31 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream (Audio)

  1. I remember falling in love with God Dylan (let's be honest, it is love) and buying this album. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This is without a doubt the best album ever wrote…I played it for my oldest son, who has got into Dylan (finally) and he couldn't believe it was just one album

  2. Coolest voice in Rock. He invented everything. He even inspired half of the Beatles songs. I even heard a rumor he was doing DJ scratching back in 1964 for an Andy Warhol party.

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  4. If you haven't read his book Tarantula, I highly suggest you do so. It's stream-of-consciousness poetry that is so weird and deep that you feel like you're watching a freak show in a submarine.

  5. Hi everybody! I just realised "Rock-autopsie" Thiéfaine is very close to this great song

  6. This song describes the U.S.A. in its vision of democracy today. There's freedom, but now you have to it buy it from some stranger at the bank. Donald Trump is a great Human Machine because he really knows how to make money for his country and rip off Canada and any other nation that he can in the process. He's just a low life Carpet bagger!

  7. The lyrics are genius, but so is the music behind them. It's 6 and a half minutes of relentless rhythm that never fails but always sounds like it's about to go off the rails! It's chaotic and the musicians must have had a blast!

  8. It's actually Bob's producer laughing. According to legend, Bob was so used to playing alone he just started the song without cueing his backing band, and his producer found it hilarious. Bob loved the laugh so much he included it in the song.

  9. I loooove how this is the same riff/groove/chord structure as motorpsycho nightmare. He does it with i shall be free no 7 and a few other songs too. Such genius story telling and so much referencing… wizardry

  10. back when i was a dj on the college station in my town, there was this guy who called himself Caveman, and he'd call me every time i was on to ask me to play this song. shouts out

  11. I think I was a bit faster than Bob. I didn't reached the 115th dream. Anyway I do not remember exactly how many they were. I just can't stand it no more. Thanks to all the pull-stringers, to all the puppets, to all the white whales, sirens, to all screenwriters, directors of photography, costumists, to all the audience. It was a pleasure. Farewell is a too heavy word, so I just say bye bye.

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