Bragi The Headphone, SCOTTeVEST, Overcast App – Business Travel Tips!

Hey guys, I’m Andru Edwards, and you’re watching
Technically Speaking, brought to you by
National Car Rental. Each week I’m gonna show
you the hottest tech in three very important categories, speed, choice and control. So, whether you’re on the road, at work, or at home, these gadgets are gonna make
your life that much easier. Let’s get started. If you love podcasts
as much as I do, you’re gonna love this. Overcast is a simple podcast player
for your iPhone and Apple Watch with a really cool feature,
it’s called Smart Speed. You choose your podcast,
and you go into the effects area, and you can select Smart Speed. What that does is that it
automatically shortens any pause or long breaks
in the speech. And for an extra bonus
buy a season pass for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents per year, and get an even faster
ad-free experience. These are the headphones from Bragi. As you can see they’re
truly wireless earbuds. You put them in your ear, and not only can you listen
to music and take calls, but you can also control them
right from the earbud itself. And don’t worry about these
falling out of your ears. What actually happens is headphones fall out of your ears
due to the weight of the wires. Now that they’re truly wireless, they’ll actually stay in even
when you’re head banging. And with one charge,
they last up to six hours. Let’s go to the wearable
tech category. This is a SCOTTeVEST OTG jacket
which stands for off the grid, but you don’t have to be
an outdoor enthusiast to wear one. It can put you
in the control seat while you’re traveling. It’s got three layers
of twenty-nine pockets that all have a purpose. You’ve got two
front rapid-access panels that can hold a full-size laptop. Clear-touch pockets
provide easy access, and an RFID-blocking pocket
keeps your credit cards safe. It even has an iPad pocket. I’m wearing
the RFID travel vest. Check this out,
we’ve got a camera pocket, a sunglass pocket. This one’s cool,
it’s the clear touch pocket that allows you to use
your smart phone right through the plastic. These are my top
tech picks for this week. I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you
in the next one.

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