Blue Yeti Review – An Awesome USB Mic Choice

Blue Yeti Review – An Awesome USB Mic Choice

hey looking for a good USB microphone
the blue Yeti review just might be the right option for you check this out now let’s start off with the benefits
first of all many many happy people with this microphone you just look on the
Amazon listing and you’ll see so many literally thousands of five-star reviews
it’s also really easy to use it took me just a minute to setup there’s basically
six different steps all listed out in the manual and I was good to go it
sounds great it’s very versatile can be used in a lot
of different ways and very well built it’s one thing that I noticed most off
is how sturdy it is nice rugged stand overall it’s going to last a long time now what’s included in the box well you
got the mic itself USB cable and the user guide everything you need now as
far as features looking at the mic from this angle
you get the gain volume knob and as well as the four-way selector so basically
that selects the type of recording you want to do and just to give you a better
idea on those different types of recordings that you can do based on that
little selector you can just take a look here this is basically filmed right from
the back of the box and it gives you what each setting does you can just
pause it and take a look now looking at the bottom you have your USB connector
which plug your cable in go to your computer as well as your headphone jack
no latency when you use it through this jack so your vocals and what you’re
hearing is always the same now right here this is obviously where you’re
going to talk into but underneath this there are three blue proprietary 14
millimeter condenser capsules these are going to give you top quality audio if this is something you’re interested
in just take a look below in the description click the Amazon link and
it’ll take you right to the listing and you can check out more information read
some reviews and if something that you potentially would like to have for
yourself go ahead and buy it too

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  1. I just did a Blue Yeti Microphone on my channel as well and was curious what other people thought about it & did for their reviews 💙🎙️Great video! I subscribed 🙂 Good luck in growing your channel!

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