Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones review

Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones review

So Andy what you got? As we explained on the latest podcast I got myself some new headphones and these are Bowers and Wilkins PX. Yep.
And I tried them all and I rated them all on sound quality comfort and usability and
these came out highest. Okay. And so I thought I’d just talk about some of the
cool usability features on these so they’re Wireless noise cancelling headphones
alright. Okay. But the cool thing is they have an ear center so if I just
literally pick them up and put them on there turned off right now the LED is
off on the bottom I never can see that if I pick these up and just put them on
my head they should turn on theoretically And just start playing, which I’m sure
because now is the time I need them to work it won’t do it. So they’re on my head Of course now is the time they don’t do it.
I wonder if it’s because I manually turned them off a second ago whether it has to have gone
into sleep by itself okay so they’re on now! I’m playing my music I’ve got some
horrible Electric Light Orchestra but if I take them off my head they just stop
playing by themselves okay that’s quite clever. And then I put them back
on my head and they just start playing so what app are you using on your phone.
oh just google play music they work with Spotify or anything. So anything? So
what about YouTube? if you’re watching a YouTube video? Let’s try it.
okay yes right let’s get a YouTube video so… YouTube… there we go
what is it gonna suggest to me? I think… Oh that’s hilarious a review of the Sony
year and headphones versus these exact headphones let’s let’s see what they
what they do right okay so there is a video playing okay so it’s playing if I pause right
yeah yeah yeah that’s amazing I think and so
unlike the bang off someone’s I tried they have like a nice little delay
built-in so it just seems to work like it doesn’t flick between playing
and pausing yeah I’ve had only a couple of think time it doesn’t work but it
just seems to be quite natural generally I know essentially the biggest
difference we needs in the Bang & Olufsen is the Bang &Olufsen often it felt like you
were having to adapt a lot to how they worked whether these yeah they just
generally generally work yeah the other quite cool thing is the noise cancelling
that you can do on it where it blocks out all of the outside noise let me show
you on the app so they come to these this out can you see that it’s that kind
of just about yeah so I don’t see the environment feels so so you can turn off
noise cancellation yeah so if you’re in a quiet area you should get the best
sound quality but if you need to cancel out background noise you turn it on and
then you get this selection of modes mm-hmm so you get flight which is
blocking everything out and then you can easily change them into City and office
so office lets in a little bit of speech from people nearby so you can talk to me
what what cuts out the majority of background noise like typing and things
like that okay and city lets through some traffic noise so the idea is that
you’re not going to get run over if you’re walking through the city with
your headphones on you’re gonna be able to hear a car that’s approaching unless
it’s an electric car okay so that’s slide 2 down the bottom this says off
natural and amplified is that that’s the amount of voice pass through so what
that’s saying is obviously human voices are a narrow band of frequency yeah
so it’s saying are we gonna block them all out we’re gonna let them through
naturally I would littering and boost them up so you can definitely hear them
over your music okay so so obviously you can choose that so far I have
predominantly been using these either with no noise cancelling on or flight
mode which is completely off yeah so quiet but they’re pretty effective to be
honest I don’t think they’re as good as the Bose ones the noise
but really for the amount of time that you actually want to use them plus
you’re playing your music anyway which helps what about connecting them
initially in fact they when you seem to turn them
on you just pair them to your phone it’s in pairing mode but if you need to do it
again you press and hold this little rocker switch here you press and hold up
in tableau Keys pair so it does have a couple of other physical controls volume
up volume down that’s play and pause and if you double
tap a skip track okay that’s good and if you triple tap it it goes back a track
you probably wouldn’t discover that unless you knew yeah actually that’s a
quick toggle for noise cancelling on and off but the only way to change the modes
properly is through the app but that is on or off it doesn’t have the city mode
so it will be whichever last mode you lack in so if you had it in city on here
it will toggle city mode on and and noise cancelling off entirely no
check-in it’s like a toggle to the last state of noise canceling or off and then
that switch just flicks it off but honestly until I just tried it and it
completely failed so far all I’ve done is put them on my head and they just
wake up themselves and connect yeah and take them off my head and if you leave
them for a couple of minutes off they’ll go I think you might be going to standby
now maybe it’s flashing yeah yeah but they’ll just go into standby by
themselves and so battery life lasts 22 hours what’s the charger USB see which
is really cool so they have the same charger as as my phone there’s most
modern phones do these days unless you yeah thanks quite good yeah overall
overall I think they sound really good as well this isn’t really a usability
thing but the the drivers inside the speaker’s inside angled slightly which
means that it sounds more like the sound is coming from in front of you as
opposed to directly in your ear which I like a lot they don’t when when you’re
listening to them it doesn’t feel like you’re listening
listen to a proper set of speakers yeah that’s our usability review on the
Bowers & Wilkins px headphones

3 thoughts on “Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones review

  1. I have both headphones, the Sony 1000mx3 and the B&W PX.

    However, I intend to say that B&W has a
    more intense bass, and Sony has a more BOOOMMM bass! Did I make myself understand?
    After listening a techno music at high volume,
    the results in my head were different:
    With the Sony 1000mx3 I kept my head vibrating.
    With the B&W PX I got my head to echo inside!
    The B&W PX bass comes in inside the head,
    and the Sony 1000mx3 vibrates the outside of the head.
    Different results for different tastes.

    I prefer the Bass of the B&W PX, more real and penetrating, like a punch in the head.
    Sony sounds a little artificial (comparing with the B&W PX)

    In addition, the B&W PX volume is higher.
    When it reaches the volume limit on the Sony 1000mx3, the B&W still has another 20% to add.

    Without a doubt, the sound of the B&W PX is superior, more defined and more elegant.

    I say this without any tendency, because I bought both.

    Do not forget the following:
    B&W is a company dedicated exclusively to sound, equipping high-end cars like Ferrari, BMW's etc.
    Sony produces a wide variety of things, from mobile phones to microwaves. B&W is a lady of sound
    quality, because she dedicates himself exclusively to this.

    With regard to comfort, the Sony 1000mx3 are more comfortable, nor giving almost by the presence of them in the head. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    However, while the B&W PXs are less comfortable, the ears stay free inside the earpiece, being cooler and not causing perspiration.

    The Sony 1000mx3 ears do not have space inside the headphones, and make them perspire on hotter days.
    Unsustainable in summer days, much less to walk down the street on sunny days. πŸ‘Ž

    The quality of construction is top notch in the B&W PX. All in aluminum, and genuine leather. It costs € 400 in Europe but
    pays for the elegance and quality of construction. πŸ‘

    The Sony 1000mx3 is all in plastic and synthetic skin. In Europe costs € 380, but it seems that we are buying plastic.πŸ‘Ž
    However the Sony are lighter and therefore more comfortable. πŸ‘

    The Sony 1000mx3 has a perfect noise cancellation, it looks like you put your head inside a vacuum chamber. Perfect!
    The B&W PX though reasonable in noise cancellation, but are far from the Sony 1000mx3.

    Android/ Apple APPLICATION:
    With respect to the Android application to control the headphones, the Sony is perfect, as well as the indicator sounds in your own language.
    The B&W PX are just beeps. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
    The B&W PX application only serves to control the level of noise reduction (which is best to keep it OFF), and to control the system to pause the music when you remove the B&W PX from your ears (which works at 80%). The app for B&W PX is terribly basic πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

    Comparing these headphones to a women, I would say:
    That the Sony are that kind of woman, very
    devoted to home and children, but a little less beautiful and more chubby.
    The B&W PX is that a elegant woman, very pretty, but untidy woman at home.

    So, if you prefer the ugly and dedicated woman at home, you will always look at the beautiful woman.
    If you prefer the elegant and beautiful woman, you go and wash your dishes at home. You choose. 😁😁😎

    I prefer the B&W PX,
    although I know it does not have all those features that would do it great.

    I'm more of a fan of B&W PX's aesthetic and sound elegance.
    If you choose B&W PX you will make a good choice, but sacrificing some aspects of the Sony 1000mx3 that would make music even more enjoyable.
    If you buy Sony, you're just one more who bought a headset for €350.
    If you buy B & W, whoever watches you knows that you like not just music but sound quality.

    Some of the "business" websites that do the comparatives, seem to give 100% preference to Sony, but gave me the impression of sponsorship by Sony.
    Because everyone knows Sony, and a lot of people have never heard of Bowers & Wilkins, only sound connoisseurs know it.
    Thus, Sony is more mediated, and ends up having a control of public opinion, and obviously creates a subconscious tendency by Sony, even some of youtubers who make these comparatives
    If you are young, and like techno, buy a Sony.
    But if you are over 40 years old, and want to make up for the lack of youth with charm, buy B&W PX πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ .


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