100 thoughts on “Can They Keep Quiet? (CHALLENGE)

  1. Pitch meeting: Rhett and link are gonna guess if someone is behind a wall…

    Yet I'm struggling to find a job with a degree

  2. He doesn't always try and win to be a cool guy😂 you just a funny lil man link. Lool get your game on dude, no offense I wasn't calling you n imbecile or anything💙

  3. I feel like this sort of thing would be perfect to bring back people from the crew like Mike for example. And it could be a surprise for Rhett and Link.

  4. i got surgery yestarday and you guys made me forget about it and were making me laugh the whole time i was watching you two thank you so much for distracting me during this painful time.

  5. Why did they change "Is Anybody there?" to "Can they Keep Quiet?" instead of leaving it as the beginning of the video?

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