Books and Podcasts that Helped Me Quit my Job (FOR MILLENNIALS)

Books and Podcasts that Helped Me Quit my Job (FOR MILLENNIALS)

What is up everyone, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m actually going to be
going over the two books and the three podcasts that really helped me gain that courage and
the confidence that I so desperately needed when I was going through the decision of quitting
my corporate job. Now the reason why I made this video is because
I first hand understand what a big decision this is and how scary and lonely it can be. During this phase your life, you don’t really
have that many people or mentors to talk to. And that’s why for me during that period of
my life, I turned my attention a lot to podcasts and books, in order to find the inspiration
that I desperately needed and that guidance, in order to figure out if leaving my job was
actually the right decision for me or not. So the first book that really changed my life
is Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week. Now this book is extremely detailed, and it
talks about a wide range of topics, including how we live our lives and how we operate in
life and business. I definately don’t want to ruin the book in
case you want to read it, so I’m only going to give you the two key takeaways that I received
from this book, that specifically helped my way of thinking and gave me the confidence
and the inspiration that I needed to pull the plug. The first take away is that this book really
helped me change my perception on wealth. And it taught me that it’s not just money
that makes someone wealthy, but it’s time as well. And how we use that time is a huge determinant
on whether we live a rich life or a poor life. Something that specifically struck me with
this book is that he asks you; Would you rather spend the next 40 to 50 years working in a
rat race environment that you don’t even like, only to get three week vacations per year,
and to retire at 65. And then, once you retire finally use the
last 20 to 25 years of your life to enjoy what’s left? Or, would you rather spend the next years
of your life working on something everyday that truly doesn’t feel like work, that truly
doesn’t feel like you need a break from? And so this example specifically really opened
my eyes to how many people in this world actually use up so many of their glory years working
on things that they don’t love, going to jobs that they hate, only to retire at 65 and enjoy
what’s left. But the problem is that by the time you’re
65, your body and your mind are not going to be as youthful as it is right now. And by being so scared of this concept is
what really motivated me to start now. Yes, it might take a while to find my true
passion. Yes, it might take a while to make a living
out of something that I love doing. But I’d rather spend the next five, 10 years
doing that, than spend the next 40 years working on something that I already know is not for
me. The second major take away from Tim Ferriss’s
book is that it taught me the importance and the power of being an owner versus an employee,
or even being a boss. For example, what he says in the book is that
many people in this world strive to either be an employee or a boss. But truly rich and wealthy people, they aspire
to be owners. How Tim Ferriss really illustrates this is
basically, think about a train. Would you rather be the employee that works
on the train serving the food, or manning the tickets, or, the boss that actually has
to make sure that the train runs on time. Or, would you rather be the owner of the actual
train and have the employee and the boss do the work for you, and making sure that the
train is operating well? I think that once Tim Ferriss really broke
down these examples between truly wealthy people versus average people, it really lit
up this entrepreneurial bug inside of me, and inspired me so much to do my own thing
and to strive to be an owner, not just in business, but also in my life. And so before I move on to the next book,
I also want to give a lot of credit to Tim Ferriss. I think Tim Ferriss played a huge role in
my journey of leaving the rat race and starting my own business. Other books that he has are also extremely
excellent. He has a book called Tools of Titans, and
also Tribe of Mentors. Essentially, in a nut shell, those two books
feature over 100 of the worlds top performers, and each section of the book, really digs
deep into the philosophies of these people, their lifestyle, their habits. And these people also give their business
and financial advice in these books. And so by reading these books that also opened
my mind to what was truly possible in my life, and also gave me a tribe of mentors and a
tribe of people that I may not know, but really coached me through this time in my life. The second book that I want to give a shout
out to is Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map. This book really helped me be more in tune
with my intuition, and gave me the inspiration to follow my gut, and to lead a life that
is more intentional. Essentially what Danielle Laporte teaches
in the Desire Map is that, a lot of times, a lot of people, we set goals based on material
objects, material items, material experiences, just external things that don’t necessarily
really mean anything. Because at the end of the day, yes, we’re
trying to chase these external goals, but what we’re really searching for is the feeling
that we hope we’ll get by attaining these goals. For example, let’s say one of our goals is
to have a six figure salary. But really, what that truly means is that
by having that six figure salary, what we’re really hoping for is that we hope to feel
validated, we hope to feel powerful, we hope to feel a sense of freedom. These three feelings are really what we’re
looking for, not just the six figures, not just the money. It’s really what that money will actually
bring us into how we feel about ourselves and our lives. So essentially in a nut shell, what this book
really taught me is to set goals not just based on external things like, starting my
own business, being on Forbes 30 under 30, or being a VP of whatever company. It really taught me to set goals based on
the feelings that I want to achieve in my life. For instance, the major three goals that I
have in my life is to feel alive. It’s to feel purposeful, and it’s also to
feel creative. And when I actually narrow down these three
feelings that I want to achieve in my life, I realized that the job I was doing in my
previous Fortune 500 company, none of those things I was doing in my day-to-day job actually
made me feel alive, purposeful nor creative. And that’s when I knew that there was a huge
misalignment between what my actual goals were, and what I wanted in my life, versus
what I was doing right now. It also allowed me to tap into what I truly
wanted and understanding my why for doing thing. Not only all of these things, it also helped
me find careers or find opportunities that would actually make me feel good, that would
actually make me feel more alive, more purposeful, and more creative. Now onto podcasts. During that time in my life when I was questioning
whether or not to leave my job, podcasts were a life saver. I think that that was the time in mu life
where I listened the most podcasts shows actually. And I would spend all my mornings while I
was doing my make up listening to episodes. Even during my commute to work, I would be
listening to podcasts, or as I was walking home after work, I’d be listening to podcasts. And so podcasts, really changed the way that
I consume content. It also gave me inspiration that I didn’t
really know I needed. The first podcast that really changed the
game for me is a podcast called, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, by Cathy Heller. This podcast is literally perfect for anyone
who is contemplating leaving their job. This whole podcast’s focus is basically for
people who are in this stage in their lives. What I love most about this podcast is not
only does Cathy Heller interview people who have quit their jobs and followed different
paths in their lives, but she also introduces experts onto the show to actually talk about
the psychology of leaving, advice that they would give. It’s not just fluffy stuff, it’s actual tangible
stuff that might help you and inspire you to take to leap yourself. For anyone who is considering leaving their
jobs or needs such inspiration or needs that advice, I highly recommend Cathy Heller’s
Don’t Quit Your Day Job podcast. The second podcast that indirectly basically
helped me quit my job is NPR’s How I Built This. I think a lot of people know this podcast,
it’s a very popular one, but I can’t stress enough how amazing this podcast truly is. If you don’t know this podcast, essentially,
each episode actually focuses on the founders of some of the world’s biggest companies. But not only do they talk about business or
entrepreneurship and everything like that, but what I love most about this podcast is
that it really focuses on the story. On the journey of the founder before they
even got successful. And I think that that is what makes this podcast
amazing, because you can actually see the struggles that these entrepreneurs went through. The risks that they had to take, their back
story, the decisions, their set backs, their failures, everything. I think that this podcast, very similar to
Tim Ferriss’s book, is what truly ignited that entrepreneurial bug inside of me. But also what this podcast did is, give me
the courage to relentlessly chase after my dreams and to not give up and to have that
persistence. Because as I was listening to all the episodes,
one of the key things that all these successful founders have is persistence, and also a very
clear vision not backing down on that vision. And so, NPR’s How I Built This, is a great
podcast if you want that daily dose, or that weekly dose of inspiration of how other people
have made a living doing what they love and fighting for what they want in their lives. Last but not least, the third podcast that
really gave me the courage to ditch the nine to five. And that is the Kelly Track Show. Kelly Track is actually a boss babe that I
was lucky enough to go to university with. When she launched the podcast, I listened
to many of her episodes. A lot of her episodes, especially in the earlier
stages of her podcasts, really focused on her journey, and her mindset of how she took
the leap in order to pursue entrepreneurship, and how she took the leap to let go of Silicon
Valley, and how she took the leap to let go of corporate. She has done a lot of cool things in her life
and her story is incredibly inspiring. One of my favorite episodes of hers on the
podcast is an episode called, “Quitting is Underrated.” I’ll link the show in my description in this
video, because I truly think that if you are someone who has a lot of anxiety about how
people will label you if you quit because trust me, I had that. I was so scared of being called a quitter,
I didn’t want that to ruin my reputation, I just didn’t want people to think that I
just gave up and I’m not a good worker, that I’m not a hard worker. This episode really changed my perspective
on why quitting is actually okay. Kelly’s podcast is also great if you want
to tap into the spiritual side of you. I think that Kelly’s podcast really kind of
got my feet wet into law of attraction, manifestation, the universe, finding alignment in your life. I think that her podcast is a great resource
if you wanted to get your feet wet into that of spirituality. And if you don’t, that’s totally okay. She has some episodes, especially the ones
that are pertaining to her story, how she took the leap. They are incredibly inspirational, and I highly,
highly could not recommend it anymore than I already have. That’s it guys. Those were the two books and the three podcasts
that truly changed the way that I saw my journey. And truly changed my perspective on quitting,
and leaving and a job that was no longer serving me. I hope that by watching this video, you decide
to pick up one of the books, or take a listen to one of the podcasts and I ope it changes
your life too. And if not, then I hope that you don’t give
up on this journey to find your true life’s purpose. If you need any help with that, then feel
free to drop a comment, private message me. This is my Instagram, so you can always message
me if you want, I’m here to help. That being said, I hope you guys have an amazing
day, I hope you guys have an amazing week, I hope you guys have an amazing life, and
I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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    I just quit my job last thursday at a major FMCG company – a place where I've always wanted to work since i was in highschool. I went through all the doubts and trepidation of what quitting my job would mean, but your videos have been so helpful! I'm in the lucky position that I'm not too financially obligated.

    Definitely going back to the drawing board to figure out what inspires me, what my values, motivations and objectives are.
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