BOOM TIME! New Podcast with Flula! (Official Teaser)

BOOM TIME! New Podcast with Flula! (Official Teaser)

plum plum plum time hollow i am fueling borscht and it is now boom time what is boom time your asking owen i am glad you have asked this listener and chalupa boom time is my new podcast it will feature very stimulation conversation twizzler me and actors uncle what is happening musicians oat oat oat reformers you know this ship better than me artists ow yes every one womb womb womb womb womb perhaps i will even interview a grizzle bear why are you with the big claws rodney crumples thank you i didnt know the answer to this quizno anyway trust me things will get interest on boom time half you been in a fight before i have been punched in the face wants women you can’t punch them in the dick no they don’t own one one honda percent lab grown chicken meet buckle buckle ruffle ridges orange simpson yacht i met the oat jay did that almost make you spit take yacht i almost did it everybody ass i try to learn something did you earn something ear? you know what i learned not all germans are nazis bartles and james cobbles ball games bulbous billabong cobra kai nomar broom time make sure to subscribe to boom time on apple podcasts or wherever you get your pout casts i wont judge gyst don’t tell your parents or tell them its fine where are you go to get it poof thai eyes will sue you there not rilly because it is a pot cast and i cannot sea who your ear butts butts anyway you know broom broom broom broom find wheeling walking june bug do you prefer svelt or gargle second one not even close okay good fillmore or goat furby okay beep or pop luke coop or hoop computer axl rose uncle mumford or hay i would say rafting crisis perfect that is correct making shirt to subscribe to boom time on apple potcasts or where even you get your pond cast maybe there a place where you like call a man and he writes the podcast on an old scroll and putz them in the bottle engine throws them in the middle age steep then four teen five years later some and one pixel up and sensei over the scrotum ender game read the strolls butt render it into a phone anthem they upload thistle to eye tunes so eigers toucan start its starts just go to apple podcasts

77 thoughts on “BOOM TIME! New Podcast with Flula! (Official Teaser)

  1. Hallo! Great news, but —- I like to see your pretty face and dope shirts and fanny pack and so on you're visually very attraktiv. Please think about uploading here öfter mal despite your new podcasting resposibilitieses, my eyes would make a happy dänce!

  2. Pocket Casts link:

  3. Flula is easily my very favorite You Tuber. Flula and Mamrie together are comical magic! 😆🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  4. Miranda sings has her real channel Colleen ballinger,
    Does anyone know if Flula has a ”real talk” channel?

  5. I feel like this is the kind of podcast where I can't listen to it in public, because I'll either spit take or honk-laugh every few minutes. I'm cool with that.

  6. that's cool! my mom watched your last video…she actually wants to do an interview with you!!! either Deutsch or in English is fine for her.

  7. Oh mein Gott…..Flula. Bitte BITTE hole auch Rhett & Link mal zum Podcast. Das wäre soooo gut. ABER ich freue mich so oder so darauf. 😀

  8. I just found out you have a youtube channel….WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS GOOD HAVEN'T I HEARD ABOUT THIS SOONER!!

  9. Hey ao glad you appeared on uh The Show Conan and i was very entertained and enlighten enough to find myself googling the podcaat. Now actually listening to it in Spotify! This is great, very enjoyable. 😁

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