Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

– [Narrator] Meet David Aguilar. – [Narrator] When David was born, his right arm hadn’t fully developed. – [Narrator] And while some would see this as a disadvantage, David
is just a regular kid. He likes EDM. He goes by the name, Hand Solo. Get it? He has an embarrassing dad. He goes to school. And, he can open doors with his Lego arm. So cool. Growing up, he was obsessed with Lego. So much so, he wanted to make
it a part of him, literally. – [Narrator] Unfortunately,
the Lego bricks weren’t strong enough and it
wasn’t for another nine years ’til he would try again. – [Narrator] That model,
the MK1, only took five days to build, of course,
like any good inventor, he got straight to work on an upgrade.

100 thoughts on “Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

  1. I’m seriously going to feel bad for this guy if the arm drops, and we all know what happens when a Lego creation drops.. take care and be careful with that arm sir, have a good day

  2. Wow GG to this guy I can’t even go outside while thinking some people might judge me while this guy made a fricking LEGO arm so two things he’s obviously way smarter then me and can build crazy LEGO stuff while i can’t make a fricking LEGO house

  3. Who else looked at his arm and has eaten orange chicken and when he used it to attach a lego you felt like his (finger? hand?) would snap off and make a satisfying sound but overall think that guy is amazing
    No I don’t want likes as a yes just reply but like if you feel like it (pun not intended)

  4. It’s not amazing. You can build anything out of Legos. Anything. But with one hand, that’s amazing. I’ll bet a bra clasp has never been challenging to this dude. One and done, like a boss.

  5. MK3 should have a hand with fingers..
    Oh wait oops..
    Atleast he should make a hand he can put on it to feel like actually had a right arm

  6. "A Necessidade é a Mãe da Criatividade…"

    E esse Rapaz é um excelente Exemplo disto, ótimo vídeo, ótima História.

  7. Hi. I have an paralized right arm and i Am looking for an l robot arm. And my mind was blown away when i saw this video. Can i get some instructions to make this for my arm?

  8. 2018: has cool mark 2 arm that functions as real arm

    2040: has mark 70 cool 4 lego arms from back getting controlled by his brain activity that can move bricks and lift heavy weights

    (Coppied idea from doc octopus)

  9. Think about when someone challenges this god into a fight. It’s already painful enough to step on a lego but getting punched must be like the power of 1000 suns

  10. "How can someone make a working arm out of lego's ?"

    Because you're fucking AWESOME that's how! 😤

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