Blue Yeticaster Mic Bundle Review – Awesome for podcasting!

– People ask us a lot about how to record and even livestream their DJ sets, in other words, using video as well as audio. So, we’ve talked to you
about camera angles, we’ve talked to you about overhead angles, we’ve talked to you
about recording the audio from your devices so
that it sounds awesome. But one thing we haven’t
talked to you about is voice. How to get your voice into the mix. Because you might want to do a show, you might want to do a podcast with music, so for lots of reasons, having a good microphone and
a good setup is a good idea. Now, a lot of people, if
they’re live on video, use a lapel microphone or a lav mic, which is what I’m using here, this has got a box which
I have in my pocket. It’s a radio box going over to our production team over there. But, if you’re doing it on your own, a podcasting mic might be a good solution, and I have just that kind of mic here. This is a Blue Yeti microphone. It’s a very famous microphone
for this kind of thing among podcasters for good reason. It’s extremely professional, and it does the job brilliantly. But, when you combine it with an arm, this is the compass arm,
they call it the compass arm, and this, which is called
a Radius 3 shock mount, then you get something which is great on your DJ setup like this. So I can switch over from this to that, and as you can hear, it
sounds absolutely awesome. You can get these things
that go in front of it, they’re called pop shields, which are there so the p’s and the s’s don’t make the microphone
sound a little bit unnatural. But I haven’t got one here, the best way of not doing that is just to not put the
microphone right in front of your face, so I’m talking at you
with the mic slightly off to one side. With this kind of microphone, you want it six inches
to a foot from your face, but now, I can DJ and I
can chat to my audience, I can take my comments over
on Facebook or whatever, and it’s all going to
be very professional, very good sounding. So the shock mount is there
to stop stuff you do here vibrating through and
going to the microphone, which is a rookie mistake. So that’s really nice, the arm itself has got adjusters so you can make the tension right, so that the microphone’s weight doesn’t pull it down or up, and it just stays where
you want to put it. As you can see, it moves like this, and it’s got a mount on the desk, which lets it be tightened
up securely onto your table. You can also get a drill to go through. So let’s talk a little bit
about the microphone itself, although this is kind of a
review of the whole thing, let’s talk about the mic. So, it has a mute button on the front, so you can turn it on
or off when you need it, especially if you’re broadcasting live and you don’t want to
be over at your computer adjusting the mic volume. Of course you’re going to
have to hold the mic to do it, just mute it (mouths words) and there we are, back on again. There’s a volume control
for the headphones there, you can monitor what’s
going on in the microphone, not something you’re likely to want to do if you’re DJing live, of course. But the interesting
thing on this microphone is around the back. So around the back here, we have the choice of
how you can set it up. So you’ll hear, my voice is
altering as I move around, that’s because this is set to cardioid, which allows this area
to get all the love, and everything around the
back and around the outside not so much. Which means it cuts out a
lot of background noise. Which is a traditional problem
with condenser microphones, which is the kind of microphone this is. That’s a great setting, and
one you’re likely to use. And also, around the back
here is the gain control, which is just the output volume
from this to your system. It’s a USB cable, it’s nicely
hidden through this arm, but there is a USB cable going off there, so it plugs directly into your Mac or PC, no drivers or anything required. It will just show as an audio input. But you can record from there. So this kind of microphone
is going to be useful for you in situations like, if you
want to record yourself at your desk, podcasting, if you want to record
yourself at your DJ desk as I’m doing here, you see a lot of people who
do Facebook live DJ shows using something like this. My friend Jay Cunning, who
has a show every Tuesday, shout out to you Jay, uses a similar setup with an arm, so that he can take
Facebook comments and so on while he’s DJing live. And that’s the thing that I
think DJs are going to find this kind of mic most useful for. This is the Blue microphone kit, you get the arm, you get the shock mount, and you get the microphone,
and it’s 199 dollars. So, if this has been useful to you, please subscribe to the
video, to the channel, please like, please share, please follow, do all that good stuff, and I’ll see you again very soon. (upbeat music)

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