Buying and reading Google eBooks on the Story HD from iriver

Buying and reading Google eBooks on the Story HD from iriver

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Cheryl, from the
Google eBooks team. Today I’m going to show you
how to read and purchase Google eBooks on the Story
HD from iRiver. The power slider
is on the back. To get started, sign in with
your Google account. If you don’t already have one,
please create one for free on your computer. Here’s Home, Back, and Enter. You can use the silver four-way
controller to navigate right, left,
up, or down. Let’s navigate to sign
in and press Enter. Type in your email address
and password. You’ll notice that you’ll need
to click on the Sym button for symbols and numbers. If you make an error, use
the Delete button and go back and re-type. Once your device is activated,
it will show your Google library, where you can access
several free eBooks and samples to try out, along with
any Google eBooks you’ve already added to your library
in the cloud. Google eBooks are stored in the
cloud, which means you can buy and access them from many
different places, including your computer, apps,
and this ereader. But what’s special about the
Story HD is that its integration with Google eBooks
gives you immediate access to more than 3 million free
titles and hundreds of thousands of Google
eBooks for sale. Let’s navigate to one
of the pre-loaded eBooks in your library. To open the title in you
library, navigate to the book and press Enter. Your book will start downloading
from the cloud and will open once it’s finished. To turn the pages, use the
four-way controller. You can press Option to view
a menu of features like bookmarking and dictionary. Now let’s buy an eBook from
the Google eBookstore. As you know, you can also buy
on your computer and still read these titles
on the Story HD. Press Home to go to
your home screen. Use the controller to navigate
to browse more at Google eBookstore and press Enter. From here, you can browse
featured Google eBooks, search eBooks, or browse categories. Search for Bossy Pants,
by Tina Fey. Once you find it, press Enter. As you can see, this takes you
to the About this Book page, where you are given the
option to buy the title or read the sample. Go ahead and buy the eBook
by clicking on the price. Purchasing from the
Google eBookstore requires Google Checkout. If you haven’t already, please
enter your payment information to activate Google
Checkout for your account when prompted. You may want to do this
on your computer by going to this website. You only need to enter your
payment information once, and your information will be stored
securely in your Google Checkout account for
future purchases. On the checkout page, move your
cursor to the Complete Your Purchase button
and press Enter. Once you complete your purchase,
you can either read now or keep shopping. Let’s read Bossy Pants
now by clicking on the Read Now button. As you can see, the book
is opened, and you have successfully purchased
your title. Remember, your book is stored
in the cloud, so you can access it from your computer,
by visiting our website, or through the Google Books App,
in addition to this device. Thanks for watching
this video. If you have any questions about
Google eBooks, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

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