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  1. Disappointed as I was hoping for some new original material from Dylan especially as there is three discs of this. I didnt really enjoy his last two albums so I think I will continue to buy his back catalogue of 35 original albums.

  2. Love it!!! Bobs on planet pOp !!! So romantic! Bobs singing & his Band are terrific. Thanks for taking me outta this place – back in time – outta the doom & gloom into some other room it's Grande 😛 XXX

  3. As the sands of Time fill our Life's Hourglass and Eternity comes closer we tend to reminisce to strains of melodies from our earliest years, taking us back to those years of Wonder; family gatherings as a child, the radio playing in the home and car, 4th of July, etc. Amazing how a song can transport us back to our childhood in an instant! Perhaps this is what has motivated Bob to release these classic tunes which are Americana. Blessings to you, Bob!

  4. Ah man, this is so great! I stopped seeing Bob Dylan at 50 concerts but i'll never stop listening to him. Simply wonderful.

  5. To the complainers that he is covering songs, he released covers of songs before he ever released an original song so suck it up if you are a real Dylan fan you will know this is part of him. The man has written hundreds of amazing songs so he can do whatever the fuck he wants. If you don't like it feel free to keep it to yourself.

  6. I could have told you
    She'd hurt you
    She'd love you a while
    Then desert you
    If only you'd asked
    I could have told you so

    I could have saved you
    Some crying
    Yes, I could have told you she's lying
    But you were in love
    And didn't want to know

    I hear her now
    As I toss and turn and try to sleep
    I hear her now
    Making promises she'll never keep
    And soon it's over and done with
    She'll find someone new to have fun with
    Through all of my tears
    I could have told you so

    I hear her now
    As I toss and turn and try to sleep
    I hear her now
    Making promises she'll never keep
    And soon it's over and done with
    She'll find someone new to have fun with
    Through all of my tears
    I could have told you so

  7. This is about Dylan's relationship with the Left and the rupture that occurred circa 1965. He choose these songs for a reason.

  8. Love the new Triplicate. .
    Stardust and …I could have told
    you….growing up on the Rodeo circuit as a little girl
    Rt.66 heard that song in
    the refreshment saloons.
    You got it right. thanks

  9. Not bad, but not good either! I really feel that some people should not go outside their "comfort zone". When Bob Dylan sings "his" songs and others songs of the same style, he nails it! Singing these classic pop tunes of the 30's to 50's just doesn't work with me. Maybe he should sing the song in a Bob Dylan way, instead of using a full orchestra with strings and a Nelson Riddle type arrangement. I heard some of the other "Sinatra" songs that he did, and I was cringing in my seat listening. Bob Dylan genius lies in staying true to Bob Dylan.

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  11. I came here because I heard Bioware Montreal was working on the "Bob Dylan of video games"

    I don't get it?

  12. so dreamy….life will have someone new to have fun with…i hear her now…that life, i'm done with, she'll find someone new to have fun with….throughout my tears, I could have told you so….

  13. I am not sure which one i have been waiting for more- Dylan's own album with amazing lyrics and his voice or something good to happen in life. But i guess it is Dylan's new original album as it will invariably be something great for me and my life like for so many others..

  14. Some Dylan fans get on his case for performing other artists' work, but he's given us so very much of his amazing originality he really has the privilege of singing other musicians' songs.  This is really well done.  LOVE Dylan… his voice seems to finally be improving!

  15. For decades, people have said Bob Dylan couldn't sing in the conventional sense. Triplicate, Fallen Angels and Shadows in the Night have dispelled that myth. Yes, his voice is a bit shaky in places – he's 76 after all – but that just adds to the charm of these albums. I prefer the slow stuff the best, because they are better suited to his current voice, but they're all good. I wonder if ol' blue eyes is listening. If he is, I'm sure he'll have tear in his eye hearing some of his songs sung with such style and warmth by an icon of Rock.

  16. Has 666 million views right now. Apparently 6 has many meaning, as do many other numbers. But 6 also represents the number of the people.

  17. I remember that when she left I could her having sex with him from across town while trying to fall asleep. This just hit home. Love Bob very much.

  18. Perfect. This song is so beautiful I've cried. And still emotional. I've listened to Bobby sing songs for all my life. (Quite a few yrs.) Thank you Bobby Z.

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  20. Just imagine the annoying pressure he lives with to constantly create and innovate. I totally understand why he's relaxing with covers. He deserves it.

  21. We dont need newstuff from bob dylan the old songs are the best, he,s 75 yrs old now what else do you expect from him, keep it goin bob your the best , i love your balads.

  22. I look forward to hearing what, if he decides to write a batch of new originals, his new originals will sound like, after these three excellent cover albums.

  23. well thanks again bob is all i can say , about this work and thats plenty i like it so many places so many times bob.

  24. En ecoutant cette merveille ..j,ai envie de me blottir dans ses bras et de lui faire ressentir toute la tendresse que j,ai pour lui…longue vie Mr Dylan

  25. Oh gosh, this is so painful to hear — what would Van Heusen think? WHAT A SONGBOOK. Just look through a list of the stuff he's written! Genius! Best version of this song, bar none….Eva Cassidy and Chuck Brown. Killer!!!

  26. BOB DYLAN — I could Have Told You So

    Sirius radio just played Bob Dylan's late-in-life version of Sentimental Journey. Is it at YouTube? Nope. But a song rescued from obscurity in 1953 by our favorite singer I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU SO is one of those covered lately by – let's call him the 'ultimate character voice.'

    When he first moved to NYC Bob Dylan purchased Sinatra's most important LP, "Wee Small Hours" and played it constantly. It was inevitable that a 75-year-old Dylan would be recording his late-in-life renditions of classic songs (and should-have-been-standards) performed by our favorite singer.

    If you'd never heard Bob Dylan before and listened to this recording you'd be underwhelmed, right? And yet, replete with steel guitar that makes it sound like an old Country classic, the man who is poised to enter his seventh decade as an entertainer, makes it work. Amazing, isn't it?

    Frank's good buddy Jimmy Van Heusen wrote the tune. Note the first comment below the video — from the son of the lyricist:


    Michael Sigman (2 years ago)

    My dad, Carl Sigman, wrote the lyrics to "I Could Have Told You" when Dylan was 13. He would never have believed that Dylan would, at the age of 75, cover the song so beautifully!

  27. I knew Bob wouldn't respond. He doesn't care. He wants the world to go to hell and the Devil in disguise to rule people's minds forever. Why? Because it makes him feel better about himself.

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  29. She'll find someone new to have fun with? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA So our phone line has been cut for a while then? Since Martin came into your life or before then? I mean, it certainly isn't my number you are dialing here.

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