100 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind (Audio)

  1. See if you are a little boy who loves to play with matches, it is just a matter of time before you burn down someone's house!! That is nice that you have a nice house to go home to tonight, but some other people are not quite as fortunate as you are little ignorant boy who doesn't know anything except how to have fun at other's expense.

  2. I think you were testing the audience to see if you really had the "Midas Touch"- and if they really would swallow hook-line-and sinker anything you put out from songs about incest to songs about them being stupid. Apparently it was all over their heads, and they even would eat dog shit if it came from your hand- is this correct Bob? Do you know what the opposite of a Midas Touch is Bob? See what God hath given to you men, I received the opposite in most cases. Nothing I do ever works out, no matter what. Ever.

  3. un pájaro un ñiuu jaja jaja que paso de idiotas jaja que pasa entonces un amor verdadero y un café el que me gusta si ahora pensaba en todo situó el viento muy despacito empezando por la mano armada debe ser el alma almirante en el corazón valiente y encendido de mi propio yo si realmente tiene sentimientos pues que le den paz y justicia joer que me caigo de la silla

  4. "Someone's got it in for me they are planting stories in the press?" Like this one Bob? Thanks so much though for telling me how intelligent I am!! I always appreciate Little Schoolboys' compliments for their teacher as well as their poisoned apples!!

  5. Modern man believe himself to be the smartest of all, however if you work for him for only one day in the desert during the summer- you can see for yourself how stupid he really is. For no Indian in their right mind would be out there without water nor shade, but no- there's the white man out there for hours on end- and for what? So he can make himself a piece of paper that says for absolute certainty that there is NOTHING out there.

  6. The lyrics to this song are sheer genius. All his songs are genius but this one hits home. You can tell he was riddled with emotion when he wrote it and he and only he could transmit his feelings from mind to fingertips in such a pure fashion. I'm going to hate it when he goes. He's the soundtrack to my whole life this far and till the end

  7. A long time ago God told me I was "Bob's" – as in Weir's wife and/or personal property- and ever since then its just been me, the Devil and one night with a bottle of tequila and Big Dick Adam then a lifetime of regrets. I would like to complain about the lack of actual sex (on top of being raped mentally and somatically)- but the fact of the matter is that you don't meet my standards, and none of you have for a very long time. The ones who might have met those standards turned me down, so there you go. One can only feel so bad about turning down male prostitutes, and homeless men in Argentina, as well as not letting my next door neighbor move in with me in Boise after he beat up his old lady and had no place to go. Do I really regret not saying "Hi!" to Jerry Garcia when I saw him in his gold Mercedes stalking me back in the day who would be dead in less than 2 years? I had to learn the hard way to let him pass me by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFmnARJ6ZaY But no wonder old men try to reel them in when they are still young and stupid. The older I get, the uglier you are.

  8. So I caught this huge snake that has been eating people Bob. What would you like for me to do with it? My hands are full here so if you would like to kill it, you need to get a weapon and do so while I'm holding it. If you would like to contain it so it isn't free to eat people then you need to get a container to put it into and place it right next to me. If you don't do anything though I will have no choice but let the snake go again stupid people. I can only hold it for so long.

  9. I'm a form of a suicide bomber- in God's Army- who is a complete unknown and has nothing to lose. Bob, I just wanted you to know from the bottom of my heart, I really do hope all of this explodes right in your face.

  10. Just how ***kin' good is this song, when you hear him work it through on More Blood on the Tracks, you get to appreciate even more if that is possible. Simply brilliant

  11. As guns are, if you shoot yourself with this song its not so good, but if you shoot others with it- it becomes far more fun. I always worry about those double sided dildos personally and try to stay away from them. Goes both ways!!

  12. Deities can be wrathful and angry as well as giving and merciful- I think you forget who I am like you forget who you are. Often.

  13. I never slag my old girlfriends. If you say she's an idiot, what does that then make you? You fucked her. So you fucked an idiot. That makes you a fool. And then you announce it? Not good. Still, a good song in ways. Kinda gossipy, melodrarmatic, good metre and stuff.

  14. A bit more than a million wasn't that you inherited from my estates Bob? But you couldn't count either, is this correct?

  15. How can a shadow or a ghost be an idiot? I don't even really exist, nor does any vestige of physical reality like brains.

  16. Verily its the breath that God goes for when things go really wrong. I don't start punching people, I start hyperventilating. When I hyperventilated at Mexico City's airport it only took God 2 seconds to stop hyperventilating. If it were just a biological process or a chemical reaction, I do think it would take more time to make a come back to normal breathing. Its all rigged. By the master of puppets. Frodo also looks like he his hyperventilating when he needed help from others badly and got it from the elves. Another parallel track or mirror image that God purposefully created, not random nor just chance.

  17. And yes I admit I'm not a genius. I had to study really hard to graduate from college with a B.S. in biological science magna cum laude and in the top 5% of my class, especially after I dropped out of high school when I was 16. I hated high school and biology class was no exception- and all I remember was trying to skip class after I once lit a cigarette and took a puff in the back of the class. I think I was trying to impress a boy in the class. The biology teacher couldn't really catch me with the lit cigarette because I put it out quick, but he knew that I had did it and hated me after that.

  18. Knowing God and yourself isn't rocket science!!! Pretty simple people. GOD CREATES ALL!! But you obviously didn't get that the last time- did you? And you had 2,000+ years to think about it. Wow people. Wow. Someone sure didn't have a lot going on upstairs though while they were creating nuclear warheads!!!

  19. I think I'm a big Bob Dylan fan, since I was 11 years old, now 63 this as got to be one of the best hard hitting songs ever,then you got the bootleg version so slow and beautiful love the both equally wow what a genius

  20. Dylan's diss tracks are nothing short of legendary. "It's a wonder you still know how to breathe" Absolutely fantastic. This and positively 4th street are just so visceral and raw. Venom. It's beautiful. Roll on Lilly, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. I adore this album.

  21. The organ on this song is absolutely haunting. Dylan won’t admit it but most people think this song is either about his first wife or his agent. Either way, man is he pissed.

  22. I'm frankly amazed that the play that performs in my mind when I listen to this song after several years of not, is not only different, but SO different, that I "see" an entirely different story playing out in my mind's eye.

  23. You'll never know the hurt I suffered
    Nor the pain I rise above
    And I'll never know the same about you
    Your holiness or your kind of love
    And it makes me feel so sorry…
    Boom !

  24. Arguably, Dylan's greatest song in my book. "You're an idiot, babe. It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe!". A perfect rejoinder for Trump and all his racist/misogynist groupies!!!!

  25. Congratulations Bob! Your monster was born August 9th 2019 and weighed 4.2 lbs! Have a cigar- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMr3KtYUCcI And just remember that without your egos and apathy as well as you taking from God's candy store here and not paying, this never could have happened. (and yes I did rewrite the introduction on the page already which I made some glaring mistakes in, but its not like anyone noticed or cared) If you would like to make any contributions to the second edition please feel free to comment below.

  26. " Graze is as Good as a Miss"
    Andrew Jackson after a dangerous river costing just missing the falls buck Nacked on a hurried home made small raft, two saddles & dryish clothes with Indian War Party Hot on his trail … with his panicked buddy in the bushes holding the two horses they quickly slapped saddles on and rode like Hell into the gaint wooden doors of the Fort as Sounds of Indains hooped & hollered faded away …

  27. absolutely in love with this song and album right now. i tried listening to blood on the tracks in my late teens but couldn't get into it. now, though, it's flooring me

  28. In the '60s he thought the answer was blowing in the wind but by the '70s he learned the wind was created by imbeciles flapping their gums.

  29. But there always was a bunch of old men who thought they knew it all preventing the truth being known about God, wasn't there Bob? The names change but the story remains the same.

  30. I believe Dylan had Nixon in mind when he titled this song. One of the first albums I purchased when I was discharged from the service in May of '73. I think of Trump as The "Idiot Wind" nowadays.

  31. Thnx……n….I Love You Too<<<<<<<<<<I LOVE my>>>>>>>>>>BABY GIRL<<<<<<< n I Love>>> >>>my BABY GIRL<<<<<<<<<<WORLD>>>>>>WATCH OUT<<<<<<<for the>>>>>>>DEVIL<<<< <<<<SHEs>>>>>>>>>Gonna Get YOU<<<<<<From BEHIND>>>>>> ! !

  32. Thanks 😊 😊😘 ❤️ n I love you… too …WOW… Dylan
    Knew MOLLY…B4…
    IT was MOLLY 😁😂😆💀😆😭😭😁😂.. ! !

  33. A healing song for me because it matches my anger and despair for the relationships I walked away from which I thought wold last a lifetime but needed to end.

  34. Hearing this album the first time as a fanciful and romantic 17 year old and coming back to it as a 34 year old battle-weary and broken-hearted drifter is really something else, I must say. 17 year old me thought "Idiot Wind" was one of the weaker tracks but now it's one of my favorites on this album.

  35. Sorry I missed Bobby D the Sir dr great in Chicago this weekend. He writes and plays better then me. Idiot man

  36. Bob gets brainwashed into believing the Christian crapola, yet he has the nerve to call everyone else 'idiots'. Maybe so, but he's the King of Fools and he should look to himself first before judging other people.

  37. I woke upon a road side, day dreamin' 'bout the way things sometimes aaaaaare…….Visions of your chestnut mare shoot through my head makin' me see staaaaaaars.

  38. This song is about Dylans former self image as a 'folk' singer, and a polk at A.J. Webberman, who in the 70's made a mockery of him by wearing his hair and dark glasses like him and analysing his earlier songs to death. But the last straw was when Webberman was rummaging through Dylan's trash at his house and found a hyperdermic needle, and said….aha!!! See there he's an addict and he sings his praises to heroine!!!!

  39. Oh the acrimony in separation and divorce. Dylan vs Dylan and Bob Dylan never really wanted the divorce, mostly due to the children. This whole album bares the pain he suffered during the divorce, which was very real. The anger in this song, and the pain in most of the other songs on this album bares all the emotion of his divorce for the world to see. Sara Dylan wanted the divorce due to his womanizing, he just never should have womanized in front of her face where she could no longer ignore it.

    The final straw was when Dylan brought a woman home with him, Malka Marom, kind of a Sara look-alike, and Sara walked in on them sitting at the breakfast table with the children. She didn't take it well. As Sara was quoted in court during the divorce, this was when Dylan also struck her in the face, injured her jaw and told her to leave the house. That was when she'd had enough. And all through the divorce Dylan was having an affair with another woman, Faridi McFree, their children's art instructor. Genius, which he certainly is, make their own rules. And Dylan loved the women. I think if I was Sara and married to Dylan, I still would have turned a blind eye and kept him as my own, flaws and all.

    Sara now lives in Beverly Hills, the Holmby Hills section of Westwood, with their youngest daughter Anna who is unmarried and takes care of her mother. The other children live close to her while Dylan also lives nearby in Malibu. Dylan dearly loves his children and now his grandchildren. He performs free acoustic mini-concerts at the grandchildren's school classrooms and has installed at his home everything that children love, a trampoline, swimming pool, horse stable, and a basketball court. BTW, I also live in L.A.

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