Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone unboxing for android, smartphone, and Canon Powershot SX60 HS

Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone unboxing for android, smartphone, and Canon Powershot SX60 HS

“And action!” Hello I’m Neil and welcome to the Happy Hut. “HOUSE!” No, hut–
[THEME FROM #DADDIRT] Hello I’m Neil, welcome to the happy hut. And it’s a very sad day for me today because
this is the last time that my YouTube videos will sound like this because today I am unboxing
this. The BOYA BY-M1 lavalier microphone for smartphones. So let’s see what’s in the box. I’m going to do this with my son. So this’ll be fun. “And cut!” It’s just come through the mail. So why don’t we get into tearing it up! So like I do I just tear it up like that and
then as you can see here is the box. Wow look it’s a really small box but look,
it’s the size of a hand. So we’re going to start opening it because
we might use it for something way better. Oh well done – because I’ve got small fingers,
that’s easier for opening. There’s the wire! So this is the BOYA BYM1 – get it out because
on the other videos it had like a plastic case but I think this box is much smaller
than the other videos on YouTube unboxing Boya BY M1 microphones for smartphones. That is silica gel to stop it getting condensation
in the box. Shall I hold it up to the camera? Oh is that the windshield? I’ll show the box while you’re getting that,
I’ll show the box. Oh my gosh, you get one battery. Hold it there. I feel like we look like we’re fighting on
camera someone left a comment, they said you boy is really badly brought up because he
pushed his father’s hand aside. Did you see that? And we’re not – we’re not fighting are we,
we’re just excited about it. Yeah, so if you’re the man who commented on
that we’re not fighting. Yeah. And you get this clip to clip on your book
or phone. And here’s the main piece – you’d need. That’s the adapter. That means you can adapt the 3.5 millimetre
jack to a big… speaker… yeah big old jack socket. So like if we want to make an announcement,
we could use this microphone. Yeah and look there’s the windshield. Unwrap that – are you going to unwrap it? Can I show the box? Yeah show them the box. Features, can you read it out? Features clip-on mic for smartphones, DSLR,
(those are the big cameras), camcorders. Audio recorders, PC etc. Yeah you’re too young to know what a camcorder
is aren’t you. I know what a camcorder is. Wait, it’s a corder cam, right? Can you hold it up to the camera. You get 6 metres of cable, and here’s the
microphone itself. And that’s the clip-on thing. Let me show you this. I might just put the thing on. The microphone goes to this. It says BOYA on it. I’m going to have to pull this down to make
it better. Boya. So there’s a switch here, switch for cameras,
and when you switch it down, off, battery off, to use it on your smart phone. If I open it up. I really thought this would be different because
they’ve definitely changed the packaging. And then you open it up like that, you just
unscrew it. And it’s got a clip on it as well. Clip it to your belt or something. And that opens. And then the battery. They give you a battery, that’s kind isn’t
it. Shall I put it in? I’ll put it in. I should really read the instructions to see
which way up it should go, oh it says on there. Plus, is up. Can I put the battery in? There you go. You just push it in to the plastic firmly
and then can you screw it up? Yep, my pleasure. And that’s what the connector looks like. And can you see that it’s got 3 bits on it,
I wanted to make sure that something, oh yeah put it on there. Put it in that hole, if you want it to go
into a big jack big socket, but here’s the 3.5 millimetre socket for a phone and we’ll
find out if it works with an Android Alcatel Idol. And look, there’s the instructions. Wait, what is that bag for again? That’s to stop condensation. Getting into the box? Yeah. Here are the instructions. But why is it in here? Using a microphone with a smartphone instructions. If this looks like the kind of microphone
you would like for your smartphone, or Android phone, there’s a link just under in the description
to places where you can buy it. And also, you can subscribe, if this video
has helped at all why not click subscribe in the bottom right hand corner or the link,
and leave us a like! Yeah, leave us a like if this has helped…
or even leave a comment to say hi, it’s always good to hear from you. This is how the supplied clip works. Just clip it onto there like that and then,
you can clip it to your shirt. Have you got the windshield there? As ever it’s difficult to film and do this
at the same time. There we go. Tell me when to turn it onto camera. Okay. Wait, Dad… So sadly, at this point I was hoping to show
you how the BOYA BY M1 would sound plugged into my Android smartphone. But, it didn’t work! It didn’t work at all, and so I thought maybe
it would be the connection, so I got a converter because there are two different types of these:
TRRT connectors, I got a converter – OMTP to CTIA converter, that didn’t work. I tried a splitter, that didn’t work. I tried it on an Asus Zenphone that didn’t
work. I’ve got a feeling, a lot of Android phones
just don’t take external microphones. If you know differently, if you know a microphone
that does work well, for those kind of androids, leave me a comment, it’d be great to hear
from you. But I can’t recommend this for an Android
smartphone. It looks great for any other kind of phone
with that connection. So what I’ve ended up doing is getting this,
the Audio-Technica lavalier microphone and just putting it into a regular camera. There’s a link in the corner, if you click
on “i” there’s a link to that unboxing. And maybe that would help. And I hope you manage to find an external
microphone for your smart phone. If this video and the unboxing has helped
it would be great to hear from you, leave a comment or give me thumbs up that would
be a good way of letting me know – or clicking on subscribe in the bottom right hand corner
of the screen or in the link in the description. There’s also a link of where to buy this if
this still does look like the microphone for you. And thanks for watching, I hope this has helped! “My daddy’s got 76 subscribers, be number
77, bye bye!”

8 thoughts on “Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone unboxing for android, smartphone, and Canon Powershot SX60 HS

  1. Your not the only one on mics not working on smartphones. I bought a different mic myself which said it works with IPhones but that didn’t work and I realised when I plug it into a camera it works…

  2. Or you inserted the battery wrong maybe. All the videos I’ve seen it worked. I have an Android and works very well. Or maybe you had received a defect mic.

  3. Hello my friend
    I purchased an external mike buia m1 for my Lenovo vibe k5plus and unfortunately did not work on my phone .. I searched a lot to get into this app open camera and did the external mike feature and also did not work
    I brought the mike with Huawei's phone, iPhone and Samsong and the mike was excellent
    Please help me
    Is this a flaw in my phone?

  4. If you look at the "OFF" switch you will notice that it says "off/smartphone". Leave it in the off position and it works perfectly on Android. I use it on a Samsung S7 and it is a beautiful system, one of the best I've used. PS. I am not an agent for boya nor do I have any link to them other than using the mic for my own business. I WOULD difinately recommend it! 👍

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