Braun Strowman’s most jaw-dropping feats of strength: WWE Playlist

100 thoughts on “Braun Strowman’s most jaw-dropping feats of strength: WWE Playlist

  1. Was Brian lifting that truck acctually fake? And if so, anyone know how they did it? Cause it looked real asf, nothing appeared to be helping him

  2. Ебаный цирк. У него бы геморрой до пяток вылез после того как он машину скорой помощи перевернул))) не говоря о грузовике

  3. WELL NOW ON THESE DAYS….every one knows that these things are already scripted, totally fake stunts and planned actions…well i would love to say that wwe now Plz grow up

  4. The mobile must be at least 3000 kilos. Eddie Hall has a world record in dead lift with 500 kilos.
    WWE, we accept the drama and the fake punches, but this was just too much.

  5. He can lift a truck, a ambulance, tear a car apart, brake a ladder in half but can find it very hard to beat a man who cant do any of that

  6. There for im only 23 my son is 28 and he shot a man with a knife and is now in jail because we both watch him on camera smh

  7. If you look closely while Braun lifts the ambulance look at the raw sign at the left as you can see roman reigns leaving the ambulance

  8. If Mark Henry can’t do it, then nobody in WWE can. Mark Henry can only lift a car while sitting on the outside with a door open, strowman should at least do that first

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