By the way, Can You Survive RPG game? | Part 5 – Christmas Adventure Podcast

Dan: Alright Hello everybody. Welcome to can you survive an RPG part 5. It’s not really a part 5 it’s more of a side story. That’s what we’re calling it. Today we’re gonna have our very best Ann. Ann: Hi! I’m sick. Stephen: Wait, we’re doing a filler arc? Oh god, who else do we have Dan? Dan: I was getting to that Stephen. Puffin: Yes who– who else? Is– is here? Dan(?): Shut up Puffin: Y– okay. I’ll just pretend like I’m not here. Dan: And today instead of me doing the dungeon master we have our very special guest Puffin Forest! Puffin: Whoa! Oh my god, god I’m here! Woo! Yeah! Hello everyone!
(various cheers and applause) (laughter) Puffin: It’s great to be on here!
Ann: He’s better than Daniel! Woo! Puffin: (imitating fans) Waa~! We love you!
(laughter) Dan: So Christmas is coming up which means this is going to be a Christmas Podcast it’ll be a very long video So sit back relax Go get some tea go get some popcorns or whatever you do when you sit down and do nothing and well Let’s get into it. Hosuh: And hopefully we can post this before Christmas. Yes.
Dan: Yes Dan: This time, definitely. We won’t be late. Hosuh: Are you sure? Ok. Stephan: If we keep talking stupid nonsense, it’s gonna take more than Christmas. Let’s go. Hosuh: Alright
Dan: Alright, let’s go. (Music) Puffin: Hello everyone, thanks for coming. Thanks to the players for playing. A year ago There was an arcane magical disaster at a school called ‘(?) Academy of the Arcane’ and a lot of the students were Evacuated from this magical Academy and since then around the school in the woods The area has been avoided by the locals because there’ve been strange kind of magical effects kind of going on It’s been a year later. And there’s this odd Storm brewing over the forests in the area where the school is. It’s been growing and growing stronger day by day and so the head of the village nearby the village of Mapple has brought together a group to go off into The academy and figure out what’s going on what happened there and try and put a stop to it. Hosuh: And that was us? Puffin: Yes, that was you. Hosuh: Oh, no, we’re doomed (chuckles)
Stephen: Stephens got this. Let’s do this. Dan: Mmm. Look at me and my charisma points of 16 (laughter) Puffin: So the group comes together and the story starts off you guys have come to this village of Mapple and the village itself is The storm has been brewing overhead the snow is falling falling just constantly and it’s– (blows into microphone) There’s the wind whipping up as it blows past and And, there is often the distance is the dense forest, which is Quillem Forest And you guys are brought into the mayor’s office and out comes the the mayor to talk with you Who is his name is Vancey. Vancey (voiced by Puffin): Hello there pleasure to make Acquaintances with you. How are you? Stephan: I cast minor illusion and make an illusion of myself while I go not here. This is boring (chuckles) Stephan: Five foot cube illusion, do it! Vancey: Ah, hello–
Puffin: And he like– he holds out a hand to try to shake you. (laughter)
Stephan: Hi there! Dan: Hello, mayor. Sorry ignore that stupid fool. What what do you need? What do you need from me? And these these side characters?
Hosuh: Ha! Hey! Puffin: And so he re-explains where he’s like– Vancey: We are interested in hiring a group of adventurers to go off into the Academy and figure out and put a Stop to whatever nefarious thing is happening there. We will offer you 500 gold pieces For you to go out there and put an end to what’s going on. Dan: You sound like a very posh guy. Stephen: I wanna murder this posh guy. Dan: I don’t have a– I don’t have a reference to like 500 gold is. Ann: Not enough.
Puffin: 500 gold pieces– (laughter) Ann: Not enough Dan (?): Not enough Puffin: So, uh– Does anyone want to try bartering with him? Hosuh: How much is hundred five hundred though? Puffin: 500 gold pieces? Uh– So like a sword or something would cost 25 or so if you wanted to say an inn or something That’d be like seven silver pieces or so, which is sorry a silver piece. It’s ten silver for one gold pieces. Dan: Okay, it’s not bad. It’s like almost like 5,000 bucks. Stephan: I think we’re okay, you know what? Let’s take this payday and keep going. Vancey: Excellent. Hosuh: Our lives are only worth 1000? All of our lives are only worth 1000? We have to split the 500 goal too. Hosuh: Oh no, that’s who– more we want more! This– this is– Puffin: Does someone wanna try arguing with him? Dan: I use my charismatic stare down that a hellhound wouldn’t flinch at And look at the mayor directly into his eyes and says, “How much do you really have?” Puffin: So I am going to give you the intimidation role and you rolled quite well, so he’s like Vancey: Well you see Finances are a little bit tight at the moment. You see we have actually paid for another group to go in there, but unfortunately, They ran off those scoundrels. They ran off with the money, but– Stephan: Wait, can we just go after those guys instead? Let’s murder those guys! They have so much gold. We can just merkel under it from their bodies. Ann: We can do the same thing. We can just take the gold and leave. Puffin: I will tell you as a GM if you are interested in doing that that is perfectly fine If you are interested in that and– Stephen: Stephen does that, while his minor illusion deals with these idiots Puffin: Okay, so he he does increase his offer to 600 gold pieces for he’s like–
Vancey: That is the most I can offer you at this point, unfortunately. Hmm Stephen: All right, so then maybe we should go. Okay finish their quest first then murder the other idiot Puffin: Did you– do you– actually you said you wanted to go into town and try and find out information about it? Did you actually want to split off on the group and go into town and see and ask around or something? Stephen: The reward increased so Stephen is less reluctant to, (Puffin: Okay.) so he will stay with the group for now Dan: Did you say that you had some sort of trait that allows you to torture people Stephen? (chuckles)
Stephen: Uhh, I think– I’m not– Puffin: (uncertain) It’s like the the intimidation affect, the magic intinimdation is one thing. And uh, yes totally (?) that does damage (chuckles) Stephan: I use mage hand to lift Daniels hand and slap himself
Dan: Nani? Puffin: So what I’m gonna do is it’s going to be opposed check versus Stephens Arcana versus Dan, so What happens is Stephen does the mage hand forces Dan’s hand to come up to his face But then Dan kind of like ducks his head back as the hand goes past. Stephen: What? What?!
Dan: Nice. Dan: “Stephen stop it.” Stephen: What the heck? “Fool me once shame on me.” “Fool me 32 times shame on you”
Stephan: (laughs) Stephan: “Fine grumble grumble. Let’s go do something. Let’s go clear the village or whatever, grumble grumble!”>:( (chuckles) Dan: “Ann uh–”
Ann: “What?” Dan: “Do– do you wanna look around to see if there’s any uh–” Ann: “No thanks.”
Dan: “Anything that you can steal?”
Ann: “No, no, no, no.” Dan: “No?”
Ann: “I only wanted to and you got to punch yourself in the face.” Stephan: (laughs)
Dan: “Oh my gosh.” Ann: “Not unless you want to punch yourself in the face~” “And the maybe I’ll change my mind~” Stephan: “Oh my god, we don’t have time for this. Oh the people are getting away, too”
Ann: “Oh my gaw” “So let’s finish this quest and go get them and… rip out their organs!” Puffin: And so as you say that the Vancy the mayor– Vancey’s like–
Vancey: “Eugh” Puffin: He’s like
(chuckles) Stephan: “Oh now, now he chimes in. Okay fine, whatever” Puffin: So do you guys have anything you want to talk to Vancey about? Because I know your character has left the building, uh, Stephen. Hosuh: Okay, so Stephens gone, should one of us go after him? I think I should go after him Dan: Okay, sure. Hosuh: Okay, so I’ll go with Stephen. Puffin: Okay, so Stephen you walk out once again into the village of Mapple. There’s several buildings going around there’s carts going back and forth and the weather is very oppressive here with that overbearing storm. It’s fairly dark. There’s kind of a tavern area. There’s a blacksmith there is a temple and it does in fact have a graveyard Is there anywhere in particular you gotta go? Stephan: Are there any people outside? Puffin: Yeah, there’s people kind of walking around on the street going back and forth if you wanted to get information There is a general store. You can talk to people there or going to the tavern that’s another possibility or a temple Stephan: “I don’t think I’m welcome in temples, but okay.” (laughter) Hosuh: “Let’s go to a tavern.”
Stephan: “Yeah, I think a tavern would be the best” Puffin: Uh, so you go into the tavern and it’s– you know There’s a lot of people talking who are hiding from the, er uh, trying to get out of the storm– and the weather people are talking amongst themselves And the din overhead and they do offer you food and drinks And I’m going to cut back to Ann and Dan and did you have anything else you wanted to talk to Vancey about and Margaret? Dan: “Vancey, why do you think these things have been happening in the school?” Vancey: “Hmm? I don’t know that myself unfortunately.” (laughter) Vancey: “You might consider talking to Olgar he’s a very wise and very smart person he’s a wizard don’t you know. Much with the magic,” “‘Kapow!’, Not this kind of magic Hoho!”
Puffin: And he does the arm– he kind of flexes. (laughter) Dan: “Oh my so you are a man of culture yourself–” and I do the same thing. I flex. (laughter) Puffin: (uncertain) as well and he gets you into a ‘flex off’ Dan: (laughs) We have a little brotherly romance going on. Ann: “Oh (I’m liking this?)”
Puffin: Okay you actually um, so you rolled higher than him. So– Dan: Okay okay. Puffin: Do you, “Argh!” and you–
Dan: “(various grunting noises)”
Puffin: And you like break your shirt or something? Or just… *laughter* Ann: Can I just leave? *laughter* Dan: Ann, would you like to join us? Ann: Umm, no– no thank you!! Okay Steven and Ann I assume you’re kind of going around in you’re talking to people and what kind of information are you looking for? What are we fighting? What took over the Academy and how long has this been happening? What type of tear magic can they use and HOSA? What are you interested in? Yeah, how many people have taken to quest? So the information that you get from them talking to them was that there was a previous Adventuring party of four people who had taken the quest and gone off they went off and they were never heard from again They took the initial upfront payment. Here’s the thing. They are gone They’re just never heard from again, but other people and other towns have not heard of them either Oh my god, so so yes, Nancy is of the conclusion that they just took the money and ran off Unfortunately with euro Lee was fairly low, so that is all the information that you get. So maybe we should have Gotten more yellow murder the mayor. Oh, then we’re gonna jump over to Steven So you had asked about like what do people know about the TAC about the what are you gonna be fighting and stuff like that? It’s an okay role So what I’ll give you is one piece of information, which is that okay? People are avoiding the forest Like they’ll say that they’ll see shadows or different Shape kind of moving around in the forest and they kind of tell their kids and other people Hey stay away from this from the forest because it’s creepy. Yeah, but first I would I have the absolute gut feeling that the mayor’s actually the one doing this I Don’t know how true that is killin, I don’t know It’s always the good guy still flexing with the mayor know, he is a trustworthy man I would like to kill Dan Carroll to kill Daniel, okay? So what happens is you’re currently flexing with the mayor having a flex off and then what happens is running through the door is Steven So what I’ll say is that you guys have spoken Dan probably is finished fancy has other stuff so he Sees Dan out before of you might meet up at the tavern to talk about What’s going on and how to handle it and everything? Can I stop by the library first? Yeah, sure You meet up at a library. No, I am just going to I’ll give information to Steven from your studies what you’re able to determine is that there was some kind of arcane ritual done to manipulate the weather and it is apparent like you can set up different rooms and you know that if those rooms were to say like be Deactivated it would prevent you would end the storm Hmm Stevens really good and carrying this team So far wait, the mayor says something about a wizard and knowing a bunch of facts about this thing that’s been happening Maybe we should go talk to him Oh, duh. What was his name? Olga was the neat lizard? so if you guys go over to the Wizards house, you will meet up with old R who is an elderly dwarf and He’s like I don’t get to guess that often. No, very strange. Oh My gosh you will. Okay, sir. Oh, no, this is normally how I talk Hey host that you’re a dwarf go talk to oh the wise one Do you know anything about what’s been happening at the school ground that’s causing all this whether he would actually get confirmed some of the stuff that Stephen had said that there are Apparently some kind of arcane runes that are active that are manipulating the weather and then causing this magical snow to fall He would also give you another piece of information that people apparently saw Some snowmen kind of wandering through the forest. Oh my god Snowman, so this is a Christmas special Snowman is in like a a man made out of snow or oh, okay. Got it and Someone said like they saw one You they were they were at their house and they were like drinking some tea and it was warm They looked outside and they saw snowman and then they continued to drink the tea and they look back the Snowman was going holy crap Holy crap. Holy crap. We’re gonna niece need some fire spells. Does anyone know fire spells? Yes Why can we do twice a day dang it don’t use it now. Okay. All right. Let’s go So you guys are traveling when you’re going along the road in front of the road is several signs one of them says like bubbles Academy if they’re arcane, and and then there’s another Bit of wood on it says go away. Don’t come here. Stay away and then there’s like a little barrier kind of up on the road and You guys hop over the barrier and then continue along into the forest as you guys are continuing through the forest you guys each Do a perception check and the highest coming out strong is Steven, of course You guys are walking along the road as you’re walking along you look through the trees and you see a Snowman off in the distance like with a smiley face. Kick it wait a second. Should we go in ticket? I use minor illusion to create another illusion of myself and walk it towards the snowmen How many times can you use that thing a day infinite? Yeah, correct in infinite. Yeah, it’s infinite, correct? And so it was over there. It walks over there and nothing happens the snowman appears to be just still do you do anything I take my javelin Nice, throw it at him. Okay, that’s a snowman. Thank God you you take your javelin you chuck it? So I’m going to give you an attack role Okay So you chuck the javelin and it goes through the snowman’s chest and then falls over HOSA You notice the fact that the so the Snowman falls over but you do see that the Snowman kind of crawls away on the ground It’s Very can we go and check it out you even closer. This was a perception role So something I think it’s a trap kids, but it’s crawling away. Maybe we could in turn it Yeah, it could have been bait, but it’s a snowman we literally can’t do anything other than blow it up. Alright Follow it and do something I can stomp on it make it stop Looking at it from distance. So do you want to kind of sneak over there? Maybe we should follow it I would like to cast invisibility I want to go I want to walk up to it one one of the things I will say also with Anna is Anna as the fastest character in this group because as a bonus action, She can – which can double her move speed every round and go Go go Anna, so you start running out there And as you’re running out there you get a perception check and you see there’s another snowman and another snowman Oh Okay, just kick them all down. Do you continue running? No, I want to destroy all of them. Okay? now what we are going to do is so Anna runs over to One of the Snowman like one of the ones on the ground and then she goes to stomp it And succeeds and does actually stomp it but as she stomps it the other three like kind of come to life They certainly were moving around and they move in her direction So then we’re gonna jump over next on the initiative is Steven Hey Daniel was at your phone cuz I called it. I guess scorching ray on all of them I guess there’s three and I can shoot three of them. Right? Yeah, so that is okay. I will do that Okay to hit and one of them misses so Danny so there’s three of them they’re coming and you you shout your words of magic and then you form this kind of circle of arcane flames and two of them shoot and just vaporize two of the snowman they come up and they let out the screams cries of pain and there’s Oh There’s steam that billows out of their bodies as they fall to the ground And then the other one is still coming towards Ana So it is actually going to rake at her with with its claws and as it has claws Okay, so It has twigs or these like branches for oh and the area is for its arms Just kind of rake past her and kind of cut her quite a bit Xhosa, um, is there a Healing how much damage did uh healing word. So it is going to Did about eight points of damage on holy crap. That’s like half our health. I’m dying guys. They Restore up to fifteen hit points and can you? So either a healing spell is you can cast healing word at a distance if you want, how much does it heal So healing word heals about six hit points. Okay, um, how many times ten I use it? Okay, so you have four uses per day and it is a bonus action. Meaning you still have your move and regular action Oh, can I use? healing ward on n Lotus action healing word that brings her hit points up and then you still have Your action and your move, could I use my Warhammer to? Swing at the at the snowman snowman. Yes Yeah So you run out there and you make a swing and that is a hit. And so you’re gonna deal some damage so you take a swing you break off a chunk of the snowman and You break off one of its arms as well. Are you sure you’re a healer? Dan do something. Oh my god. I’m literally carrying this team. Okay Let me sing you a song to boost everyone’s I will kill Daniel I just just hit it so we can kill the that last one. Okay, fine. I put my I put down my instruments, which I do think I take off my long sword and I swing it around like there’s no tomorrow doing a 360 turn like Garen on League of Legends If you guys know my god, you cut these snowman in half and sew the two masks of the snowman fall apart. Nice Okay, so we are now Yeah, well for me, I analyze the snowmen they can’t be controlled just randomly So there has to be some magic residue that set it off. Why did this one? Why did these three turn into magic snowmen? well the one that Daniel shot with that spear just like ran so there’s Some sort of mechanism here and I would like to signed out what it is Well, these aren’t mindless robots since they try to run away if they were really just mindless snowmen Monsters, they would have constantly try to attack us but that one of them tried to crawl away to safety So maybe they have consciousness. Yeah, I would still like to analyze them see if there’s any magic Happening, okay? So what you can tell is that the snow appears to be magical the the snow that’s falling and rickety course Okay, make up into these snowmen Okay So that means we have to stop the storm to stop the snowmen and the snowmen don’t seem to actually attack us They great – yeah, but we cuz Daniel ends and stomped on them Is it because we stopped up we still don’t know if they’re evil by nature if they just defend themself I swear to God I will murder this guy next chance I get okay. Alright lads Let’s continue our journey and I do like a really cool back turn and walk away in slow motion. I punch Daniel They stomp on him, too As you guys are walk through the forest you get to this large clearing and it is kind of a castle and There’s a bridge kind of leading up towards the center of the castle And I’m going to give you guys a perception check looking at it Stephen again Stephen again Is a feed by okay, so Stephen and once again the storm is very dense, but you do see Looking through it There’s a sheen of white across the castle So it’s hard to see but you do see the outline of kind of a circle sort of going around Above the the head of the castle up there There is a tower and there’s quite a bit of damage to it almost like part of it was was kind of it was caved In do we see any snowmen around you? Do not see any snowman in the area with my ability unseen servant can it interact with things or is it just like carry this? Okay I cast unseen servant and have it make like snowballs for us, I guess okay I want to check if there’s like any traps in our way cuz this is a huge clearing So I’m pretty sure something is here. Yeah, I know something destroyed this whole place I don’t know. What yeah so want to find out I will say that there are like little shacks kind of around one is it appears to be like a Stable and then there is some fencing there Yeah, check, you know unseen servant Scouts it with snowballs – okay, so I keep it like the snowballs kind of scouted out Yeah, so like it’s like throwing them at random places to see what happens. See if it triggers anything We just put make and do it. Yes stealth like crazy. Yeah last time and did anything She almost got murder fied. So I’m not gonna do that anymore the bane of being a rogue It’s like I’m gonna go by myself. Oh crap, I could does the unseen servant trigger anything you guys scouted around and The unseen servant does not trigger anything. So he just kind of goes around and throws the snowballs and does not. Yeah, they’re Having fun there. How long does this guy lasts? How long does it last? I believe it at last for one hour Okay, should we enter or should we do something else too before we do anything? You said that there’s houses nearby, right? Um, yeah there we’ll all get a little shake Shack’s okay Hey and you want to go rob some places? Let’s go All right, you want to check out the castle we should stay as a group I think after that whole snowman incident I don’t think we should split it up. Obviously Stephen hasselbanks fine Let’s go. I am going to have an do some smart person investigation and what she can tell is that Some of the major items were taken like oh this is you know bag of gold and stuff like that and some light items But a lot of the heavier bulkier items were left there. Oh So they evacuate it pretty quickly Or maybe they were there and then the group before us came and stole everything in the left I will actually give an another item What what is this? What you find is a bag and the bag when you open it up you look inside and you’re looking for the bottom But you reach your hand in and it goes past where the bottom should be. Holy crap This is a bag of holding and what it is is it has kind of an extra dimensional space in the bottom So it can hold like 250 pounds and it always feels like it weighs 15 pounds and you can stick these large bulky items like you take a surfboard and just stuff it into the hole and it closes in the Bag is fine. Oh, it’s Daniels, but Towards here you go Alright now that we looted the poor let’s go do stuff at the castle you guys go up to the Academy and You open up the doors you cross the bridge open it up and and when you guys open them up and come inside It’s very warm in there It’s actually and there are several oil Lanterns along the walls and they’re all lit and they’re throwing off these flames and inside there’s an entrance hall It’s laid out with all this food there. Oh my gosh, and it’s a long hallway or a long hall Like a seating here. Yeah, there’s a bunch of food there. Yeah, there’s My gosh this could only mean one thing What is it? Somebody really really likes us? You you casted and dan, what did you what did what did you want to do dan eat Just like absolutely take one additional action to eat even more So any do you eat because there are some drinks there can I use detect poison? Yeah, okay So the I will first give it to Xhosa so you cast detect poison and Disease the food and the drink kind of like some of the bread you don’t see any on there but then some of the meat like it’s there’s something there’s some arcane energy kind of coming off of it and then as well as The drink as well. It’s a sleeping spell Daniel. I swear to God if you eat that I will murder you in your sleep If I kill Daniel then I can happen. I cast caused fear on the food on Daniel so that he doesn’t eat the food I guess All right. So Daniel is going to give me a Wisdom save alright, let me let me take a look at the numbers cuz this is actually really close Can I use my charisma to be like scary bounce beat him up? Damn Daniel failed by one so he’s just Slightly so he he’s about to eat and I don’t know if he eats or not like he might have had a bite or two and then you do is die cause fear and he just like goes oh, No, Daniel, let’s keep going we’re not eating this junk but but look look, oh they’ll come nice I only have one one more first level spell today. I don’t want to keep using it on you, but it’s Christmas I will murder fight you. All right fine We still don’t know what spell it is that’s casted on these food because they might be might be healing spell we have a detect Magic spell okay. So you cast detect magic and so it lets you see The magic the bread itself has nothing on it But you see that there is some kind of like transmutation magic sort of coming off of the meats and There is some other transmutation magic coming off of the drink. Okay, so I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure that means it’s human Uh what no Listen, Stephen, not everyone thinks about eating humans like you do Maybe they just try to make a rotten meat not so rotten Daniel If only the meat and the drink has been transmuted, but not the bread. I’m seriously considering it It’s like some sort of human derivative ever that time. I asked for your opinion. Oh wait Reluctantly eat more what happens to me? I don’t know do you? What are you eating? Are you just eating the meat and the bread and the drink? Are you just everything? Oh my god Okay, hosting host. How many times can you heal people when a 42 times I Kind of want to see what happens. Maybe we should just let Daniel eat it. Oh my god, so he and please murder him I don’t want to get kicked out of the game He eats the food as he after he does that the the unseen servants are coming in and they’re kind of cleaning up and taking some of the plates and Running off of them Dan you feel you feel really good You feel kind of energized from eating that that knows you actually get some temporary hitpoints Nunny The thing is that you you hiccup. Uh-huh And as you do so these bubbles come out of your mouth and they have this Bits of purple and pink and they kind of float up and as they go up a little bit They pop almost like pop rocks Oh God. Oh my gosh, what’s happening? And then they’re gone Oh my god, we have to get out of the room right now and then he hiccups again and then some more the bubbles come out and they pop and then they and it’s and once again these Are they’re making the little sound effects? But he’s just like on occasional hiccup and these bubbles come out and they pop What if he turns into a snowman and those snowmen were the people from the school previously? I don’t think that the snowmen were burping pink and purple bubbles No, but like what if this is a delay effect before he turns into no a snowman or something I will I will give a knowledge role to think about that Okay, so he got a fabulous role and so I will give you the information that this appears from your medical training and stuff what you know is that it appears as if some of the magic you used to make the food is kind of breaking down and so is giving the food this weird like magical effect on it like and so It’s on the one hand gave him the temporary hitpoints but on the other hand, it’s suddenly causing him to burp those bubbles Okay. Well that’s going to be a real problem sneaking into the castle now Me now. I feel I feel great. I Read and continue on with this garbage fire I don’t know that I called Daniel as you are going towards one of the side halls what you hear is Okay, I think we need an to do something and do something can I like shove Daniel in my backpack? Oh You open up the bag of hold like shoved in inside of it clothes on okay? Okay. I’ll hide here for now Go after that sound quietly now. Okay, so Anne has the highest stealth so I am going to roll it so she critically failed by oh my god She is a hat so here’s the thing She’s a halfling and she has a trait called lucky which means she gets to reroll it. Okay? Oh, thank god. Okay, that is 2300 so Like a ghost she just kind of vanishes and she kind of goes over She’s passing by several classrooms And she hears the humming and she goes past one classroom and there she sees this This younger kind of he looks like a teenager and he’s sitting at a desk and he’s just kind of staring around And he’s humming to himself. Okay, kill him. No don’t kill him Okay, so I don’t think if we kill him the magic will stop so we have to like interrogate him or something Yeah, here’s the thing. Anna is in the front by herself. So she she didn’t kind of decide what she wants to do Yeah, it’s all up to you Anne I take out Daniel for my backpack and make him hiccup ativan. Later With two I jump out with two long swords surprise motherfucker So you so Anna and Dan are in the room first, yeah here this around the corner, oh my god, we have to go know The long sword at this teenager. What do you know about this storm? Oh, yeah the storm Yeah a bit there for her. Yes been there for like a year. Yes, maybe there for a while. He’s rambling kill a man Kill him you idiot. We still need information. Yeah. Hi Steven My wisdom zero, I don’t know. Oh my god. Okay, so there’s a difference between wisdom and just pure knowledge. Don’t be stupid So this guy this this teenager, he has these round glasses he has on his desk he as like a book and he’s got some paperwork and he has some pens and pencils and he’s got His backpack next so he’s like, oh, did you guys come here to go to class to what? Money, can I ask him are there any other people other than you in this place? Why? Well, there is Mozart the librarian he’s still here, but I mean it’s been awfully quiet here for a while How long have you been here a year? What year is it? And then do I know the year? Yeah, you know that so he tells you yes, it’s it’s it’s the good timeline is correct. He says okay Okay. So what’s going on here? Well, I don’t know. It’s like there’s some kind of I guess there’s a magic store or something I I’m not supposed to go up to the upper level. So Dharma Here I am in the classroom because it’s 9 o’clock on is it’s 3 o’clock on a Wednesday and I got my Transfiguration magic class is 3 o’clock on Wednesday. Are there gonna be teachers coming in soon? So, I mean I’m waiting and but I mean they haven’t showed up here for a year a year This librarian guys, definitely we have to kill them but don’t say that. I don’t say that out loud Listen, Bob waves. Pop your name. Oh, my name’s Stanley. Alright, Bob, okay nothing Clearly you have been an idiot everybody’s dying outside Don’t think I’m an idiot I gee whiz, you know I spend my time in my class that I I get the best grades today, whatever do Don’t listen to the guy with the zero wisdom, okay? Well, I cast invisibility and go find this librarian guy So you’re great is the library in the in the upper level. Yes in the upper levels Do we want to bring this guy along with us or do we make him go in the front? Oh, No, I don’t think it’s a good idea if he if he’s already chummy with you I could go with you guys I’m sorry. I think you should murder him. Yes to show us the way to the library Sure, yeah, he’s certainly buddy no putting the stuff and he he goes over and he grabs a Hall Pass and he’s like, oh Let’s do it let’s go trap it’s The the group I’m going to have everyone do an insight role now. Oh my god. No HOSA Wouldn’t be messed in sight roll the nineteen So your character what you can tell is he does not appear to be deceptive He appears to be very genuine like he’s like really excited. Ah, what a nice kid Oh I swear to God if we don’t murder something by the end of this I’ll be so angry and as you guys go up there It’s very warm. And as you go up it gets colder and colder and colder going up to the library It’s like whoa. I don’t really go up here. Margin It’s kind of cold and there is Wenzel s when’s the last time you saw this? Librarian, whoa gee, whiz that was that was a good six months ago or so Holy crap library, one of the librarians dead. There’s something in the study Oh my god, the the doorway is actually iced over. It has like a solid thing of ice and and And Stanley goes. Oh, do you he’s like pulling on the handles like gee whiz that seems a little hard, okay Can I use the Iron Fist thing? I got like Stanley is also pulling out his wand to cast something on it. Okay? Yeah, I’m gonna cast a spell and now I’m gonna roll for Wild Magic god damn turns out he’s a grand magician He’s like super high. He’s the raid boss. I said you we should have killed him and I’m so sorry. You’re right So he goes Alec up in it and he waves his wand and then there’s a puff of smoke that like blows into his face is like Whoa. Wow What stars in his eyes and he started spinning around like? Whoa, and he falls down and they start rolling towards the stairs Iiiii roll to grab him before he falls down the stairs, okay So you you just kind of like grab them and then like maybe stand them up or something you okay, buddy? Oh, yeah a g-wiz Was expecting well, we’ll give you one we’re trying if you fail again, we’re gonna kill you. All right? I can’t I Think I have something called fire our sacred flame sacred flame right Oh, what is it? So what it does is that? You pointed a thing and then you light it on fire basically or with radium. We melt the ice that sweet. So it was so hostess steps up and he points his finger kind of around the door and as he does the the sacred flame for the fire kind of the radiant fire comes out and gives off Chi this warm glow and He points it around and it melts and the ice that was formed around it and as it comes down you know the water is dripping down and The water kind of goes down and then freezes again, and then you melt it and freeze it it goes down then freezes again but you do manage to Unstick the door. I think Anne should Scout again. Second us to bringing up the hey kid. Come here Xhosa than me. Okay What I don’t think I don’t think the librarians alive anymore. I don’t think this kid is gonna do anything But why – Rosen over though cuz the guy is dead. He’s been I don’t know taking over Maybe he used it to protect himself from the outside world Maybe maybe something’s gonna happen once we go and maybe he’ll be like, oh my gosh, who are you? Okay Dad Daniel can go first All right. I think Anne should go first so she can scout it cuz she is most quickest. I guess she hit points don’t Fight. Okay, Daniel go first. You’re a meat shield And then okay then and then Xhosa than me bringing up the rear because in case something comes behind us We need our healers to actually heal see I actually know how to play this game. You guys are stupid Okay, you haven’t said you haven’t said anything clever, it’s very basic things you’re talking about Eat the magical food, and I got power did I not Stephen you don’t kill these guys. I will kill them myself. Alright puffins. Can I like take away Stephens staff from his hand. Yeah I take away Stephen step and I give him like a very passive-aggressive shove Puffin if you roll that I will hurt you – I can I can punch the DM right? No, you can’t see that puffin. This guy being a cage the group see a big slap fight emerging between All the while the necrophile is getting away, hold on you’re gonna stop yeah. Okay. Stop. What are you guys doing? 600 gold is waiting for us guys Alright, I creak the door open and I go in and I shout hello Is anybody here? We know I have Christmas. Hello. You creak the door open say hello What you hear is quiet down there. This is a library Okay, sorry. Oh deafness Is on the librarian Okay you so what you see is kind of coming around the corner is there is a skeleton and he’s wearing some clothes It’s one dead. No, not undead. Let’s make you just kids making that joke Wait you the one that’s making all the snowfall in the village. Oh, no, that’s the door Caine rooms We got a floor or upstairs I’m just I’m feeling that he does he’s not aware that he is an undead So Stanley kind of talk to you guys like well, I heard the stories that apparently he was this librarian he’d been working there for a long time and he just kind of kept doing his work and Okay, can you can you tell us something more about the guy upstairs? Yeah upstairs Mmm, yeah That’s a dragon live lives up there Oh Oh my all right. Okay. What what kind of dragon why is he causing up a storm? What do you know librarian? Tell me now He’s just she’s making noises and I tell him to keep it down this is a library you can’t be making noises in the library And this is so another thing is that describing a scene there is the library and it’s kind of moving in lots of books and then the ceiling has caved in and that’s where kind of snow is coming in and above is a study area and that study area there is Another wall is caved in and there’s a large opening there and you guys are just you don’t know what’s up there are we able to rest in here because we should probably regain our Abilities before we fight on short rest if you want. Okay. Do you guys want to yeah, we probably should Oh boy, we gonna have a slumber party. Yeah, I’ll be great. I will murder this teenager right now So you guys go over there and you rest up and there’s a Fire a roaring fire lid you guys might pick some beds or something nice I am all I’m going to give you all perception checks With the perception checks what HOSA does notice? When you guys are going to sleep is you do see a shadow kind of flying overhead To the tower and then leaving and then coming back That’s definitely the dragon hey Anne never watch the movie hobbits no, okay, never mind cuz they remind me of you So in the movie hobbits the hobbits Rise to steal from the dragon and the Hobbit sneaks in and sees what the dragon has in store And does whatever now I’m not saying you need to I’m not scared of a dragon or anything But I’m just saying could you could possibly go in first and check out and come back to us, you know, okay Go for it, okay. Alright She Separates from the group and so the three of you are I assume you guys wait for nightfall and so the three of you are at the dormitory and then Ana sneaks off by herself and When you go up into the study What do you see are little piles of gold? You also see that there there’s a set of these arcane runes on the ground and these different arcane arcane energy kind of passing between them and As the arcane energy is passing between them They’re motes of kind of smoke or that drift upward from it and go up towards the sky expanding expanding expanding until it becomes the size of like a cloud and Also what you see when you get in and you’re kind of exploring you are currently in the dragon’s lair itself There’s there are several bones on the ground which are like there’s an area where maybe the the dragon was like nesting or something Also along the sidewall is you see several humanoid figures like a halfling a tiefling a Human a dwarf and they’re all frozen like statues. Oh my god Those are the first team and I’m also on the ground what you see are these these items? it’s like there’s a javelin there is a sword and the snow almost kind of seems to pass around it and avoid it with magic with magical items what you know is that it’s They don’t collect dust. They don’t rust and so this it’s it seems to be magic to some extent There’s also there is a bottle there as well. And there’s this strange miss kind of swirling in them But also the dragon is currently not at home and grab everything out. Okay. Okay, so she’s going around I don’t losing like and I assume you have like you might have the bag of holding open air like squish like kind of swooping stuff into a correct as you are doing that the three of you guys or the four of you guys are at the dormitories and Stanley is there and he has like a little poker and he puts like a marshmallow on it’s like well This is very you guys. Yeah I OG t ox and he has like the little blanket up over him and he has the the marshmallow is a zero So, you know you guys want some I want to kill this kid so bad I’ll have some as as you are doing that outside the doorway you hear Some growling Oh, oh, oh, no. It’s a Monster, okay, so dare me crit on it so here’s the nice the clack clack clack that sound like claws on like a stone surface and He also hears Okay Okay Damn, here’s this but Stanley is totally unaware. He’s like, whoa! Geez dogs. No it is like roasting is like ah you guys what’s up? Wait, shut up. Shut up Stanley. You’re put in your bag and Can I use detect evil to Just see where it is. Yes. Okay you so you detect him and the Dragon it appears from from what you can sense He’s like he is in the hallway outside of the Or matauri it. Was it the sound of the dragon it is the sound of the dragon is is what they heard So let me let me also just clarify you guys are in the dormitories The dragon currently is passing through the hallways smelling going there. I smelled them Okay What do we do Do we see it we you do not say this This is just what you’re hearing and Stanley is currently muted by I believe Stephen who has a smell Okay shit about I think it’d be a good idea to try to lure him away. I guess my delusion of myself Can I make more than one or is it just one at a time so you can make one at a time? So it’s a five-foot cube. So you make a motion out the door Yeah, so I make the minor illusion run out the door and away from us. I guess does that distract them? What’s gonna happen is that you make you point out? kind of in the general direction of the hallway and You generate an image of yourself and what you hear through? The doorway is like Invading my home and it charges you hear the clock lock as it’s charging down the hallway and you’re a huge roar and there’s a gust and You can feel wisp of of cold kind of coming from utterly trapping You here? Oh, yes, you thought you could run away and then there’s a silences like what right, right? Yes, that’s and you are so getting on it. And what you hear is the clatter of ice. It’s an ice dragon Yeah quick and the sword Okay. So yeah, you start coming down the stairs and I’m going to have you do a stealth check Can I beat up the dragon your stealth check is a fifteen the dragon’s perception 13. Oh So what happens is you are like running down the stairs as you’re coming down there’s like the shadow of the dragon Look, whoa, and you kind of go behind a pillar and it just like goes past you and it’s like come out I can smell you Now I didn’t hear somewhere. You may hide for me fart. I’m but I will find you. Oh I got chills, man Let the chill from the ice dragon I Will be adding you all to my collection I won’t kill you. Oh, okay. So shoot. We’ve probably should have thought the other team Oh that probably would have been a good idea. But it’s too late now. I will also tell you with this particular dragon He’s about the size of a bit bigger than like a car. Mmm. Oh, so it’s not too bad. Yeah But it’s gonna require an insane amount of teamwork, okay, what is it? Okay, I’m ready Okay So my plan is to cast invisibility go up to the highest floor wherever the runes are deactivate them while you guys distract the dragon Okay operation Steven is the best but it’s gonna smell you though Yeah, I know but he can he doesn’t know how many of us there are it seems like he’s just chasing whatever’s moving wait But he saw your your saw my illusion, which means yeah, so he knows how you look like Which means if you’re not here, he’s gonna be suspicious That’s stupid. I I think I I think Operation Steven is the best is a great idea Let’s try it. I’ll do what you say Oh Steven has the highest knowledge. Right we’re gonna steam Steven is is technically the intellect of the group. He has a +3 Yes, suck it. So whatever. He should have the highest chance of deactivating anything, right? Mm-hmm Yeah, so Laura, he should be the one going up there. So first off I would like Daniel to bust through the wall So he I guess is distracted by something else while I sneak through the door, okay? I kicked the door open mighty dragon face me And I have a sword. Um, so it the dragon turns around and it’s like there you one-shots Daniel Wait and did you get the legendary sword or not? I’m still waiting on throw. My perilous art at you or what? Oh So do you want to actually throw it to be him no, let’s risk it Dokic to me All right, so she is going to do Dex check to throw it here. Come here comes my god All right, so it’s just a simple toss. So he does in fact manage to like you toss it Okay skitters more in Civ and he picks it up. Nice The dragon is going to say like you’re very brave wanting to face me foolish Hey Yeah, and as the thing is that now you were able to see the dragon in its full glory and this is a white dragon and it has like on one side of its face what you see is that one of its eyes is like Larger than the other and it’s yellow and kind of has a milky color to it And there are several Boils all across one side of the face like almost like it got hit with a flask of acid or something and is burned We are going to Stephen so you said you wanted to go like book it up to the top floor But one sec when with my two-a-day do I have to again or is it just like still one because we didn’t actually rest You unfortunately still only have one spell because you did not god damned. Alright, so I’m just gonna have to use invisibility Yeah it up there and you are going to book it and then HOSA and what are you guys gonna do remembered? There was a spell that can buff up. Okay, there’s a few options which you have one is called Blasts which gives everyone or three people a plus D for two, they’re attached to any of their roles I think that’d be a good idea. Yeah, that’s a good idea including Stephen. Unfortunately, it is three targets So, okay. So you use it on yourself? Yeah. Yeah. Steve is not here. Okay Should I should I use it on Stanley instead of me? Don’t worry you guys I can help you I’ll be actually I’m gonna have him do a wisdom in case he’s like he’s kind of cowardly at this point Oh my god stand up He crit. Sorry. It’s like I’m gonna be helping you out you guys. Okay, so We are actually going to cut over we’re actually gonna start with Steven What’s gonna happen is basically you run up the stairs and as you’re running up you hear the roar and then the The dragon like opens its mouth and lets out this breath cold air in the their direction But you’re just hearing the roar and the and seeing that as you run up the stairs To the upper levels and you wanted to deactivate the the thing, correct? Yeah, like the ruins Okay so you go up there and what you see is that there is kind of an amulet at the center of the runes and This particular amulet, you know, it’s like oh it’s doing this magical energy. And so you start saying like oh this rune here well do this and this and this and you start kind of stretching things out and kind of manipulating things to Cancel out the rooms and prevent them from producing that the clouds. Okay, I cut down stairs now to the dragon itself is going to Make some kind of a breath attack and everyone is going to do a deck save come on. Come on I have really low decks much So what’s gonna happen is that? Josh and Anna are gonna get out of the way quite a bit Dan is going to take a bit of the blasts like the arctic blast and as he does so Like part of his arm kind of goes limp From the just like covered in this ice and then as his feet are a bit stuck to the ground because it’s just like it starts forming on him and He has grabbed this particular weapon and the weapon itself He can feel kind of this magical energy emanating off of it and he attunes to it and as he does so the blade it starts kind of glowing like Becoming red and then it becomes kind of white and then gouts of flame come out from the blade It is a fire sword or a fireman. So it it produces fire. Nice loot So we’re going to do the initiative and the initiative hoarder is going to be and crit, so Anne goes first What do you want to do? I? Don’t know what to do. I always should I do Kill the dragon? Okay, so you just don’t run off um with your sword and the eyeball Okay, so you’re gonna go for the eyeball. Don’t do that. It’s so hard. It’s clever What’s going to happen is that? He’s kind of like leaning down you come out from the side and you take a slash at it And you do in fact manage to hit the eyeballs There’s a gout of blood that comes out from the eye jumping over to Xhosa blood Do I have another sacred flame? Yeah you have sacred flame you can do those that will you have guiding bolts you have as far as offensive attack weapons spiritual weapon where you manifest a weapon in midair that attacks him Oh Should I do spiritual weapon you can if you want one is like the difference is that with guiding bolt? it gives the next person advantage on their attack and all with Oh, Daniel right. Okay. Yeah, I’ll do guiding bolt so that Daniel can have an advantage on the attack Yes, so you you successfully hit him and it doesn’t metric shit-ton of damage. You shoot him and then Daniel your turn Do I still have that magic story? All right, well Daniel, we we can do it believe in yourself. Ah The only way to beat a dragon hiss the element of surprise. I drop the sword and I start flexing Roll for it. I I with my amazing threat I start flexing I commit and come in and quickly do something. Well, he’s distracting to Isis You created your aha flex and then what’s gonna happen is that the dragon is Going to bite you Ragged like bite you like I did it like slams you into a wall And then The dragon Where are you aiming for in particular an ax because his head is currently off the ground The tail, okay, you’re gonna go for the tail With the guiding bulls. I’ll give her advantage so with advantage you managed to hit and you actually cut the Dragons tail off and As the tail gets cut off it it opens its mouth in a cry of agony and it drops Daniel to the ground Thank you Now prone cutting over to Steven you have actually managed to deactivate The arcane runes all of them. Oh my god. I’m so great. Oh, yeah Steven talks himself. Oh, yeah. I’m heading back to collect my reward He doesn’t have anyone else oh, yeah. Yeah, I do I have one more level one. Okay. Oh, sorry your turn Um, I’m definitely gonna have to heal Daniel how much eight point is, you know? you don’t know you don’t know heal me heal me I gotta Do something else stupid myzel buff man, she can at least get a grid in one shot this thing no, no, no No, I I got this. I got it. I swear to God HOSA if you healed Daniel, I will personally murder you in my Name, thank you in the name of dwarf goddess. We cannot let anyone die in this party What happens How much is he missing, uh, he is he was just barely hanging in there so getting healed with A cure wounds he is going to get brought back up to about half health. Okay. Is it my turn? Yes, it is your turn. I saw Daniel I swear to know if you q epic music slow motion blood dripping down my forehead or something I pick up the sword and I look up Dragon intensely as I glare him down and then I used my action search to double attack him with the magical sword Hi-yah hi-yah. Do you wanna describe it to me? How you kill this dragon? Well, his tails is cut off so is in agony and his mouth is open So I stab him in the mouth and when I pull it out and then I try to cut his neck Okay. I hope you realize you’re you’re are you a human? Yes, but I’m a human fighter You’re on the ground I jump and the thing is huge No. It’s about a little bit bigger than a car. Yeah Well, the thing is that it can win it’s the thing is that when it when it kind of rears back its head is a Fairly high off of the ground because it has a long. Oh, you know stuff like that. Okay Yeah, I mean if you all just haven’t fit in the mouth and then cut that off like that was perfectly fine Yeah, I’m gonna do that Stephen. Stop. Stop helping the dragon You stab it in you slash And as you do that, it’s kind of that burnt smell comes off as the roaring flames from the fiery sword Dig into its flesh and oh girl as you kill it Stephen you come down the stairs to see the body of a massive dragon laying there and He is Dan is standing there with his sword covered in blood. Everyone has blood on them. Hi Stephen So we win let’s go get our boy, this is so garbage. I don’t want to deal with Daniels crap anymore Question. Yeah, so the the people that were frozen upstairs. Yeah, can we so they’re still frozen, right? Yeah Oh, can we take the money that they had I’m pretty sure those were the prior people. Yeah Kind of getting towards the end of this so we will start wrapping it up And so just say like this is basically the dragon had gone around it would loot anyone he can find and take the money and then leave it up and it’s like it was starting to develop a little bit of a Hoard and some of the magic items that you found were from the previous group that had gone here. Yes everything go back to the town get our reward come back and save them don’t say No, just gonna steal the stuff. They already stole the first set. Let’s just murder them Okay, I leaned on one of the ice sculptures hey guys out we’ll be back real quick The ice sculpture falls and has like a domino can it do that? Sure, okay Well, one of the things I will warn you also is that you would know this is that they’ve been dead a while They leave so what happens is he would actually freeze them alive and then they would slowly die in the in case. Oh and By this time they had been here for several months in the ice Okay, they’re done got us I’m sorry may you rest in peace I would like to raise dead Alright cool so so right now we are currently wrapping this up. Is there anything we’re going to be closing it out soon? So is there anything else you guys want to do before we close it out kill the mayor of this town? So you want to kill the mayor? How high is this level? The mayor is you don’t know he appears to be a commoner of some kind. Ah, okay, that’s useless that never mind I think I think we should ransack the village, but that’s just me. I don’t think can we bring Stanley back to the town? Fine, let’s bring the idiot Stanley’s like well, I don’t know if I should be leaving you guys aren’t supposed to I’m enrolled to the school It’s supposed to be as as cool as this classes this particularly winter break. Let’s go break it as when you guys were walking through they were like several trees kind of set up in the and It had originally had been done around Christmas. And so the decorations were still up there and so many guys are coming back down It’s you know, there’s all the decorations they’re still up there. I cast scorching Ray on all of them Okay, COO, so you guys make it back to the village and then set the village on fire and then kill everyone inside yeah Well, you guys are doing that I look into the video camera and then I say You know plundering and putting the village on fire and robbing an entire civilization reminds me about what Christmas is all about spending time with your family while the church bell rings and thinking about And then later on you know, you’re all gonna wake up and you’re gonna get presents Hostos got to get some presents He’s got to get some socks and hannah is gonna get anymore And Dan’s gonna get a sweater and Stephens got to get all up of coal for murdering innocent people Thank you everyone for coming thanks to the players for playing thanks for hosting And description below thanks guys. Be sure to hit the like and subscribe button and Spend time with your family anything make sure you guys just really appreciate one another Merry Christmas Before we wrap it up this does end. We’re Like thanks everyone for coming in and Happy Holidays. Yeah, Merry Christmas go to church They may get One they look amazing and I would love to have a brother who wants to understand your mom

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