Can Kobe Bryant Guess Kobe Beef Vs. Cheap Beef? (GAME)

Can Kobe Bryant Guess Kobe Beef Vs. Cheap Beef? (GAME)

– Today we taste Kobe with Kobe. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat electronic music) (creature roaring) – Good Mythical Morning. – No matter how you
slice it, in this life, there are people and things
that are simply better than other people and things. And in the arena of
basketball, Kobe Bryant is one of those people and things. Well, he’s just a people. – Yes, and in the arena of
beef, kobe wagyu is literally the Kobe of meats and we
wouldn’t deserve to sit at this desk if we didn’t
take this pun to the extreme. So we went to Kobe Bryant’s studio to see who can taste the difference
between the Black Mamba of meats and the cheap stuff. – It was a true meeting of the minds. – He’s an 18 time NBA All-Star,
five time NBA Champion, three time father of girls, and
also, just added a new title to his resume, podcast producer,
it’s Kobe Bryant everybody. (crew applauding) Welcome to this room in
your production complex. – Thank you. A room I’ve never been in, by the way. – [Rhett] Oh, really? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – He’s exploring. – I am exploring. – This is a first for all three of us. – It’s great. We’re breaking new ground. – This is very cool. I know you from your basketball. (Rhett laughing) – Oh, that thing. – Accolades. You know, we are actually known for on the internet, eating food. – Really, nice. – Yeah, we’re known for that. – Not basketball, something
different, got it. – We were just curious
if the mamba mentality could be as equally effective when applied to an eating challenge. – Yeah, the mamba
mentality is transferrable to other activities. – [Rhett] Okay. – Okay. – [Rhett] We’re gonna find out. – [Rhett And Link] It’s time for – [Link] Kobe or nobe. – Okay Kobe, so what we’re gonna be doing is we will be presented
with two different items. One of them actually features
certified kobe wagyu beef and the other one– – Kobe. – Kobe, that’s it. – Yeah, that’s the technical term. And the other one is
just beef from Ralph’s and we’re going to each,
we’re all competing against each other,
we’re trying to determine which one is actually the kobe beef, okay? – Okay, alright. – Now, I think you have an advantage here. Isn’t your name inspired
from the beef itself. – It’s not inspired, it
actually is the name of a beef. (Rhett laughing) – It is. – My parents must have been
smoking some really crazy (beep) I’m gonna tell you, they– – But you’re being serious, right? – No, I’m being serious. They sat down in a Japanese
restaurant and they looked at the menu and they saw the
name Kobe and they were like well that’s a cool name,
oh yeah, let’s do it. – Hey, it works.
– It’s ridiculous. – And it’s all for this moment right now. – It all leads to this. All leads to this. – So we’ve got these flags. This is your flag and
we’re gonna be presented, we’re going to be tasting
both and then we’re each gonna plant our flag in what
we think is the more expensive super fancy kobe beef. And the winner gets a firm
handshake from Kobe Bryant. – Oh wow. So if I win, do I shake hands with myself? – Yes. It’s gonna be awesome. – No, don’t do it yet,
you haven’t won, stop. – I’m practicing my handshake. It’s my mentality to practice. I’m practicing my handshake. – Alright, let’s do this. – Round one. Look at this, straight out of Philly, or at least straight out
of that shelf over there that we’ve just prepared them on. – Yes. – You’re straight out of Philly. – Originally from.
– I am. I am, yeah, I am. – [Link] So let’s each grab one. – [Rhett] Start on this plate here. – [Link] Dish number one– – Hold on, is there a limit
on the amount of bites we are taking in this competition? – No limit, as many as you want. Whatever gives you the
information that you need. – That’s a big bite Kobe. – I’m a big boy, man. – See, I just went for where the meat. I didn’t get a lot of the bread ’cause that’s not really part of this. – This is really good. – That is very tasty. – But it’s very disguised. That is good.
– This is great. – I don’t know how it can get better. – Oh, you’re going in for another of that. Remember, we need to eat this one, too. – You gotta pace yourself,
we got another cheesesteak, then we got three more dishes after that. – You know what, you guys
worry about how you eat. (crew laughing) Let me do me, man. – I think you can handle it. – My goodness. – Give it a little piano
smell, like, down the keys. – What is this? This Ratatouille, dude? (Rhett laughing) – It has a distinctly
different smell, does it not? – I didn’t want to tip you
off to that, but it does. – Okay. – It smells better. But I actually don’t
know if it tastes better. – It smells better but tastes worse. – Which generally means
it’s the most expensive one. – That could be true. It could be doing like
a reverse psychology. – Know what?
– I’ve already decided. – Kobe’s going in early. – I’m gonna have to disagree,
I’m going with taste, not smell, I have no confidence. – And I am going with this one with Kobe because I think you’re right,
I think it is performing reverse psychology on us. It doesn’t taste as good
because it costs more. – No, it’s just the way
that the system works, the things that taste the worst are generally more expensive. – I’ve never experienced that. – That’s what I’m going with. – Stevie? – [Stevie] The kobe is in dish number two. (all shouting) – Boom. – See that? Up top.
– Right off the top. – Up top. Well done, well done, sir. – See, I might even win. (Rhett laughing) – [Link] Round two. – Okay, round two, tacos. Again, very disguised. The meat is very disguised,
cloaked, if you will. – Yes. Now, there’s a few tomatoes on this. I would be really happy just
to donate those to your cause. – You donate tomatoes? – Here’s the thing,
people who like tomatoes don’t want more tomatoes,
this is what he does to me. – You’re tomato dumping right now. You’re tomato dumping. – My wife loves it when I do this. – Go ahead, go for it. I am not your wife but it’s okay. You can tomato dump that, that’s fine. I would say it’s giving
you an unfair advantage in a competition because you’re– – Yeah, yeah, you’re
taking away the cloak. Leave that one tomato. – Allow him to be disqualified. He’s disqualifying himself,
allow him to disqualify himself. It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s okay. – What are you guys talking about? – I’m eating.
– Don’t worry about it. – Alright, here we go. – Right into my water. – See, you can play basketball. (crew laughing) – Well, Kobe, you know,
I didn’t want to say this but you know, we do have a
little basketball experience. One of us still holds
his high school record for most three pointers made in a season. And the other kept score for the girl’s basketball team in middle school. Can you guess who’s who? (crew laughing) – I can not guess, I don’t know. – 77 three pointers, that’s
tough to do in high school. – Well, I’ll tell you
what, it’s also tough to keep track of what Pandora Harris is doing at any particular time. Lay-up, lay-up, rebound, steal,
she was all over the place. – It’s tough job, somebody’s got to do it. Tough job.
– She was amazing, man. – Hey, listen man, you’re
the best damn scorekeeper the girl’s team could
ask for, so it’s fine. – You heard about me? – I have, you’re legendary in the books. – Just a second ago, he heard about you. – Alright, let’s grab this second one. – That was pretty good, by the way. (taco crunching) They’re both good. – Man, this is tough. – Yeah, ’cause I can’t
taste either one of them. – That’s indistinguishable. (taco crunching) – Am I the only one that’s decorating the table in front of them? – [Link] To that extent, yes. – Alright, I’m going off
what I learned in round one ’cause I felt like I got
a little insight there at the end of that bite. – [Stevie] Alright guys, flags up. – Damn it. – [Stevie] And three, two, one. – Boom. – Whoa, you guys. – Great athletic minds think alike. – I really hope you’re wrong. – A lot of similarities between scoring 81 and keeping books. (all laughing) – [Stevie] And the kobe
beef is in dish two. – Yeah, that’s right. 77 three pointers, not as
much as 81 points in one game, but still pretty impressive. – Round three. Slathered in gravy, fried to perfection. Tapping into our southern
roots, we’ve got this. – I feel like I should be
eating with my pinky out. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, it is a kinda dinky
little fork, isn’t it? – Once you know which one is fancy. Oh, that’s a little piece. – It is a little piece. I just need a taste. – You need a taste? Well, there’s more where that came from. – This is what it tastes like? It’s supposed to taste like… Close your eyes and you’re kinda like. – Man, the gravy. I think typically they don’t
put gravy on kobe beef. Deep fry it, bread it, deep
fry it, slather it in gravy. – So it’s supposed to mechanically
tenderized cube steak, which is like really cheap steak. – Yummy. – So we should be able
to tell the difference. – You would think. – Oh, and tell us about
your podcast, the Punies. – The podcast is about
kids getting together in the neighborhood and playing sports. And having fun playing sports. I mean, they rib each other
a lot, they joke around with each other a lot, and they have fun. Most sports nowadays has been completely strangled by parents. – Yeah, it’s about
getting your kid prepared for a professional life as opposed to just getting out there. – Yeah, it’s ridiculous. – Enjoying themselves. – This show takes it back
to sports being imaginative, being fun, them teasing each other. That’s what the whole show is about. – You’re always up to something new. You didn’t just stop at basketball. You kept going. – I’m here deciding which– (Rhett laughing) – Speaking of which, I
think I have my answer. – Already? – Oh yeah. Did you taste this one at all? – I did, then I went back to this one. – [Stevie] Okay, here we go. In three, two, one. – Boom. I would bet the farm, and
I don’t even own a farm– – Please don’t bet the farm if you had it. – Really? I feel so confident about this one. – The farm’s gone. – [Stevie] The kobe beef is in dish one. – Yes! – There’s no, I don’t, you
bet the farm on that brother. I’m never taking you to Vegas. – I saw a little pink there,
I thought I had you guys. – Round four. Okay, final round. Kobe, you know, us, we’re tied. – Yeah. – Link’s got one point. – And, you know what, I can
tie you guys across the board. – And make us all
losers, that’s fantastic. How very unselfish of you. – And these are spicy, word of warning. I don’t know how spicy, but. – Spicy food gives me the hiccups. – [Rhett] I’m going for half of one. – What the? This is, is this a bowling ball? – I don’t know if this is
a good sign or a bad sign. – That is spicy.
– There’s some spice in there. – I feel the hiccups coming. – Whoa, is that in the sauce? Oh gosh. – Yeah, that’s tough. – I’m gonna get the hiccups. – You just hiccuped? – Did you just pass the hiccups to me? (Link hiccuping) – I got it too. (Link hiccuping) – Yep, there it is. We’re hiccuping. It’s happening. (Kobe hiccuping) Yep, it’s happening. (Link and Kobe hiccuping) It’s a thing. – Oh, too much. – [Rhett] We also gotta eat dish two. – [Kobe] Oh my God. – [Link] We’re only doing this because– – Yeah, here it is. – You’re italian, right? – We don’t eat meatballs in Italy. (crew laughing) That’s like going to France and asking everybody for french fries. – How long did you live in Italy? – Eight years. – Eight years?
– Yeah. – No meatballs? – No meatballs, and no
Italian, no pepperoni pizza. I mean, what the heck. Okay. (Link hiccuping) – I am blinded, my tongue
is blinded by the spice. It is a total crapshoot at this point. – I made my pick. – Oh, you know?
– I know. – [Stevie] Flags up. – This is called playing through injury. (Rhett laughing) – [Stevie] And three, two, one. – Oh, oh. – I was blindly guessing. – All the scenarios here. I could win, we could have a tie. – I can not win, there
is not that scenario. – Kobe could win.
– I could win. – [Stevie] The final reveal. The kobe beef is in dish two. – Yes, I won. – Alright, you gotta give
yourself a firm handshake, my man. – Look at that. (Rhett laughing) – Thank God I was practicing this earlier. Well done, fist bump me. – Oh my goodness. – Okay, so the mamba
mentality does transfer to eating challenges. Man, this is what we do for a living and you beat us at this. – Hey, you know. – Thanks for making this
a good mythical morning and thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You say you know what time it is? – You know what time it is? – My name’s Colin Farris and
I’m from Epping, New Hampshire and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Swish. – So cool, so smooth. – Check out Kobe’s new
book, Mamba Mentality, available for pre-order now and wherever books are sold October 23rd. – And click the top link to watch us react to the ugliest basketball shoes
ever in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Wanna see more flames? How ’bout our GMM logo? Get this GMM t-shirt at

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  1. I’ve been a Celtics fan my whole life and I STILL grew up saying, “Kobe!” whenever I made a good shot in basketball or tried to throw a wad of paper in the bin.

    The Mamba is a legend. So stoked to see he’s on GMM of all places, I never expected this.

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  7. It is impossible to find Kobe in the US, because it doesn't exist there, real Kobe is from Kobe in Japan and you're not allowed to import it to the US.
    Real Kobe also costs twice as much

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