Build Apps at Scale with Google App Engine | Google Cloud Labs

Build Apps at Scale with Google App Engine | Google Cloud Labs

JENNY BROWN: Hi there. I’m Jenny. I’m a sales trainer
with Google Cloud. HEATHER CROSS: And hello,
again, from me, Heather. On today’s episode, we’ll
give you a high level overview of App Engine. JENNY BROWN: This is
really critical for folks that have a great
idea for an app, but don’t want to mess around
with figuring out a development platform. HEATHER CROSS: That’s right–
it gives them the autonomy to focus on writing their app
and perfecting their code. JENNY BROWN: Make sure
to stick around with us as we run through a quick demo
of the self-paced lab that’s going to allow you to download,
test, and deploy an app. So Heather, what would you
focus on when considering a development platform? HEATHER CROSS: So
solid infrastructure is definitely top
of mind, and this is something that is
commonly brought up when I meet with developers. JENNY BROWN: Totally. App Engine’s an integral part
of the Google Cloud Platform. It’s going to provide everything
needed to build for the cloud. App Engine takes care of
deploying, running, and scaling your app, and this is
going to allow developers to spend more of their
time on building, testing, and deploying apps
for web, mobile, and even back end solutions. HEATHER CROSS: All
developers hope that their apps will go
big, so scalability is an important consideration too. With App Engine,
apps automatically scale at a moment’s notice to
handle large or small amounts of traffic. Keep in mind that you only pay
for the capacity that you use. JENNY BROWN: That’s true. A developer’s data is
also very important, and App Engine provides a
range of choices for how data can be stored and retrieved. HEATHER CROSS: Oh, and
there’s language too. Many developers have
a preferred language, so it’s great that App Engine
supports a range of languages out of the box. This allows them to be
more productive immediately in a familiar environment. JENNY BROWN: So I’m pretty
confident that we’ve now answered the question,
why App Engine? HEATHER CROSS: Yeah,
I think so too. There are features,
of course, including being able to bring any library
and framework into App Engine, run multiple app versions
and micro-services, split traffic between versions,
access diagnostic for app monitoring and debugging,
and of course, app security. JENNY BROWN: Check
out the description below for some awesome
documentation that will get you well on your way
in your programming language of choice. HEATHER CROSS:
Now the fun part– Qwiklabs. To cater for
different languages, we have provided versions for
Python, Java, PHP, and Go. You can check out the links
below to start the Qwiklabs. JENNY BROWN: Each
of these labs will cover the activities of
downloading, testing, and deploying an app, and
each is going to take you about 30 minutes to complete. HEATHER CROSS: At
this point in the lab, we’ve cloned a simple Python
“hello world” application, and tested it using the
Google Cloud Development Server, which is included in the
pre-installed App Engine SDK. Next, you’re going to deploy
the app to App Engine. You’ll be prompted for a region. You’ll be prompted to
confirm the deployment. You can then view your
deployed application. Well, there you have it. We hope you enjoyed
this episode, and would love to hear more
about how you use or would use Google App Engine. JENNY BROWN: Don’t
forget to keep visiting our on air
webinar series, Qwiklabs, and our blogs. All those links are right below. HEATHER CROSS: You can also
learn more about App Engine through our on demand
courses on Coursera. Thanks for watching. Happy coding, and see you soon. PRIYANKA VERGADIA: Need a
way to manage your data? Check out our last episode,
where we highlight and demo Google BigQuery.

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  1. Really cool. I wish to start on google cloud dev asap but im reluctant due to the limited trial budget for starters.

  2. I know presenters are told to jiggle about and smile lots. I'm sure there's research to encourage such behaviour but combined with that music I don't think I remembered a single word they said.

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