s easy, he says. It’s easy, and then he says
something I’ve never heard. – Oh man.
– Yeah, yeah. Nothing online could have
prepared me for this. – Right. – Okay, Ariana. Say something nice about me. (Link sputters) – [Ariana] I love your haircut. – Love my haircut.
– What was that? Say it again, I’m sorry. – I love his haircut. – What do you like about it? – [Ariana] I like it short, it’s edgy. – Oh it’s edgy.
– It’s edgy. – Rebellious, you would say? – Okay.
– A little bit. – Kinda like–
– Doing the wrong thing. – Vegan?
– Guys no more questions. No more follow-ups please. – I gotta go for it. Jeremy, give me your best impersonation of a talking elephant. (mimics elephant trumpeting) All right kinda had a
cellphone kinda ring to it. I like it.
– Thank you. – [Stevie] All right guys,
it’s time to make your guesses. – I learned something.
– Use those white boards. – What the crap?
– Okay. I have my answer. – [Stevie] All right we’re
gonna start with Rhett. – I don’t know if I’m under
some kinda spell or what but I’m going with Filipp. (chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay, Dylan. – I mean, it’s pretty obvious. – Ariana, huh? – It’s easy, huh? Would you say it’s easy? – It’s pretty easy. – Like saying jy-ro. (laughs) – [Stevie] And Link? – Come on, Filipp’s right there. No he’s not. – [Stevie] Great. Can I ask the twin to please come out. (all laughing and yelling) – Ah!
– Yeah! – So you guys, look, they love each other. – We killed it with our accent. – We made your points. (rock music) – Okay we got a new member of the panel. Please introduce yourself. – Hi I’m Janelle. – Okay we got Janelle. – Hmm, I’ll go first this time. – Okay do it. – Rachel, what’s the
weirdest object you have in your house? – I have one of those
globes that changes colors. – Ah, one of the electricity ones that make you look like a necromancer. – No it’s actually you charge it so. – Oh it’s wireless.
– It’s wireless, yeah. – Okay not my question. Janelle, we just caught
eyes across the bar. – What? – You know when you catch eyes. – Okay.
– I’ve never had that happen. – Give me your best pick-up line. – I noticed you staring at me. – Oh.
– That was it. (all laughing) – That’s usually followed
up with please stop. – Whoo.
– I noticed you staring at me. – I usually, yeah, once you started that, I was already walking away. I know, I’m sorry. Okay, Rhett? – Ariana, describe the perfect burger. – Burger, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, maybe onion, depending on the day. That’s about it. – You like to live dangerously, huh? (all chuckle) – [Stevie] All right the
questions have been asked. Please put on your blindfolds.
– Are you just hungry or? – Strapping in. – Going under.
– And it’s time for the twin swap please. ♪ Swappin’ twins, swappin’ twins ♪ – [Stevie] Okay, you may
remove your blindfolds. – Okay. (Dylan clears throat) (Rhett laughs playfully) – I see some minor differences that might just be memory loss. (laughs) – Was the mask that tight? – Yeah.
– Pulsing. – You gotta run with that though, you just gotta run with it. – Okay. Rachel, what’s the
weirdest object you have in your car? – Oh, I see what you did there. – In my car? Probably receipts from
various stores. (laughs) Starbucks, McDonald’s. – McDonald’s receipts. – That’s really weird. – In case you wanna–
– You like your tax returns. – I don’t know if you
should stick around here. – Okay, okay I got a lot of info. – Janelle, we caught eyes across the bar. But we’ve been dating for quite awhile, so break up with me. – Okay. I have to talk to you
about something serious, and don’t worry, it’s
not like you, it’s me. This isn’t gonna work so. – It’s my staring, isn’t it? – Yeah it is, it’s
quite creepy, I’m sorry. – Okay it was me. – Learn anything? – Maybe. – Ariana, describe the perfect burrito. – Brown rice, chicken, corn salsa, cheese. That’s about it, yeah. – Simple, elegant. – Four ingredients then it’s over. – It sounds like a pretty bland burrito. – Corn salsa though,
that’s quite a curve ball. – It’s guess time.
– No guac? – [Stevie] Just write down your guesses. – (laughs) No guac. – I’m gonna be that guy and just do the low hanging fruit thing. – Okay.
– All right, Dylan, you wanna go first? – Finally. See I told you, it’s low hanging fruit. – He says Rachel. I also said Rachel. – I said Jeremy. – All right well–
– Jeremy was silent this round.
– Real swapped– – It just ain’t about the answers. – [Stevie] Twin please come out. – [Rhett] Yeah! Woo!
– What up dog? – Look at that. Look at– – We fooled you guys.
– We got you. (rock music) – Okay now if I get this one right, Rhett, you get this one wrong,
we be splittin’ the Twinkie. – Yeah.
– Or slitting the Twinkie, I don’t know if it’s alive or dead. – I mean you gotta slit it to split it. – Oh gosh. – Either way Dylan, you don’t get any. – I’m fine with that. I don’t want a slit Twinkie I think. (Rhett and Link laugh) – Okay.
– Sorry, oh look, we got a big one here. (Rhett laughs) I forgot, there was a game happening. – We do come in taller sizes. – What’s your name, sir? – Curtis.
– Curtis. – Okay, can I go first? – Yes.
– All right Curtis, let’s pretend that you’re a
famous country music singer. Tell me the name of your most
famous chart-topping song. – Get Off My Rattlesnake. (Rhett and crew laughing) It’s mine. – Get Off My Rattlesnake. – Wow, Curtis! – That’s good.
– Curtis, that was so fast, I’m worried. – I might be a country star. – Yeah has the game shifted? – I got a question for Curtis too. – Oh gosh. You gonna double up on Curtis. – Gotta double it up on Curtis, Curtis, using your best British
accent can you please say, “The rain in Spain falls
mainly on the plain.” – The rain in Spain, I
don’t know what that was, falls mainly on the plain. – Beautiful.
– That’s good. – Yeah get off your rattlesnake, buddy. (all laughing) – That didn’t make any sense.
– No it didn’t. – Okay it’s my turn. Curt, I’m kidding. I’ll do Janelle.
– Okay. – Name as many Ninja Toitles as you can. – There was, well, I don’t know the name of the Ninja Turtles but
when I was in primary school, there was a turtle named LL Cool J. So I’ll say that. – LL Cool J. – I like that Ninja Turtle.
– That’s cute. – [Stevie] All right guys,
please put on your blindfolds. – Fun fact, I do think
that LL did play one of the Ninja Turtles in the movie version. – Did he really? – Yeah he was Donatello. – [Stevie] All right it
is time for the twin swap. (Dylan coughs)
(Link clears throat) (men grunting) – [Stevie] All right you
can remove your blindfolds and ask your second round of questions. – Okay, Curtis. – [Rhett] What? – All right let’s pretend
that you are a famous TV actor and tell me your most
well-known catch-phrase. – I’m not Don Johnson. (Rhett and crew laugh) – Wow. – Curtis, in your best Australian accent, please say how much wood
could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. – Aye aye. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could
chuck wood on the barbie. – Is that Don Johnson?
– Are you Don Johnson. – I’m not Don Johnson. (all laughing) – Yeah, that’s good, that’s good. – That’s a heck of a follow-up. So Janelle, how many
Avengers can you name? – Iron Man? – It’s a good one, no spoilers please. – The Hulk?
– That’s one. – Thor. – Okay, and LL Cool J. – [Catherine] There we go, LL Cool J. – [Stevie] All right you guys
ready to make your guesses? – I believe so. – A Twinkie is at stake. – [Stevie] All right Link,
I’m coming to you first. – I believe Janelle’s
identical twin is out here now. – Rhett?
– I think you’re right, Link. Janelle. – And Dylan?
– I think no one. – Ooh!
– This is all an illusion. (all laughing) – All right if you’re right– – I’ll split my Twinkie
with you if that’s right. – He gets the whole Twinkie. – [Stevie] Okay, will
the twin come out please? – [Rhett] Yeah! – Hey, that was a good shot though. – You still don’t know if
this isn’t an illusion. – [Stevie] Wait a second. I think there might be
somebody else in there. Will you come out please? (all yelling) – [Link] There’s three twins! – [Rhett] Hold on. – No no.
– No it’s actually four of us. – Our sister.
– Oh your picture. – I don’t mean to make you guys pawns in this whole exercise
but could you each turn to Curtis in unison and
ask are you Don Johnson. – [Girls] Are you Don Johnson? – I’m not Don Johnson. (Rhett laughs) – Yeah!
– All right. – We all win today! – I think I’m gonna get that
Twinkie and you know what– – Why you gettin’ the Twinkie? – I’ll split that Twinkie with
you in Good Mythical More. You guys can have all of the
slit Twinkie that you want. In the meantime, catch Dylan
in his upcoming film Turandot which will be in theaters soon. – Mm-hmm, thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. Now you say you know what time it is. – Hey, do you know what time it is? (Rhett laughs) – Hey I’m Hayden. – I’m Travis. – And we’re from New Castle, Delaware but we’re in Twinsburg, Ohio
for the Twin Convention. And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
– Wheel of Mythicality. – Contain your enthusiasm, guys. (laughs) – Click the top link to
watch us match the twin Mythical crew member to their twin story in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] We insist that you grab some of these Mythical bands for your wrists. Collect all five now at and tell us how much you
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