Browns Gun Stock Offset WK scheme madden 17 offensive ebook

Browns Gun Stock Offset WK scheme madden 17 offensive ebook

madden 17 browns offensive scheme playbook e book free gameplay mut 17 overtime drawing up on the design building that wonderful looking to the outward speaking what about served to the current walking along don’t think something dangerous out everybody what is happening bleh and i am back with my mat and 17 cleveland browns offensive scheme here we get the ebook rolling now it’s been updated for the members for the least for the printouts and stuff and then the iso check it online and whatnot today we’re going to get into the gun stack offset week not something many people use here i would imagine kind of look at it not a whole lot you think in there but we’re gonna get into the curl switch here first to these three of the four players gonna look at one run at the end they’re going to be in the audibles here so i take be putting on a streak motion him left and putting why on a slant pretty easy setup here as you see we should get some nice brakes on certain routes and some separation I gonna be able to have the kickdown out here if they’re playing any you know what purple is out there will be able to get to the running back and then you’re gonna have this on a lot of cover 3some fours I’m certainly a lot there the safeties play on the top there so that you can have a nice a choice route between the coast and come across that’s why if the user chases him or and then you’ll be able to fall back there’s enough separation distance between the X and the y that he’s gonna have he can’t play them both as long as you wait to throw them when they are you know separation is correct so at that point you’re gonna have two rounds hear the message to choose from and the RB coming back down we’re not really ever looking at be but we do like that baby’s gonna be driving off and keeping the safeties at least at bay a little bit when you are cutting in there on the top of that extra you know you can hit him right when he’s about to cut in a lot a lot of cases just depending on what you’re looking for if it’s a two or three just put on what the shell is over-the-top and again always take it the check down if that’s all they give you you can still turn those in a decent gains sometimes so that’s not that’s not gonna be a problem there that why you know it it’s gonna be open if you’re not really playing a user you sitting down there more likely you know that’s not the case yet worry about it again if he’s jumping that you’re gonna have a good shot hit the X trout on a lot of things but so it’s just kind of using have to pick his poison on that I like to have at least you know two routes that you know that you do you think that they use gonna play again you’re going to be jumping to that way we can at least try to you look at that because that’s what heads about we can design place strictly for you know the computer and that’s really easy but we have to design place where we’re keeping users in mind also it’s very important to do that and then we’re gonna get here into the next play SI we had three passing that first one of my favorite by far but we gotta have a few to mix with run many scheme here so the counter-strike gonna be the next one look at different ways a lot of little different ways to do this but the main thing I’m gonna do is motion be in and then I’ll take actually put on sweats now sometimes you can put the y on the slant and do different things with that side out there you go that one come across the convertible working out pretty nicely on that so that’s going up to you you can go between that the y in the ice you can put you know the X on the drag their I make him come across a little bit faster along the bottom and then you see right there you’re gonna get different spacing different separation now therefore that the sea route other see now if you’re gonna need to see alone you can take that a and put them on the street commotion him right now actually helps hold the coverage inside when you throw it toward the sideline but otherwise I can see you’re gonna be breaking differently here you look for you can also hit that earlier if it’s early enough there’s enough gap between the coverage if they’re along the sidelines you can hit that they’re also so now we have different places where we can hit that again to check down there it’s going to be effective if he’s not you know if he’s not looking for any plays real deep deep purple’s on that side so you know that would be that or if he’s plates and screws that up something along those lines but here you see I ever put the X on out and that’s gonna work really nice here they’re gonna be stuck in between kinda have to sit in between as both those routes come so if we have the why you know that is why on the on that and then the exxon you know why wasn’t a slam texts on and out here we go again set that up again so you can run it just like this and have that extra go down it’s gonna be a quicker one you might be able to turn it up if you’re on the right side of the field would be more effective out our super strong because sometimes they will still get you know don’t always break right but for the most part this this will do well and also leaving the y on on loan and the ex if you see if you leave the X here on this land that’s why i say that’s the best we can do is you can also get a quick pass to the X underneath when he’s on a slant because he’s gonna he’s gonna get you know he’s gonna get protection there from that wide right above him he’s going to basically kind of run a pic route so that is as long as no linebackers down below you can put X on a slant off the start and get a quick pass about 45 yards so that’s all you’re looking for it’s good mix that sort of stuff in and see out here we’re taking the running back putting that on a wheel again they say there’s a lot of different ways to make this but we’re going to motion in here so it looks the same block a and put a wheel on the running back you know if you have extra time or like conductor you can then you know put that you know dragged there on the on the B but you know so be that is not necessary that that’s just another way to go about that so let’s get one more pass play out here this is the only one that’s not in the audibles so if you wanted to pick this one to come out in and then read the defense and switch if you want that’s your play style running hurry up that work i was taking the RB putting on the wheel make sure it’s going to the left you know so you want you don’t want to be on the left-hand I you know you know I i think actually this won’t work because he stationed there so I think you always go left but I put that just in case put it beyond a slant and it’s gonna be blocking and so you see that you’re going to have X’s little check down out there so it’s always gonna be sitting out there and there’s a good chance you’re playing against the user and whatnot let’s just run a man coverage of runs man that will be a dup but I then you have the slant or that will hopefully we get separation depending on how good your running back is you know how good a route-runner madden 17 browns offensive scheme playbook e book free gameplay mut 17 up the LeSean McCoy today so I’m gonna be okay there I’ll be all right you know but I know about everybody else so just keep that in mind when you’re running a play like this you need to have a good receiving running back to get that wheel out there but again you have a nice check down just waiting for you with X sometimes that’ll work out there they go they covered him but he got that so depending on what blister running may or may not work so just another one to get in because you want to see one of the few place some of these plays are fine running stock you know i should say that should have said that earlier but you know you can run these stock sometimes also guys by all means do that you just want to have place to mix in and also you know being able to take these and then show you get different you know versions of them also together and just get the most out of the formation here this is going to be the inside zone and let’s say if you just go and start over you can see all the runs that you can audible into it for some reason you want a different one other major bases that are decent haven’t looked at all of them but isn’t there i mean there’s many that you can actually get into it at that smash play right there so but we look at the inside zone split this is just the first the audible within this formation of the one playing this formation I’m not great and started on that one now for the most part everything is going to be between the tackles here though you just gotta find the hole that you want to run you can you can cut this to the left hand side it does seem to work a decent amount also or when he bounced in bounced out to the right after you get in right there we go left and we get the nice heard all right there to do and you know keep that going i like to do this stuff in game 4 off tonight see so you know yeah that’s gonna be up to you what you want to run but this one is it’s not going to be a home run hitter but it gets you those 324 yards and sometimes you know 10 15 yards you know I mean you may on a rare occasion break one for the most part on but you just want to get positive yardage as you’re going through so if you see the guy in a weak weak front because you but you’re passing very well I was formations go up and then automotive this and make it work here it is again stuffed red red so let’s see this is that you’re gonna want to change out of this when you do see that if we’re going to try to run into that and nothing doing on the wall so you know someplace you can run still when they’re when the thread on both sides I it’s not like you’ll never ever be able to get a good run out of it here but i still would advise against that so I thanks for checking this one out guys you know I mean them I’m gonna get some more common i’m going to be watching a working out of the the Texas stuff on the side here hi this is the audible real quick let’s show this while we’re in here it’s gonna just be it’s just a quick little screen I don’t like it because it has you know it has has to do the play action and then lets you screen it so I guess somebody sees that comment I so i would kind of avoid using that one really just that I show what it is there and I’ve already got a few plays in the next set of shotgun double so i can i’m gonna work on that and I’m the next video will be that because I’ve already got some places lined up there so on again we’re going to keep this ebook Rowland and then at some point i’ll work on the next mini scheme for the texans won since i’m really digging that book actually really nice also so again thanks for checking this out guys and I will see you all next time madden 17 browns offensive scheme playbook e book free gameplay mut 17

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  1. Hey Ish, do you know if the w/l records for the "free" version of mut, the one for 4 wins or 1 loss. Not the one for 10 wins.

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